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  • Originally posted by BroMikey View Post

    That old clipping is cherry picking fishing. Dave is laid up right now, I think. I checked his profile 2 days ago and that is the activity. He is nowhere to be found and is probably having a rough time. Lets hope so. On the document the oil barrens can not buy off Thane. His investors are going to be rich soon.
    Originally posted by Quantum_well View Post
    This is the Heins situation, Bro' can't see the full significance but can anyone else see it.
    Another thing, Dave come out of hiding,how's the Land Cruiser. Screenshot_20210810-090014_Chrome~2.jpg


    • Bro' your so thick, the director of PDI is Cunningham and he owns Oropass, basically Thane is under the control of "Big Oil".Do you think JC encouraged DC to invest in Mr.Heins knowing full well that Heins stuff was rubbish and it would ruin Hillcrest and JC would pick up Hillcrest for a song?


      • Originally posted by Quantum_well View Post
        Bro' your so thick, the director of PDI is Cunningham and he owns Oropass, basically Thane is under the control of "Big Oil".Do you think JC encouraged DC to invest in Mr.Heins knowing full well that Heins stuff was rubbish and it would ruin Hillcrest and JC would pick up Hillcrest for a song?
        false delusions are same as wet dreams. Keep trying with the ancient piece meal posts. And what is your pay grade in all of this? Cough. Get a life busybody no one cares..


        • Originally posted by BroMikey View Post
          Posted on July 25, 2021 by tilankak
          Regenerative Acceleration Generator

          Today, I am going to explain you about a specialized Generator Model, which can be fixed to an Electric Vehicle by which we are given a good opportunity to recharge the Vehicle Battery , while giving an acceleration to the vehicle speed. This is a new invention of Mr. Thane Heins from Canada and now the Scientists are involved in continuous experiments to fix this Generator to the Electric Vehicles and start commercialized mass production of such Electric Vehicles for which very less recharge plugins are required when running the car.
          I would like to do a little explanation about a special and awesome effect of the Electromagnetism to the concerned persons who have a keen intellect about the mechanical field. When we use a Conventional Generator Coil consisting few turns of copper wire with a Magnet Rotor spinning in front of it, the Rotor speed will get decreased when the Generator Coil is connected to a Load. This is called the Lenz law and this Lenz Law consists of two brakes and that is why the Magnet Rotor speed gets decreased. I will explain how it happens. When the N pole of the rotor magnet approaches the Core of the Generator Coil , the coil becomes magnetized as the coil is connected to the load and there is a loop circuit with a resistance caused by the load.
          In this diagram , I will explain how the Lenz Law causes 2 brakes and thus decreases the RPM of the Magnet Rotor, when the Conventional Generator coil is connected to the Load.
          When the N pole Rotor Magnet glued to the Rotor approaches the Coil Core , the Coil is very quickly magnetized , before the Rotor Magnet reaches the Top Dead Centre ( hereafter mentioned as TDC) . So then the Coil Core will also become a N pole magnet which resists and repels the rotor magnet which is also the N pole magnet and still approaching the coil core. . So this is the First break of the Lenz Law. It is caused by Magnet Repulsion.
          Then when the Rotor Magnet passes the Coil Core , the Coil is demagnetized and reverses the current induced in it, so then the coil core become a “ S” pole Magnet and it attracts the passing “N” pole magnet of the Magnet Rotor . So this is the second break of the Lenz Law. This is how the Lenz Law decreases the Rotor RPM when the Generator coil is connected to the Load.
          So now I am going to explain you, how the Lenz law becomes much delayed and how the Rotor RPM increases when we use the Special Regenerative Acceleration Coil ( hereafter mentioned as Regenx Coil ).
          In this Regenerative Acceleration Effect there are two Parameters .
          1. The Coil should have many turns of copper wire and it should be high impedance , high resistance coil.
          2. The Rotor RPM should be high .
          The following is the Coil I made which has over 8000 turns of Guage 28 copper wire and it is about 600 Grams in weight.
          But when I was experimenting with my Small Set up , I understood that there should not be a very high speed in the Rotor and if we can make the coil a high resistance one then the rotor RPM does not play any significant role in making the effect .
          My coil is a Bifilar coil and I connected the Bifilar coils in series and it has a high resistance. I used a small motor discarded from a DVD player and it is a 5V motor . When I supplied the power my magnet rotor gets about 1800 RPM and it is not too high , but I successfully achieved this effect.
          So this is how the Regenerative Acceleration Effect happens.
          As there are too many coil turns and the rotor is spinning in a very high speed, the Regenex Coil is not magnetized very quickly when the N pole rotor magnet approaches the Coil Core. But this Regenx coil gets magnetized when the N pole rotor magnet has just passed the TDC as shown in the following diagram.
          So as you can see in this configuration the Regenx coil is magnetized for “N “ pole , when the rotor magnet has just passed the TDC , so that there is a repulsion in the Magnets and the rotor magnet is pushed away by the coil core (Because it is a N pole Magnet )and this is the first Acceleration effect of this regenerative acceleration effect.
          As the rotor is in the N S N S magnet configuration , then this coil core simultaneously attracts the next S pole rotor magnet and it is the second acceleration effect.
          Actually the Lenz law is happening here , But it gets much delayed because of the new alterations and accelerates the Magnet Rotor when connected to the load.
          I also 100 percent agree with you that, we can’t add too many heavy loads to this regenex coils , but we can charge some heavy duty batteries like 12V 7A or 12V Car batteries , if we can sue some big magnets with big copper coils like Guage 20 copper wire because they will provide much ampere.
          In my small set up , I have used Guage 28 thin copper wire , but I can charge my mobile phone battery and also I can lit my lampshade and the RPM of the Magnet Rotor increases well and the current which motor takes from the drive battery gets much decreased when I connected the load.
          I have also well understood that, if we can add more regenex coils with loads the rotor RPM increases simultaneously . For me this is a very amazing phenomena and as my first small set up worked very well , I am going to make a much bigger design .
          Please note that it has been experimentally proved that , if we add more regenex coils, the RPM of the Rotor increases simultaneously, and the prime mover takes much less current from the drive battery . It is marvelous fact and this will direct me to provide many overunity motors and we have reached this overunity situation 90 percent now.
          A video of my first original small setup can be seen using the following link

          I really learn from everyone, regardless of their posture

          BroMikey, Very good explanation, and comment
          It's just a matter of running the tests and seeing the results
          Thanks for sharing


          • Bro',what happened to your theory that big oil were showing an interest in Thane in so far trying to stop RegenX when all along big oil are behind PDI?


            • Down on the farm we take covid seriously. Screenshot_20210811-234936_Facebook~2.jpg


              • I have one of Dave's quotes if anyone is interested. Don't forget the virtual south pole or north pole. This has been repeated many many times but is complicated process. SEE "BASIC FREE ENERGY DEVICE" thread and many more

                As a north pole rotor magnet approaches the core of a coil it induces a magnetic field in the core. The field on the end closest to the magnet is of the OPPOSITE polarity to the approaching magnet. So it is South. the core is NOT YET an electromagnet!!! So it attracts the rotor magnet to it.

                If you think about it, when you bring a magnet close to a piece of iron that is NOT wrapped with wire, what happens? It is attracted to the iron and wants to stick. It doesn't turn the end of the piece of iron into a NORTH pole magnet that would repel the approaching magnet. It turns it into a SOUTH pole magnet that it is attracted to. Leave the magnet there for a while to induce a bit of magnetism in the iron and then pull it away and put a meter on it that measures North or South. I PROMISE it will be SOUTH. SO to start with, we have a core that has a SOUTH pole facing the approaching North magnet on the rotor. ATTRACTION comes FIRST!!!!!

                NOW, if the wire on the coil is connected to a load forming a complete circuit, electricity will BEGIN to be generated in the wire. The wire must be filled to a specific point before it begins to turn the core into an electromagnet that is strong enough to OVERCOME the EXISTING and OPPOSITE magnetic field created in the core by the approach of the rotor magnet. ONce the existing magnetic field is "neutralized" an electromagnet is created that OPPOSES the approaching magnet.

                By increasing the CAPACITANCE of the coil, we allow the approaching magnet to continue to be attracted to the core material and DELAY the point at which the polarity of the core is flipped by the magnetic field that is building around it from the electricity in the wire. DELAYING the Lenz reaction.
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                • Originally posted by Quantum_well View Post
                  Down on the farm we take covid seriously. Screenshot_20210811-234936_Facebook~2.jpg
                  How about testing?


                  • Dave explains it one way and Thane another. Of course they have to different mechanical setups using the same Regen coils.


                    PART 1 Potential +/- Difference inc. Innovations and New Energy Performance Validation

                    The ReGenX Generator is a new US Patented Electric Generator innovation that requires zero Mechanical Input Energy when performing Electrical and Mechnical Work – outputting Electrical Power at Infinite Efficiency. In addition, the ReGenX Generator also simultaneously performs Positive Mechanical Work at Infinite Efficiency (accelerating and increasing the Kinetic Energy of both the generator and prime mover system) without requiring any Externally Supplied Input Energy.

                    ReGen-X Quantum Motor Innovation

                    The ReGen-X Quantum Motor is a new US Patented Electric Motor innovation that also requires zero Electrical Input Energy when it performs Mechanical Work at Infinite Efficiency – increasing the system’s Kinetic Energy.

                    A “New” Energy Source Discovery for Humanity – Harnessing Sub-Atomically Created Quantum Electron Energy

                    Both the ReGenX Generator and ReGen-X Motor have the unique ability to harness Sub-Atomically Created Quantum Electron Energy while performing Positive Mechanical Work (accelerating and increasing the system’s Kinetic Energy).

                    Interestingly enough all conventional electric generators also harness the same Sub-Atomically Created Quantum Electron Energy, but they perform Negative Work with this energy (decelerating and reducing the Kinetic Energy of the generator prime mover system). Generator Armature Reaction, EV regenerative braking, Counter-Electromagnetic-Torque, Negative Work.

                    Thane C. Heins



                      ReGen-X Stepper Motor for EV Regenerative Acceleration

                      The magnetic field created around the coil is dissipated into free space and lost when the current direction is reversed.

                      The ReGen-X Stepper Motor has a unique motor control circuit which allows; 1) the magnetic field created around the motor coil to collapse back into the coil, 2) to be converted back into electric current in Magnetic Field Flyback Collection Mode and then 3) delivered to a battery before the next DC pulse occurs.

                      Magnetic Field Flyback Collection and normal Generator Action in a Motor are caused work together in concert to deliver more electric current to the battery than was delivered to the motor coil initially.

                      Generator Action in a Motor occurs when the motor's rotor pole moves away from the motor coil, causing undesired current to be produced in the motor coil. Now this current is harnessed in a novel way to produce a positive and desired result along with the recycled and reclaimed input current.

                      Illustration #1 shows the ReGen-X Motor Circuit Diagram where the DC motor pulse is provided to the motor coil and then switched once the DC pulse has ceased to allow the collapsing magnetic field and Generator Action in a Motor to collectively recharge a battery.

                      The ReGen-X Stepper Motor is designed to be employed in electric vehicles (EVs) to provide EV battery recharging during vehicle acceleration in Regenerative Acceleration Motor Mode, during coasting in Regenerative Acceleration Mode, and during breaking in Regenerative Braking Mode.


                      • Did anybody get time to do any real tests on Dave's 3battGen video?

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                        • Here is a 3 battery generating system that has been around since the 1970's


                          John Bedini found the balance points and produces extra energy in violation of known laws. This is a true split positive setup with a motor running between the positives. This has also been called differential charging as 2 twelve volt battery charge a single 12v battery.

                          The amount of harvested extra energy is sufficient to show that modern physics has numerous flaws.

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                          • This is only the principle of the motor generator and you can now buy a unit for a few thousand to power your shop or home. This
                            unit has infinite COP so the company name reflects this idea by calling itself " SAV INFINITY"

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                            • 55 magnets in this 1000watt model (very small)


                              • This is the converter box to run the system output

                                Click me, for English

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