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  • hi glen.

    Originally posted by Glenn View Post

    Hang in there (you too Sunshine) it's just negative self talk getting in the way - you are both on the brink of breaking through! Be patient and stay on course. Every time you have a negative thought, acknowledge it (don't get angry about it, stay neutral) and then make a conscious choice to feel the opposite, or to think about something that brings you joy and happiness. After a while this will become a habit and it will be easy to do. The Successful Living module series is good for negative self talk and getting 'back on track.'

    Something else you should try to do - and this is important - cut out all things negative in your life. Avoid negative people (those who are always complaining and whining and seeing the bad in all things). They are dream stealers - stay away! Also, don't watch the news or read the newspapers (at least until you are consistantly feeling good). The news is depressing and you can't change any of those things anyway so why let it get into your reality and get you down? The Universe will make you aware of the things that are important to you in that respect.

    Be selfish in a good way. Allow yourself to indulge in those things that make you feel joyful and happy (and without regret). Good selfishness makes you and others feel good, bad selfishness hurts others (and sometimes you in the process).

    Spend your time reading, walking, writing, watching fun movies or shows and doing things that uplift and enlighten you.

    Re Depression: have you tried the Peace and Happiness module - I have seen it work wonders on my mom and a couple of others I personally know.

    Its all just a process we are ALL going through - some are further along than others, but it is essentially the same journey (pilgrimage?). Sometimes it isn't easy but you have within you the ability to overcome and conquer anything.

    Feeling good, secure, happy, productive, etc. is a choice. If something doesn't work out for you today or tomorrow, it just means it wasn't meant to be and something even better will come along your way. All things happen for a reason. Just believe.
    Thank you! Its funny cause it just comes in minute i feel grateful, blissed out, and positive, and the next i'm filled with fear, anxiety, and absolute lonliness. when i'm feeling anxious or down it can be hard to feel anything else....its at such a gut, deep level. its like i have to really feel it and move through it i guess. however, it would be nice to just bypass it with more positive thoughts.
    like abraham just have to aim to feel a little bit better.



    • Awesome Manifestation

      OMG!!!!! OMG!!!!! This is the biggest manifestation yet! I manifested it yesterday

      My life back! My ex had controlled me for so many years, and I was having a hard time shaking that feeling of his control over me... He has been bugging me for a date to move to calif. on, and I don't know one... I am leaving it up to the Universe.

      Finally I told him that I really did not feel that it would be safe for me to plan a move and a date until he is living in Calif., and I know he can not pull any shanigans like he did last year when my truck was almost loaded and he served me with papers filled with lies! So I feel I need for him to move there on faith that I will decide to come too!

      OMG! that scared the crap out of him, and he was telling me how he has resigned from the City and and... I said that is what you want me to believe, but... There is all this history... I was totally calm, and at peace the whole time as I reclaimed back my power from him. It was funny I did not even really know where the words were coming from!!! What an awesome manifestation!

      Afterwards, this rush of JOY came over me as I realized that he holds nothing over me anymore! I really have no fear of him pulling shanigans on me, because I know I am writing the script, but I needed him to know that he has no control over me and I am my own person. Most importantly I needed me to know that he holds nothing over me... It also shut him up about the moving date! I could just hear him calling his girlfriend and saying... "She wants me to move on faith that she will follow and give up all my rights to residency in Oregon and Washington!!! Then she will start looking at a date to move... What am I going to do???" Girlfriend saying you had better be really nice to her and not make her mad, because you have no recourse you can not force her to move.

      Anyways it felt so good to finally feel free from his control.

      Blessings Sallyjane


      • Corrections please...

        Grace could you please do some corrections on me... I am having trouble picking up the phone and making the phone calls that I need to make. There seems to be some kind of old issue raising its head, and I need to correct it. I am also spending this morning making corrections and sending myself love on this issue.

        Thank you soooo much!

        Ps Sunshine I am sooo glad that you do come to ask for help, and just know as you travel farther down this road you will get stronger and stronger and those thoughts of gratitude will come easier and easier! Blessings my friend!


        • oh one more correction

          for some reason I hsave been cutting my fingers and burning them on the oven... it just dawned on me this is a manifeatation of mine... can you cvorrect what is causing this for me? Please and thank you!



          • Originally posted by heat_georgia View Post
            Thank you! Its funny cause it just comes in minute i feel grateful, blissed out, and positive, and the next i'm filled with fear, anxiety, and absolute lonliness. when i'm feeling anxious or down it can be hard to feel anything else....its at such a gut, deep level. its like i have to really feel it and move through it i guess. however, it would be nice to just bypass it with more positive thoughts.
            like abraham just have to aim to feel a little bit better.

            This whole process can be quite the rollercoaster ride, but enjoy the highs more and let the lows roll away without a care in the world. I used to tell myself when I was down in the dumps, "This is not how I want to feel. I choose to feel XXX (assign a positive feeling you want to feel). Make the choice and the intention. I used to get sooooo tired from concentrating on intentions, Now it is much easier. Like with anything else, it gets easier with practice.

            back at 'ya!!!
            Blessings on the journey, Glenn
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            • For Christine G.

              Originally posted by Christine G. View Post
              First I want to thank you for recommending I go on the Sports Module. I haven't had any problems with my throat for almost a month since I've been on it. Don't know if you remember that post but thank you soo much!!

              I was doing good with controlling my thoughts and feeling good until recently. I think it might be a fear of success again that you mentioned before. Negative thougts are coming up again for me, so that's why I'm on Advanced Lessons in Perception to learn to control my thoughts and energy.

              Can you test and see if I should switch my mind set for money module for something else? I've been on Mind Set for Money for 4 months now. I'm debating with a few of them. Either 3M, Increase Business Productivity, Increase Intuition & Insight, Lucid Dreaming or Unconditional Love.

              I've read the Klaus Love books and I thought maybe right now the Unconditional Love module would be good so I can strengthen filling myself with love and sending it too. I'm just not too sure at the moment. Can you pls. help me with that Grace? I appreciate you!!! Have a wonderful day!!

              Hi Christine!

              It tests strong for you the switch out of Mind set for Money and into Lucid Dreaming! Keep us posted as this module is Powerful!! Enjoy!



              • Grace

                Thank you so much!!!
                With Infinite Love and Gratitude,


                • Love Is All There Is!

                  Hi All,

                  I am forever blessed every day when I read your posts! The love and caring you express to each other is blissful! The way these past few weeks you all have been sending love and helping each other out is incredibly beautiful! Now when I look at this thread I see light shining from your words! It is truly magnificent.

                  I have been making CEM corrections per your requests and beyond. Since reading the Living on Love books, and Financial Alchemy (moria posted this) I have been making energetic corrections as I shine the light from my heart center through the Vortexes and into myself. I have been using this new process on myself for over a month now. I began on all of you individually and as a group two weeks ago.

                  I will tell you what I have experienced since I began. I knew this process was going to be incredible, because I could feel the immense Joy it was bringing me, but I also was feeling overwhelmed with excitement, (Something like winning the Lottery). Last night was truly challenging, if I didn't know what was happening to me, I would have been frightened.

                  When you work on yourself and begin to grow in consciousness, the ego/mind will seek to stop you, in subtle and intense ways. We all have been there and know how uncomfortable it can become. Staying focused on the Truth (that you are the Light of this world) can be difficult when the ego/mind is always showing you separation. Fear is then allowed to set in, and this is the ego/minds favorite and only weapon. All Fear tests weak, and so is not the truth, merely an illusion. Yet it appears difficult for many to focus on the light in every moment.

                  I felt extremely tired last night, but not sleepy. My head felt as if it was expanding from the inside as if the greatness of the MIND was trying to break free. I could not hold a thought. I did not feel motivated to do anything. I had to force myself to make the necessary phone calls, and even though I didn't want to talk with anyone, I was happy talking with them at the same time. I wondered how long these feelings would last, and would these feelings become more intense?

                  This all began almost immediately as I began using my new process for making Energetic Corrections over a month ago, but last night was the most intense of these feelings, amongst other smaller nuances.

                  Now here is the exciting part, when I woke up this morning, I decided to begin making corrections in this new way, when suddenly it hit me, (HARD) that everything was loving me back!!

                  Whatever thought I was having, it was loving me back. I wish I could describe it better. I thought of my body, and my body was loving me back. Many times in the past, I have made corrections for many people including myself to "allow to recieve", but this was beyond recieving!

                  It was an awareness of being connected to everything and feeling the love in everything. I thought of Money and the money was loving me back. I thought of my home, and my home was loving me back. I also become keenly aware of the light shining from my heart center was constant, it was coming out of my eyes, ears, finger tips, feet, and all I needed to do was direct it via intention. This light was only visible in my Mind, but I didn't have to visualize it, it was already there. What ever thought I had, it was loving me back.

                  Of course I began to laugh out loud, and smile with a very hugh chesire cat type of smile! I felt almost like I had discovered how to muscle test for the winning lottery numbers!! As I make this post I still can't stop smiling, and yes, even my smile is loving me back!

                  I do understand that this is only the tip of the iceberg, and this EXCITES me even more! My physical body is still trying to catch up, but I know that it will very soon. My head still feels the same, but my energy levels are rising as I continue enjoying everything loving me back.

                  What is very very cool is that it makes you desire with even more joy to give Love, because the more you give the more you get!

                  I know that not everyone practices CEM, but everyone CAN practice in every moment sending light from your heart to everyone, and everything! Remember this, if you perservere daily sending light, challenges will still show up, precisely for you to shed light on the matter, BUT you will see so many miracles that you will change your world, and more importantly, the way that you think instantly!




                  • Thanks for telling us all this Grace.

                    Does this mean that when you tried the new way, that it didn't come easily to you and that things weren't good for a while? It is interesting what you say about the mind trying to stop you when you work on yourself. And what you said about challenges showing up so you can shed light on them.

                    I didn't get my jobs. Well, I'm guessing I didn't because neither have got back to me when promised But I didn't want them. I wanted the money but not the jobs! The first one was because I got ill just at the interview. I suffer from something called multiple chemical sensitivity (for those who like labels) which basically means I'm very sensitive to synthetic chemicals and perfumes. I've worked in offices and had so many bad experiences other the last few years and it's just got worse and worse and it's looking like I'm not going to be able to work in an office. So many people wear strong perfume and aftershave and I just cannot be with them 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. I get very sick and it can be quite scary. And I realised that since I've been at home unemployed my health has been so much better. The other job turned out to be more hours than advertised and on four days a week you were expected to work 7 1/2 hours without any break and one day you didn't finish until 8.45pm. And the wage was very very low and especially for the amount of responsibility that went with it. So I'd have been leaving home at 7.00am and not returning until 9pm. This is not good. So I guess why I'm saying this is because I decided that neither were right for me. I need money to pay my bills but I don't want to make myself ill in the process. So I think this is a good thing! because I'm having respect and love for myself. So maybe that's why all the rejections are showing up so I can have love and value for myself? But the hard part is trusting that something will come along soon that I can do and that I'll enjoy and not panicking myself at the lack of income. So I am finding something each day that I can be grateful for and sending love to. I think maybe I'm making some progress on keeping my thoughts and worries off everything that is "wrong" and needs "fixing".

                    It was good to read about what you've experienced and thank you for what you do.

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                    • Dear Grace

                      What a fantastic post!! You are so amazing! I am so filled with love reading it! All the little silly conflicts and disturbances in my life seem to dissolve in love. I am so grateful for gratitude! As my favorite poet Nirmala says:
                      for gratitude
                      that breaks the soul wide open
                      freeing love
                      for gratitude, Inika



                      • Thanks so much for sharing your experience, Grace! Sending love is such an uplifting and joyful gift!

                        I continue to be very intrigued by CEM and plan on attending a workshop around April and am super excited about it! Thanks so much for the introduction here and the gift of seeing the profound effects of CEM on so many here and in my own life.

                        Love and Light,


                        • Nothing To Report

                          Originally posted by tezzaa View Post
                          Hi Grace,

                          The above is what you posted back in August. I just wanted to let you know a door has opened and I have an interview on Thursday 13 Nov at 3pm GMT (the day of a Full Moon). This job really feels right , in fact it's a job that I was going to apply for before I had my "Faux Pas" last time round.

                          Any corrections, prayers, positive intentions, love, light sent my way (by anyone reading this) to help me at the interview will be gratefully accepted and returned with interest!!!!!!

                          Love and Light xx

                          Hi Grace and everyone on the forum,

                          I made it to the interview (after hitting a big rock on the road and then a desperate call to my partner to rescue me to get me to the interview on time)

                          I'm still in limbo, no call to say I have the job and no letter to say I was unsuccessful.

                          I'm just waiting

                          Last edited by tezzaa; 11-22-2008, 02:17 PM.


                          • For Sunshine, Inika, Raindancer and Terry!

                            Hi Sunshine, Inika, Raindancer, and Terry!

                            Thank you for your posts. I have more to tell and will be back soon to post. I will answer your questions then Sunshine. Today I am headed down (an hour and a half south of me) to Warm Springs Florida

                            I will be making CEM corrections as I soak in these healing waters. It has been over 4 years since I have visited warm springs, and each time I do, major changes always happen!

                            I will be focused on this thread while I am there.

                            This is also my favorite time of the Year! So I wanted to wish every single one of you a very special and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
                            IMMENSE LOVE AND GRATITUDE ~ GRACE



                            • Mmmmm...

                              My Graceful One...

                              Aaahhhh...As you know, this brings back the most beautiful memories of a time when I soaked in such waters in Arizona far too many years ago... You can best believe that I will be thinking of you (and my own little memory )as I meander out shopping and attempt to walk between the gazillion raindrops that are soaking New England today... I undoubtedly will also be picking up those powerful CEM corrections that you plan on making while you are soaking and I Thank You in advance for them, My Beauty! May each moment in those healing waters be exquisitely memorable and precious!

                              I cannot wait to hear of your healing experience today, so I will be a-looking for you later this evening!

                              With Much Love and Gratitude,

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                              • Oh Sunshine, You daft muppet you never said!
                                Then again why should you? I have the odd allergy. Not that great with cats, which is odd as I have the most utterly adorable 6 month old kitten asleep, zipped in my hoodie as I type. I live in fear. I used to sneeze violently 40 times on the bounce every day as I woke as a child. Maily dust/cat related. If I sneeze now, post op, the pain of one sneeze is errrm bad for those in the vicinity that dont like swearing!!! Knowing the GB psyche a bit closer than our slightly distant friends, what can you offer? What do you want?
                                Thinking where you want to live long term is great, think ahead, but it appears you need some cash now. I have been there. Too often. Reply here or PM. Two heads better than one!
                                Love and light