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  • I am truly Blessed to BE among all of YOU!

    It truly is such a JOY to read all your magnificent posts! I think about all of you and this thread so often throughout the day that I joyfully make CEM corrections (almost) in every moment. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined what this thread was going to do for so many of us. You have brought so much light into this world and into my life that I simply can not express these feelings into words.

    The years that I persevered making corrections just on myself and a select few, was an effort that I now look back on and realize how powerfully effective those moments (years) were. I am so happy and grateful that I never gave up!! The times when I resisted my own healing the most were the moments I think back on and have the most reverence for! It has given me such a point of reference, that I can feel nothing more than IMMENSE LOVE AND GRATITUDE!

    Sometimes one small word in one of your posts catches my heart, and pulls me in and I am amazed at the gratitude I feel for having this one simple word point me in the right direction for making corrections, not just for you who make the post, but for all of us!!

    More and More, I clearly see, How you are all creating such a high level of consciousness, because you are WILLING! Willingness is such an immense Power.

    Willingness to shift in consciousness, willingness to release old habits that no longer serve, willingness to LOVE! Willingness to focus on Gratitude in the face of illusions. Willingness to Persevere!! Willingness to inspire others, Willingness to learn a healing Modality, Willingness to SHINE YOUR LIGHT FOR ALL TO SEE!!!!

    It is a blessing for me, and a daily gift in every morning when I wake up and read your posts. So much light and Wisdom!! I am immensely grateful!!

    I will always make corrections for your specific requests, but also remember that when I make corrections for each of you it affects the whole, and when I make group corrections for increasing more strength as a whole it affects each and every single one of us. Your posts are powerfully assisting all!! Your consciousness affects everything!! Your thoughts, words, and deeds have immense power! Thank you from the deepest part of my being for BEING present in my life and resonating with me!!



    • Grace, thank you! I am thrilled to report definite improvement in my physical condition, and something tells me it will only get better from now. Thank you so much for working on me. Now, I need your help with a slight adjustment. I have been on the Ho'oponopono module since the beginning of this year, and although it started wonderfully, I have been feeling progressively crankier and crankier in the past few weeks. I can't seem to switch off the rude, judgmental thoughts that I have about other people and situations, and it is wearing me out. Please help me to find the peace in my heart that I crave. Thank you very much.


      • Originally posted by KimJ View Post
        Hi Adrienne. Thanks for posting. I'm feeling less "panicked" now, thankfully. I think you're right that something is shifting. It kind of scares me in the sense that I'm hoping I won't slip back again into complacency, if you know what I mean. While I don't like this feeling, I like the fact that it may be a breakthrough of some sort and hope it's not just a stress reaction to my hectic life. I'm having little insights though where for example a song came into my head but I messed up the lyrics...The song goes "free your mind and the rest will follow", and I was thinking "clear your mind...". LOL Either way would have been appropriate though! LOL Then as I was driving the words came to me "you're trying too hard... just relax" there's a message trying to get through clearly! I should probably write these things down as I don't realize how much insight I am being given if I just slowed down and paid attention. You're probably right about the breathing too - I know I tend to breathe quite shallow.

        Yes, I've read the Conversations with God books and loved them.
        Thanks again. I'm breathing easier now!
        Originally posted by KimJ View Post

        Grace, aside from waking up thinking that, I often wake up with a fast heartbeat which I can hear in my ears, no matter how I'm feeling (relaxed or not). It's been an ongoing thing for years and I've had medical tests for high blood pressure (24- hour monitors) and I'm supposedly fine, but it really bugs me as that doesn't seem right! I'm really trying to intend wellness for myself in all areas but an extra push in that direction would be appreciated.

        Love and blessings to you all.
        Originally posted by KimJ View Post
        Ohhhhh, I just have to express how much I love this thread!!! I decided to check it this morning and instantly on reading the latest posts I just get this buzzing feeling - it is just so infused with wonderful energy!!!! I practically had to tear myself away from it! LOL

        Anyway, your posts Blake and Sallyjane are brilliant and I can so identify with what you both say. Funny you mention the Artists Way, Blake, as I just heard that book yesterday while I was listening to Flowdreaming on Hayhouse. She recommended that book yesterday too. I love what you say about the boxes too - that is so me as well, though I'm sure everyone really.... Find that that box doesn't fit anymore so let me find a different one... such all or nothing thinking....

        Grace, thanks so much for making corrections on the heart racing issue. I'm not sure if there's been a difference yet but I haven't at least woken up hearing it so that's wonderful!

        Anyway, I just wanted to express my immense gratitude for this thread and all of you for sharing yourselves here!!!

        HI KimJ
        I am glad you are feeling better, and glad to see you still posting...
        i just want to share what comes for me when you share about the fear of slipping back. Makes me think of the fear of letting go and trusting... and for me i would try so hard to not have to let go and trust...(fear) (stuck in the illusion, that this is all real) cuz it felt safer to try and attain an outcome, then to be connected... "if i fall back then it means _____... which means_____.... Then that means_____ " and I would therefor use that to identify myself as who i was... this is/was in not acknowledging myself for who i truely am.
        for me very heady(ego chatter) stuff....
        and also i know i have been in places where i question what i am finding through this new path, journey... in remembering... which i relate to being complacent, but i don't have to act on the complacency.. i have allowed it to just be... infact my mind is taking me there a bit now... cuz it feels threatened (if the mind even feels ) but know to this shall pass... i can act or be... in being is like observing it... saying hello to it... thanking it for stopping by...sending it a blessing... and if it has taken hold of me... then no matter what stay connected to the people who have been helpful... even through the times that feels insane... or go within... and sometimes solitude is what i have needed too...
        I guess it depends on what feels right in the moment...
        hopefully some of it is helpful to you.

        youmentioned a song going through your head... well there was this song that would pop up for me, and still does for me from time to time... the words that would stand out would be "just Breathe" lol.. and it would be in those moments i needed to breath and any thought that is perfect and like getting an answer, is the higher self talking to you/me.... that is so great that you are aware of the messages coming from yourself.... you are so amazing and i really appreciate yours and everyones sharing...
        In everything i share here i am sharing with myself... it is so beautiful.... you are a Goddess KimJ

        you were mentioning your fast heart beat when you woke up.... and how the Dr's said there is nothing wrong, well that is cuz there isn't
        i used to go to the dr's alot... and i am also observing this with my son... but i needed there to be something wrong, i had some sort of attachement to it... whenit was simply in my head (not saying your is, however depends on how one would interpret what that could mean) i once was having some constant diarrreah as a teen and they found nothing... they even went in to do exploratory surgury, and after they found nothing it went away..
        i guess what i am trying to say Accept that diagnoses... it is a very useful one... and light..Adrienne
        PS. I am gonna mention the Artists way..hehe
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        • thanks

          Originally posted by Grace View Post
          "The Race"

          "Quit! Give up!
          You're beaten!"
          They shout at me, and plead"
          There's just too much against you now.
          This time you can't succeed."

          And as I start to hang my head
          In front of failure's face
          My downward fall is broken by
          The memory of a race.

          And hope refills my weakened will
          As I recall that scene
          For, just the thought of that short race
          Rejuvenates my being.

          A children's race, young boys, young men
          Now, I remember well,
          Excitement, sure!
          But also fear,It wasn't hard to tell.

          They all lined up so full of hope
          Each thought to win that race,
          Or, tie for first, if not that,
          At least take second place.

          And fathers watched from off the side
          Each cheering for his son.
          And each boy hoped to show his dad,that he would be the one.
          The whistle blew, and off they went

          Young hearts and hopes afire
          To win, to be the hero there
          Was each young boy's desire.
          And one boy in particular,
          Whose dad was in the crowd,

          Was running near the head and thought:
          "My dad will be so proud!"
          But as they speeded down the field
          Across a shallow dip
          The little boy who thought to win,
          Lost his step and slipped.

          Trying hard to catch himself,
          His hands flew out to brace
          And 'mid the laughter of the crowd
          He fell flat on his face.

          So, down he fell, and with him hope- he couldn't win it now -
          Embarrassed, sad, he only wished
          To disappear somehow.

          But, as he fell, his dad stood up,
          And showed his anxious face,
          Which to the boy so clearly said:"Get up and win the race."

          He quickly rose, no damage done,- behind a bit, that's all -
          And ran with all his mind and might
          To make up for his fall.

          So, anxious to restore himself- to catch up and to win -
          His mind went faster than his legs;
          He slipped and fell again!

          He wished, then, he had quit before
          With only one disgrace.
          "I'm hopeless as a runner now;
          I shouldn't try to race.

          But, in the laughing crowd he searched
          And found his father's face.
          That steady look that said again!
          "Get up and win the race."

          So, up he jumped, to try again-
          ten yards behind the last -
          "If I'm to gain those yards," he thought'
          I've got to move real fast."

          Exceeding everything he had
          He gained back eight or ten,
          But trying so, to catch the lead,
          He slipped and fell again!

          Defeat! He lay there silently-
          a tear dropped from his eye -
          "There is no sense in running more;
          Three strikes, I'm out, why try?"

          The will to rise had disappeared
          All hope had fled away
          So far behind; so error prone
          A loser all the way.

          "I've lost, so what's the use," he thought
          "I'll live with my disgrace."
          But, then he thought about his dad,
          Who, soon, he'd have to face.

          "Get up!" an echo sounded low,
          "Get up, and take your place
          You were not meant for failure here,
          Get up, and win the race."

          With borrowed will, "Get up," it said
          "You haven't lost at all.
          For winning is no more than this;
          To rise each time you fall."

          So, up he rose to run once more,
          And with a new commit
          He resolved that win, or lose,
          At least he wouldn't quit.

          So far behind the others now-
          the most he'd ever been -
          Still, he gave it all he had,
          And ran as though to win.

          Three times he'd fallen stumbling.
          Three times he'd rose again.
          Too far behind to hope to win
          He still ran to the end.

          They cheered the winning runner,
          As he crossed the line first place,
          Head high, and proud, and happy.
          No falling, no disgrace.

          But, when the fallen youngster
          Crossed the line last place,
          The crowd gave him the greater cheer
          For finishing the race.

          Even though he came in last.
          With head bowed head low, unproud,
          You would have thought he won the race
          To listen to the crowd.

          And to his dad, he sadly said,
          "I didn't do so well."
          "To me, you won!" his father said,
          "You rose each time you fell."

          And now when things seem dark and hard,
          And difficult to face.
          The memory of that little boy
          Helps me to win my race.

          For all of life is like that race
          With ups and downs and all,
          And all you have to do to win,
          Is rise each time you fall.

          I could not help but post again this fabulous poem!! Thank you so very much Kchannar!!
          Grace, Thanks for posting this.. and maggies poem...
          as befor.. i don't always get your poems maggie.. but that just tells me there is so much more...more than i can conceive... meaning i can't possibly get bored Thank you
          Love and Light Adrienne
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          • Hello ZartGirl

            Originally posted by zartgirl View Post
            I am amazed at how peaceful I have become, and how much more I approach everything with a peaceful attitude and calmly.

            There is just two situations I need help with... The first one is with my kids, as every once in a while especially or mostly when they ignore me and do not do the things I ask them to do... I go off on them! For some reason, I just get so frustrated with them and then I get frustrated with myself and start feeling like a failure as a mom... I know I am not a failure, but that is the old pattern that comes up! I know there is something down inside of me that needs dealing with!!! HELP!!! I did this two days ago... Just went off ragging at my daughter who is a teenager cause she was not ready to go when I had asked her to get ready long before this... Thanks in advance! I will also work on it on my own.

            There is a girl at Iza's School who has for the last two years been bullying her (well it kind of started back in second grade). I have moved Iza to different schools several times, to only have her mom move her to those schools! So now Iza will be moving up to Walla Walla schools, and I find out her family is thinking of putting her in Walla Walla schools too! This freaks me out, as I don't know what to do about it! Part of me then says, Hey your intention is to have the freedom to move to California... so by the time H.S starts Iza and you will probably be in Calif.! Then there is this other part that says what if we are still here and this girl transfers to this school. I hear that her parents plan on lying about where they live to have her up in these schools, and if that is the case... I just have to tell the school district where she really lives, but there is a chance her Mother is leaving her Dad and planning to move up here as I did!

            I just need to find peace in my heart and decide that the girls will get along and she will be a nice person for the first time in her life if they end up at the same school or me and the kids will be in Calif. and never have to deal with this child again. I also want to forgive this child for all she has done to Iza! I think I have and then I hear something she is pulling or moving up this way and I freak out! I get so angry and start plotting again! My X can't make me this mad any more, so why can this teenager do this to me!

            Thanks Sallyjane zartgirl
            Hi, i can really relate to the going off on the kiddos....
            although i only have the one....
            I find that i practice observing instead/without reacting... however easier then done.. but in this amazing when i am able to do it...
            i had alot i wanted to share but it has eluded me... I had to take breather to vent out some of this energy in motion (emotion)
            I did this by singing at the top of my lungs... you should have seen my cat.. she looked stressed I have a good voice... simply have never trained my voice and i was really loud...
            It helped
            Thank you Sally Jane for sharing and for sharing all your miracles... that inspires me to give more attention to all the miracles that happen in my life... no matter how big or how small... you have the miracle sharing stamina.. I get so impatient...
            have a fobulouse day... and i am so glad to hear about how things are progressing so perfectly for you...
            LOVE and Light...Goddess Adriana
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            • wow..

              Originally posted by Bobi View Post
              Thank you for your thoughts and ideas. Yes, some people age early while others are ageless. Hope to be in the latter group myself.

              I'm thinking maybe the need is to help mom find clear certainty that continued service down the road will still happen when she can’t drive or if her eyesight goes will be possible. (Well, that and helping her care for herself and home as long as possible.) There is something I can’t quite put my finger on -a sense of mission maybe –that would act as template for life along the way. And yet, these are already her gifts – now, every day. Oh crap – I’m at a loss for words. What is the *zing* I felt and how do I respond to it?

              When I say it’s hard to keep up with my mom it’s quite true. She… volunteers as for Team Reading at a local grade school. Spends 3 hours Wednesday nights at her church being a “table mom” and “comfort person” during Logos –(which she dresses up for. Last week was cowboy theme. She was so darn CUTE! in her red cowboy hat and red kerchief! ). She has two (three?) weekly study groups, one of which meets at her house at 8:30 in the morning and the other she goes to at 6:00 in the morning . She calls on sick and ailing friends – hail and hearty ones too. Calls across the country checking on family. Has occasional dinners or breakfasts for: the widow ladies, the guys who built her fence and their wives, the electrician guy, someone’s birthday or whoever/whatever reason comes to mind and loves to host out-of-town guests and holiday meals. She’s a Red Hatter. Visits with neighbors, hires kids for small jobs, greets on Sunday mornings, attends all grandchildren events, and does a myriad of “little” things like occasionally watch the associate pastors children some Sunday mornings so they don’t have to be at church from 7am – 1pm or calls on an old neighbor who recluses himself. She loves people and learning new things so attends: a special event at the MCC (gay church), a multi-denominational potluck dinner and joining in open discussion about sharing ideals w/our children from Muslims, Jews, and UU’s perspectives. And the list goes on.

              Service, connection and love are what mom does so it seems kind of funny to look for ways for her to continue – and still, it rings true to do so. I just don’t yet understand my part in this. She is, at long last, beginning to accept that these things she does and the way she touches lives are special gifts, and yes, perhaps she does make a difference and maybe a “calling” can be such a simple thing as being who you already are. Such talk makes her tear up.

              Her getting “hinky” might cut into her ways – or will it? - so it gets my attention more readily.

              Gosh – didn’t intend to rattle on or give mom’s whole dossier but appreciate the opportunity to think aloud and draw from the collective wonder of this forum.

              With much gratitude,
              sounds like an amazing mother you have... i Hope to give the way she gives.... thanks for sharing
              Love Adrienne
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              • Blake

                Originally posted by Blake View Post
                Thanks for YOur broader perspective. I do so get caught up in right/wrong...where as "is it useful for me" is soo much more...useful. That whole duality thing and being mezmerized by the outside rather than looking inside....thanks. as much as I feign labels and boxes I do seen to keep taking myself out of one and putting my self in another...maybe bigger but a box just the same. I never have been a "joiner" I think for the "box" reason but tht dosent mean I escape them. I do think your right..i mean useful...about the 12 step groups being so boxy. Hello my name is___and I'm a _____...? I think its been a saving grace for me at times though to just be there and speak and be supported.... Maybe there are other ways to be in community and other circles to share so honestly in like that... I feel like thats a basic human need, to be heard by the tribe... I think forums like this are a part of meeting that need.

                Have you met/heard of Gloria Bennish? She wrote a book called "Go within or Go without." ...funny you should say that. Shes a healer/teacher, funny gal extrordinaire...

                thanks for your love and support and wisdom

                and Blake
                Hi blake... well thanks for responding..
                no i haven't read that book... i will add it to my list and see if it pops up again for me... thank you...
                I have read all of your posts and you are truly amazing.... it is so wonderful that you have come here to share your male energy with us... and i love what you said "we are neither male or female... but spirit..." that is beautiful
                I am not quoting your exact words... but what you said there really is a beautiful way of looking at things... takes away the judgement of what either lables of gender does as well....
                I don't get the feeling that you are very hard on your self about your sexual orientation... you seem to be very comfortable in having shared that here...
                And i beleive it was you who mentioned the artists way.... and then i became aware of how it popped up in many posts since...
                I have this book. but have never read it....
                Since you started sharing...... i have gained so much from what you have shared from the sexual anorexia... to the addiction, to so many tid bits that you have dropped here and there....
                and in mentioning the Artists way....
                well here is my story... (well this part)
                first off.. I can't beleive i am gonna share all of this. second i have been so inspired and amazed at seeing myself spread across this thread... through others...
                Third... it is twisting me to hold it in.. so here it goes...
                i have been of the creative nature... but never actively creative... in like art or expressing it in some creative way... although i desired to, i was closed.
                i was in an amazing sexual relationship Unfortunaly yrs ago.. and for the first time i had been inspired to paint, or to express my self creatively...(i do want to mention that this is the first time i had opened up in this way too) so i went about doing this.. mostly in painting.... however that relationship ended and i was hurt really badly.. so i shut myself off I am not blamig him... just notice that the inspiration stopped and about a yr after ths relationship ended and on and off i have really struggled in being able to express myself physically, creatively (same thing) the desire to do so was there and the urning also... but i had lost that part of me that had inspiration.... or could even connect to that peice of me...
                so in saying this... I have been single for a long time... and have deprived myself of loving relationships with people and having a partner, or sex...(which i'd want to share with a partner) in experiencing joy and pleasure... as well as not participating in events and having fun... and don't get me wrong, it is not that i didn't want to... I simply didn't know how.... and the interesting thing is that i have also lost my sense of smell mostly.. which I had a reiki master tell me it is conected to our creativity....
                some questions that have come up for me are...
                How do experience joy in my life and fun? ... i have also been very isolated from the world.... keep to myself very much so... the fears and craziness that comes up in even imagining leting someone close to me... especially a man(which happens to terrify me)
                and to allow unconditonal love... actually to allow all that what i have been drivin towards...raising conscousness/spiritual growth... whatever one wants to term it... well it seems to be coming to a head...
                i have to open up... in order to allow...
                In order to create the experiences and the life i desire... well i have to open these parts of me that are closed...
                Which over time have jumped at me in ways of being creative in the things i do (which would bring me joy...)
                this i am finding is a huge block for me...
                sexuality... I would be loving myself and loving others in allowing myself to experience this great gift of life...(and i am sure there is much in this i don't get yet)
                God this is like embarrasing sharing this... but if i am gonna have different experiences/create different experiences... then i need to open up..... so that i can create differently.... so i can create more of what i desire
                And when i say create... well first off it seems to be the part of me that in not allowing my self to experience that part of me... i am creating so much pain and suffering for myself...
                I found at one point i had fallen in love with my friend and in allowing myself to be "in love"... i finally allowed myself to stop being in so much pain and suffering.... anyways.. in here there is much attachement to something... my old identity
                which has been very difficult for me to let go of.... cuz i really beleived all this stuff was so freakin real.
                Grrrrrrrrr... i am not going to edit this... although i am not sure i even follow what I have shared....
                sorry blake... this post was meant to be for you and turned out to be about me sharing with everyone
                I see so much Growth happening for everyone who shares openly and honestly.... That i guess it is my turn to share openly and honestly too..
                and i suppose this is a sign of my willingness...
                well enjoy or not... have agreat day
                LOVE Adrienne
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                • to my last post..... My point is that my creativity has been blocked for a while and these are the ways it has affected my life.... and it is not working for me anymore... but in this craziness i am experiencing.... is probaly cuz it is shifting...Grrrrrrrrrrr... still feel kind of silly about my post... but am gonna leave it...
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                  • Adrianne and Blake - thanks for the kind words about my mom. Yes, she is a dear. This Saturday she went to have blood drawn and there was a barber shop quartet there. One called her by name then told the crowd how much she helped her 4th grade reading partner when the little girl's mother died last year. Then he sang "You are so beautiful" to her. Makes me cry again.
                    I really don't intend to go on ad naseum about mom but it has been a great gift for me to have written what I have here. That preciousness is playing out in so manys within me and when hanging with my mom lately. Thanks to you all.

                    Adrianne, you are courageous and wonderful for sharing the way you did. Blake - same with you and all others on this thread. It isn't easy to spill our guts and trust others to not only not tromp on them but to hold them dear. I heard long ago a wonderful phrase - "we are as stuck as the secrets we carry" . I believe there is much un-stuck-ness going on here. Powerful stuff.


                    • Adrienne - apologies for mis spelling your name!



                      • Update!

                        Hey everyone! Just a quick update! I am doing fantastic! I started my new job and it is going well, and in the training class I am in, is a gal I used to go to church with and wanted to be friends with, but... Well now we are working together (turns out Keith gave her the creeps LOL). We are going to start going out together and doing stuff together! I have been intending for Friends! Everyone in the group is great!

                        I will be getting my tax check either tomorrow, or next week, and my housing voucher will be on next Tuesday! Tomorrow before work I am going to make some calls on some houses! I am hoping to move by the 15th of this month. Soooo exciting!!!!

                        Well I just wanted to check in with all of you and say HI and let you know how exciting my life has gotten these last few days!

                        Blessings Sallyjane


                        • To Zartgirl

                          You moving with lightning speed I think it's great.
                          Marnyka Z. Buttry
                          Divine Openings Giver & Healer


                          • Originally posted by zartgirl View Post
                            Hey everyone! Just a quick update! I am doing fantastic! I started my new job and it is going well, and in the training class I am in, is a gal I used to go to church with and wanted to be friends with, but... Well now we are working together (turns out Keith gave her the creeps LOL). We are going to start going out together and doing stuff together! I have been intending for Friends! Everyone in the group is great!

                            I will be getting my tax check either tomorrow, or next week, and my housing voucher will be on next Tuesday! Tomorrow before work I am going to make some calls on some houses! I am hoping to move by the 15th of this month. Soooo exciting!!!!

                            Well I just wanted to check in with all of you and say HI and let you know how exciting my life has gotten these last few days!

                            Blessings Sallyjane
                            Woohoo! You go, girl!


                            • hello...

                              Seems to be a theme that people share there progress too...LOL(at me)...
                              so here is what i have noticed with myself...
                              well since a bit before my post and ever since.. I have so wanted to express myself... it has come up in wanting cook... (have been blocked there too)... but the last couple of weeks i have found that i have put love and joy into my cooking... Oh get this I am inspired to create with food, I am thrilled about this... this weekend.. perhaps during the week I am gonna make indian butter chicken...
                              (this is new and darn good when i have had it)... I may wait though till my dad comes into town so i can make it for him... but we will see if i can hold the seams together that long...
                              the folds on the box just want to break
                              and i am gonna make a german dish i haven't made in a while... first off the fact that the thought came to me is amazing...
                              this may not seem huge, but it is big for me...
                              cuz it is the feeling i have inside me that makes it so amazing and wonderful and exciting... JOY AND LOVE
                              I am also putting it out there to find some cooking classes in my area too.

                              I ran into a guy i went to high school with today in my store... and i noticed the instant reaction of being closed... and then the aware part of me saying"adrienne, what are you afraid of that he will see... and then relaxed"
                              so some of that wanting to hide myself too
                              well...DUH, people see me anyways.... So little by little i will let the light shine.. or maybe it will be very quick..
                              I am so grateful to feel again... like rays of light bursting through...
                              this is Bliss...
                              Goddess Adriana
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                              • bobi

                                It's all good, i even misspell my name sometimes... it's so darn long...
                                and plus Adriana... isn't even my name... so i even do it on purpose
                                have a fabulouse day.. Adrienne
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