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  • Originally posted by belle99 View Post

    Your words really resonated with me! Just the reminder I needed this morning! And yes, I am reading the Klaus books. They're great....!
    Great Belle!!!
    Glad to hear that very cool. I'm on the third one now and it's excellent. At the Halloween party I did notice some extra attention from the ladies -- more then the few parties with this group previous. Now, I'm not the guy singing "One is the loneliest number" there, but I did notice more hugs, laughter and all that good stuff while having a great time!

    You might get a chuckle from this one... Back in High school, I went to go see the movie Friday the 13th (which Kevin Bacon was in) Near the end when I thought it was all over and you may know what happened, Mr. macho Cool guy let out a scream the whole theater could hear and that even made my girlfriend laugh after she recovered from the shock...
    Well, it gets even better. Later that year our Environmental Studies class took a 5 day bicycle tour to neighboring towns out and around State College where Penn State is. Our first day was really short, only 15 miles or so. We camped out at Stone Valley which is up on Pine Grove mt. and I've been there many times as a kid, etc. There's cabins, a lake, small beach, yeah - trees too -- you got it. And late at night, crawling out of my tent to use the facilities all of a sudden it was...... the movie set of Friday the 13th!! I'm not exaggerating. They could've filmed it there easily -- just never realized, well anyway I'm a senior and a movie has me scared???

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    • Help for my son.

      Hi everyone. It never occurred to me before, but I just realized today that I could ask you guys for help for my son! He's 7 and is still having daytime accidents (urine) - and nighttime for that matter, but one thing at a time. He's fine physically as far as I know, has had been tested for diabetes and all that and he's fine, and it seems he just does the typical waiting too long and for some reason doesn't seem to care. It's not every time though, but he can also be doing nothing with a bathroom five feet away and still not go in time. He claims he doesn't feel it.

      Can anyone tell me if they get a sense of what's going on here? This has never been an easy issue with him, potty-training took forever as he just didn't care, but I just don't get why he's not outgrowing this.

      Your thoughts and/or corrections are much appreciated!!!!

      BTW, I completely agree on the Klaus books. I LOVE them and am halfway through the third one. He just makes it so simple! I somehow need to find the time to do both the sending love and read the books though! Right now it's one or the other and reading the book is winning. LOL



      • Just wanted your (MT) opinion

        You know that fungal infection that I had in my big toenail on my left foot? Well I was looking at the nail and it seems really loose. You think I should go ahead and try to remove it? I've already muscle tested the question so I think I already know what to do.


        • KimJ

          First a few suggestions, and some of them might be a little hard to swallow, but everything is coming from my intuition.

          First you need to let go of the issue. You are holding it too tight! Remember, that what you focus on you create! So if you want to change the situation you have to let go of it.

          Second, you (sorry this is the part that may be hard to swallow) you have to let go of all judgement of the situtation. It is neither bad or good in this situation. From what you have said I gathered that it bothers you more than him! You have to release that completely! What you focus on you create, and if you are focussing on what you percieve as a problem you will continue to create more of a problem. That would be a move in the wrong direction!

          Now, you have been reading the klaus books... That is so very cool... I would recommend if you have finished the first one... That you practice what you learned in the first one before you move on... that way you can start to send you love to your business, to your son, to your husband, to your other child... Most of all you will start now opening up that love center within yourself, so you have love to give! I would send you son lots and lots of love having nothing to do with the problem (remember you released the problem so it is gone, no longer a proble). I would fill his whole body with love, I would fill his heart with Love, I would wrap him (well both your children) with love blankets. I would fill your house with LOVE. I would saturate your entire family with love! This will raise both your kids feelings of being loved, as most parents love their kids, but don't know how to send that love to the kids... That is why kids grow up not feeling as loved as they are truly loved and cherrished.

          Then I would just let the Love heal your son. By the way, some kids do not feel it, and do not have any idea that they have to go till it is soaking their pants. Just trust that the love will show him a way to feel when he has to go to the bathroom soon enough that he gets there in time.

          HUGS and BLESSINGS Sallyjane


          • one more thought

            Just one more thought on saturating your whole family with love... There will be a side benefit (a cool one)... It will probably draw your husband so close to you, and your relationship will become soooooooo strong, that nothing could pull you apart.... Yea, he may also start chasing you around the house

            Not only that, but I sit with my kids and teach them to meditate with me. We work on building their LOVE Centers, and I teach them to send love to their friends and their DADDY, and the likes. My fourteen year old is reading the first of the klaus books now. I am hoping she can heal her and her fathers relationship a little with this ability. I don't send her father love because... Well, he might take it wrong, and think it is a romantic love, and I don't want him back, and I especially don't want him to do something stupid and screw up his relationship with his girlfriend!!! That is totally selfish on my part, but his having a girlfriend is sooooo good for me... Well that is why I created her for him! I also made sure she lived in California where I wanted to move too!

            Anyways, I send lots of love to other people including a certain man I hope will take it as romantic love!

            Well anyways... Just my thoughts on the subject!



            • Sallyjane!

              Hi Sallyjane,

              Thank you so much for your thoughts and your honesty. Don't worry - I wanted to hear it! Yes, it's definitely been an issue of judgement - something I never clued into at all. Thank you! I've sent him love, but to heal the 'problem', so obviously just infusing more judgement into it. This is interesting though as I'm very wrapped up in the "he's 7 so he shouldn't be doing this anymore..."....hmmmmm...definitely something to work through. Even as I'm thinking this, part of me is saying to myself, "but he shouldn't be doing this anymore!" My husband is even more so stuck in that way of thinking, even though he's pretty open to most other things but he's very stuck in the "because I'm the dad and I said so" kind of thinking, an area where we butt heads lots lately, particularly I find as I 'grow' more and am more willing to part with former beliefs of how things 'should' be.

              Anyway, I will work on all that you said. You're right,instead of just moving on to the next book and the next and the next, which is my tendency, I need to just diligently practice what the first one says. I love to learn and to read so it's hard for me to just stop, but it doesn't do much good does it if you don't apply it regularly... That's my downfall - consistency!

              Again, thank you sooooo much!!! You are truly an inspiration and I feel blessed that you took the time to answer me.



              • Originally posted by Grace View Post
                Hi Terry,

                I have made many corrections for you concerning your career, mainly to stay calm and relaxed and to take this time for YOU. Focus your mind, and Feelings on anything you "DO" that brings you Joy. In other words, if playing Tennis brings you Joy, then keep your mind on that activity as you visualize the money coming in just because you DO fun things. Allow your JOY to attract the perfect position for you. As for your Modules, these test strong for you right now:

                1. Effective Goal Setting and Achievement 2 months
                2. Stimulate Insight and Intuition 3 months
                3. Reduce Stress in the Workplace 4 months
                4. Stand out at Work 2 months

                Hi Grace,

                Thank you for all the corrections you have been doing for me, particularly related to my career. Even though I know I'm not in the right place I have been feeling alot better and definately more calm and relaxed of late.

                Yesterday I switched to the modules you suggested and today I kept whistling at work and people were commenting that I was happy.
                Funny thing was I was feeling very tired and not exactly happy, but I did have a strangely good feeling about myself.

                I'll keep you posted on any developments.

                Once again



                • Grace... some corrections please

                  Grace, I have a few things I would like you to test for me... Just to double check, and some corrections if needed!

                  First of all, I made a change on my modules of one module for another... I am now on unconditional love instead of trauma free, but when I did my theatre my mindset for money was changed out for communication at work module? Hmmmm? Not sure what happened, but I really don't believe there are any mistakes in this world and probably was because I needed it... Can you test for strength and tell if it is right for me at this time?

                  Actually I am on:
                  Increased energy and motivation
                  Unconditional love
                  Communication in the Workplace
                  Self Esteem and Confidence
                  Ultimate Body (I am considering switching that to healthy eating, cuz I miss that module)

                  Do these all test strong and am I okay without the mindset for money?

                  You know I am also testing these things but wanted some confirmation... Yes! that tells me I need to keep the self esteem and confidence module a while longer!

                  Next thing is do I need corrections for allowing in my life? I think I am blocking by not allowing two areas of my life that I really want, and that has to do with Money and a Man. Can you test these two areas to see if I have any issues I need to help clearing and let me know what those issues are so I can work on them too!

                  I think there is another thing I wanted help with, but I... Oh I remember wha it is... Massive headache for some time now... What is the cause? Emotional? Spiritual? How do I get rid of it?

                  Thanks Sallyjane


                  • For Nancy, Heather, Doug, KimJ, Tim, Terry & Sallyjane

                    Hi Nancy!

                    I have made corrections for your daughter's tummy problems, she was not picking up the fear from you, but mainly from her friends. This is common, and I made her strong for "not picking up other people's emotions etc" Please keep me posted.

                    Hi Heather,

                    Sallyjane gave you wonderful advice, I made corrections for you on your Spiritual Body as this was the only one that came up not-strong. Feeling as if it's all your fault, was simply realizing that you are creating it all. This is great because now you can focus on more of what you desire to expand. You have now "flipped" a problem into an opportunity!!

                    Hi Doug!

                    "Macho Scream" for making me laugh out loud!!

                    Hi KimJ,

                    Once again Sallyjane is right on. I did make corrections and also wanted you to know that your son was not connected to his higher self. Therefore he was not feeling love for himself, and hence not taking care of himself as is normal for children his age. It was fabulous that you decided to ask for assistance for him on this thread. The love you are now sending him, He will now feel. This will assist him greatly to realize love for himself! Please keep me updated.

                    Hi Tim,

                    I skyped you immediately to Not remove the nail. So you know this already. I am glad that your pain is much less, and it is healing quickly.

                    Hi Terry,

                    I was so happy to read your post!! Thank you for keeping me updated!

                    Hi Sallyjane!

                    All the modules test strong for you, and you don't need to have mind set for money anymore!!

                    Now, I do want to remind you that the love you are sending out from your Heart Center is The LIGHT that you are! This light/love is all knowing and will shine perfectly on what is needed most. So DO send plenty of light to your Ex-husband. He will not only grow to love you unconditionally but himself, his children, his girlfriend and everyone/everything else! Never hold your love back from anyone! In fact send me a little too!



                    • hi grace

                      Thank you once again.

                      i may be in need of more corrections. the relationship has been ending little by little. i'm still being hard headed and wanting to work it out, but i know that he feels its better that we just be friends. i wake up crying every morning. i just don't know how everything happened so fast. we seem to really love eachother alot. but we both have our own little issues and insecurities. he is very very depressed and going through a hard time in his life right now. he's home sick, has digestive problems, been working too hard, and i could go on. i'm very concerned about him, because when i met him he seemed really good. he's going down hill fast. and me well i'm just really depressed. i know i have good people and things in life, but i feel so terribly lonely inside. i was thinking maybe is should see someone like a therapist.

                      i just don't know what to do right now.
                      do you think i need the spiritual enlightenment module again?
                      you said i tested as weak in my spiritual body.

                      love always!!! heather


                      • Grace,

                        I am feeling the need for corrections in the following areas and I could use some insight--but please reply privately. I'm posting publicly so others can pick up on it.

                        Impatience: I feel so impatient especially regarding career.
                        Body: I'm going along just fine then it is that time of the month, and I can't hold onto a good mood to save my life. I feel full of seething rage and resentment. Poof, it will be gone in three days, but oh when it is going on I just can't take it, and I'm so hungry too!

                        Aaaaaaaaaa Thank you....


                        • Hi Grace!

                          Thank you for responding about my son. I've taken Sallyjane's advice and have let go of it. I don't think about it and if anything "happens" I just ask him to get changed and leave it at that. I was also able to convince my husband to do the same. So far so good... and among other things, it's taking the drama out of the situation.

                          I have to admit on reading your post though that I felt terrible for him - why would he not be connected to his higher self and/or feel love for himself?? I would never have guessed that - he's so affectionate, fun-loving, and just loving to everyone (well except his brother! LOL)! We've always tried so hard to make both our kids feel loved.... Is there anything else I can do?



                          • Hi Belle99

                            just wanted to say that I identify with your impatience. I too feel that - and frustration Nothing seems to change no matter what I do! Yesterday I had to do an hour's round trip just to apply for some help as I cannot seem to get a job at the moment! For the first time I felt really angry as I drove because I am trying to sell my house and move to a new area for all sorts of reasons and that too isn't happening. Today I see that the last house I lived in just sold and for a good price, whereas I'm already taking a loss on the one here and I've still not got any takers! I want to move forwards so much I just feel like screaming.

                            Grace, I know that you are doing corrections for me for other things and thank you for that.

                            it just feels a bit like walking through sludge and very exhausting!
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                            • For KimJ!

                              Originally posted by KimJ View Post
                              Thank you for responding about my son. I've taken Sallyjane's advice and have let go of it. I don't think about it and if anything "happens" I just ask him to get changed and leave it at that. I was also able to convince my husband to do the same. So far so good... and among other things, it's taking the drama out of the situation.

                              I have to admit on reading your post though that I felt terrible for him - why would he not be connected to his higher self and/or feel love for himself?? I would never have guessed that - he's so affectionate, fun-loving, and just loving to everyone (well except his brother! LOL)! We've always tried so hard to make both our kids feel loved.... Is there anything else I can do?


                              Hi Kim,

                              This is also what you can do for your son. All his Chakras were strong except for the 7th chakra, the crown chakra. When you send light to your son, Have the intention in your mind that all his chakras are strong especially the 7th. I made corrections for this and other issues that kept him from being connected to his higher self. This is a common issue for many and why at times one feels powerless.

                              Now he will continue to be loving, affectionate, and fun loving to be around but he will also be this way to himself and he will feel everything including when he has to go to the bathroom! Here is some more information about the 7th Chakra:

                              The Sanskrit name for the 7th chakra is "Sahasrara", meaning "thousandfold." The 7th chakra is represented by a 1000-petaled lotus, which symbolizes the infinite nature of this chakra, connecting us with the Divine.
                              The 7th chakra is located at the crown of the head and serves as the crown of the entire chakra system, symbolizing the highest state of enlightenment. The function of the 7th chakra is connection with the infinite. In art, Christ is depicted with a halo around his head. This could represent the awakened spirituality of the 7th chakra.
                              The element of the 7th chakra is thought/cosmic consciousness. The mind creates our belief systems that control our thoughts and actions.
                              Gland/part of body associated with the 7th chakra:
                              • Pineal gland, upper brain
                              The 7th chakra is sometimes associated with the color violet, but it is usually referred to as the color white, a combination of all colors. This is in line with the chakra also being a culmination of all the other chakras.
                              Excessiveness in the 7th chakra appears as being overly intellectual.
                              Deficient energy manifests as difficulty thinking for yourself, apathy, spiritual skepticism and materialism.
                              Meditation is the yogic practice best for the 7th chakra. Meditation clears and quiets the mind, in preparation for experiencing the Divine."
                              IMMENSE LOVE AND GRATITUDE ~ GRACE



                              • For Heather, Belle, Sunshine and All!

                                Hi Heather,

                                You do not need to get on Spiritual Enlightenment Module again, when I say that I am making corrections concerning your Spiritual body, it means I am correcting imbalances such as Macro cosmic Energy Fields, Intrinsic energy Fields, and Miscellaneous Issues such as Inner-dimensional integration, Parallel Universe integration, and many other issues that you need not even concern yourself with.

                                When I was learning Chinese Energetic Medicine, I asked Dr. Yuen, "how can I make corrections for issues I don't believe in?" He told me, "You don't need to believe you only need to stay neutral, If one being believes in such a thing it is true for all of us."

                                This is also why I don't get into the "why's" of the many "issues" I am correcting. Knowing why you are manifesting an uncomfortable issue is unimportant, getting desired results is all that matters.

                                It is also important to remember that in this projected reality in which our mind creates effortlessly, WE are creating it all. ONE mind. The part of this ONE mind that seems as if it has split from the ONE/mind is the Ego/mind. This is simply the thought of separation. Which is what also manifests itself as an experience of Linear/Dualistic projecting. For example, Love or the absence of Love. This moment, that moment. inner , outer etc.

                                With this knowing, you can choose in any given moment to experience your immortality or your mortality. You can choose to think a good thought or a not so good thought. You can choose to feel good, or not. Pain and suffering or Perfect health and Harmony. Sooner or later it will inevitably show up.

                                The One Mind is Consciousness. Consciousness is of the Light which is an extension of God. God being more power than is imaginable. The light has this same power. The Light is what is projecting. Each one of you is of this light. Each one of you has the capacity to project the Light, and to project this Light into anything you imagine. Bright white Light or complete Darkness. Good or not-good. The Light is projected as you see fit. In this Light of Truth comes great Faith, and why the great Napoleon Hill wrote "What the mind of Man can conceive and believe, it can achieve"

                                You are experiencing this projected reality, and YOU are making up all the rules. Your Mind is of the Whole Mind. Remember this when you are having a "not so good" moment. Remember you are LIGHT more powerful than all the suns in all the universes. Begin now to feel the immense gratitude for realizing who you truly are. The immense power that is YOU!

                                You do not need to know why you are having a "not so good" moment, you just need to remember the truth of who you are and in this moment create what you wish. It will show up! It has to because YOU have the power to manifest anything.

                                If you are experiencing pain/suffering of any kind (physical, emotional etc)
                                you have allowed your mind to wander into unguarded territories. Forgive yourself immediatly and focus once again on what you choose. Know that everything exists now, there is a YOU that is experiencing complete harmony and abundance NOW. You can change your world and create any life you choose, but you have to feel the gratitude first. You have to project the Light first.

                                If you don't know what you want, or what to do simply visualize yourself as clear brilliant white light. Your world will begin to flow effortlessly, miracles, fabulous synchronicities, and more will begin to show up. Perhaps an idea, a book, a person will show up and assist. Never limit your power.

                                It takes practice, at first you may have more "not so good" thoughts than good ones. Or maybe you fall completely asleep and you are shocked into waking up by some tragedy. Either way, in your thoughts or in the outer projected reality, what you have been thinking or not thinking will show up. See it for the projected reality that it is, and begin again to shed light on the matter!As you grow in awareness of your true consciousness (higher self, Christ consciousness) you will not only be shedding light on your issues, but you will see clearly that it assists EVERYONE.

                                Paths, CEM, Matrix, Theta etc all shed light on the matter. The shifts can be subtle or extreme. Either way you must remember the truth of who you are in every moment, or as many moments as possible, and Feel the Love and Gratitude of your true Nature. YOU are the LIGHT!
                                Last edited by Grace; 11-11-2008, 11:04 PM. Reason: spelling
                                IMMENSE LOVE AND GRATITUDE ~ GRACE