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  • Zartgirl

    that is very cool... glad it is working out well for you...
    that is very exciting news...
    what a gift... what a powerful creator you are.. Adrienne
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    • Adrienne

      Or Adriana... Just want to say a quick thank you for your support and your own sharing. I'm thrilled for you that you're allowing your creativity to come forth, as well as feeling again! How fantastic! I can so relate to that (or rather not feeling so your progress is inspiring!), not to mention holding the seams together!

      Anyway, I've got to fly but just wanted to thank you for insights you share in respect to my journey, as well as your own journey which I guess is mine too if I can keep my brain wrapped around that concept! LOL Such a blessing this forum is!

      Love and light!


      • hello Grace

        Hi honey
        could you please do some corrections for me on my sense of smell, and my creativity... when it is good for you...
        thank you so much... you are such an inspiration....
        we all are actually... just being here.
        It's in the growth... Baby... thanks for all that you give..

        Goddess Adriana
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        • Hola Dios Mio 's!!!!!

          Hello all ... that is, was and ever will be!!! I'm sorry I went all incognito for a while . We have been short staffed at work theeeeennnnn a one two punch of snow storms that stranded 1/2 the workers we do have for a few days!!!!!! It's funny I just two weeks ago sidestepped an opening for a lead position (cuz I didnt want the stress that came with it. It was a hard might have come with a 6$hr raise on the weekend days ) But for three days last week I got to be the boss anyway...(for two days- for only half the day- I was the only one here to clean the whole hospital!!!) It was kinda fun but I think it confirmed that I made the right descision....for the time being anyway....I have more important areas to focus my energies right now!!! My 'dogs' were tiiiuuurrrd at the end of those days. As well as the gray matter in my upper regions! . Anyway...I am manifesting other more lucrative joyful, energy filled, peaceful avenues for abundance and wealth to come to me!!!

          So... I've popped in to read most days but havent responded yet...sorry...and my lunch is over now so Ill have to post again later...if not today then hopefully tomarrow.... Thanks all for what you've said !.... I cant wait to respond ! Theres some cool insights that have popped up that soooo fit with a bunch of what were talking about!!!!!

          All My Relations!!!! Blake


          • OMG! Everything!

            Oh this week has been awesome! Okay all my weeks are awesome these days!!! Today I went and looked at a house... not sure about it, but I am filling out the application and am going to ask the property manager if there is maybe a better one that I can get into that will take my voucher. Yes I am getting my housing voucher on Tuesday!!! Yeahhh!

            So as some of you know, I have been wanting friends! Well friends here in Walla Walla that I can go do stuff with (not that I don't love all of you!). So I started my new job and a gal I have known for a number of years who has a daughter the same age as Izzi is in my training class at work. Well it turns out that she has wanted to be friends with me for several years, but my X gave her the creeps! That is just so funny to me! Well needless to say I am making lots of friends.

            Then I saw an advertisement for and decided to go there one night as I was bored and look for my best friend from High School. Well she was not listed on there, but another friend was, and also a guy I used to date was there I was not sure if I should contact the guy, but thought ahhhh what the hell! Hehehe! So I shot him off an email. He emailed me back! Well we have been emailing back and forth since, but here is the amazing thing... He is starting to read books on this kind of stuff! Tonight in his email he asked if I would do some of my energy work on him and a move he wants to make back to where we lived when we were together. Oh the other amazing thing is that he has kept through three marriages an original painting that I did back in High School! OMG!

            Oh then there is the other girl friend who I use to hang around with... Well we have been talking on the phone all the time since the first email! Is that cool or what! She is in contact with another one of the gang, and there are two more we want to get into contact with... One is the girlfriend I was looking for in the first place (she has tried to leave me a message with her email address on one of the forums there... but all I got was cause classmates does not allow that and filters for email addresses. I do know she lives in Las Vegas, and I do know her married name. The other one is in Southern Calif.

            Anyways, my point is that I am attracting friends from everywhere! It is very fun!

            Oh just one more topic! For years i have struggled with getting to sleep! The only way I believed that I could get to sleep was with pills. Well I am happy to announce that for the last month I have not been taking pills. Stephen taught me how to 2 point, and I now 2 point myself to sleep everynight! I sleep all night and if I do get up in the middle of the night for some reason I go straight back to sleep!

            Blessings Sallyjane


            • Life Is Absoltuely Fabulous!!

              Maintaining awareness, especially in the subtleties of your moments, is profound, and profoundly empowering!

              As I read your posts I notice such quiet power! This "Quiet Power" as I love to call awareness is such a simple step to take to completely change your life to exactly what you wish it to BE! To read your posts and see this so clearly in your thoughts is inspiring!

              It only takes one moment! One moment to "KNOW". Through Awareness of all that is within you, and outside of you, you effect change and are affected instantly!

              I am blessed with each post I read!

              Adrienne and SallyJane, you both have given so much of yourselves to this thread, and to read and see clearly how aware you have become of your power is so ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS, it brings me to a greater sense of gratitude!!!




              • howdy !!!

                I have a bit of time lets see how far I can get.

                Moxie!!! Yes! Definately! I meant every word, I would feel honored that youd want to quote me for your book. I would ask one favor.....could you spell check it for me...I almost never sp check and have no clue with grammer when I type Id be sooo grateful, thank you! You know, I swear I think my spelling has gotten better though, since Ive been on the intuition and insight module! one of those unexpected benifits...!

                Kim J!!! Thanks! About that Artist way book.... Its a bummer really they named it that cuz its really about finding our joy whatever that maybe (w/a strong creativity emphasis) and lots of encouragement and suggestions on how to let ourselves play more...(I could really use more of that kind of encouragement lately ) But heres the kicker I thought before but see more and more clearly now...We are all Artists!.... of the grandest nature... Because we are in the act of creating our lives... constantly... through every thought, feeling and choice we make. So I cracked open the book last week before it got all crazy to see where it stood in the light of Busting Loose and the growing awaresness that WE Are Gods !!! Just a few paragraphs in I had the thought what would it sound like if I changed the word "art" or "artist" to GOD or Godness!.... IT HAD ME IN STITCHES!!! I only made it through the first chapter..."Recovering a Sense of Safety".... but I laughed soo much, maybe because i was familiar with it the old way, but I think also because It rang true for me....IF in our Wholeness, our Pure Beingness we are all One and that One is "God" then it makes so much sense!!!.... If I'm not in that awareness or are having trouble claiming my birthright and haritage as the God I am... then rather than havin artist block ....Ive got me a case of God/Goddess block! I'll have to type up a few altered paragraphs to share some of Julias wisdom on unblocking our inner God/Goddess!!!!!!! The whole book shifted for me with this....Ive gone through and wrote God or God-ness over all the art/ist spots. I'm just sidestepping anything about personal history or finding the source of any blocks...and taking the action suggestions and ideas with this new amplified meaning....I'll have to find the spots that cracked me up...see if they translate well to Ya'll ... Anyway it may be worth another parooose. I dont think you can go wrong with Eckart and the Power of Now, though !!!! I'll share more when I have the AW book with me.

                Oh! Sallyjane! the Being advice/hints were great! Its helped. Personalizing and finding my own style/flavor/expression of joy, grattitude and celibration seems key for me... If its not feeling genuine then I'm probably off track...theres more but that very was helpful !!!

                Adrienne!!!!!! Wow! I got teary eyed with what you shared. My heart so opened to you and what you were saying. I am sooo sorry for not posting earlier...I totally know that vulnerable feeling when you crack the door open to your heart and true feelings wider than ever before!!!! It all really reasonated with me! And good job for not editing it down to some form of "acceptability" I'm starting to slowly learn and experience here that I am (we are) wonderfull perfect beings just as we are, and thats helping me bring the light to all these goofy ideas I have had ....all to let others (Us!) see more of who we really are and release who we arent! I feel like I am so much talk and not enough walk still....It feels funny me trying to encourage you ....

                That... Creation = Life = Love = Joy is amazing!!!!!...Creating...making art or whatever it is all a form of "Self" (big S!) expression! Which in the doing(or Being!) we enter life at a differnt level !...a Creator level !...(even if its just Valentine cards/mail boxes)... for me that takes me out of the audience with my "good" spectator status , that I have soo perfected, and calls me into interaction and the living of my Life...My affiliate just tonight told me a quote from Carl Young(?) "creativity is food for the soul." ... I have a wise and mystical friend who once told me that the act and energy of creating art IS LOVE. And that any time I am painting, writing,!...creating in any way...I am "making LOVE!"

                That makes the connection you made to romance and your art make so much sense. For a long time Ive felt ... (but not applied)... that stolking the inner fire of love by doing all the things I love was the path to attracting love/romance in a human form. Before I ever new about LOA or the Secret I had the feeling that to become a magnet for love I needed to Be Love. At that time the only way I could think to be love was to do what I loved...what brings me joy! Man its taken me a long time (there is only Now!) to start applying this wisdom! That being Joy bit from Grace is growing on/in me...I have some cool experiences/insights about that. Its almost nine though and need to get going....we'll talk more. "in our defenselessness our safety lies" that quote keeps coming to mind...I dont know if its A Course in Miracles or what but it means to me that in our vulnerability and openness (honesty) lys our greatest strength...I wonder now if its cuz thats when we are closest to God (our Godself) and there is no lack or danger there...only Love. Anyway...kudos and peace to you Adrienne!

                I must go... Thanks everyone for listening to me and hearing the "real" me in all my gibberish...I am so grateful for your responses and the feeling of belonging I feel here!. You all are super !
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                • Blake

                  Awww, Blake, you're such a sweetie. Love your insights and your humor. Looks like it's time for me to pick up AW! You all are determined that I should read it! I can't wait to substitute art/artist with God/Goddess!! :

                  Blessings to you and everyone else reading!


                  • Originally posted by Grace View Post
                    Maintaining awareness, especially in the subtleties of your moments, is profound, and profoundly empowering!

                    As I read your posts I notice such quiet power! This "Quiet Power" as I love to call awareness is such a simple step to take to completely change your life to exactly what you wish it to BE! To read your posts and see this so clearly in your thoughts is inspiring!

                    It only takes one moment! One moment to "KNOW". Through Awareness of all that is within you, and outside of you, you effect change and are affected instantly!

                    I am blessed with each post I read!

                    Adrienne and SallyJane, you both have given so much of yourselves to this thread, and to read and see clearly how aware you have become of your power is so ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS, it brings me to a greater sense of gratitude!!!

                    "Quiet power" is a phrase that brings a smile of peace and confidence to my face. Just what I needed this week, because this week is kind of rough! I can't go into all of it here, but I am looking forward to getting some decent sleep!


                    • Hi Grace,

                      Thanks for the skype. Could you please make corrections for my pesky right arm (still and always) and my lower back (don't GET me started on that one) as well as for Jesse's terrible cold or flu and then also for my mother's dog, Clifford. He apparently has been diagnosed with lymphoma and she and her partner are distraught. Any help would be most gratefully appreciated. And anyone else on the forum who can make corrections would also be appreciated so much.

                      Yikes...what a day...I'm going to hobble off to meditate.

                      And again, Sally Jane, I am so pleased to read of your successes.You go girl!
                      With love and gratitude,



                      • Grace

                        It was great "meeting" you on the Paths conference call last week! I highly recommend to anyone with questions about PATHS or the affiliate program to call up on thursdays! Sorry I didnt stick around to chat afterward...My phone battery was beeping and I was sitting outside the FA meeting, that had started, when we were on conference call.

                        To be honest I get real nervous when I meet people I really respect and admire.That phone call had soo many...especially Ronnie, You and Aaron! I dont know why I get so nervous ...I think cuz my heart is more open...I care more what others think when they are people I really respect...So maybe its still about worthiness and caring too much what other people think? Clearly Ive not got the concept that we are all one down. Or my Godness.

                        ...I still feel so resistant to breaking out of this small self identity. My coping behaviors are so much better though...maybe I am in "withdrawls".

                        I havent surrendered to the food program yet but I'm getting there. I did go to that meeting and have made some calls to a few FA people and found out there is a less controlling "version" of the same program that still is based on no flour/sugar. I found theres a whole other group of people that are more loving, accepting and gentle in their support and suggestions...a bit different(less conditional) than the ones I worked with previousely. This gives me hope...I guess the more I'm being kind to myself the kinder the support I am drawing to me (creating). I also wonder if its not apart of your corrections, Thank you!

                        I wanted to ask for some more help, that fear and awkwardness I feel with people I like and respect.... And more please on releasing my resistance to change...Willingness! All of those you wrote about were very important to me. Willingness to shift in conciousness, to release old habits, to Love and focus on gratitude....and perservere! I know I am doing it...You know I just flased on a buch of happenings this week that triggered my frusteration...even anger! They were mostly about my lack of patience. Its wierd cuz I'm usually so mello (people pleasey?)...

                        OK I AAAMMMM GRATeFUL!... the old me Izzzzz breaking up!...I Do feel So much more alive...Ive found an open art studio (or it found me ) and spent my days off this week on an art project and plan on going back there evey Sunday! Really kind awesome people! ....I have been talking with friends again who have wanted to help me on a video documentary project I started over three years ago!!!!...... And this art studio is attaced to a yoga and dance studio that I went to a few times, years ago, for this freeform movement and dance thing called "ecstatic dance"...I loved it! So liberating!... I am going to go again next tuesday! I also talked with one of my fellow coworkers (a head of a department) who is open yet queit about his being gay...In three years Ive only ever exchanged "hello"s and short nice-ities...Turns out he and his husband live in a very rural Idaho town and last year+ had a documentary made about them that got national exposure!!...I think its called "Bachelor Farmer". I have yet to see it, he said hed bring in a copy...... And then....last week... I just happened to ask a guy out . We'd crossed paths for over a month and talked some. I was sure he was gay and a mutual attraction thing was going on (I'd prayed and prayed and felt I had the answer that yes there is something there and to talk to him)... So he kinda shot me down and is rather stand off-ishy now. "Not gay" (scared I knowticed?)...Maybe I was too direct...I was soo nervous... BUT just the doing it...that was pretty momentus!!! In a rural "small" town area it takes a bit more hootzpa to meet (find!) other gay people. Clearly I am not yet in the awareness of my Perfection and Truth...I gotta start living with the me that I am though! I guess i gotta work on being the Love and Perfection that I am more! .... So things are moving!!!

                        two other questions...I read on your bio page you were offering to teach others how to make corrections for themseves ...and that it was easy. Well simple, maybe not easy. I am interested!...are you able to teach from a distance?...I get the vibe that Sallyjane has learned and others perhaps on this thread? ...

                        and finally I AM going deeper again with the PATHS...I am going to become an affiliate AND sign up for a platinum module ! .... I was planning on keeping my three other packages as well though. I am not sure if this would be too much... could you test and see if keeping my three packages and a platinum would be the most benificial? Thank you! your an

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                        • thanks Blake!

                          Hi Blake,

                          Thank you! We were thrilled to have you on the call! Let us know what we can do to support you!
                          Aaron Murakami

                          Books & Videos
                          RPX & MWO


                          • Hey All...

                            Hey all,
                            I just got home from work tonight, and although I am tired, I need to unwind a little. Right now I am in training and it is intense, but with a fun group of people. I have been intending since starting the job (actually getting hired) that I was going to make a possitive impression with the people I work with (well mainly the management) At first I was not sure if I was standing out in any special way or not, but I know I am now! Well, first of all when the trainer asks any questions I am often the first to answer or offer an answer. Second, yesterday we had to work in groups and then teach a short lesson to the rest of the class on our subject... it was cool cause I got placed into the group with all the over achievers! Yeah! Then as we were finishing up the trainer was asking a really tough question that brought blank stares to everyone else... I popped up and started just answering the question to the best of my ability even though I did not totally understand the answer I was giving. The trainer was just impressed that I even knew that much!!!

                            So today I showed up to work, and another co-worker came into work in tears! The manager tried to help, but... So I went over and suggested we go outside and talk, and let the manager know what we were doing. I talked with her and mostly just listened and let her know it was okay to cry! She just needed to cry as someone she knew had just died. We came back in maybe a few minutes late, but everything was okay! That is when I realized that I was truly making a good impression. My main thing with making a good impression is that I want an office job that is not working 8 hours a day on the phones doing collections! Well soft collections, as in the customer is calling us! Either in HR or even as a Team Manager... That way I will make more money too!

                            The best part of this is, that I just set the intention to be a possitive experience, and it is! I am always serious when it is time to learn, but in between times... I have fun and laugh with everyone. It is a balance I have never had before!

                            I just had to share this with you all! I know so much of the time we get into jobs that are just a phase 1 job to pay the bills while we are growing to the point of manifesting our dreams... So why not manifest a great work enviroment with great people, and a fun place to be, with the money we deserve!

                            Blessings To all of you


                            • For Blake

                              "Clearly I am not yet in the awareness of my Perfection and Truth...I gotta start living with the me that I am though! I guess i gotta work on being the Love and Perfection that I am more! .... So things are moving!!!"

                              Hi Blake,

                              I haven't had much time to post lately but just wanted to respond to you. Yes, you are so right! Acceptance of Self, having unconditional love & compassion for one's Self & honoring the path that we are on right now & the place that we are in right NOW is so important. This is one of , if not the most important thing that we can all do for ourselves & for yourself. For in accepting ourselves & allowing we let go of judgement, of guilt & criticism of ourselves & open the door to inner peace, trust in our Self & our divinity.

                              Some months ago I posted this poem on another thread & in fact I even put it in my profile, as I find when ever I read it, it always has something new to say to me. I would like to share it with you here in the hope that it may resonate with you & help you to remember your perfection & truth.

                              The Silent Prayer

                              From (Ascended Master)Tobias as channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe:

                              The Silent Prayer is an acknowledgement of All That Is. In this prayer, I know that every prayer I have ever voiced is heard by Spirit, and that Spirit has given unto me all that I have asked for. It is an acknowledgement that my soul is complete in the love and grace of God. It is an acknowledgement of my total state of perfection and Is-ness. All that I desire, all that I wish to cocreate, is already within my reality. I call this the Silent Prayer because I know that my Being is already fullfilled. There is no need to ask for anything of Spirit, because it has already been given.

                              The Prayer

                              In my heart, I accept my perfect Being.
                              I accept that the joy that I have intended is already in my life.
                              I accept that love I have prayed for is already within me.
                              I accept that the peace I have asked for is already my reality.
                              I accept that the abundance I have sought already fills my life.

                              In my truth, I accept my perfect Being.
                              I take responsibility for my own creations,
                              And all things that are within my life.
                              I acknowledge the power of Spirit that is within me,
                              And know that all things are as they should be.

                              In my wisdom, I accept my perfect Being.
                              My lessons have been carefully chosen by my Self,
                              And now I walk through them in full experience.
                              My path takes me on a sacred journey with divine purpose.
                              My experiences become part of All That Is.

                              In my knowingness, I accept my perfect Being.
                              In this moment, I sit in my golden chair
                              And know that I Am an angel of light.
                              I look upon the golden tray - the gift of Spirit -
                              And know that all of my desires already have been fufilled.

                              In love for my Self, I accept my perfect Being.
                              I cast no judgment or burdens upon my Self.
                              I accept that everything in my past was given in love.
                              I accept that everything in this moment comes from love.
                              I accept that everything in my future will result in greater love.

                              In my Being, I accept my perfection.
                              And so it is.


                              Love , Light & Blessings to You , Blake,


                              Theta Healing
                              Paths 2 Potential

                              "We are the one's we've been waiting for"


                              • Sharyn,

                                What a lovely prayer. Just what I needed to hear today. I am coming to terms with the end of a decade when I struggled with my health. Thanks for posting.