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  • Wadjet (eye of the moon) was depicted as a snake-headed woman . The ancient Egyptian word Wedjat signifies Blue and Green ....

    The word Tantra means "to manifest, to expand, to show and to weave."

    Osibisa - Raghupati Ragava Rajaram - YouTube

    HEBREW GEMATRIA: Values from 1 - 9
    + HEBREW GEMATRIA File #1: Values from 1 - 99 + HEBREW GEMATRIA File #1: Values from 1 - 99 + "9 - Highest Female Authority. 9 levels of creation. ( Mayan Numbers Symbols ) "

    Women have orgasms while giving birth | Mail Online .... Epic Taiko Drum Music - YouTube

    ... Evolution depends on rare chance events, 'molecular time travel' experiments show +
    How Our Genome Single-Stranded DNA Sequence Is Self-Designed¯ as a Numerical Whole

    For example, the entire human genome is characterized by three remarkable numbers 1, 2, and Phi = 1.618 the golden ratio. Associated with each of these three numbers, we can match three axes of symmetry, then “imagine” a kind of hyperspace formed by these codon populations. Then we revisit the value (3-Phi)/2 which is probably universal and common to both the scale of quarks and atomic levels, balancing and tuning the whole human genome codon population



    Liquid spacetime: A very slippery superfluid, that's what spacetime could be like


    DNA is a fractal antenna in electromagnetic fields


    "How Cosmic Forces Shape Our Destinies" by Nikola Tesla

    ( Mystique et Erotique avec Jacqueline Kelen - IdĆ©es - France Culture ) .... Fela Kuti - Lady (HQ) .... The Golden Sufi Center® - Anima Mundi: Awakening the Soul of the World


    In the West Fela Kuti, the creator of Afrobeat, is know by many as “the man who married 27 wives”. On 18 February 1978 he married the entire female entourage of his band in a ceremony conducted by a Yoruba priest..... Fela Kuti - Teacher Don't Teach Me Nonsense - YouTube

    .... Movies, TV shows strongly shape how we view love ..... Laugh Heal .... When The Words From Your Heart- Smokey Robinson & Miracles - YouTube

    People who have used humor as an element in their healing process most often site watching funny movies as the method they used to laugh

    Quantum behaviour has been discovered in algae (Science Alert) ( known to be found in swamps )

    The research is part of an emerging field called quantum biology, which is studying quantum phenomena outside the lab. It's becoming increasingly clear that these behaviours are present in nature - in fact they might even account for how birds navigate using the Earth’s magnetic field


    Birds and humans have similar brain wiring


    Earth's magnetic field showing signs of significan... - The Watchers
    .... Harvey Averne Dozen - Runaway Child Running Wild - YouTube ....

    Orgasms Better For Your Brain Than Crossword Puzzles, Research Suggests

    Doing crossword puzzles is good for your brain -- but not as good as having orgasms, apparently.

    "Mental exercises increase brain activity but only in relatively localized regions,” Komisaruk told Will Pavia for the Times Of London. “Orgasm activates the whole.”


    "Weyl once said that Schrödinger did his great work during a late erotic outburst in his life, a striking example of the association in some people between sexual activity and scientific discovery, something Schrödinger himself was quite open about."

    Erwin Schrodinger - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Erwin Rudolf Josef Alexander Schrödinger (/ˈʃroʊdɪŋər/; German: [ˈɛʁviːn ˈʃʁųːdɪŋɐ]; 12 August 1887 – 4 January 1961), a Nobel Prize-winning Austrian physicist who developed a number of fundamental results in the field of quantum theory, which formed the basis of wave mechanics

    However, he had strong interests in Eastern religions, pantheism and used religious symbolism in his works
    ..... Al-Qalam - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    (The Pen) is the 68th sura of the Qur'an with 52 ayat

    1 "Nūn. By the pen and by what they write."

    2 "You are not, by the grace of your Lord, a madman."

    3 "And verily, for you will be an endless reward."

    4 "And verily, you are on an exalted character."

    5 "You will see, and they will see."
    funky mama soul beats - YouTube ... Logos - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    what is the value of Pi : ( rounded to 5 numbers )
    Pi = 3.1415 ......
    3 1 4 1 5 = 3 1 5 5 = 3 1 1 = 5

    One Night in Bangkok - Murray Head (HQ Audio) - YouTube

    one more info : .... Fela Kuti - Beasts of No Nation - YouTube

    The Maya understood the concept of the zero and represented it as a seashell, spiral or womb centuries before the Hindus had it: 36 BC.


    The Fool (Le Mat) - Unnumbered (Zero) Card: The unnumbered Fool card is usually considered to symbolize the god Hermes or Mercury

    .... Kokopelli - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia +
    Deep Purple - No No No - YouTube ... 4min 5s organ solo
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    Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” -Confucius.


    • “Now, Kalamas, don’t go by reports, by legends, by traditions, by scripture, by logical conjecture, by inference, by analogies, by agreement through pondering views, by probability, or by the thought, ‘This contemplative is our teacher.’ When yhu know for yhurselves that, ‘These qualities are skillful; these qualities are blameless; these qualities are praised by the Wise; these qualities, when adopted & carried out, lead to welfare & to happiness’ — then YHu should enter & remain in them.


      Kalama Sutta - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      Ofra Haza - YHu - YouTube

      Earth survived near-miss from 2012 solar storm: NASA

      Back in 2012, the Sun erupted with a powerful solar storm that just missed the Earth but was big enough to "knock modern civilization back to the 18th century," NASA said.

      The extreme space weather that tore through Earth's orbit on July 23, 2012, was the most powerful in 150 years, according to a statement posted on the US space agency website Wednesday.

      However, few Earthlings had any idea what was going on.


      Artstrology Date Checker + Lion Power Animal, Symbol of Brotherhood, Feminine Energy + Scientists identify body language tied to creativity, learning


      Power from the Aurora Borealis | Journal of Borderland Research - Part 2

      Dear Mr Fantasy - CSN - YouTube ....


      Suddenly, the sun is eerily quiet: Where did the sunspots go?

      "It all underlines that solar physicists really don't know what the heck is happening on the sun," Phillips said. "We just don't know how to predict the sun, that is the take away message of this event."
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      Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” -Confucius.


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        • .... The Sisters Of Mercy - Temple Of Love (Feat. Ofra Haza) - YouTube Fools - Deep Purple - YouTube

          The Letter Kaf / Khaf ... Kenaz – Rune Meaning | Rune Secrets ..... The Letter Lamed .... The Letter Mem


          Ka Li Ma / Ka La Ma .... Kalima - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .... & - Wiktionary and Kali - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

          .... Funkadelic - Funkadelic - 04 - I Got A Thing, You Got A Thing, Everybody's Got A Thing - YouTube + Society bloomed with gentler personalities and more feminine faces


          Space tornado - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia + + Dr. Pierre-Marie Robitaille: The Cosmic Microwave Background | EU2014 - YouTube

          .... "We are sniffing methane" - vast methane plumes di... - The Watchers

          "The physician must give heed to the region in which the patient lives, that is to say, to its type and peculiarities.

          For one country is different from another; its earth is different, as are its stones, wines, bread, meat, and everything that grows and thrives in a specific region.

          Once a disease has entered the body, all parts which are healthy must fight it: not one alone, but all. Because a disease might mean their common death. Nature knows this; and Nature attacks the disease with whatever help she can muster.

          Thoughts create a new heaven, a new firmament, a new source of energy, from which new arts flow.

          Magnetism is the king of all secrets"

          Could your brain be reprogrammed to work better?

          —Researchers from The University of Western Australia have shown that electromagnetic stimulation can alter brain organisation which may make your brain work better. ... Eric P Dollard - The Supernatural Power of Music - YouTube .... Funkentelechy - Parliament - YouTube


          Ancient Greek has four distinct words for love: agįpe, éros, philķa, and storgē .... S.O.U.L. - Can You Feel It - YouTube ... The brain's got rhythm: Extracting temporal patterns from visual input

          ( Greek words for love - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .... Vivaldi - Gloria - YouTube )

          Phaedrus: Socrates, you easily make up accounts (logos) from Egypt and any countries you wish!

          Socrates: Dear boy, the priests in the sacred precinct of Zeus at Dodona say that prophetic words first came from an oak tree. In fact, the men of that time on acccount of their guilelessness (lacking the wisdom you young people have) were content to listen to an oak tree and a rock, provided they spoke the truth. For you, however, what matters is who is speaking and what country he is from: you dont merely ask whether what he says is true or false." --Plato’s dialogues (Phaedrus 14 274c-275b)

          Runeway » The alphabet & Plato’s dialogues ... The Brothers Johnson - Strawberry Letter 23 - YouTube

          images from :
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          Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” -Confucius.


          • Hi Dude, how're they hanging??? lol

            Hi MonM,

            Long time no reply to ya, want to say thx. I asked a few things when I 1st joined up, about Colloidal Silver etc etc. Since then instead of dead, I'm still alive...woohoo...

            The Ozonated Olive Oil was more difficult, but I'm setting a business up, as if I found that difficult to DIY, I want to make it easier for others. I make and give away colloidal silver to family/friends as much as I can afford to. Looking to do as much good as I can while I'm here.

            Stunned as usual, I return after months and you are posting about the exact things I've been researching/doing in my life. Properties of sound to heal (Listening at Moment to Tibetan Throat chanting/Singing Bowls and Bells) really helps me get/stay asleep. I'm also working with Isochronic tones, still trying to get a TRUE Rife Beam Ray device but as the guy I was tangent to was put in prison for doing so, I need to cover My

            So my health updates: Was told 7yrs ago I had approx 5yrs till dead/wheelchair due to serious lung damage (Chronic Disease), but I'm actually fitter than when they diagnosed me, so as they said I'd lose 10% Lung Function per year, and I had 60% 7yrs ago, you see their maths are wrong, or my LOSS didn't happen. Things I believe work:

            Colloidal Silver - Not daily but as and when I feel any ailments. (Lot of Times)

            High Natural VIT C - Daily fruits, vegs, etc try to get all daily at least reqs from natural. Then Ascorbate to take as required, heard IV treatments get great results, might try IF get pneumonia full blown again. 10 times daily reqs minimum add-on to fruit/veg intakes.

            Vit D3, B12, B17 try mostly from foods (Organic if/when can), supplements ONLY if ill unable to eat food.

            Rock Salt Inhaler - MY Daily RELIGION as it works so well, is so cheap ($35 USA) for 5-6 yrs treatment including Salts. This really helps beat the colds/infections and stop them establishing in my throat/sinus/lung/mucus membranes....I am not writing all this for my benefit. I get the benefits daily ;-) IF anyone needs any advice as it IS What keeps me alive, NOT Doctors advice. Ppl like MonM, I owe you a lot dude, as I probably wouldn't have tried as much as I did, without another encouraging me, as Doctors/Specialists Scans etc said "You are DYING"! I believed them, how foolish I Was.... Thx MonM

            AND I saw a clear metallic UFO the other day, my FIRST EVer, but I truly believe it was a UK Experimental aircraft, silent fast, amazing abilities and TRYING To hide in black storm clouds, I know not many small planes DO THAT Safely! Jumping deliberately from one to other to try and not be seen. I was on it though, NOT amazingly exciting, as was manmade I could see it clearly through optics. Daylight within half mile. Around my area we have many secret aircraft bases/test facilities including (Declassified Nuke Bases for Aircraft hangars underground cities at least 2.5 Million Sq Feet, declassed 1980s we didn't even know it was there, fields and a small office building it looks like and a farm, cool camouflage.

            YEAH Right!!!! lol

            PS Wow! Just noticed LOADS of other perfectly synchronous subjects/posts of yours on this single (LAST Posts Page) including gravitators (Biefeld-Brown Effect I think), Harold Aspden, etc etc The Universe does deliver information as Tesla said it did for him, just not many of us have the correct tuning system to understand intuition is an amazing thing. Even Jung stated intuition is one of the strongest gifts that mankind has (Paraphrased).


            • Originally posted by PYak1967 View Post

              PS Wow! Just noticed LOADS of other perfectly synchronous subjects/posts of yours on this single (LAST Posts Page) including gravitators (Biefeld-Brown Effect I think), Harold Aspden, etc etc The Universe does deliver information as Tesla said it did for him, just not many of us have the correct tuning system to understand intuition is an amazing thing. Even Jung stated intuition is one of the strongest gifts that mankind has (Paraphrased).
              or call it a Gut Feeling

              Good Reading yhu PYak1967 , and Glad to see you in good Health


              Do gut bacteria rule our minds?

              Mystics are those who experiment with their experience and are therefore empiricists, drawing conclusions in a way that is in the true spirit of science.

              .... Tito Puente - Tito On Timbales - YouTube
              here is a website if yhu are interested in Ozone : Ozone Science & Engineering Journal | International Ozone Association

              and if you are having a hard time finding an ozone Machine , you can always check out : Online Buy Wholesale ozone generator from China ozone generator Wholesalers | ( but do your research first )




              The Faraday wave and its wavelength is analogous to the de Broglie wave with the de Broglie wavelength in quantum mechanics.[3]

              Faraday waves are used as a liquid-based template for directed assembly of microscale materials including soft matter, rigid bodies, biological entities (e.g.,individual cells, cell spheroids and cell-seeded microcarrier beads)

              hint :

              from :


              Scientists Have Found That Memories Can Be Passed Down Through Generations In Our Genes | Spirit Science and Metaphysics


              DNA is a fractal antenna in electromagnetic fields

              .... Undisputed Truth Showtime - YouTube

              addendum :

              Powerful solar flare reaching M5.9 erupted from ea... - The Watchers

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              Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” -Confucius.


              • You're Freaking me out a Little (LOT)!!!!

                Hi Dude,

                thx as always for your kind wishes...but as my Title says, you are freaking me out a LOT but a LOT Good not bad, unless you are a stalker and following me....LOLOL

                Let me explain, I just answered a few mails etc, 1 was to start organising an Ozone business for the UK. That, was straight after replying to a YTube post telling a contact about the Pre-Sanskrit culture and how clever they are, the vowels that form the symbols used in their culture etc shows they KNEW ....blah blah, well you obviously KNOW the rest.....

                here is a website if yhu are interested in Ozone : Ozone Science & Engineering Journal | International Ozone Association

                and if you are having a hard time finding an ozone Machine , you can always check out : Online Buy Wholesale ozone generator from China ozone generator Wholesalers | ( but do your research first )


                QUANTUM META-PHYSICS


                The Faraday wave and its wavelength is analogous to the de Broglie wave with the de Broglie wavelength in quantum mechanics.[3]

                "PIC OF Symbols of Sanskrit vowels etc" Can't COPY your pics as not required, & too tired 4am. lol

                Then pic of Buddha smiling/waving at me....LOVE IT!

                Faraday waves are used as a liquid-based template for directed assembly of microscale materials including soft matter, rigid bodies, biological entities (e.g.,individual cells, cell spheroids and cell-seeded microcarrier beads)

                hint :

                THEN I see your reply, and BAAAAM it's ALL here. Even in pictures, then a Big Smiling Buddha waving at me, after my 1st week of starting to meditate listening to Buddhist Tibetan sounds, shocked me a little, was like you posted a synopsis of my day. Much thx.

                It is so nice to have PROOF, that the Universe is a truly wondrous place to exist. Why they don't want us to acknowledge the true Way and become ONE with it! Then their material existence holds no power over us ....

                Thank you MonM, I do really appreciate our chats, and your knowledge. God Bless.

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                • L-Arginine & Cancer research/tests

                  MonM & ALL,

                  PLEASE take afew mins to read this, IF you are in a bad place with cancer, or know someone, maybe try the prevention, READ This found it at 5.50AM, bought mine yesterday after reading THIS:

                  According to the Times, the easiest part of Keller’s defense was disproving the government’s contention that the L-arginine serum used by Keller was “ineffective as a cancer treatment.” To refute that assertion, one of Keller’s five attorneys put several health researchers on the stand. They testified that computer searches of the standard medical databases showed some 20 to 25 articles, several of which were done at the National Cancer Institute itself, demonstrating that L-arginine either prevented cancerous tumors in the first place or, in the case of existing tumors, made them significantly shrink or disappear entirely. The papers ranged from a 1943 study showing that in 83% of the animals tested, rat tumors disappeared within two to three weeks when injected with L-arginine, to a 1991 Lancet study showing that when human volunteers were injected with large doses of L-arginine over a three-day period, their “natural-killer-cell activity rose a mean of 91%.”

                  I love the human body as this is just giving the T Cells what they need to work/multiply, L-Arginine is KNOWN to increase the size of T Cell organ.

                  I only began taking it as it is good for increasing artery/vein size and increasing oxygen delivery, with bad lungs I thought it may be good. Looks like a winner. Even the Cancer Inst. US agreed it worked, then took it NO Further.....GRRRRRRRR!!!!

                  BUT That won't stop Us will it?????

                  Peace & Love, time to sleep, Sun is rising, (Vampire Opens coffin lid Creeaaaak)


                  • The Undisputed Truth - Space Machine.wmv - YouTube

                    KEY POINTS

                    As if coming full circle, quantum physics is returning physics to its roots in metaphysics, which is to say that quantum physics is becoming a spiritual path.

                    The discoveries of quantum physics are so radical that the physics community is suffering from and in the process of assimilating a form of trauma─Quantum Physics-Induced Trauma (QPIT).

                    This trauma, which manifests in myriad forms of unconscious reactions, resistance and denial of quantum physics’ earth-shaking revelations, is one of the ways that psyche is entering the field of physics. “Physis and Psyche” are coming together and revealing themselves as complementary aspects of the same reality.

                    In a single process with two aspects, we exclude ourselves from the world by stepping into the role of separate witnesses, which simultaneously creates both the illusion of our independent self and the illusion of an objective world. We en-trance ourselves by our mind’s own projections in the process.

                    Quantum entities are a co-incidence and union of opposites. The nature of the quantum realm is described by the term “complementarity.” The very quest for a single descriptive model of reality has to be given up.

                    Quantum entities have no continuous thread of identity from one moment to the next. They are continually being recreated anew. In an example of complementarity, the opposite is equally true: the universe is never divided, for all division is only apparent division and everything is simply an expression of an indivisible wholeness. Both of these points of view are reflections of our nature.

                    The only reality we can ever know is our directly lived experience.

                    The apparently solid, self-existing forms of the world are in actuality self-perpetuating patterns within an endless flux that seemingly endure as stable entities over time.

                    In the quantum world, there is no separation; there is simply undivided wholeness. The dancer and the dance are one. .... Omar Khorshid - Ra.K.Set el Fadaa - YouTube ... Dance of Space

                    We can only recognize and experience the undivided wholeness of the seemingly outer world when we are in touch with the wholeness within ourselves. The undivided wholeness of the quantum world is our own reflection.

                    Instead of being passive, impotent cogs in a machine, quantum physics reveals to us that we are active participants and co-creators with the universe.

                    Quantum physics is revealing that the boundary is collapsing not just between the subject and object, but, just as in a dream, between the inner and the outer as well.

                    The revelations of quantum physics, once integrated, can’t help but catalyze a Copernican revolution within our minds. Its insights radically changes how we conceive of ourselves relative to the universe.

                    Consciousness is inescapably playing a key role in physics. Similar to how Copernicus placed the sun at the center of our solar system, quantum physics places the light of consciousness at the center of the creation of the universe.

                    Quantum physics is pointing to, and a revelation of, the dreamlike nature of the universe. .... see also : Dreamtime - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

                    Encountering the quantum realm is like discovering the Holy Grail. Its revelations can be used for good or evil.

                    Quantum physics is reflecting back to us that, as if under a spell, our ability to create reality is for the most part being wielded unconsciously and turned against ourselves in a way that is not only not serving us, but harming and disabling us.

                    The liberating revelations of quantum physics have been usurped and monopolized by the existing power structure to serve its underlying agenda of centralizing and compartmentalizing power and control. Because of this, it is as if the liberating revelations of quantum physics, like the mythic Sleeping Beauty, has had an evil spell cast upon it. .... so just give her a kiss to wake up

                    It is our task to liberate and engage the world-transforming power of quantum physics for the benefit of everyone.

                    QUANTUM META-PHYSICS

                    Quotes on Spanda and Extracts from Spanda Karikas (9th Century).

                    Spanda is a Sanskrit term – derived from the root spadi: “to move a little” – for the subtle creative pulse of the universe as it manifests into the dynamism of living form.

                    (It holds that) the entire universe is nothing but conscious energy, and that everything in the universe is that consciousness expressed in different forms. Spanda can be translated as throb or pulse or to mean vibration, movement, or motion, referring to waves of activity issuing forth from an unseen source of spontaneous expression, emanating not only from the centre outward, but from everywhere at once.

                    It might be described as the essence of a wave in the ocean of consciousness. An impulse or desire to create and enjoy, likened to an eternal spring, joyfully overflowing its inner essence into manifestation and inspiration, yet ever full, complete and unchanging.

                    The ....Absolute .....creates a stir, a throb (spanda) which vibrates as the primordial sound. This ur-sound concentrates itself into a point (bindu), a nucleus of condensed energy....... This point encloses in itself all the possibilities of becoming, all that have to be created. Then, the point swells ...., assumes a radius: the polarization takes place: the dynamic and static energies interact and, from the ensuing unfoldment, two more points emerge to form a triad of points: the primary triangle, the beginning of creation.

                    Moving as a resonance, the pulsation of spanda exists continuously; and in all the different states of consciousness there is spanda: it is the residual, foundational substratum of the manifested world.

                    Source ~ What does Spanda mean?

                    Spanda - Yoga and Tantra - somathread

                    thank yhu Moon

                    ps :

                    Fluid mechanics suggests alternative to quantum orthodoxy .... Physicists create water tractor beam .... The sound of an atom has been captured ... Buddhist singing bowls inspire new tandem solar cell design ( + )

                    L-Arginine - What Should You Know About It?

                    There's some evidence that L-arginine may benefit men with erectile dysfunction
                    but know this : Men and Women are two different vibrations ( complementary but different )

                    Drugs can affect men and women differently - CBS News

                    The New Birth "Theme From Buck & The Preacher" - YouTube ... I've Got to Use My Imagination - Gladys Knight and the Pips - YouTube ... Don't underestimate your mind's eye

                    Take a look around, and what do you see? Much more than you think you do, thanks to your finely tuned mind's eye, which processes images without your even knowing.
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                    Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” -Confucius.


                    • (laughing)
                      De Rien, avec plaisir, Monsieur M!
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                      • Consciousness is inescapably playing a key role in physics. Similar to how Copernicus placed the sun at the center of our solar system, quantum physics places the light of consciousness at the center of the creation of the universe.
                        I'm fortunate to have a very spiritual friend approx 25yrs ago he was explaining they'd found a particle in atoms called the "Charm Particle" then "Strange" etc. sure that stunned me a little, but read the Gita and found they KNEW about this many thousands of yrs ago too. How amazing is that, our so called inferior civilisation had such understanding of the TRUE Creation they were/are still miles ahead of most of us.

                        When you mention the QPIT syndrome for physicists, I saw it in action the other day. A CERN Top Lady was interviewed, she was asked about black holes and all the things that happen which standard physics says is impossible, but is happening....She went pale and said "the problem is, IF they (Q physicists) are correct (and we think they are), then we really have spent the last 125yrs going in wrong direction as we didn't recognise the people who had it correct to begin with".....awwwww how sad.

                        Their educational control over the masses to make them dumb, guess what it made them dumb. Extremely intelligent science depts, yet dumb to how the Universes work, I say Universes as obviously there ARE more of them too. Crazy, exciting times we live in. Maybe this is the reason the gifted scientists who did study knowledge from our pre-sanskrit times became that gifted because they hit the nail on the head, as had intuition, guidance to find the correct path.
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                        • Added benefits of L-Arginine

                          Originally posted by MonsieurM View Post
                          The Undisputed Truth - Space Machine.wmv - YouTube


                          ps :

                          L-Arginine - What Should You Know About It?

                          but know this : Men and Women are two different vibrations ( complementary but different )

                          I am fortunate not to have required the extra benefits, but hey I'll take em if gifted. Sure I can find a way to use the properties.

                          OK, a little update 48hrs into taking L-Arginine, I can't say too much, but can't sleep, not in a strung out way, but not tired. Maybe increased oxygen levels are benefiting that as usually feel very tired after 18hrs awake. Had 1 hr and feel as recharged as if have 8hrs, cool. I had a bit of a Flu coming, why as the weather in UK became hot and stormy from hurricane crossing Atlantic, I knew it would come. The flu seems to have been stopped in its tracks for now. BIG benefit for me personally, and IF it IS Placebo efffect, OK I'll take that, got some more guinea pigs to play with now, as they know I won't BS them.

                          Colloidal Silver & L-Arginine all round please

                          Take Care guys, a lot of awful things happening in the world, but I feel positive for some strange reason that things are moving forwards rapidly.

                          Love & Peace guys.


                          • Geomagnetic storm in progress, auroras visible at ... - The Watchers

                            Booker T. & The MG's - Summertime (1966) - YouTube Booker T & the M G 's - Green Onions (Original / HQ audio) - YouTube

                            The luminous intensity of the streams increases rapidly when
                            the potential is increased; and with frequencies of only a few
                            hundred thousand, could the coil be made to withstand a suffi-
                            ciently high potential difference, there is no doubt that the
                            space around a wire could be made to emit a strong light,
                            merely by the agitation of the molecules of the air at ordinary

                            Such discharges of very high frequency which render lumi-
                            nous the air at ordinary pressure we have very likely occasion to
                            witness in the aurora borealis. From many of these experi-
                            ments it seems reasonable to infer that sudden cosmic disturb-
                            ances, such as eruptions on the sun, set the electrostatic charge
                            of the earth in an extremely rapid vibration
                            , and produce the
                            glow by the violent agitation of the air in the upper and even in
                            the lower strata. It is thought that if the frequency were low?
                            or even more so if the charge were not at all vibrating, the
                            lower dense strata would break down as in a lightning discharge.
                            Indications of such breaking down have been repeatedly ob-
                            served, but they can be attributed to the fundamental disturb-
                            ances, which are few in number, for the superimposed vibration
                            would be so rapid as not to allow a disruptive break.

                            p 129

                            The study of these discharge phenomena has led Mr. Tesla to
                            the recognition of some important facts. It was found, as already
                            stated, that uascous matter must be most carefully excluded from

                            130 INVENTIONS OP' NIKOLA TESLA.

                            any dielectric which is subjected to great, rapidly changing elec-
                            trostatic stresses.


                            CTRL F + Dielectric

                            Tis all a Chequer-board of night and days

                            Where destiny with men for pieces plays

                            Hither thither moves, and mates and slays.

                            And one by one back in the closet lays.

                            V.49 Fitzgerald’s Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam Another One Bites the Dust - Queen - YouTube


                            Stop and listen: Study shows how movement affects hearing ...

                            Flexing the brain: Scientists discover why learning tasks can be difficult ...

                            Are you as old as what you eat? Researchers learn how to rejuvenate aging immune cells ...

                            With thanks: Gratitude can win you new friends, study shows ...

                            Gamblers are greedy bird-brains, research finds ... Kenny Rogers - The Gambler - Lyrics - YouTube Fractal Enlightenment | 7 Signs YHu May be a Sacred Clown .... Fool's mate - Wikipedia

                            ... Nate Dogg feat. Pharoahe Monch - "I Pledge Allegiance" - YouTube
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                            Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” -Confucius.


                            • addendum :

                              Celestial Events September 2014: Supermoon, New Moon, Equinox Plus Brightest Planets To Watch Out For - International Business Times .... fugi red - moon 7'' - YouTube

                              the full moon will occur on Monday, 9/9/14

                              ....Natural World News notes September's full moon is the third supermoon of the year 2014. This supermoon is also known as "perigee moon." The website notes that on this day the moon will "appear 16 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than other full moons

                              .... Equinox: Sept. 23 will witness the autumn equinox of the year 2014."
                              The Watchers - Watching the world evolve and transform ... LaniaKea: Our home supercluster - YouTube + Lichtenberg figure - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

                              Modern 3D Lichtenberg figures or "electrical treeing" in a block of clear acrylic, created by irradiating the block with an electron beam. The fractal discharge pattern is believed to extend down to the molecular level.

                              .... Astrophysicists Find Fractal Image Of Sun's 'Storm Season' Imprinted On Solar Wind -- ScienceDaily


                              Electron avalanche - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

                              A plasma begins with a rare natural 'background' ionization event of a neutral air molecule, perhaps as the result of photoexcitation or background radiation


                              ... Fractal avalanche ruptures in biological membranes ... Geomagnetic Disturbances Cause Heart Attacks and Strokes, page 1

                              James Brown - Body Heat - YouTube ... James Brown - Mind Power - YouTube

                              ( image from : Women: This Is Your Brain During Orgasm .... Meditation and sex have the same effects on your brain, study shows - .... The Neurobiology of Bliss--Sacred and Profane - Scientific American ... OMG - Wiktionary ... Ganesh Maha Mantra - OM G am Ganapataye Namaha - YouTube ..... Pablo Cruise | Zero to Sixty in Five - YouTube )

                              Thomas H. MORAY speech - Nu Energy ā„¢

                              While on this subject of the vibrations of matter, be it in the Universe or beyond the microscopic, let me state that one finds another very interesting discovery for which we must acknowledge the help of Dr. Robert B. Craig, without whose accomplishment in obtaining the original support of a branch of the United States Government for research in Cosray Electric Therapy, this very valuable equipment might never have been given to the public. Also, we might not have made the discovery that the living cell oscillates very similarly to the oscillations of the Universe and can be expressed mathematically, much as the oscillations of capacitors under high frequency current effect

                              Pablo Cruise - ocean breeze , full 12 min version - YouTube ... Thomas Henry Moray: The Sea of Energy ~ Excerpts of technical factoids & illustrations of the Moray Radiant Energy Receiver

                              When things get glassy, molecules go fractal ... Optical fiber - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


                              Researchers exploring collagen growth

                              As part of his research, Hwang found that collagen fibrils assemble into an intricate network of triangular shapes in which larger shapes are filled with smaller ones, iteratively. This type of structured network is characterized by scientists as fractal, he explained. Fractal patterns, he says, aren't unique to collagen; in fact, they occur throughout nature, such as in river networks, clouds, seashore lines and mountains. Similar networks even occur among the light-carrying nanofibers of optical-based electronics.

                              Collagen is one of the long, fibrous structural proteins whose functions are quite different from those of globular proteins, such as enzymes. Tough bundles of collagen called collagen fibers are a major component of the extracellular matrix that supports most tissues and gives cells structure from the outside, but collagen is also found inside certain cells. Collagen has great tensile strength, and is the main component of fascia, cartilage, ligaments, tendons, bone and skin.[48][49] Along with soft keratin, it is responsible for skin strength and elasticity, and its degradation leads to wrinkles that accompany aging.[50][51] It strengthens blood vessels and plays a role in tissue development. It is present in the cornea and lens of the eye in crystalline form.

                              Collagen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
                              Read more at: Bioplasma
                              45:XXXIII cirKuMLocutions.--"Every time you find in our books a tale, the reality of which seems impossible, a story which repugnant both to reason and common sense, then be sure that tale contains a profound allegory veiling a deeply mysterious truth; and the greater the absurdity of the letter the deeper the wisdom of the spirit." RABBI MOSES MAIMONIDES.... "Weird Al" Yankovic - Word Crimes - YouTube

                              ... Booker T and the M.G.'s - Grab Bag - YouTube
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                              Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” -Confucius.


                              • Rosetau - The Alternative Egypt Website

                                "A Sanctaury For Sokar" first appeared in Appendix IV of Secret Chamber by Robert Bauval

                                At the Spring Equinox sunset of 1998 I stood at the "Gateway" and watched the shadow of G3A, the easternmost of the three satellites of Menkaure's pyramid, touch my feet as the sun disappeared over the western horizon. That shadow has a measure, it is 1881 cubits long. The length of the Grand Gallery in the Great Pyramid is 1881 inches . The vertical angle of the Grand Gallery is 26.33 degrees, the angle from the Gateway to the Great Pyramid is 26.33 degrees, it is the angle generated by the ratio 1: 2, or the angle across a double square. The floor of the King's Chamber is a double square which measures 10 x 20 royal cubits. Everything on the Giza plateau is commensurate to a singular system which describes the universe as the Pyramid Builders saw it and measured it, and then they constructed their model of the Cosmos with such precision that the Great Pyramid itself plays a tune, but that we're saving for our book....
                                26,33 -----> 8 6 or 6 8 ....


                                Four is it in qualities,
                                shining in each of the planes of existence,
                                but thirteen in one,
                                the mystical number.

                                Based on the qualities of man are the Brothers:
                                each shall direct the unfoldment of being,
                                each shall channels be of the Great One.

                                hint : 14 4 as in :

                                The Great Pyramid of the Lord at Giza had 144,000 casting stones to cover its sides.

                                144 > 9 - 144 - 144 = 24x32

                                --- a knowing one; a wizard; intelligent; magician; a wizard spirit.

                                HEBREW GEMATRIA: Values from 140 - 149

                                FIVE ( 13 in 1 ) is the master, the Lord of all magic -
                                Key to The Word that resounds among men.

                                The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean - 1

                                The earliest temple obelisk still in its original position is the 68-foot (20.7 m) 120-ton[4] red granite Obelisk of Senusret I of the XIIth Dynasty at Al-Matariyyah part of Heliopolis.[5]

                                The obelisk symbolized the sun god Ra, and during the brief religious reformation of Akhenaten was said to be a petrified ray of the Aten, the sundisk. It was also thought that the god existed within the structure.

                                Obelisk - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


                                Quintuple meter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

                                It is also possible for a 15/8 time signature to be used for an irregular, or "additive" metrical pattern, such as groupings of 3 + 3 + 3 + 2 + 2 + 2 eighth notes or, for example in the Hymn to the Sun by Mesomedes of Crete

                                Quintuple meter (Brit. metre) or quintuple time (chiefly Brit.) is a musical meter characterized by five beats in a measure

                                1 History
                                1.1 Ancient Greek music
                                1.2 Asia, Transcaucasia, and the Middle East
                                1.3 Australia
                                1.4 The Americas
                                1.5 European folk music
                                1.6 European art music
                                1.6.1 Medieval and Renaissance
                                1.6.2 Baroque and Classical
                                1.6.3 19th century
                                1.6.4 20th century
                                1.7 Jazz and popular music
                                Pythagorean tuning (Greek: Πυθαγόρεια κλίμακα) is a tuning of the syntonic temperament[1] in which the generator is the ratio 3:2 (i.e., the untempered perfect fifth), which is 702 cents wide

                                Pythagorean tuning - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

                                Pythagorean tuning is based on a stack of intervals called perfect fifths, each tuned in the ratio 3:2, the next simplest ratio after 2:1. Starting from D for example (D-based tuning), six other notes are produced by moving six times a ratio 3:2 up, and the remaining ones by moving the same ratio down:
                                This succession of eleven 3:2 intervals spans across a wide range of frequency (on a piano keyboard, it encompasses 77 keys)

                                14 That which I have said of the operation of the Sun is accomplished & ended.

                                Newton's translation

                                Emerald Tablet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

                                fun fact : Invented in 1931, the electric guitar became a necessity as jazz guitarists sought to amplify their sound in the big band format.


                                Studies show women ( BLUE ) find men ( RED ) more attractive if they hold a guitar
                                Secret Teachings of All Ages: The Pythagorean Theory of Music and Color + The Doubling Theory ( interdesign21 provided the link )

                                Pythagoras thereupon discovered that the first and fourth strings when sounded together produced the harmonic interval of the octave, for doubling the weight had the same effect as halving the string. The tension of the first string being twice that of the fourth string, their ratio was said to be 2:1, or duple

                                SEE ALSO : Tesla and the Music

                                Resonance in Paleo-Sanskrit Inscriptions on the Great Pyramid

                                This short statement comprises a concise explanation of the main infrasonic function of the Great Pyramid --global infrasonic synchronization of the collective human consciousness, thereby endowing feminine forces: vi Sani raua ra Yoni --"From masculine force, thundering, granting feminine."

                                Sounds of a Glass Armonica - YouTube .... Glass harmonica - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

                                Given in simpler terms maintained among Chinese traditions of bioenergetic medicine that would be more easily understood in the present day, the phrase essentially reads: "From Yang, thundering, granting Yin".

                                "Know masculinity, Maintain femininity, and be a ravine for all under heaven." (chap. 28, tr. Mair)

                                are yhu familiar with : Protests of '68 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

                                OMG .... O Me Ga .... Funkadelic - Funkadelic - 03 - Music For My Mother - YouTube

                                Herbie Mann "Comin' Home Baby" - YouTube Elvis Presley - Devil in Disguise

                                Tao Te Ching - Lao Tzu - chapter 23

                                To talk little is natural.
                                High winds do not last all morning.
                                Heavy rain does not last all day.
                                Why is this? Heaven and earth!
                                If heaven and earth cannot make things eternal,
                                How is it possible for man?

                                He who follows the Tao
                                is at one with the Tao.
                                He is virtuous
                                Experiences Virtue.
                                He who loses the way
                                Feels lost.
                                When you are at one with the Tao,
                                The Tao welcomes you.
                                When you are one with Virtue,
                                The Virtue is always there.
                                When you are at with loss,
                                The loss is experienced willingly.

                                He who does not trust enough
                                Will not be trusted.
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                                Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” -Confucius.