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  • Wow - getting better

    Hi Grace,

    I wrote to you late the other evening after having my little-me ego flare-up. The next morning, while I was still sleeping, or quasi-sleeping, I recognized something changing and a quietness to the situation/feelings flow in. Quite vivid though I wouldn't be able to explain it. I'm thinking that was your corrections and since it was morning on your coast and 4 hours earlier on mine that make a bit of sense too. Thank you!

    All day yesterday as we were setting up for an event and through the event there was no sense of the ego tantrums. None. Nadda. Zip. At one point when I felt we were losing focus, lost in the big picture, I was able to speak my part, have discussion to clear it to a really good place together. I know we all gain when we speak our Truth. This time I didn't have a fitfull ego stamping it's foot! Just the place I want to be, supportive, doing my part and riding that pony of a larger vision without smallness coming into play.

    There were other "ah-ha's" that came up for me in the last few days that seem to be nearing the core of the thing. Not sure I can express it at the moment. It's vague to me in words but feels quite solid inside. It relates to the little-sister baggage but feels older than this lifetime. A desire to be taken seriously, to stand in my power. With it came an idea of why I have been carrying extra weight for 18 years --I wanted to be person of substance - whoa!

    I hope this makes sense. It's still in process, however it doesn't feel like I need to work at it. More as if a boil has been lanced and it can heal on it's own.

    Thank you, Thank you to everyone who's kind thoughts and support help this happen.



    • I probably won't be able to talk with you on skype

      AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! You know things seemed to be really poised to take off but I came home last night and my mac mini is not working at all now. I don't know what it will cost to fix it but if it's the hard drive that went bad and I have to send it to a specialist to extract the information off it, I know that will be expensive. Probably more than I'll be able to afford. I'm typing this message at work on break since I no longer have internet access at home because of this.
      Can you make a couple of corrections for my cousin chris. He has an injured rotator cup in his shoulder and a back injury that has been giving him problems for a long time. Also my great aunt Nancy. She's about 96 and she is getting alzheimers disease.


      • For All!

        I read all of your posts minimum twice daily, and even though I may not reply as quickly as I desire, I make the necessary corrections immediately, and at times even before I read your posts, as I tune in before I go to sleep, and as I wake up in the early mornings. There are times when I am going about my mundane tasks throughout the day and the thoughts of this thread or some of you in particular come into my awareness and consciousness.

        I know that I left off with KimJ, and PamRose. I have made the necessary corrections, but the time to post to your questions has eluded me. I also have more emails, Private Messages, and skypes that I am unable to reply efficiently to at this time.

        Just know that It is with great gratitude that I make corrections, as for posting reply's, that may be a hit or miss for awhile. I am training heavily again for the Walt Disney World's Wide World of Sports for Karate in the weekend of Oct 24th, and I have many obligations otherwise that seem to keep me very busy, and from posting consistently for the time being.

        I can't tell you enough how much your posts mean to me! You all have blessed me in more ways than I can ever express! I am planning to get caught up with my reply's by the end of next weekend. Just know that the corrections are already forthcoming!


        • Grace

          Grace I wanted to start off with just a great big HUG for you, and to thank you very deeply for all the corrections you do for everyone on this thread! I want to send you a huge amount of healing loving energy.

          I will also work on manifesting lots of Gold for you at Disneyworld. You are awesome, powerful, and magnificent! You go GIRL!

          Okay, I do request some corrections! Okay first I want to say that I am actually quite calm about this whole situation, when in the past I would have been freaking out! I know that I am manifesting awesomeness in my finances. So here is the thing... hmmm. how do I put this... Okay my bank account is a little too low, and my food card is empty... I am at a point right now where I have to have total faith in the universe to manifest all my needs and turn my bank account totally around. I am seeing an endlessly full refridgerator and cupboards, and all my bills completely paid off. My bank account and savings account overflowing and all of my needs met for my family and I. All I ask is that you do any corrections that are needed in this situation, and just support and help me move into that extra 15% of the way I have to go to manifesting everything! I am releasing all time frames from my head and all fear and just trusting!

          Thank you so much for all your HELP! I will be standing with you in your karate tournament! Blessings Sallyjane


          • For Anyone

            I folks.......I am in the midst of yet another IBS attack and based on this past summer, this will last about a week or more. I am all drugged up and in a lot of pain. I can't move, or the pain gets worse.

            If ANYONE can send me some sort of healing for the pain (lower left abdominal bowel pain/spasms), I would be so grateful!!!

            I don't know when I can sign on again, so if anyone posts, I may not read it for several days......or I might.. Depends how I feel.

            I only logged on now to view Paths, I didn't want to miss my daily dose.

            Thank you if ANYONE can help me get through this week.

            Blessings and Peace to All --Val


            • Relief from IBS

              Originally posted by VJoy View Post
              I folks.......I am in the midst of yet another IBS attack and based on this past summer, this will last about a week or more. I am all drugged up and in a lot of pain. I can't move, or the pain gets worse.

              If ANYONE can send me some sort of healing for the pain (lower left abdominal bowel pain/spasms), I would be so grateful!!!

              I don't know when I can sign on again, so if anyone posts, I may not read it for several days......or I might.. Depends how I feel.

              I only logged on now to view Paths, I didn't want to miss my daily dose.

              Thank you if ANYONE can help me get through this week.

              Hi Val;

              Sorry to hear you are in such misery again. I have 2 sons with this and had 2 bouts myself in the last year. Aloe Vera juice/gel cleared it up totally in a few days. It's the best stuff around for this short of steroids like cortizone.



              • Hi everybody!!

                Just wanted to say Hi and express how grateful I am for all of you and this forum! Thank you to Paths and ESM. I am so blessed and thankful to have attracted this to me. One of the greatest gifts in the world. What would I do without it!!

                Zartgirl you make my heart smile when you post! I LOVE reading your posts!

                I wanna give Grace a big huggie too

                You inspire me to be the best that I can be
                I love you all
                With Infinite Love and Gratitude,


                • Val and Everyone

                  I have sent you some peace of mind and forgiveness, along with removing some fear from your life.

                  For Val and Everyone else, as this applies to everyone... Remember what you expect you manifest! It is a very simple rule! That is why I only talk about think about and dwell upon what I want to happen in my finances, and life, and never what I don't want! It is hard at first, but the only way to change what you do is to do it long enough that it becomes second nature. At first you are going to have to keep correcting yourself a lot. Yes, you will say OOPS, I am not supposed to think that, or say that or dwell on that... Yea I am sure it will be frustrating too when yo catch yourself thinking about those things! TRUST is going to be a big layer you are going to have to peel off in the process of changing your thinking! I can almost guarantee that! But as it comes off slowly, you will begin to manifest the things you want instead of the things you don't want. Remember, you are always manifesting, the question is are you manifesting what you want or something completely different?

                  Blessings Sallyjane


                  • Thanks for this great reminder Sallyjane!!!
                    I'm at that point of just getting where positive focus has gotten me past lots stuff, now I need it to actually move forward and bring in the NEW!!! I have to avoid feeling frustrated or loosing faith for that final stretch!!! So this reminder is perfect!!!

                    Grace! Good luck on your upcoming tournament!!! I'm so excited for you!!!
                    I hope practise goes brilliantly...and I see you bringing home lots of gold!!!
                    Thanks so much for all you do!!!

                    In Gratitude & Love,
                    Life in Balance Ayurveda



                    • Aaagh...may I add, please Grace could you do some corrections on me to become a money (and other resource needs) magnet...not the repeling side but the attracting side lol! I'm having some weird 'lessons' here...reminding me to leap forward regarding root and 3rd chakra issues! Sounds like its a theme here!

                      Many Blessings to you Sallyjane, Val, Christine, Al, Bobi, Tim and all others reading here. Thanks so much Grace!!! from the bottom of my heart, I know tremendous growth is happening here on PATHS and CEM thread!

                      In Immense Gratitude & Love,
                      Life in Balance Ayurveda



                      • Manifesting

                        First I want to point out my new avatar! This is a big deal for me cause I dont like pics of myself, especially at my weight! As part of my transformation I realized that I had to come to terms with what I look like as part of who I truly am, and part of that is realizing that I am beautiful just the way I am... Sure I would prefer to be a lot thinner, but I am starting to accept myself the way I am! So you all get to see what I look like!

                        Next is an awesome awesome manifestation! I tell you I am totally transforming my life and my finances right now! So I had a job interview for a part time job in retail to just supplement till I finish the rest of my transformation. It was a group interview, so I went expecting if they liked me that I would be called back for another interview. Well, instead I was hired on the spot. Before I had a chance to sign any paperwork, I was given a promotion, and then a raise! How awesome is that! While I was there a job came open and was posted and they saw that I was qualified and hired me on the spot! It is still part time, so I am still good to go as far as everything else that is coming to be!

                        Stay focussed only on the end result you want, and amazing things will happen! Tomorrow more amazing things will start to happen, and then it is all up from here! Sometimes we have to hit bottom a bit to really see clearly what we need to change within us! I had to get rid of my nothing is ever enough. I had to do away with all my time limits, and time as a concept other than to get to appt.s on time. Then came the biggy... I had to trust the universe would take care of me!

                        Blessings and HUGS Sallyjane


                        • Good Morning...

                          I know you are busy, so no need to answer... I just need a little help and some corrections to assist me in changing my neighbors script, and that of his DOGS!

                          Since I moved in this last March, the DOGS have barked incesently from early in the morning till late at night. They are outside dogs who never go inside or get much attention! I have tried two pointing them and I am continuing to work on the dogs on an energetic manner along with the owner!

                          The owner is something else! I have no idea why I have created him in this manner! Like I said he pays little attention to them except when he takes them hunting. I am assuming since they don't look to be starving that he feeds them and waters them too, but that is about all. A month or so ago, I wrote him a note and signed it, saying "I don't know if you realize your dogs bark incessantly from early in the morning to late at night. I then nicely asked him to please take action to quiet the dogs. His response was to come over to my houe and yell and threaten my daughter who is 14 years old. Funny thing is the pattern of my X husband blaming everyone else for what is his responsibility! Don't look at oneself when your dogs are barking, but blame the neighbors who find it annoying. I don't know if this is something in me that I am seeing through a mirror in these men, or something I am creating over and over in my life in the men around me... My father does the same thing! CORRECTIONS EITHER WAY ARE NEEDED! Oh and this man makes me uncomfortable when he is outside I will not venture out! Insight into this problem later after you get done with your tournament would be appreciated.

                          Right now I am intending and two pointing a nicer neighbor and either no dogs or quieter dogs! I am sending this man and his family kindness, compassion, forgiveness, and most of all concern for the welfare of his dogs. I can not stand it when people have dogs and do not take responsibility for the dogs. As I type right now the dogs are barking and have been continually since a little after six am. I could call the police and the humane society, but I do not believe that to be the solution to this challenge I am having with this neighbor. I would much rather be able to energetically rewrite this script than to continue to fight with the neighbor. I believe the Universe and I am much more powerful than this cranky old man and his loud dogs!

                          Oh and while you are at it could you send me some calming energy for my nerves? The dogs are especially bad durring the times the kids are all walking to school and home early in the mornings and late at night! I would love to be able to just tune them out!

                          Blessings Sallyjane


                          • Sallyjane, I LOVE your new picture and I think you look


                            ps...I don't know how to do corrections, but good thoughts and prayers to quiet the doggies and de-crank your neighbor!!!

                            Life in Balance Ayurveda



                            • Love it!!

                              Originally posted by zartgirl View Post
                              First I want to point out my new avatar!

                              LOVE IT!!!!!!! YOU ARE EXACTLY AS I PICTURED YOU SJ!!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              "The divine is not something high above us. It is in heaven, it is in earth, it is inside us..." - Morihei Ueshiba


                              • Sallyjane


                                Have you tried communicating with the dogs directly themselves? It is easier than you might think as animals are very telepathic. I had instances of a similar thing last year.

                                My neighbours have a dog who is usually no problem but he went through a period of howling & barking when the son left home & he was by himself.

                                He appears to sleep on the other side of the fence right outside my bedroom window. So I would stand at my window & communicate with him. I would just send thoughts of "I love you, you are safe & protected, you have company" over & over a couple of times & it worked every time. He would settle down & be quiet.

                                My husband thinks I'm a little weird but even he got to the stage where he accepted that it seemed to work & whenever the dog began howling he'd tell me "to go & do my thing".

                                Love, Light & Blessings
                                Theta Healing
                                Paths 2 Potential

                                "We are the one's we've been waiting for"