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  • Originally posted by SYDERA View Post
    Do you mean the subconscious in terms of thousands of years of brain washing? By that I am referring to religion as well as capitalist shopping worship
    Numbers equate to quantifying/quontrolling ( )- that may amount to taxifying, not just of the emotions but in terms of money too?
    that is one way of seeing it ... yhu project your own reality ... if you choose to give it the meaning you have just described ... so shall it be "represented in your own personal reality" .... or ... you can "hack" it to become part of the Cosmic Game / Cosmic Giggle / Cosmic "Hacker" .... Imagination - Just An Illusion


    "Hu" and "Saa" and the Ship of the Soul

    While little understood even by such Egyptologists as Budge, there are two Neteru whose lineages are necessary for us all to keep in mind. Hu is the Steersman or Pilot of the Ship of Ra (listed below) and his brother Saa is his Navigator who plots the course for the Ship of the Soul. Those born of these Totemic Lineages may recognize themselves mostly from their innate tendency to "pilot" or "navigate" themselves and others through life's "rough waters." The natural-born Strategists and "Movers And Shakers" of society, these Lineages are called-upon by any who need help knowing where they are going and actually getting there.

    As melancholy can arise when alchemically working on oneself, the alchemists advised the use of music to lift the soul.
    Saa + Hu = Shu ...Samurai o' Renegades

    .... The Egyptian Rites


    Terence Mckenna - Nobody knows jack **** about what is going on ... Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five - The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash on the Wheels of Steel

    Urban Legends, Folklore, Myths and Fairy Tales: Shadow People: The Hat Man

    ... Original GhostBusters Theme Song

    Michael Persinger, a Canadian neuroscientist. He was conducting research with geomagnetic fields and psi that was far more sophisticated than my earlier efforts. I invited him to write an article about his work and published it in a journal I was editing (Persinger, 1975). Persinger told me that the geomagnetic field has several components. The main component is created by the Earth itself, as if a huge bar magnet were running through the core of the Earth. Regular daffy and monthly variations occurs. These variations are due to several factors. Weather affects the daily or diurnal variations. Lunar changes affect the monthly variations. Major variations occur due to sunspot activity, as well. Changes in the geomagnetic field can be sudden and unpredictable. The best known example of charged particles from the sun interacting with the Earth's magnetic field is the aurora borealis, often called the "Northern Lights" (Tart, 1988).

    Persinger conducted an analysis of spontaneous cases of telepathy and clairvoyance. He found that these noted experiences were more likely to occur when the global geomagnetic activity was significantly quieter than the days before or the days after the experience. A day of low amplitude with slow, predictable variations is referred to as a quiet magnetic day. These were the days that were associated with reports of telepathy and clairvoyance (Persinger, 1985). About the same time, Marcia Adams (1986) studied the relationship between quiet magnetic days with success in remote viewing experiments, finding a positive connection.

    A day of sudden and large amplitude changes is referred to as a magnetically stormy day. Persinger reported a tendency for reports of poltergeist and haunting experiences to occur on these days (Persinger, 1989). Psychokinesis, anomalous effects on distant objects or activity, has been studied in the laboratory under "psi task" conditions. An analysis of some of these experiments have indicated a tendency for them to occur most frequently on magnetically stormy days (Braud & Dennis, 1989).

    Possible Geomagnetic Field Effects in Psi Phenomena

    Demystifying the Paranormal: Dr. Barry Taff Unravels the ˜Poltergeist Mystery - Reality Sandwich

    Though survival-after-death is yet to be proved or disproved, a compelling theory surfaced for Dr. Taff after thousands of investigations and decades of collected data. According to him, what we imagine as ‘ghosts’ is actually stemming from very real, and very alive people. Taff refers to these people as Poltergeist Agents, who unknowingly act as ‘biological waveguides’ when they enter a specific environment. I know, stay with me.

    Essentially, Taff lists three variables that act together in concert to produce the physical manifestations of a good old-fashioned haunting: 1) The haunted site is located in an electromagnetically (EMF) anomalous environment 2) The poltergeist agent is usually prone to seizures or epileptic, and their biomagnetic field emits well over one million times the amplitude compared to the average person and 3) The poltergeist agent is neurologically wired in a way, usually an inability to cope with stress, that enables their nervous system to hyper-react to said environment and wreak paranormal havoc.

    Canneto di Caronia - The Italian Town Plagued by Inexplicable Fires | Oddity Central - Collecting Oddities

    For 10 years, the residents of the Sicilian village of Canneto di Caronia have been utterly spooked by hundreds of mysterious, unexplained fires that seem to erupt out of nowhere. The bizarre phenomenon, which has seen a sudden surge this year, includes spontaneous combustion of mattresses, beds, cars, and devices like fridges and mobile phones, even when switched off.

    The episodes have attracted the attention of geologists, physicists and volcanologists for several years, but no one has been able to provide an accurate scientific explanation so far. Naturally, the villagers are blaming supernatural entities like UFOs, poltergeists, or other demonic forces. And with no other logical reason in sight, one tends to wonder if they actually might be right.
    on a side note : village of Canneto di Caronia would be perfect for a Tesla Tower

    .... Dynamic Africana

    How Magic Mushrooms Rearrange Your Brain

    In mathematical terms, said Petri, normal brains have a well-ordered correlation state. There’s not much cross-linking between networks. That changes after the psilocybin dose. Suddenly the networks are cross-linking like crazy, but not in random ways. New types of order emerge.

    “We can speculate on the implications of such an organization,” wrote the researchers, who were led by neurobiologist Paul Expert of King’s College London. “One possible by-product of this greater communication across the whole brain is the phenomenon of synaesthesia”—the experience, common during psychedelic experiences, of sensory mix-up: tasting colors, feeling sounds, seeing smells, and so on.

    Word "sekhem": power

    The Egyptian language word S-kh-m is the word for power. A procession of a woman with a boquet of flowers, followed by a harpist, from Medamud illustrates the use of the word: "...(from) the gods, Power (of the) Harp-Music...."
    ... ye ye de smell

    A representation of that is seen in the image above. Each circle depicts relationships between networks—the dots and colors correspond not to brain regions, but to especially connection-rich networks—with normal-state brains at left, and psilocybin-influenced brains at right.


    “The big question in neuroscience is where consciousness comes from,” Petri said. For now, he said, “We don’t know.”
    ..... "Pow"

    provision is made for enveloping the patient in a high potential and, in certain instances, a high frequency electric field, and for applying to the patient, while so enveloped in the electric field, radiations and emanations having therapeutic value.

    ... Same ol'

    Thomas H. Moray: Transmutation of Low Grade Ores by High Energy Bombardment


    According to Dr Rick Strassman, author of DMT: The Spirit Molecule (also now a feature length movie), Dimethyltryptamine is a naturally occurring neurotransmitter similar in structure to serotonin. He theorizes that it is created in trace amounts by the pineal gland during normal metabolism, and may be released in massive amounts during birth, death, hallucinations and dreams.

    "Shu ph" also : Women have orgasms while giving birth
    Sun may determine lifespan at birth, study finds

    In an unusual study published Wednesday, Norwegian scientists said people born during periods of solar calm may live longer, as much as five years on average, than those who enter the world when the Sun is feisty.

    The team, from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, based their study on demographic data from church records of some 8,600 individuals from two different mid-Norwegian populations, one poor and one wealthy.
    "shu ph" also : Radionics - Science of The Future

    ... Beasts of No Nation

    image : Swinging on Spirals

    ... Golden Ratio offers unity of science
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    Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” -Confucius.


    • Does one have to hack if an aberration is part of the chaos or chthonic nature- in the female form if you get my drift?

      Can your hacking method adopt my creative dance? Can it be mapped?

      Somethings cannot be predicted


      • So is that a sign that you agree with moi?


        • Originally posted by SYDERA View Post
          Does one have to hack if an aberration is part of the chaos or chthonic nature- in the female form if you get my drift?

          Can your hacking method adopt my creative dance? Can it be mapped?

          Somethings cannot be predicted
          References in psychology and anthropology[edit]

          Chthonic - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

          In analytical psychology, the term chthonic was often used to describe the spirit of nature within; the unconscious earthly impulses of the Self, that is one's material depths, however not necessarily with negative connotations. See anima and animus or shadow. Gender has a specific meaning in cultural anthropology. Teresa del Valle in her book Gendered Anthropology explains "there are male and female deities at every level. We generally find men associated with the above, the sky, and women associated with the below, with the earth, water of the underground, and the chthonic deities."[3] This was by no means universal and in Ancient Egypt the main deity of the earth was the male god Geb. Geb's female consort was named Nut, otherwise known as the sky. Greek mythology likewise has female deities associated with the sky, such as Dike, goddess of justice who sits on the right side of Zeus as his advisor. Eos was the goddess of dawn. Hades is the ancient Greek god of the underworld.

          ... Genes tell story of birdsong and human speech ... Listen Here

          The world soul (Greek: ψυχὴ κόσμου, Latin: Anima Mundi) is, according to several systems of thought, an intrinsic connection between all living things on the planet, which relates to our world in much the same way as the soul is connected to the human body.

          The idea originated with Plato and was an important component of most Neoplatonic systems...

          Similar concepts also hold in systems of eastern philosophy in the Brahman-Atman of Hinduism, the Buddha-Nature in Mahayana Buddhism, and in the School of Yin-Yang, Taoism, and Neo-Confucianism as qi.
          Numbers are the sources
          of form and energy in the

          -Theon of Smyrna (Second
          century A.D., Platonist

          Number . . . should not
          be understood solely as a
          construction of
          consciousness, but also as
          an archetype and thus as a
          constituent of nature both
          without and within

          -Marie-Louise von Franz

          The temperature inside The Great Pyramid remains constant at 68 degrees F
          Wave propagation occurs when high-pressure compression waves push against areas of lower pressure in the atmosphere. Sound waves move at the speed of sound (1130 feet per second at sea level and a temperature of 68º F).

          MUM 2600 – Chapter 2 Notes

          This short statement comprises a concise explanation of the main infrasonic function of the Great Pyramid --global infrasonic synchronization of the collective human consciousness, thereby endowing feminine forces: vi Sani raua ra Yoni --"From masculine force, thundering, granting feminine."
          "Know masculinity, Maintain femininity, and be a ravine for all under heaven." (chap. 28, tr. Mair)

          <º)))>< .... Spiral

          "Avoid extremes-keep the Golden Mean."

          -Cleobulus of Lindus (sixth century B.C., one of the Seven Wise Men
          of ancient Greece)

          Orphic Egg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

          Know, therefore, that in the hen's egg is the greatest help with respect to the proximity and relationship of the matter in nature, for in it there is a spirituality and conjunction of elements, and an earth which is golden in its tincture.

          "Aureus:" The Golden Tractate of Hermes Trismegistus.

          The acronym V.I.T.R.I.O.L.U.M., used in alchemical literature, is formed by the Latin expression "Visita Interiora Terrae Rectificando Invenies Occultum Lapidem Veram Medicinam", what means "Visit the interior of the earth, and by rectifying you will find the hidden stone which is the true medicine".


          …and as long as you do not have the Wisdom,
          die to become,
          you will only be a sad guest on this Dark Earth

          ( KMT ) .

          He who wants to enter the divine realm,
          first must enter his Mother’s body,
          and die herein.

          Thus we are invited to descend into the earth, into the underworld, or the unconscious. The earth is the symbol of physical man. Man needs to become conscious of his inner world, who he is, what he is doing, what his motives are, and so on. Once attention is directed inwards, a whole new world opens: the underworld of Hades, the dark realm of shadows and monsters.
          This descent is also called ‘regressus ad uterum’, ‘the return into the uterus

          The Maya understood the concept of the Zero and represented it as a seashell, spiral or womb centuries before the Hindus had it: 36 BC.


          Back to the Womb: Caves, Sweatbaths and Sacred Water
          O this Ikesy, too secret for the gods, whose name the spirits fear to know,
          which those that enter cannot leave except for this noble god,
          who causes fear of him for the gods and terror of him for the spirits.
          It is a flame with the air of destruction for nostrils and mouths.
          He did it against his following, to prevent them breathing his air,
          except for this noble god who is in his egg.
          I have come before you to be in your following.
          I come and go in Ikesy, and is doors are opened for me.
          I breathe the air in it, and have power over its offerings.

          Book of the Dead / Journey to the West 149
          The Rig Veda (RV 10.121) uses a similar name for the source of the universe: Hiranyagarbha, which literally means "golden fetus" or "golden womb".

          Golden Ratio of a Woman's Uterus Is Linked With Her Fertility

          Nut's headdress was the hieroglyphic of part of her name, a pot / torus , which may also symbolize the uterus

          *A baby's temperature while in the womb remains constant at about the same body temperature as the mother's, which is about 99.86 degrees F

          how many stars on nut ...


          Strong's Greek: 32. (aggelos) -- an angel, messenger

          32 (ággelos) is used 176 times in the NT (usually of heavenly angels)

          John 1:1-3 "In the beginning was the Word,"


          " Words of Truth that have the power to express the Truth are like flourishing trees whose roots, or direct meanings, are established deep in the earth of the heart, and whose branches, or subtle meanings, reach high into the sky of mystical knowledge." Quran (14:24-27)

          The Essene Tree of Life represented fourteen positive forces, seven of them heavenly or cosmic forces and seven earthly or terrestrial forces. The Tree was pictured as having seven roots reaching down into the earth and seven branches extending up toward the heavens, thus symbolizing man's relationship to both earth and heaven.

          Man was pictured in the center of the tree half-way between heaven and earth.

          Each root and branch of the tree represented a different force or power. The roots represented earthly forces and powers, the Earthly Mother, the Angel of Earth, the Angel of Life, the Angel of joy, the Angel of the Sun, the Angel of Water and the Angel of Air. The seven branches represented cosmic powers, The Heavenly Father, and his Angels of Eternal Life, Creative Work, Peace, Power, Love and Wisdom. These were the Essene angels of the visible and invisible worlds.

          The Tree Of Life

          the fourteen creative powers of Amun-Ra
          .... No agreement

          320: Unas' shelter is in his Eye, the protection of Unas is in his Eye,
          Unas' victorious strength is in his Eye, the power of Unas in his Eye.

          The Pyramid Texts Online - Antechamber South Wall

          338: It is pleasant for Unas to be with his ka and he lives together with his ka.
          His panther skirt is on him, his ames-scepter is on his arm, his aba-scepter ( Sekhem scepter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ) in his hand.
          ... Gerson King Combo - God Save the King
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          Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” -Confucius.


          • Inner Tree of Life:

            The complete Godname YAHWEH prescribes the 144 Polyhedron because it possesses (216+144=260=26×10) edges & triangles. It has (74+216+144=434) vertices, edges & triangles, that is, 432 geometrical elements surround its axis.


            climbing up the Jacobs Ladder.....

            always a Pleasure reading this thread, thx MM!....


            • Good Reading yhu BBX

              ... and again thank yhu for Fela ... did not know his music until yhu posted it <º)))>< ... Mr.grammarticalogylisatitionalism is the boss

              .... How music class can spark language development

              .... How to sharpen your sense of smell without using your nose

              Athletes and dancers improve their work by imagining themselves practicing physical skills, and musicians get better after imagining a performance. Now, it turns out, professional smellers can also mentally enhance their game.

              ... Mind over matter, the brain alone can tone muscle


              "It is said that Mademoiselle Chanel chose No. 5 because she preferred the fifth sample submitted by Ernest Beaux. According to other exegeses, she chooses 5, the magic number, the quintessence of the alchemists."
              --------- 1968 Asterix & Cleopatra: the arsenic cake song

              At the heart of the Western understanding of the Tree of Life, is the little document titled "The 32 Paths of Wisdom"

              The 32 Paths of Wisdom

              see also : The biblical story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden (Genesis Chapters 2-3 )
              .... Four Cornered Room ... Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic

              Inguz | Rune Secrets

              Jewish Tradition (Western Tradition)
              Path #1 = Kether 1:1 (=Kether)
              Path #2 = Heh 1:2 (=Chokmah)
              Path #3 = Chokmah 1:3 (= Binah)
              Path #4 = Beth 1:4 (= Gedulah)
              Path #5 = Vav 1:4 (= Geburah)
              Path #6 = Zayin 1:5 (= Tiphareth)
              Path #7 = Binah 1:6 (= Netzach)
              Path #8 = Aleph 1:7 (= Hod)
              Path #9 = Cheth 1:8 (= Yesod)
              Path #10 = Gedulah 1:9 (= Malkuth)
              Path #11 = Teth 1:10 (= Aleph)
              Path #12 = Gimel 1:10 (= Beth)
              Path #13 = Geburah 1:11 (= Gimel)
              Path #14 = Daleth 1:12 (= Daleth)
              Path #15 = Tiphareth 1:14 (= Heh)
              Path #16 = Mem 1:16 (= Vav)
              Path #17 = Yod 1:17 (= Zayin)
              Path #18 = Kaph 1:18 (= Cheth)
              Path #19 = Netzach 1:20 (= Teth)
              Path #20 = Lamed 1:21 (= Yod)
              Path #21 = Peh 1:21 (= Kaph)
              Path #22 = Nun 1:22 (= Lamed)
              Path #23 = Hod 1:24 (= Mem)
              Path #24 = Shin 1:25 (= Nun)
              Path #25 = Resh 1:25 (= Samekh)
              Path #26 = Yesod 1:26 (= Ayin)
              Path #27 = Samekh 1:27 (= Peh)
              Path #28 = Ayin 1:27 (= Tzaddi)
              Path #29 = Tzaddi 1:28 (= Qooph)
              Path #30 = Malkuth 1:28 (= Resh)
              Path #31 = Qooph 1:29 (= Shin)
              Path #32 = Tav 1:31 (= Tav)

              The Bird of Divine Providence - Contemporary Kabbalists

              image from : The 216 Golden Rectangle


              'Fibonacci quasiparticle' could form basis of future quantum computers

              Vaezi explains that the Fibonacci anyon is related to the famous Fibonacci sequence (where a number in the sequence is the sum of the previous two numbers) as well as the golden ratio, 1.617… (which is approximately the ratio of any number in the Fibonacci sequence to the previous number). These mathematical patterns arise because of its quantum properties, particularly those related to the so-called fusion rules that govern particle spins.

              Fibonacci quasicrystal ..... "Quantum Water" Discovered in Carbon Nanotubes
              ... ShuFfering and Shmiling

              Colors of noise

              Retinal cells are arranged in a blue-noise-like pattern which yields good visual resolution.[6][7] ... Ancient auditory illusions reflected in prehistoric art?

              Finding the simple patterns in a complex world

              Robert James Moon

              Robert James Moon (14 February 1911 – 1 November 1989[1]) was an American physicist, chemist and engineer. An important figure in 20th century nuclear science, he was involved in America's wartime Manhattan Project. He pioneered work on the fundamental structure of the atomic nucleus based on platonic solids.


              ... Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five



              Extended Fibonacci Patterns Radial Graphs

              the Earth-Venus dance for eight years creates this beautiful five-petal flower with the Sun at the center. (5 is another Fibonacci number.)

              Dances of the Planets
              This letter Vav, moreover, is the Hebrew letter corresponding to the zodiacal sign Taurus, ruled by Venus ( see also Peh )

              Sefer Yesira : 41 [Gruenwald]

              Saadia [Manuscripts C and Z Hayman]:
              1 He made Bet King and bound to it a crown and combined one with another, and formed of it: Saturn in the universe, the Sabbath in the year, and the mouth in the soul.

              2 He made Gimel King and bound to it a crown and combined one with another, and formed of it: Jupiter in the universe, Sunday in the year, and the right eye of the soul.

              3. He made Dalet King and bound to it a crown and combined one with another, and formed of it: Mars in the universe, Monday in the year, and the left eye of the soul.

              4. He made Kaf King and bound to it a crown and combined one with another, and formed of it: Sun in the universe, Tuesday in the year, and the right nostril of the soul.

              5. He made Peh King and bound to it a crown and combined one with another, and formed of it: Venus in the universe, Wednesday in the year, and the left nostril of the soul.

              6. He made Resh King and bound to it a crown and combined one with another, and formed of it: Mercury in the universe, Thursday in the year, and the right ear of the soul.

              7. He made Tav King and bound to it a crown and combined one with another, and formed of it: Moon in the universe, Friday in the year, and the left ear of the soul.

              Is The Planet Order Really a Mess? - Aeclectic Tarot Forum

              did yhu know ....

              Egyptian mummies were exported to Europe, ground down, and sold in apothecaries throughout the continent. Part of the craze for ‘Mummy powder’ was due to the claim that mummies had a mysterious life force that was transferrable to whoever ingested it. Hence, ground mummies were consumed by Europeans well into the 18th century. -

              0_0 ... wyrd

              See more at: Mummy Brown

              In Egyptian belief, blue was considered as the colour of the heavens, and hence the universe. It was also associated with water and the Nile. Thus, blue was the colour of life, fertility and rebirth.

              - See more at: Egyptian Blue “ The Oldest Known Artificial Pigment
              James Brown - Mind Power
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              Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” -Confucius.


              • The rotating iron core is not what generates Earths electricity, instead Planets are minor electrodes within a stellar discharge envelope. The electrical energy is delivered to stars and planets in the manner of a simple Faraday motor through Nut at the poles of the Earth, the hieroglyphs explain that the earth is nourished with electricity from the Galaxy, using milk as a metaphor for electricity. The Themis spacecraft recently confirmed that giant Birkeland currents connect the Earth’s upper atmosphere to the Sun. Electrically charged particles are channelled at speeds of more than a million miles per hour along twisted magnetic field lines into the earths ionosphere - Shu, where they power the auroras.

                God explains how to draw electricity from the cosmos through the sun using Shu the Ionosphere and the Djed Column. Geb is represented as a collector with feathers drawn throughout his body, and the earth becomes a self repairing capacitor accumulating and storing electric charge described by Nephthys. The Earths surface and its ionosphere Shu are two conducting layers separated by an insulating medium air. When charge is placed on one conductor it attracts charge of the opposite polarity on the other conductor. As a result, an electric field is set up between the conductors, a reservoir of electrical energy. Around the equatorial region, the insulator breaks down and the capacitor short circuits, releasing the stored electrical energy that can be seen as lightning.

                Earths magnetosphere contains sufficient potential energy so that the resonant excitation of the earths ionosphere cavity Shu can reasonably be expected to increase the amplitude of natural Schumann frequencies, facilitating the capture of useful electrical power. This is explained as the Was or Sceptre meaning power or amplitude to the right side of Shu the Ionosphere in the central illustration above. Isis supports structured plasma or Gods Electricity, linked by Nut to Geb at the poles of the earth, negative charge is collected by Geb in a Faraday action induced by Nephthys as the positive enclosure. The Djed column is shown as drawing power from the sun using the Ankh or Schumann Resonance, relatively small longitudinal impulses would trigger the earth-ionosphere oscillations to take place so you can tap the earth's atmospheric electrical energy. Isis and Nephthys are mirroring one another to show the equilibrium that must be maintained when charging the planet using natural Schumann resonant frequencies.

                Dendera Temple in Egypt has illustrations describing the connection of our planet to structured plasma or Gods Electricity, the principal is explained by the resurrection of Osiris. The cartouche below describes the two Djed columns as the electric pump between the positive Ionosphere - Shu, linked to the cosmic grid above and the negatively charged earth below. Maat, Nuts counterpart is shown with her wings fanned inwards towards the column whilst supporting the structured plasma symbol in front of the sun, this shows us like the picture above that the Djed column receives its electrical power through birkeland currents at the poles which are linked to the ionosphere Shu.


                Djed Column - Electric Egyptology


                • the Flow continues Down By the Riverside ----->Esoteric Babble

                  ... Words of Wonder/Get Up Stand Up | Playing For Change ... ... Matchbox Blues

                  ... Babylon System [04]

                  All the World’s a Stage by William Shakespeare

                  All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts, His acts being seven ages. At first, the infant, Mewling and puking in the nurse’s arms. Then the whining schoolboy, with his satchel And shining morning face, creeping like snail Unwillingly to school. And then the lover, Sighing like furnace, with a woeful ballad Made to his mistress’ eyebrow. Then a soldier, Full of strange oaths and bearded like the pard, Jealous in honor, sudden and quick in quarrel, Seeking the bubble reputation Even in the cannon’s mouth. And then the justice, In fair round belly with good capon lined, With eyes severe and beard of formal cut, Full of wise saws and modern instances; And so he plays his part. The sixth age shifts Into the lean and slippered pantaloon, With spectacles on nose and pouch on side; His youthful hose, well saved, a world too wide For his shrunk shank, and his big manly voice, Turning again toward childish treble, pipes And whistles in his sound. Last scene of all, That ends this strange eventful history, Is second childishness and mere oblivion, Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything.

                  ... The Sweet Life Society feat. Le Sorelle Marinetti & La Mattanza - My Sound

                  Read more at: Ten Poems Every Spiritual Seeker Should Read – Fractal Enlightenment |
                  A Midsummer Night's Dream is a comedy play by William Shakespeare --- Scenes (9 total) / Characters (23 total) --- The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet --- Scenes (26 total) and Characters (33 total)
                  ... Clandestino | Playing For Change

                  "As flowing rivers disappear into the sea, losing their name and form, thus a wise man, freed from name and form, goes to the divine person who is beyond all." - Mundaka Upanishad III 2 ... The Blue Danube Waltz
                  "...Therefore, we may consequently state that: this world is indeed a living being endowed with a soul and intelligence ... a single visible living entity containing all other living entities, which by their nature are all related." Plato, Timeus, 29-30
                  - 32 tablets were to be discovered by 1958 from a woman's tomb east of the Sphinx.... Edgar Cayce Reading Fragments ... The first reference in Scripture to some unearthly volume is found in Exodus 32:32 ....

                  The Book is to be opened in connection with divine judgment ( Rev. 20:12)

                  “If you learn Music you'll learn most all there is to know.” ― Edgar Cayce

                  Hermes = Enoch

                  Chapter 14 of The Book of Enoch describes how Enoch was taken up to heaven to behold the house of God, surrounded by the angels.

                  Priesthood of Melchizedek - the Book of Genesis affirms that Melchizedek was "priest of God Most High". (Genesis 14:18) - The priesthood of Melchizedek is a role in Abrahamic religions, modelled on Melchizedek, combining the dual position of king and priest. ( ie: a Shaman King ___ )

                  72 Virgins .... 72 = 2^3x3^2 ____ 2x2x3x3x3 or 2 to the power of 2 times 3 to the power of three = 108, the number of auspicious signs by which the Buddha is known. ( see also The 32 Signs of a Great Man ... )

                  Grateful Dead & Janis Joplin - Lovelight 1970-07-16 .... THE SWEET LIFE SOCIETY // Gran Balon

                  Hermes Triplicate-in-Wisdom, when he sat for drinking with friends, said to the musician: Let fly the soul from its tethers! .... Bombino - Iyat Idounia Ayasahen (Another Life) ... king of the Ouatar / Wah tar
                  The Great Pyramid is the largest stone building on earth, and the last surviving wonder of the ancient world. Its base covers just over 13.1 acres, and it is composed of some 2.3 million blocks of granite and limestone, weighing from 2.5 to 70 tons apiece, which rise in 203 layers to the height of a forty-story building ....

                  Sound waves move at the speed of sound (1130 feet per second at sea level and a temperature of 68º F ) .... The temperature inside The Great Pyramid remains constant at 68 degrees F
                  Step Pyramid of Djoser, Saqqara, Egypt. The first of the great pyramids built in Egypt, during the Old Kingdom's 3rd Dynasty about 2800 BC ( Height 62 metres (203 ft) ).... Enclosure wall .... The overall structure imitates mudbrick.[6] The wall is interrupted by 14 doors, however only one entrance ( 13 and 1 ), in the south corner of the east façade, is functional for the living ..... Rastaman live up!

                  Matthew 7:7

                  Ask, Seek, Knock

                  “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you."
                  Hermes says: "By stages Hu [the seeker] advances and enters the way of immortality."
                  food for thoth : The Sun is a G-type main-sequence star that comprises about 99.86% of the mass of the Solar System ( Historians believe that the pyramids might represent rays of sunlight ) .... 12 March 2012 Solar Anomaly


                  ***** 8.6 Year Review - Armstrong Economics .... the perfect business cycle [(365.25 days x 8.6 = 3141.15 days) = Pi

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                  Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” -Confucius.


                  • Don't Drop the Mic!!

                    Long time no read MonM, as ever a pleasure.

                    I read this and thought of you, it dove tails well with your thread in terms of the details of history woven into the content.

                    Is the Shugborough Monument an alchemical doorway?
                    Shugborough Monument Relates to the Masons and the Merovingians apologies if you have already shared this info.

                    The dance is coming full circle


                    • In Ruth Drown's conception of the ether the brain is the main receiver of the ether, which is descending or emanating into the physical world constantly creating and recreating the body. There is a mysterious connection between ether and electricity. Electricity has been considered as decayed ether by many borderland scientists in the past few decades. The brain points to the mysterious connection between the ether and electricity. "The electric current, therefore, would pass from the highest potential within the cells through the zones of lower potential in the axons and nerves toward the points of lowest potential in the glands and muscles to be stimulated." (TPOL)


                      • Brain in the cloud

                        UGH, I absolutely can NOT read 178 pages of posts to see if my topic of interest has been covered.
                        Here goes.
                        David Adair was a child prodigy who designed a fusion rocket engine. Much impressed, the big brass took him to examine a damaged spacecraft at area 51 with a similar engine. He deduced that the craft was controlled by "brain waves".
                        Fast-forward and, the military is spending tons of money to develop brain-controlled tech for military hardware.

                        " Technologies linking human consciousness to any sort of a cloud computing service could not just open the way for totalitarian mind control, but destroy the very essence of human relations, philosopher Slavoj Zizek says.

                        A computer that can read the thoughts of many people at once would make normal human life impossible, the Slovenian cultural philosopher told RT in the wake of the World Artificial Intelligence (AI) Conference in Shanghai"
                        "Our brain being connected to a machine is not a utopia
                        What I am studying now is the so-called phenomenon of wired brains, a possibility of our brains being connected with strong digital machines. And that is not a utopia. In the media lab at MIT, Massachusetts, they already have simple machines like that. It is like a helmet, nothing intrusive, they put it on your head.

                        And then something horrible happens - I saw the video - you think certain thoughts, you do not say anything, and the machine reproduces them either in writing or with artificial voice."

                        "As you probably know, modern technology theorists Ray Kurzweil and Melanie Swan called it a new form of divinity.
                        It will no longer be a transcendent God but all of us sharing our thoughts through some AI cloud system. Millions of people will be participating together in a new form of awareness. I find this prospect pretty horrifying.
                        We are entering a post-human era if computers can identify & share a person’s thoughts"
                        "Thought ‘transparency’ is biggest threat to our freedom today"

                        9/08 This woman’s interaction with Amazon’s Alexa is very creepy – Twitter
                        9/07 How “unschooling” can benefit your child and the world – Daily Bell
                        9/07 The closer you live to nature the happier you’ll be – Study Finds


                        • Stupid Harry Potter.
                          This is the Post you’ve all been looking for.
                          You cant get a more miss-informed about the subject of MAGIC than Harry Potter.
                          For starters, One has to build one’s own magic wand. You cannot buy another Energy Worker’s Mind Programmed Tool. One has to make it and program the crystal for his or hers own personal Bio Field Projections. Yes, he needs beating over the head with his overpriced walking stick.
                 Such is the stupid Legacy Harry potter has left humanity.
                          You needed to be told how to cut, Field Alignment, and Mind program the tubes for any JoeCell Magic Wand that you want it to run your car. For every degree of temperature that’s the tubes are raised at the Cut Field creates a stronger NEW Pole giving the tube potentially 4 poles. So the Cell didn’t work as the tube is harmonically, out of tune. Pick that **** up with SS callipers. Same for the washers between the two ring magnets, they need to be cut with a Water Jet or stamped depending upon thickness. If adding a new polarity by heating the washer in a LATHE, same as tubes in a JoeCell, there’s a new Field Effect on the tube. Joe virtually never cut anything, preferring to find the right piece of tube. But if its all about Orgone, or as Peter presented it, just a Kit, is it any wonder no one got it to be RADIANT? Some got close though.
                          Precious metals have Bio Field Properties. Its Bio Energy of the Cold Fusion kind, that one is projecting into the wand and out again. Its ALL suns Plasma or Structures of Light. One concentrates one’s Auric Energy Field to project out the tip of one’s fingers into neutral plate metals or Emoto’s water crystals or spoons. Have faith in yourself. If Joe can do it so can you. Joe likes Stainless Steel 316L as it has no residual Magnetic Memory once the power has turned off. Whereas a Nail will retain magnetic Memory when immersed in a New Magnetic Field being generated in the water.
                          Neodymium increases the magnetic Field of iron whereas Chromium nullifies Irons Memory.
                          For every action there’s an opposite and equal reaction. The Projection of Bio Energy by any means (even just getting angry) will see an opposite and equal reaction and we call this Energy Balancing act, Karma or Newtons Law.
                          So choose the metal wisely as copper energises the Blood and cellular Field Strength. Silver energises the Immune system which is Fluid based like hormones and gland secretions. The immune system also has a Temperature based Field increaser when Virus Frequencies are introduced into the Field. Changing the Vibration rate of the Bio Field to “Vibrate more” to maintain Equilibrium by mimicking the Vibration of the Virus so Bio Energy Kills the pathogen. This is the science of Electro Health. Rife frequencies try to mimic harmonically any invading pathogen. Copper tarnishes easily and is a sacrificial metal for Positive energy. Silver tarnishes easily too. Silver boosts the immune system. Gold is a very good conductor and not reactive to South Pole Positive Energies that the human Bio Field operates on. We breathe South Pole Positive Terminal created water vapour for energy. Gold Frequencies in the body help with the Auric Field and Central Nervous System to channel energy to where ever its needed like the finger tips in Reiki or build muscles faster with better energy flow from the brain to the muscle to Create New Muscle Cells from this energy from the Brain/Battery to the muscle, giving one that six pack they feel they need.
                          Gold is for Magi, Wizards and Priests. (the Gods or those with Gifts of the Gods ie stronger Bio Fields) Copper and Silver are for the common folk. Platinum is the metal UFO”S are made from or at least 60%. It readily allows the user to program it. Has an affinity for Mind Force Frequencies. The ship can be flown with the Mind if of a Platinum based Memory Metal. Even better if the ‘Ship’ is grown from a SEED.
                          On or about 26th June 1367, all crystals changed shape on the planet as recorded by Persian Physicians at the time. The planet cooled down 4 degrees, Snow paintings began as London, Paris now have White Winters where before they did not. Castles became too cold to live in. This altering of the Universal Matrix or Aether Grid (responsible for Inertia and is the Fabric of Energy upon which all matter rests or moves) When the Grid changed Frequency, Matter changed frequency and as everything is a crystalline structure of the Water Crystal Tetrahedron, the Universal Field construct of matter changed. This meant on Earth, Ruby’s Safire’s, Quartz, Basalt, in fact ALL rocks altered their shape but was most evident in large Desk Ornaments.
                          Earth Crystals went form a Double to a Single Lattice Structure and losing their Over Unity features in the process. It was the day MAGIC DIED. The Atlantean Fire Crystal did not. It is the King of Crystals. Unequalled anywhere in the Universe for Energy output controlled by the inputer device which can be an organic brain battery.
                          The site The Fall of Atlantis and their use of Crystals is a lot of history rewritten.
                          The Jooos have again perverted ancient history with Evil White Ayran Hitler having its origin in Atlantis. If they knew ANYTHING about the crystals in Atlantis they would know where to find them. They would know how the 150 foot spire with the Crystals on top exploded and whom actually did it by sabotaging in the name of helping to Tweak it for more power as its generating capacity was at MAXX. Its subsequent blast destroyed the Radar band around the earth up to 150 above sea level. This happened BEFORE Atlantis sank in the Periodic re-occurring Earth Changes every 4300 years approx. This is why coil pack 4 U was booted out. We are not going to tolerate my lab created by humans crystals are better than your alien life forms. It’s the Stupid Harry Potter attitude thinking humans can reverse engineer Heavenly (gods) Tech.

                          This sentence PROVES its some fabrication using about 10% truth and 90% half truths to push a perverted form of History about Atlantis.
                          “The Atlantean Crystals open the Etheric gate, the Dimensional Portals that will allow Mankind of Carbon based Life to interface with those of Bio-plasmic Life.” A Quote which if you think about it actually says nothing at all in conventional science terms.
                          We are a Water Based Universe. Water is Liquid Crystal Electricity. The Atlantean Crystals were genetically engineered to power tools by mind control using its Double Lattice as a mechanism for creating its own Neutral Center when an exterior Field is applied. A Field within a Field will do it (nearly) every time. Only from a Neutral Center or its Equilibrium can Radiant Energy from the Aether Grid manifest. The Crystal is inside one’s Auric Field and being powered up by it. Just like a Fysher Paykel motor is a Motor inside a generator where the motor spinning creates a Field within or together as a Generator circuit.
                          Now why didnt they say it like this… Allows for Humans to interface, which is control of Bio Plasmic Life which is Structures of Light as Life is in Everything said Thales. You can make finger tips bend spoons easier with Atlantean Fire Crystals embedded in Platinum worn on the fingers provided you INTERFACED with the crystal and programmed it like Joe does the washers and ring magnets and Neutral Tubes in his Cells.
                          This is how you make your own Wand of any configuration. You just cant buy thus ****, OK? Stupid Harry Potter. For a potion or elixir to work, you need to be present when its made if not actually making it yourself. For a Wand to Work, you gotta know Mind programming, Radiant Energy, crystalology Metallurgy AND PRACTICE.

                          If Peter and Alex the Con Men of Cellery, had presented this Science of Olde, instead of running with some fabrication of Human Ideology, Joe might have his Farm by now. The “problem” with Russellian Science is that, whilst it has documented Transmutation, it has not the Atomic Structure to explain it other than Wave forms. Russellian Science has a further Level of understanding in the Tetrahedron Structure of ALL LIGHT matter. Darren would probably disagree. But Darren cant actually give the mechanism by which DC from a car battery turns any liquid into water and water into oil. Wave forms might be an explanation but not how humans want to understand it.

                          Here is the theory of ONE DROP of WATER.
                          Games and Theory. After all Life is but a Grand Game. SimCity Earth has had MANY Gods or Aliens rule over humans and they have played games of thrones with each other as in the City States of Atlantis. Its still ongoing as some have referred to the Reptilian agenda. Keeping the Atomic Theory pure BS keeps humans under control. Giving them Crystal Tech like in Atlantis only caused wars when humans thought they could be like gods.


                          • Originally posted by BBX View Post
                            Electricity has been considered as decayed ether by many borderland scientists in the past few decades
                            Electricity has nothing to do with electrons. Electrons or Negative charged Particles have NOTHING to do with the Atomic Structure.

                            The Aether is the Energy Grid of the Universe. Energy can come and go from the Aether as Plasma Structures of Light. Tesla said Everything is the Light.
                            Everything is made from Light Plasma. Its frequency of vibration or Wave Form is what gives its appearance as MATTER.

                            The Energy is in the Waver form as vibrations. Change the Vibration (Memory) and you change the Matter (transmutation)

                            The human brain is then ONLY a BATTERY controlled by SPIRIT which is an Aether projection or Creation of the Universal Mind Or God. The Universal Energy grid or Mind is then considered God. But the Universal Energy Grid did not create itself.

                            Til one understands Energy, Frequency and Vibration, one has NO chance of understanding the Brain, Water, Spirit or the essence of Creation.
                            The "God" question as per ANY religion on the planet is merely Higher Life Forms that can travel by slipping through the Aether not traveling IN it.