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  • Chinese Energetic Medicine by Grace

    Hi All,

    I started practicing The Yuen Method also known as Chinese Energetic Medicine back in 2001 from Dr. Kam Yuen. This healing modality has served me extremely well and has evolved since I have started using Paths. I am here to answer your questions concerning the Yuen Method/Chinese Energetic Medicine, and Paths and I will also do "corrections" as I go to anyone of you that have any specific "issues" you desire help with.

    My motivation is to bring awareness to all of you, that if I can do this so can you. There are so many wonderful Healing Modalities out there that we can learn and benefit from. In so doing we will also inspire and touch the hearts of those around us to also recognize their power and heal themselves instantly! The Power of ONE is IMMENSE!!

    My vision is PEACE. Please help me maintain Peace in this beautiful world of ours! All you need do is maintain PEACE in YOUR heart and you will automatically create Peace for the world around you! All WILL FEEL the effects of your presence.

    This is for all of you to remember who you are!

    Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that frightens us most. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and famous?' Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that people won't feel insecure around you. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in all of us. And when we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others." by Maryanne Williamson, Quoted by Nelson Mandela
    Last edited by Grace; 05-26-2020, 07:01 PM. Reason: Insert updated link for Dr. Kam Yuen of the Yuen Method

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    Grace fixed my horribly stiff neck! I don't know how she did it, but she did - overnight. She also gave me some extremely valuable information about the state of my chakras, and about my general emotional and spiritual condition. So please don't hesitate to ask her for her assistance! If possible, please post your queries on this thread, so that we can all benefit from them. Thank you!


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      Hi Grace

      I have a question about CEM and smoking. I have no idea where I read it on my many surfs

      But I know that I read that smoking somehow "warms" the heart. Something like that, can you please tell me more.........



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        Hi Rin,

        Thak you for your lovely post. I am so glad Chinese Energetic Medicine was able to help!

        Hi Barb,

        While I was at one of my workshops with Yuen, a person asked him a question concerning cigarette smoking. "Is cigarette smoking bad for you?"
        she asked. Yuen's Reply was "If you think it is bad, it will be".

        I am sure there are many cigarette smokers, and pipe smokers that would love to get confirmation that smoking will not harm you. That it indeed "warms the heart"! The trick though is to really believe that it won't harm you.

        In the collective consciousness in this time and space, there are more people that believe that smoking WILL harm you than not. Long ago there were no chemicals and poisons placed into cigarettes. But now there is just too much damaging evidence that smoking is harmful because of these additives. For this reason correcting someone to stay healthy while smoking cigarettes may be challenging, but I have to admit I have never tried.

        I have recommended to people who do not want to stop smoking to buy organic cigarettes. All natural if you will.

        So long ago I am sure that Pipe smoking "warmed the heart". In fact Peyote did a lot more than warm the heart!! Several seventeenth-century Spanish Jesuits testified that the Mexican Indians used Peyote medicinally and ceremonially for many ills!

        You are not asking me about Peyote, I know, but my point is at that time I am sure tobacco smoking would have warmed the heart. Now I don't think for too many people it will. I feel the best I can do with CEM is correct you for becoming "strong in health" when and if you smoke. This would be difficult to monitor, and I would not want you to take any chances with your well being.

        If you must smoke do things to help you believe that it will not harm you, like smoking organic natural tobacco. Make sure the paper used is also chemical free etc. Cool Question!


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          Grace, a few months ago I was diagnosed as having two small fibroids and a touch of endometriosis (recently you did mention that I have second chakra issues, come to think of it!). These seem to be typical ailments of women at my stage of life.

          The gyno is taking a "wait and see" approach, and in the meantime she is treating me with Chinese herbal medicines, which are commonly prescribed even by conventional doctors in this country. I feel a bit discouraged because there is only slight improvement so far. I don't want to go on suffering like this for 10 days a month!

          I wonder if the PATHS PMS module would be helpful? Any other advice? Thanks very much in advance!


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            Stem Cell Health and change of life Modules

            Hi Rin,

            I did a little research about Endometriosis and Fribroids:

            For Fibroids I found this:

            The Estrogen Connection
            When women are in their forties, their fibroids may undergo a growth spurt in response to a change in hormone balance. At this time in your menstrual life, you often produce more estrogen than normal, because progesterone, the ovarian hormone that inhibits the effects of estrogen, is diminished. Some doctors may see this common fibroid growth as an indication for surgery and will needlessly alarm patients with the news that "we have to do something, your fibroids are growing rapidly." Once you understand that this hormonally stimulated growth can be considered normal at this stage of life, you will see that there is no cause for concern. At menopause, when the ovaries stop producing estrogen, fibroids will stop growing. In time, they may shrink and, sometimes, disappear.

            For Endometriosis I found this:

            Since the cause of endometriosis remains unknown, a treatment which fully cures endometriosis has yet to be developed, and there is no overwhelming medical evidence to support one specific type of endometriosis treatment over another.

            Most researchers agree that endometriosis is exacerbated by oestrogen. Subsequently, hormonal treatments for endometriosis attempt to temper oestrogen production in a woman's body and thereby relieve her of symptoms.

            Stem Cell Health

            Increased stem cell health and abundance
            Increased Cytokine efficiency - They are particularly important in both innate and adaptive immune responses. Due to their central role in the immune system, cytokines are involved in a variety of immunological, inflammatory and infectious diseases.
            Increased inter-cellular communication
            Increased effectiveness of progenitor cells - Ancestor cells that can restore function in tissues damaged by disease
            Change of Life Module

            Stimulate ovary health
            Balance estrogen/progesterone/testosterone levels
            Calm physical body
            Increase serotonin production/absorption
            Increase calm feelings
            Increase all opioid peptide production/absorption
            Increased confidence
            Increased sexual desire
            Increased estrogen/progesterone production/absorption

            These two modules will indeed help with your two issues especially what I highlighted in purple. If you can get on both that would be Ideal. I know that CEM can help with the pain and discomfort. I am going to make corrections for the 10 days of discomfort that you are talking about. You will have to keep me informed when and if you feel the pain again. Since this has been happening to you monthly.

            This way we can monitor your results better. I will do more corrections with each post in which you explain what you are feeling at the time. I need feedback, good feedback is great, but I also need to know feedback even if it is not so good too.

            Thank you Rin for being so courageous and allowing all to learn and benefit from this challenge you are facing. I am with you all the way!!



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              Grace, your name suits you so well.

              I would be fascinated to learn more about your CEM practice - is this something you are able to do strictly via your intuition, skill and knowledge of your practice, or do you actually connect with your subjects via phone or some other way?

              I guess the references to your work that I've read on this and the PI forums makes it seem that you are able to read and heal people remotely with little more than brief written conversation.... am I missing something? It seems truly awe inspiring!

              I do have some pain in my right shoulder that has no specific source of which I am aware. I've been exercising my brain to the neglect of my body in this past year, and I assume this is a result.

              Any insights you might have would be most welcome!

              Thank you so much for your presence here.

              Follow your path to joy!


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                While I was at one of my workshops with Yuen, a person asked him a question concerning cigarette smoking. "Is cigarette smoking bad for you?"
                she asked. Yuen's Reply was "If you think it is bad, it will be".

                Hi Grace

                Wow - this is what Abraham says about smoking too!! I don't think it is bad for you ( ) but I do think it is becoming an extremely expensive hobby LOL!!

                I was just wondering about the warming of the heart it maybe that smokers have some kind of block (for want of a better word) around their hearts and that was what I read - I wish I didn't surf so much then I could remember where I found stuff.................

                Interesting about Peyote though I don't really know what it is........looks like another surf for me!!

                Thanks as always


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                  Your Shoulder

                  Hi Joy,

                  l Learned Chinese Energetic Medicine (CEM) from Dr. Kam Yuen Yuen Method: Full Spectrum Healing I began studying CEM back in 2001 to help me deal with some emotional pain I was going through at the time, and to improve my Martial Arts skill. Dr. Yuen is a 35th Generation Kung Fu master, and I wanted to understand how he worked with Energy to create strength in the physical body. Up to that point my experience with working with Energy was with Reiki which is also wonderful.

                  I have done many things along the way to improve myself. I have always done these things for my own personal use. If someone specifically asked for assistance I would never say no, but I never publicised my abilities. Mostly close friends and Family members were the only people that new what I was learning and doing.

                  I have practiced CEM extensively, because of the excellent , consistent results it has given me. I practice it daily. I have always been an extremely private person, but since Paths I have come out of my shell so to speak!! I am forever grateful to Paths for this too!!

                  I no longer desire to keep my CEM a secret. I see now that more people need to know how simple and effective it is. There are many healing modalities that we all need to become aware of and CEM is one of them.

                  Cem allows me with barely any information at all to tune into, Scan the body or situation and make "corrections" for strength. Or make corrections for the intended goal.

                  I worked on you last night Joy, when I first read your post. I just didn't have the time to post back then. I have just now worked on your shoulder again.

                  I work on these levels (even though there are more, since we are infinite beings) Physical Body, Mental Body, Emotional Body, Psychological Body, and the Psychic/Spiritual Body.

                  Your Mental Body and Spiritual Body needed correction. When I am on the phone with someone or in person, I explain in detail what this means. It can be scary at times for some people since for example the Spiritual Body has many elements involved that take a deep level of compassion and understanding. I prefer to just make corrections many times and not explain the "why" of it all.

                  Right now I will just ask you Joy to post back now at let me know how your shoulder is feeling. Even if it feels as if it is worse I need to know. At times the pain feels as if it is moving. In Actuality the issue causing the pain was removed, but now another "issue" has surfaced calling for attention now that the initial more intense pain is gone. As I remove layers of issues at times other issues pop in.

                  We are forever moving, growing, changing, and evolving into more and more magnificent Beings. This is what I consistently see, and KNOW to be the truth since studying CEM. Since Paths my CEM has evolved to a level of greater awareness, quicker results, and more light!! My Gratitude For Paths is IMMENSE!




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                    Oh my Goodness!

                    Grace, I am amazed!

                    I went to bed almost immediately after posting last night. I woke up around 1 am to visit the bathroom, and I felt no pain at all in my shoulder. It was a night of fitfull sleep and many odd dreams, but because of the way I sleep (positions), I frequently notice the shoulder aching at night. It did not ache last night, through the night. I wondered if it was you!

                    At one point in the night I thought "I'll do yoga in the morning, as I will probably have no trouble with up/down dog". But alas, this morning, I did feel a little discomfort again, although it is much less than it had been. I did not resume my yoga due to this, but I thought about posting to wonder if you had done exactly what you did.

                    As it happened, I have a huge amount of business to attend to today (Yay! ), and actually need to run now. I'll be back on again much later this evening, but I am thrilled at your comments and this experience.

                    I am happy to continue this online if you desire, to benefit all. Or, offline as you prefer, and I wish to offer an energy exchange - whether that be traditional payment or something else! You are gifted and I'm really excited by this!

                    Thank you so much, and I'm sorry to rush so much!

                    Follow your path to joy!


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                      Wonderful Grace!

                      I am so deeply thankful for your presence in my life! The beauty of your soul, generosity of spirit with your amazing talents are such gifts and you share them with enormous kindness. I wanted to drop by to thank you and share, too, with everyone, the amazing healing my body is going through thanks to those gifts.

                      From competing and training horses, fractured two vertebrae and numerous other broken bones. Shoulder, pelvic, several ribs, wrist. Oh how I loved those animlas but they are big, they react from fear never meaning to hurt (for the most part) - just a reaction backed by 1200 pounds of power.

                      As Grace began working on the pain from those old injuries, I'd feel enormous relief and then a shifting of pain to an area unrelated to those injuries. I now understand for as she explained, an issue is sprouting up that needs healing unrelated to those injuries. I began to think of myself as an onion (not very flattering but a great visual) and with each healing felt an incredible shifting of awareness seeing the world through new eyes, sans filters created from walking planet earth - filters that no longer served me or the people I love and care about. What a blessing!

                      I thank you again, Darling Grace. Your gifts and generosity with those gifts is awe-inspiring. I lovingly tell her she performs magic. And that is just what it feels like - magical healing!

                      I love you!



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                        Amazing Grace!

                        I would like to share again just how remarkable Grace's CEM healing is.

                        My shoulder is so much better, I look forward to really giving it a workout soon. For now I feel none of the near-constant ache that had been present for months, and movement is pain-free as well.

                        Grace was kind enough to talk with me by phone today, and answered many questions I had about her healing, and the information she was receiving. In the process we touched on a phobia I have been carrying around since early childhood. It came up as almost an aside, but as we talked, I went through a real sense of the panic I always felt with this topic. Grace spent a good deal of time working on this issue, and as we talked more, I felt better and lighter, and the anxiety lifted tremendously. By the time we ended our conversation, I felt almost euphoric, as though I could just float away!

                        At this point, I can envision an example of my former fear, but I can't seem to recreate the panicky feelings I had. It is SO freeing! I feel hugely relieved and more grateful than I can express.

                        Thank you so much Grace. You are an angel, and a blessing to all of us here.

                        Follow your path to joy!


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                          Hi Grace, It is so wonderfull of you to help all those in need. What a precious gift you have. It a pleasure being on the same planet with you....smiles. Peace, Bob


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                            Life is FABULOUS!!

                            Hi Bob, Joy, Lois, Barb, Rin, and All,

                            I want to express the love I have for all of you for posting here and helping me bring awareness to others about all the wonderful Spiritual Tools we have at our fingertips! Paths, CEM, TRV, etc

                            As I have said many times already to friends and family in the last few months, My Chinese Energetic Medicine has Evolved since using Paths. I have evolved since using Paths! I would never have believed (ever) not even 5 months ago that I would be able to FEEL THIS MUCH LOVE!! Since using Paths the light and love that has entered my life is IMMENSE!

                            My motivation in starting this thread is to show my appreciation for Paths, Chinese Energetic Medicine, Energetic Forum , Energetic Science Ministries, and all the people that have made it possible for all of us to come together!!

                            The beautiful People I have attracted into my life in these past 5 months just BLOWS MY MIND!! I am truly, sincerely, deeply GRATEFUL!!

                            There are infinite ways to know God, to BE Love, and many Spiritual Tools to assist us in realizing this awareness, that there is no separation. The Greatest Realization I have had to date, and the one I am most grateful for, is that I have YOU to share my JOY with!! YOU to BE INFINITE with!! The fact that we have each other is MAGNIFICENT!!

                            So thank you for being on this Planet with ME! Thank you for being such precious gifts to ME!!

                            LIFE IS ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!
                            IMMENSE LOVE AND GRATITUDE ~ GRACE



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                              Grace Rocks!

                              I have to say that Grace is one of the most sincere and compassionate people I have ever known. She spent 45 minutes one night helping me with an issue.
                              Discover the Single Greatest Health Science Breakthrough of the Century