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  • hi grace!

    good to hear you're relaxing! sounds wonderful.
    don't know if you sent any corrections my way, but i felt really good today.
    so thank you if you did!!!

    enjoy your time at the warm springs!



    • Grace

      I just wanna say Hi! I hope you return rejuvinated Miss you already
      With Infinite Love and Gratitude,


      • Grace

        I love your energy!! Very powerful

        I love the Hot Springs here in Arizona, I went to the mineral springs in Tonapah a week ago WOW I went in the evening under the stars, it was life changing. Would love to hear about your experience when you return.

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        • hot springs

          Originally posted by Grace View Post
          Today I am headed down (an hour and a half south of me) to Warm Springs Florida

          I will be making CEM corrections as I soak in these healing waters. It has been over 4 years since I have visited warm springs, and each time I do, major changes always happen!
          I haven't been to any hotsprings in almost 4 years too! Last time was up near Nelson, BC and it was incredible! There are too many hot springs up here around the northwest to not go more often!

          Please send healing warm spring vibes this way!
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          • Correction for my sister Please

            I will also be making corrections for her too.

            Here is the deal... My sister actually got laid off at work, due to restructuring. The challenge goes deeper than that... My sister gets laid off on a regular basis every year or so. She was a high powered administrator in the medical field, but went back to get her Masters degree in HR. She was then recruited with the company she was with until today, in Human resources. She said she was not surprised by the restructuring, but was upset by it. Still is not ready to talk about it yet.

            There is a pattern that she is creating in this pattern. The weird thing is she has been laid off and then got another high paying job. Only to get laid off by that company, and then get hired back by the old company to get laid off again! I am sure she will find another great job, but I want to make the corrections so she will not be laid off again from it. I want to change within her that is creating her getting laid off. Change the belief!

            Blessings Sallyjane


            • where is everyone?

              HI all! Its been awhile. Where is everyone??? Whats going on?
              well anyway... i hope all is well. happy holidays, and shopping, and stuff!:



              • Hello everybody!

                First I want to wish everyone on here a Very Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!! I am so grateful for all of you and I am truly blessed

                I just want to ask if anyone would like to send any healing to me right now. My boyfriend and I, after almost 11 yrs. have broken up and my heart is aching. It's very difficult for me at this time to stay focused on anything happy or that will make me feel better. Sorry for this post to be sad but its just the way I feel right now.

                Thank you all I love you!!
                With Infinite Love and Gratitude,


                • Christine

                  I will send you a bunch of love and two point the situation for you!

                  By the way everyone.... Merry Christmas!

                  Sorry I have been away... My computer was being weird and would not turn on! I have been sending it love and such and last night... it miraculously decided to start working again. I thought I was going to have to send it away to get it fixed or repaired and would be without it for a long time... So this was very exciting!

                  I can use some corrections too! My wrist and back are acting up. I think it has to do with my dislike of the bitter cold tempatures and two feet of snow we have here in South Eastern Washington. I will be working on myself tonight and tomorrow. Hope your Christmas is awesome tomorrow! I will be going to my X's house for Christmas, and spending Christmas with my kids.

                  I am kind of excited about opening presents tomorrow, because my X went all out this year and let the kids buy me over a hundred dollars worth of stuff. He never spent that much on me before... I really like him having a girlfriend!

                  Blessings Sallyjane


                  • Merry Christmas!

                    I want to wish all of you a very Special Holiday Season! Today is the day that most reminds me to focus on raising Consciousness, and I want to thank all of you for all the hard work you put into raising your own consciousness! I also want to thank you for your beautiful posts and all of your Love and Light!

                    "Does this mean that when you tried the new way, that it didn't come easily to you and that things weren't good for a while? It is interesting what you say about the mind trying to stop you when you work on yourself. And what you said about challenges showing up so you can shed light on them." Great question Sunshine!

                    It took 6 very intense workshops with Dr. Yuen to learn Chinese Energetic Medicine. The more I practice the more I learn. The knowledge is profound and my skills evolve. It is similar to creating music. You become inspired to create Harmony in every moment. When I play the piano and I hit a wrong note, the vibration sounds wrong, but it is not, it is merely a perception of what I believe music should or should not sound like. Every note has a beautiful vibration to it, and combining them in a certain way will finally create what I personally desire, if I persevere and don't give up. Practice makes Perfect. What we are all up to here in this Dualistic life is practicing Self Mastery, which is being Whole in Mind.

                    The way I do Cem corrections now, is similar to what I was taught but now I have added new notes. I have expanded my Mind to hold more; is one way I can explain what is happening. It can also be explained as connecting to the Whole in more moments than ever before. The moments that one is not connected to the Whole, for some can be frightening, as you feel a loss. When you understand that you are always connected and it is merely an illusion that you are not, then peace sets in, and is constant, no matter what you see in the outer world. Experiences that you percieve as "not good" show up, but you are in a constant state of remembrance of who you are, and so you are unnerved. Your Faith in yourself grows and continues to grow. Instead of projecting what you don't want to believe about yourself outside of yourself, you begin to extend the light that you are.

                    The light projected this experience we call life in order to feel. When you become aware of who you truly are then you feel Love. The challenge is to remember in every moment YOU are the Light. There is nothing separate from you. Time is an illusion, so when you find yourself in an experience that you percieve as "not good" know that the solution has already been created. The opportunity in the experience is there NOW. You can then "pop" into this dimension from another where what you desire already exists, and experience that which you choose. There is no separation. The thought that there is separation is a moment where you lapse into the ego/mind. This is where you feel pain, suffering, and grief for the loss of Mind. When you remember you are the Light, then your Mind is brilliant.

                    Control is a function of the ego/mind. There is no need to control. Control is a false desire that limits you. It will limit you if you limit the power of the Light that is who you are. When you percieve a challenge, extend light into this experience, person, place or thing. You will then allow the Whole mind to bring forth the perfect solution/experience. This is being in the Flow and in the Zone. This is not thinking. This is Being.

                    I last posted on the 25th, but I want to assure all of you that I have made corrections in this new way consistently and for all your requests and will continue to do so, but only if you post on this thread. I am focused now more than ever before on promoting my Paths Website. Paths has done so much for me and my family, that I could write volumes. I have realized that my time is very valuable, and I want others to experience the Joy that I feel due to Paths. Chinese Energetic Medicine is powerful only because I love practicing it. Not many people want to devote the time that I do practicing CEM. I do know that Millions will desire to have the results I get with CEM by using the Paths RDT 2 technology. Looking back CEM has done wonders, but now combined with Paths, I am attracting more good into my life than I could have ever imagined!

                    I will be available to talk and assist my paths affiliates at no charge. I will also be available to talk and assist individuals and companies but there will be a fee. Energy for Energy. I will be offering special pricing for those of you that have contributed to this forum. Simply email my business email with any questions. or go to Business Begins Within for more information.

                    PS, Hi Keith and Ian, I am so happy to have you posting here!
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                    • Thanks everybody!!

                      Thank you Sally Jane! I felt all of your love and healing last night about 10:30pm. Ever since Monday night I had been feeling very sad, but last night I could feel the healing and felt my normal self again! I was laughing and talking.

                      This morning, I am sad again but not like it has been in the past couple of days.

                      So I thank you VERY much!! That has been my greatest Christmas gift!! Love you all!
                      With Infinite Love and Gratitude,


                      • Hi Christine

                        Just wanted you to know that I am sending lots of love to you I know what you're going through and how hard it is when your is hurting. I am thinking of you. And Sallyjane I hope that your wrist and back are feeling better. I know my bones ache in the cold! Much prefer the thought of somewhere hot and sunny And I hope you got a lovely present and enjoyed Christmas Day with your family.
                        And thanks Pamela for all the doggie memories. I miss all my dogs and cats so much. And Grace I hope you enjoyed your hot springs and hope you had a lovely Christmas. And you too Heather. And Happy Christmas time to everyone who's not posted but is reading this thread as well. I wish lots of and for everyone.

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                        • For Christine, SallyJane and Sunshine!

                          Hi Christine,

                          I would like for you to know that you are half way through this pain. Be kind to yourself, and as often as possible, in your minds eye, see the brilliant white Light that you are. See a wall of mirror's surrounding you. I muscle test that you resonate with the vortexes in Sedona. I have been working with the vortexes in Mexico as I resonate strongly with them. As you see the brilliant white light that you are, imagine you are within a vortex in Sedona. Beam from your heart center onto the mirrors all around you. You will magnify exponentially much Love and Light to yourself. Do this often, when you are 100% through this you will know. You will feel Happy and at Peace and also excited that your life has gone through an ending that was necessary but now the new beginning has arrived. The most difficult part is over, and now there is space for the new, bigger and better life to emerge! It is my pleasure as always to make corrections, but it is even more powerful when you know that we are the same Power! I have strength now with all your bodies except for your spiritual body for this grief you are under. I will continue making corrections until I have full strength. Thank you for your beautiful posts!

                          Hi Sallyjane,

                          Once again I know I don't need to say this, but you are fabulous! I am always thinking of you, and make corrections for you and yours almost always even before you ask!

                          Hi Sunshine,

                          I am thrilled as an affiliate in my downline you are viewing the Team Platinum Custom Module I created for all of us! I know it will assist greatly along with Paths Portal to success in manifesting customers effortlessly for your Paths' website. When you view your embassy site, send from your heart center (as we all have been practicing lately), Love and Light to all your future customers!

                          I have been making corrections for you for awhile now, and the issue you are struggling with is intense because it is an Issue you have had in three past lives. All involving a primary caregiver. I have done past life regressions often, and it will be important for me to do one for you. We will have to do this on skype. So let me know if this is possible for you. It will take approximately and hour and a half, because of the three past lives we will need to view together. As I go into past lives with people, I make corrections for all involved at that time. This is extremely powerful and shifts all your selves in many dimensions. This will not cost you anything because you are an affiliate in my downline. Let's intend to do this as soon as possible.

                          Warm Springs Florida is amazing, and I had to go back! I have been twice now, and plan to go back in January! It has helped me shift so quickly that it felt like a workout processing all the corrections! It is exactly like getting a turbo boost while making corrections in the healing waters. I feel stronger than ever, and I am now 95% done. You can say that I have changed completely, even down to my molecular structure. Being in the waters, tuning into the Vortexes in Mexico and making Chinese Energetic Corrections has been an experience of a lifetime for me. I am addicted and plan to go consistently in 2009!
                          IMMENSE LOVE AND GRATITUDE ~ GRACE



                          • For Aaron and Heather!

                            Hi Heather,

                            I was very focused the first time I went back to Warm Springs this past November, and I most definitely worked on you and everyone who had recently posted. I also worked heavily on group corrections. It was intense because it revolved mainly around the collective conscious thought concerning Guilt! HUGH! It was intense but being at Warm Springs made everything move very quickly! It was Fabulous!!

                            Hi Aaron,

                            It was ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS to have you (for the first time) ask for "healing warm springs vibes" your way! I absolutely did! The second time I went just before Christmas, was also amazing but in such a different way. It was more sending corrections for Peace and Joy, it was much more relaxing mentally for me, and pure pleasure! I did work on your emotional body this time, I suspect the holidays are a bit overwhelming for you. Make sure you give yourself plenty of rest and relaxation! I do know how hard you work.
                            IMMENSE LOVE AND GRATITUDE ~ GRACE



                            • Hi Grace

                              Thank you so much. I'd love to do that and yes, I have skype. Just let me know when is a good time for you. I think your time is 5 hours behind mine. What you say about the past lives makes sense with me.

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                              • For Sunshine!

                                Wonderful Sunshine! My Skype handle is grace.haeusler look me up and I will add you. This way we can set up a time and have some fun!
                                IMMENSE LOVE AND GRATITUDE ~ GRACE