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  • BroMikey
    Looks like I answered my own question about why Thanes analyzer
    always shows AC when he states the motor section runs on pulsed
    DC. I should have remembered that Thane always uses a variac and
    in this picture you see the power strip coming off the wall.

    So you see Thane is not showing a complete package. I was under the
    false assumption that Thane was using batteries to run his motor circuits
    and then generating more out than the input.

    I was wrong. Thane is running power off the wall, showing his PF cos
    that comes off his variac. There is a bridge rectifier and a flyback
    recovery box. His source is the power company.

    And best his video's are educated conjecture. Now if he had used
    batteries to run his motor and then used the generator to send some
    back we would then have an idea. That would and has always been
    the criteria for "LOOPING"

    It is as if his video's are a form of trickery. He constantly focuses on
    the amps coming out and the amps going in. Rarely does he point out
    that the 2 amps his circuits take to run the motor requires 70 volts
    and how the 2 amps generated is only 14v.

    Then there is the issue of a real world circuit where power comes out
    of the battery and power goes into the battery. Nothing even close
    to that is being shown. It is merely a quick easy way to demo but the
    real figures will not reflect his youtube showmanship.

    I have realized now that it is a youtube brochure so to speak, a come
    on to get investors. It is time to move on because to get the answers
    we need require level playing field of batteries powering something while
    also being charged.

    Thane is not doing that and for some strange reason i trusted him to
    be showing us a more completed picture. Now i feel let down. It is
    almost dishonest the way he played the viewers on the amp draw
    stating that he is getting more back than he is putting in.

    I guess he figures he is advertising to mental midges who see his
    video results and never ask any questions of which he never answers.

    Thane has very few followers and hardly anyone comments. He ignores
    everyone. Here is Thane variac. What a dummy I have been to think
    these demo's were set up like an EV using batteries. Like a carnival
    trick. He is after people with money.Most of them don't have the
    slightest idea about the engineering hurdles.

    This is a setup that runs power out of the wall to charge batteries.
    Some mechanical left over using coils that assist rotor action. Great
    working principle but nothing practical. No conclusive figures.
    More like investors speculation

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  • BroMikey
    Thanes new EBIKE brought to life.

    STEpper mtr that runs on AC. Crotch rocket with unlimited range.

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  • BroMikey
    I have not studied POWER ANALYZER operation so I have a question.

    WHY does his input read AC volts on his screen? He emphatically states
    that his input is pulsed DC yet the reading shows AC.

    This is Thanes late video

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  • BroMikey
    Conductor Size Data

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  • BroMikey
    Here is an updated test. So the meters do not read AC right or
    I am missing something. The meter clearly read 100ma yet
    when you do OHMS LAW formula it comes out wrong.

    So like you say, converting to DC to read values is a must.

    My wire just came in today and I have almost finished my counter
    jack shaft and mini platform...........Much to do, the fun is just beginning.

    PS a note to all of our viewers, Matt and Dave test for years before
    releasing any data and in my case I am letting each other of you see
    all of my baby steps, blunders and successful tests live in real time.

    I can appreciate and respect their great results and method of delivery
    time to the public, each man is entitled to his own way of doing things.

    In my case I am not so concerned with people calling my testing
    adolescent and am not going to patent this. I need no funding, just
    time to verify the THANE HEINS replication that has been greatly
    altered in the coil section.

    The speeding up under load phenomena is not a new one, others far
    and wide have already accomplished this on youtube for many many years.

    What I am doing is finding the most advanced investigators such as Matt
    and Turion to see what else could be done then proceed to build and
    add one idea to another of which they have led the way.

    Even now I am only following their lead. Often I sound off random thoughts
    as so many ideas are coming and going, but I will settle in over time.

    I have built a winding table, 2 Matt Mod Mtr's, 2 AC motor setups, 2 clutches
    another winder, a counter for the winders, litzing winder, AC variac mini
    with inductor and the list goes on forever..................................

    I am a man with a spinning head right now, bare with me awhile, the fun
    is coming.

    I am on my feet 12 hrs a day with rejoicing. My wife wonders
    if I am ever coming in? Nope my race is almost done is my reply "No Time"

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  • BroMikey
    Originally posted by Turion
    the speed up under load was ADJUSTED
    by adjusting the frequency of the pulses ,,,,,,,,,,,to reduce the INPUT
    to the motor while maintaining the ORIGINAL RPM
    Under no load conditions this 3400rpm AC motor ran at max speed
    on just 500ma or less. Under this test if I turned the Variac higher
    the amps and volts changed slightly but no change in RPM's.

    I can see that I need more testing on this subject.

    One test I made with no rotor ran near the max speed at 44v.

    Most motors are built for a specific task based on the max needed
    so most of the time a motor ALWAYS needs to produce over half
    of that. Dialing back is no problem.

    In one test with only 11 strands activated the prime motor current
    dropped from 2100ma down to 1700ma and produced power of
    it's own. Estimates were 30 watts. Not as good as Matt's.

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  • BroMikey
    Originally posted by Turion
    In the testing Matt Jones did with his
    original 2 coil setup and a STOCK motor, which I replicated, the
    speed up under load was ADJUSTED by adjusting the frequency of
    the pulses to the motor from the 555 timer. This allowed Matt to
    reduce the INPUT to the motor while maintaining the ORIGINAL
    RPM and therefore the EXACT SAME output.
    Yes I have been in thought the past few days remembering these
    details given before. The stock motor I just assumed is a commutator
    DC scooter motor? Then the pulse works great off a 555 time making
    a square wave that regulates the amount of excess power that might
    be getting wasted at a wide range of so called "sweet spots".

    Without the graphic display.

    Anyway back to business, the AC motor is another animal that can be
    adjusted with a Variac to pull back or move around to find the most
    advantageous operating node.

    These are thoughts of optimization, so what would be the circuit to
    use to pulse an AC motor?

    In the generator side AC in produced, also motors like AC, but I can't
    think how you would pulse an AC motor so it didn't rattle like a tin
    can. A ZVS circuit does produce a sort of modified wave good for
    driving ac devices but nothing as efficient as a pure sinewave unless
    I am mistaken.

    Here is what I know. One day I connected my window AC unit up to my
    3000/6000 watt inverter that runs off of a 3000ah battery pack. It worked
    like crap. The small AC unit did not like the modified wave the inverter
    produced so instead of needing 40 or 50 amps to run at 12vdc because
    the unit runs at 4 amps @120vac, it needed 90 amps.

    Motors hate modified waves, they want a pure AC.

    Now if all you have are DC motors then that is another subject entirely.

    I know Tesla could get it to work with either AC or DC.

    Motors of all kinds react in different ways. Some AC motor pull 65 percent
    of their maximum rated capacity whether you use it or not. The Variac
    allows the AC motor some adjustment room to find a more finely tuned
    range for any load. If I drop volts to 60v the amps go to 2400ma.

    This is not good for efficiency either, but 80v is good for a 1700ma
    range on this motor. Maybe I can pulse this? And save?

    Same thing with a DC motor, you can't lower the voltage but you can
    change the time of that voltage getting to the motor.

    The AC motor uses a VFD that is like a 555 timer on a DC motor.

    BTW the rpm stays the same all across the voltage ranges of 85v - 105v
    under average load, so this does work the same. With no rotor this motor
    ran at full speed on only 500ma but with the rotor about 1500ma.
    With the coil added 1700ma. However the RPM's do not change from
    80v on up for such light loads. This motor is rated at 2700ma and probably
    runs at 2200 or 2300ma all day long.

    It is not uncommon for homes to have deficient wiring where 95v to 100v
    is all that people can get, the power producers design for low line
    conditions as a safety precaution. This enables motors to still be around
    the same efficiencies at voltages above and below 100v.

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  • BroMikey
    Here is the way the stupid leaders treated Thane in Ottawa.
    It's the same ole "TOY YOYO" of "it aint so" retards certifying
    brain dead hopeless flunkies. And that is putting it nicely.

    THEIR CONCLUSION stated " lot of self-promotion " calling Thane names
    of course such as a failed student. Completely and deliberately ignoring
    the facts. This is as simple as it gets, so if you can't read this tiny
    document, you are in the wrong field.

    Concerning University leadership. THEY are put into power based on
    THEIR plagued allegiance to the current system of power, promising
    never to go outside this box. THEY are yes men not smart people.

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  • BroMikey
    Originally posted by Turion
    I'm not sure Thaine HAS a patent on the multifilar coils wound in parallel but connected in series. I have only ever seen his patent APPLICATIONS. I DO know that his applications do NOT list Tesla's 120 year old pattent as prior art, which is strange since that is EXACTLY what Tesla said to do. I believe that since Tesla's patent has long expired and is in the public domain, Thaine may have a hard time getting a patent for the same thing. I believe Thaine started with high impedance coils, and it was much later that he switched to multifilar coils.

    As I have been saying for a long time now, ANY coil will speed up under load at the right frequency. The magic is in learning to manipulate the capacitance, inductance, iimpedance frequency for a COMPLETE design that works. You cannot simply build a "magic coil" that speeds up under load. It has to be in the presence of the RIGHT sized rotor with the RIGHT number and size of magnets turning at the RIGHT RPM

    I think you are correct that Thane started out by using high impedance
    coils such as the HV side of the microwave transformer block he opened
    up on one end facing it to his rotor magnets. It was a beginning for him.

    But as time went on he wound a huge coil that had thicker wire and learned
    that he needed more amps than a microwave transformer high side coil
    could supply. In the video he states that in 2008 he made a large coil that
    looks like a huge battery pack from a carpenters cordless drill.

    He accidentally built his first coil with a thick piece of wire he called his
    regenerative braking coil and right over top he wound the so called re-
    generative coil that was much much longer and finer wire.

    In one video Thane states that he was working on a project "way back
    when" that would improve an electric cars ability to regenerate current
    back to the batteries upon braking. Thane stated that he accidentally
    ran across this phenomena during this type of investigation.

    The story goes that Thane got his azz thrown out in the street, book bag
    and all, from a well known college that did not want to admit that Thane
    was smarter than all of them. Thane may sound funny to listen to but he
    is a follower of the experiment.

    Thane stated that he tried to contact a certain professor to show his
    results hoping for a better outcome in this whole matter to no avail.
    THEY had THEIR collective minds were made up before the school's bricks
    were laid.

    Thane claimed it was an accident that he and others were working on
    a project to get more power back to the battery when braking. He
    stumbled onto it by making a 2 coil set, 1 braking and 1 coil for his

    This is the equivalent (depending on connection) to a Tesla bifilar coil.

    I am sure you will agree. Thane is locked into a world of existing
    structures on electric devices which is what we need. He must stay
    inside this tiny compartment where rotor magnets already rotate and
    generate. There is not much room.

    Thane is capable of more.

    Now Mr Turion @ you

    Your multifilar coil is the most exotic innovation this side of the ocean
    blue and thrills me to no end using it. It solves all of the problems of
    first time failures, it gives the experienced builder options and possesses
    a capacitance storage of energy that one or two times about knocked
    my socks of literally.

    It is the most exciting thought of the day. I am moving ahead slow. I want
    to go slow. I want the split positive set up at the same time as I am
    adding coils. I have not ordered the inverter yet but I will, everything else
    is on the way.

    I can't miss, is the greatest thought of the day, you, Thane, John B. and
    so so many others who stumbled onto this effect often unable to explain
    it have led the way. Now it is my turn and others to pick up the ball
    and run with it.

    Keep stirring the pot.
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  • BroMikey
    Originally posted by wantomake View Post
    Do you know a company that can custom make the "C" cores
    in the first picture?
    Or where I could purchase that material those are made of.
    I've tried to find the laminated core stock, but can't find any.
    I do have old transformers that may work. But will be another
    DIY project to learn how to fabricate my own.

    If not then no problem, thanks anyway.
    I have explained what to do in post #302 in SPLITTING THE POSITIVE"
    Check it out. I would not blow out a bunch of money (Let me do that)
    until you are sure what rotor you are going to use.

    In post #302 I show how the average beginner can SUUL using commonly
    available core materials. These cores like you and I are seeing Thane
    produce for a commercial generator are for operation at 400hz however
    the wire itself is the HT wire of HIGH TEMP wire that is able to handle
    5 amps continuous plus 10 amps short cycles using a tiny gauge wire.

    What this all means is that much time is given to perfect geometry
    and perfectly balancing a specific length of wire to a core that works
    at the higher frequency. Thanes core is vibration proof and fits tightly
    into a slut for a design that can be mass produces.

    Some of these things are not important to you and I. Turion uses iron
    cores and has COP's of 20 plus.

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  • wantomake
    First picture

    Originally posted by BroMikey View Post
    REGEN-XTRA Goes commercial.



    Do you know a company that can custom make the "C" cores in the first picture?
    Or where I could purchase that material those are made of. I've tried to find the laminated core stock, but can't find any. I do have old transformers that may work. But will be another DIY project to learn how to fabricate my own.

    If not then no problem, thanks anyway.

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  • BroMikey
    I forgot to add.

    With just 35% of this coil connected I get a relief of 350ma with
    approx an excess output generated of 20 watts. 220vac loaded at 100ma.

    I suspect this phase shift near 70 percent. I installed my special magnet
    onto my encoder wheel last night. I would like to see RPM's. I would
    like to see scope shots but where the rubber meets the road is something

    If I can continue to add coils without dragging down the prime mover I
    may go to a 1 amp draw instead of 2 amps and 200 watts left over to
    run CFL bulbs or 110vac LED bulbs , 2 in series.

    I think there is a chance it may work. The only problem is the hz are
    way to high. I am running 500 hz approx

    I have never connected a 500 hz source to a 60hz set of bulbs yet so
    who knows maybe I can burn up a few trying and in the end power a
    string of 6 in series.
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  • BroMikey
    Originally posted by Turion
    So you have an efficient motor turning a rotor past coils that cause the motor to speed up under load.
    What is the next step?
    In order to get the output to exceed the input you will need MORE coils. Can these be added without negatively affecting the performance of the motor? If NOT, you are done. That is the next step.
    Yes I have thought about what might happen when i add another coil.
    I think that if I have 1 coil (as in this case) speeding up under loaded
    conditions (meaning I am getting free energy) that relieves the burden
    on the prime mover 300ma to 400ma I could keep adding.

    Negative effects? You mean cogging? Yeah cogging could be bad.
    My Ac drive motor is 117vac and with just a rotor running at 70 -90 vac
    it draws 1.70amps to 2.00 amps.

    Start ups are a beast

    I noticed in my case that during start up amp draws far far exceed
    design perimeters orbiting out to maximum warp at 8 amps -7 amp
    -6 amps and this took several seconds. Naturally my 2.7 amp motor
    bit the dust after a few dozen trans-warp drive engagements.

    So my problem was start up. I stuck a rattly clutch on it and everything
    went back to normal. Since i have ordered and received a fresh set of
    clutch parts and pieces to have a pro job on my clutch.

    My goal was and is to have the rig kick on and draw nearly the same
    as when the 24 filar coil is engaged. I know that is a joke but I got
    close, start ups are 2.5amps in the first one second it drops right
    away well with in the ratings of sane engineering.

    This will allow me to use 3 or 4 batteries in series with and inverter
    drawing 9-10 amps then charging a 24vdc bank in parallel then send it
    back around with my boost circuit.

    That was and is the goal, split the positive comfortably without that
    Klingon style amp draw on start up sending my systems crashing before
    i hit the neutral zone.

    Since this is well with in reach i think it might be possible to keep adding
    by staggering in a lead and lag formation of poles and maybe having my
    24 strand coil switchable into a series start up mode.

    Putting 24 strands in series during start up might make life easier on
    my clutch with half a dozen Tesla coils peppered around the
    circumference of the rotor. Just guessing that around 300 rmps I
    would get a boost.

    Like you said series parallel, series series parallel, there is no allegiance
    to any forms or rituals we have to adhere to. "Options" is a direct quote
    you made and I know from the patent that all frequencies can be met
    with the SUUL conditions, so why not have these systems switchable
    where they function at sub-light as well as warp 9?

    It's been fun, gotta run.

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  • BroMikey
    Originally posted by Turion
    Unless you are going to run your devices directly off the generator output, it doesn't really matter WHAT the Hz output of the machine is. It is best to wind your coils so that the voltage output of the (coils) machine at the RPM you are able to run it at is between 26-28 volts. MORE (shorter) STRANDS decreases the voltage and increases the amps. This gives you PLENTY of amps to run an inverter between the output coils and a bank of batteries arranged in parallel so that they can all be charged while you are running the inverter off the output from the generator. (On a potential difference or 3 battery type system) Once the bank is charged, simply throw a switch and now the inverter runs off the charged battery bank and you shut off the generator.
    Lovin those repeats

    Always good to hear from a pro. I have been thinking of that as you have
    just stated and want to do it. Another thing about the way my brain is
    wired up is that Thane is running a motor using 24 poles.

    So looking at just Thane and not me or you. Still I love my big HV coil.

    I remembered how small a 400hz motor is that is 3 phase
    compared to say a single phase 1/2hp. It's a crazy reduction is
    size per capacity so for a motorcycle this version specific build
    Thane is using is so awesome.

    Probably a 1000hz capable circuit board creating a variable frequency
    drive right on the bike. Maybe not the first one but guaranty you that
    is his final goal. Use high efficiency circuit converters and inverters
    operating at the per cycles per second of course.

    So awesome, so small, so efficiency and free energy will be here
    before we know it. Well nothing is free, he still has to promise the
    mob that he will give them whatever they want or THEY will stack
    so much red tape on him he won't be able to stay out of jail.

    I forgot to mention Thane is very wise. He will do what is needed
    to stay off of THEIR front lawn so to speak. Extending the range of
    an electric car or bike for the rich is a great start.

    Mean while back down here where we all live digging for a few scraps
    the poor man wishes he could could get in on something easy.

    Here is my solution. Listen to the voice of experience and based on
    that chose what is easiest for you. Theoretically the common guy could
    run 117vac to turn a rotor and get more back than he is putting in.

    Just plug in an ac motor to the wall like BroMikey and keep adding
    coils all around the rotor till 200 watts becomes 600watts.

    It's a first step. Wouldn't you say I am right Turion Man?
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  • BroMikey
    Originally posted by lota View Post
    The magnets must sit tightly together. Otherwise it won't work.


    Tightly together? How do you mean? What won't work? Some have
    only 6 magnets and others 8 magnets and it works to generate and
    speed up under a load.

    Maybe rotor magnets pushed tightly together are a more efficient
    means of generating? I am not sure what you mean by "IT WON'T WORK"
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