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  • Hi

    This is really to ask Sallyjane for help - or anyone that can assist. Wasn't sure where to post it but I know Sallyjane visits here. I read about what you did with your neighbour and his dogs.

    The problem I need help with is that there is this REALLY AWFUL noise and vibration coming from next door. It's so bad that I can hear it upstairs and downstairs and there's nowhere to go to escape!!! I didn't sleep at all last night it was so bad. And I'd taken sleeping tablets!!!! Anyway I have seen that it is a huge dehumidifier they have got in their kitchen. I've been having noise problems generally with them and know I need to speak with them. The problem is they have gone away!!!!! And left the noise on!!! I really need them to come home so I can ask them to turn it off at night and also I have actually got a viewer coming on Sunday - only about 30 hours away! I've not had anyone want to look at my house for 3 months and this one has nothing to sell!!! I really don't want to put them off by this dreadful noise. There's no way I can disguise it by music or the tv. It's too loud!!! And I need to sleep!!

    I have been sending love to the house and the neighbours and been picturing love on the wall and going through to them and asking them in my head to come home so I can talk to them. But I'd really appreciate a hand with this. I'm doing what I can. I've plucked up the courage to speak to them and I'm trying to focus my energy on it being quiet but I could really do with some assistance. If I didn't have the viewer coming Sunday and if I wasn't so desperate for sleep I'd just crack on by myself and work on it because I don't really like to ask for help on this.

    So I hope people don't mind me posting this and asking.
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    • Sunshine!

      Keep doing what you are doing! I will sit down tonight and go into a deep two point and send a lot of love to you and I will fill your house with love for you. I am also learning to "travel" to where someone else is and talk to them... Well probably their higher self or sub concious, so it can tell their conscious mind to get home and turn off the noise before they have huge neighbor problems! Hehehe! You will still need to talk to them, but I will fill them and you with love before you get there.

      I am already noticing a difference from when I started opening up my heart to more love. Last night I would come to slight consciousness just enough out of my sleep to feel the intensly high vibration in my entire being. It was simular to a number of years ago when I asked God to show me his love. That night I woke up and the whole room was filled with this awesome vibration of God. Last night it was in my whole being. Tonight I was walking downtown after work (on hollowen night) and generally I feel invisible, but tonight I was not. Several men addressed me. A co-worker today gave me a hug! Hmmmm.... This is so totally cool as I have been invisible for sooooo long, that to be seen again is awesome! I am going to keep opening up to love everyday.

      Sunshine, I am now off to send you and your neighbor some LOVE! I will fill your house with love also.

      Blessings Sallyjane


      • You can also two point, "What would it be like to be in silence and peace right now?" or something along those lines...


        It was great to talk the other week or so ago. My studying is going well and I had a productive experience at the Society for Ethnomusicologists seminar last weekend.

        Love and Light,


        • Hi Sallyjane

          I stayed up really late last night so I would be at the utmost tiredness level!. I thought with that and the Paths sleep and some red wine andsome sleeping tablets I'd be off to the land of nod But no! And then my other neighbour had their outside light on until 2am!! It's like everything that drives me nuts is coming in spades to test me breaking out of old patterns!! Anyway, I just lay there and kept telling myself I wasn't going to give in! I said I deserve peace and quiet and darkness to sleep. It's not a lot to ask and I will have it! I absolutely refuse to accept anything less. I'm fed up of a life where everyone else comes first and gets what they want and I have to accept whatever *** is given out. No more! I then imagined unzipping my heart and sending love to the neighbours with the light. After about one hour it went off!!! I then kept sending love to the noise and the neighbours and asking them to come home so I could talk to them. I feel totally wiped out today! Anyway, despite craving an end to the vibration and noise I do feel a little more peaceful. I feel it will get resolved and I'm keeping myself from panicking about the viewer tomorrow.
          I can see a pattern of everytime I try to do things for myself and improve them and heal, things go wrong. It's quite scary actually. I tried to do the two point thing but I don't really understand enough about it and there is definitely an underlying belief that says "nothing works". On a conscious level I tell myself of course it does and then come up with examples to prove it. But still, there is some tenacious belief of some sort that is hanging on.

          Anyway, just wanted to say thank you so so much for sending love to me and my house and my neighbours. I really do appreciate the support. I will let you know WHEN they come home and it gets sorted!
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          • Hi Sunshine,

            As well as sending love to your neighbors, do also send love to that part of you that has been trying to get your attention for some time that you've been ignoring. Something's going on there for as within so without. When you have aligned with both then you will find peace.

            Love and Light,


            • Hey Sallyjane!

              That must have been some conversation you had with my neighbours!!! They popped back just now for only a short while and I'd put a note through their door so they came round. He was really nice and the problem was two fans they'd put in to assist the dehumidifier. So he's turned it all off until Monday! And I've asked if they can then just leave on during the day and I'll put up with it - just so long as I can sleep at night!!! And he's left me his phone numbers in case I have any problems!!!

              Brilliant!!! It's amazing how much that vibration was affecting me. I know I'm sensitive but even so! Although I'm absolutely tired out from 2 nights of no sleep, now the vibration's gone my whole body has relaxed. It's so so wonderful. What a difference! I'm off shortly to my bed!!! Thank you so much for your help.

              And Raindancer, thanks for your input too. And yes, there's plenty going on inside. Which, doubtless, is why there's plenty going on outside! I'm working on it!! So what you say makes sense.
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              • Grace, thanks for any corrections you've done, and everyone else for their well wishes!!!

                I've been sorting out a lot, doing my own readings/corrections/prayers...and I LOVE the vibrations sending out love, I read most of the first book so far, the process is quite beautiful and powerful!!!

                Some insights have come to me....first of all, I've had WAY too much on my mind and plate, still juggling stuff that belongs counted as being in my past, and need to let go of!!!

                I need to focus on my dharma: my children, healing practice, learning from my teacher and my Spiritual foundation....everything else will fall into place.

                I need to find my HOME!!!!! This is a huge one...and I also mean home in the larger sense of the word, I'm almost there, but need to have it in my attention for it now, instead of someday in the future. I think my building issue is an illustration of that.

                Finally, I need to focus my will on these things, its time to collect my harvest....from all my efforts, hard work, desires and burnt off karma!

                I don't know if any of this makes any sense to anyone else, but it does to me.
                So, I've been feeling 'off' with my PATHS selections...
                I'm drawn to Gratitude, Ultimate Creativity - writing, Acedemic Supercharge, maybe Synchronicity...but aren't sure which of my current to give up. If anything comes to you testing strong Grace, or if something hits you as a suggestion based on what I want to focus on....I would love and so appreciate hearing some feedback!!!

                All Beautiful Blessings to Everyone!!!!

                In Gratitude and Love,
                Life in Balance Ayurveda



                • thanks, doug.

                  thanks for your wisdom. i appreciate it very much.
                  i'll try to read that book soon. i have so many books that ive been trying to read simultaniously.



                  • Heather...

                    Originally posted by heat_georgia View Post
                    thanks for your wisdom. i appreciate it very much.
                    i'll try to read that book soon. i have so many books that ive been trying to read simultaniously.

                    This book will only take about a day a day or two to read. It is short and to the point! Probably be the most advantageous book you could read at this point... Healing wise!


                    • Hi Grace

                      Hi Grace,

                      Thank you for all the corrections you have done for me and everyone on this thread

                      I'm awaiting an interview for a new job that looks like it is even better than the one I missed out on.

                      Could you please do some corrections for me so I can remain positive and focused on a good outcome.

                      Also I feel the time is right to change my 4 modules. Could you test to see which one's you feel I should change to.

                      Sending you lots of love and light



                      • Sunshine

                        YOU ARE AWESOMELY POWERFUL!!!!! You did that Girlfriend! I set the intention to do the work, but things kept coming up... Because the Universe knew you had it handled... I never actually got the two point done! I was just about to do it when I read that you had it all worked out... You see you are actually a master healer too!

                        I do believe that I was being blocked from working on it, so you would see how powerful you are!!!!! I am in AWE of YOU Girlfriend!!!

                        I will do some more two pointing on the rest who have asked for some help...



                        • hi.

                          Just a little update.
                          the guy and i have been communicating alot lately. he still has so much going on and so many things to work out. he's been depressed since he lost money with the stocks crashing, its possible that he is having a midlife crises, and he is trying to kick an addiction to pain killers. i've been worried about him which in many ways has caused me to be little overbearing. he was withdrawing.... so i took it personal and made it about me, which caused me to be insecure, and push him away further.

                          anyway... we have decided to not communicate for a week so that we can work on ourselves. i think its a great idea, cause then i wont have to worry if he's gonna call or not, and he doesnt have to worry, about complaining to me about his situation, or worrying how i will react if he doesnt call.

                          i'm just hoping for a little support for both of us. i know i need corrections with my impatience, and anxiety about the future. and i'm sure he could use help on not worrying, and support with healing from his addiction.

                          i'm trying to have faith that everything will be ok. but my emotions come in waves and are sometimes too much to handle.


                          • oh yeah...

                            and i forgot... i sometimes have extreme feelings of loneliness, and a fear that i will be lonely forever.... i think this is when i overeat. well... i guess that wraps it up for now.
                            thank you, everyone.

                            p.s. i'm gonna read the book sallyjane!



                            • Hi everyone........

                              If any of you have been reading the very long thread MY APOLOGY, you will see what desperate shape I am in.

                              Somewhere here in the last few weeks, (I can't find the post), I think it was Grace and SallyJane who told me that big shifts were going to happen very soon for me.....I took that as a positive. But I got much, much worse!!!! My physical pain is worse, and I have had feelings of not wanting to live if this continues.........

                              I guess my question is........what happened???? Maybe I don't understand how these shifts work??

                              I truly appreciate Grace, SallyJane, and all of you, you are very kind.
                              Blessings and Peace to All --Val


                              • Originally posted by Doug View Post
                                Hey there, I was wondering with the recent closure of the place where I worked the other day, what would be the bestest mods to be on?? I could get into similar telephone cust. service jobs at AT&T, EMBARQ, or Citi, etc. that would pay the bills till that killer job or business to get into originates.
                                I miss those long bike rides - commutes to the Spa Co. already!! He he


                                Hi Doug,

                                These are the modules that test the strongest for you now. It also tests strong for you to stay on these Mods for min 2 months. It is always great reading your posts!!

                                1. Unlimited creativity
                                2. Successful Living Phase 2
                                3. Spiritual Enlightenment and Development
                                4. Collaboration in the Workplace
                                IMMENSE LOVE AND GRATITUDE ~ GRACE