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The Brain is an Advanced Fractal Antenna

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  • The Brain is an Advanced Fractal Antenna

    I wanted to start this thread, as a repository for all research/example that point toward this simple fact.

    Why do you ask? Because it could just be one step away from proving the possibility of telepathy (receiving and emitting waves).

    here goes nothing:

    Fractal antenna - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    A fractal antenna is an antenna that uses a fractal, self-similar design to maximize the length, or increase the perimeter (on inside sections or the outer structure), of material that can receive or transmit electromagnetic radiation within a given total surface area or volume.

    Such fractal antennas are also referred to as multilevel and space filling curves, but the key aspect lies in their repetition of a motif over two or more scale sizes,[1] or "iterations". For this reason, fractal antennas are very compact, are multiband or wideband, and have useful applications in cellular telephone and microwave communications.

    A good example of a fractal antenna as a spacefilling curve is in the form of a shrunken fractal helix.[2] Here, each line of copper is just a small fraction of a wavelength.

    A fractal antenna's response differs markedly from traditional antenna designs, in that it is capable of operating with good-to-excellent performance at many different frequencies simultaneously. Normally standard antennas have to be "cut" for the frequency for which they are to be used—and thus the standard antennas only work well at that frequency. This makes the fractal antenna an excellent design for wideband and multiband applications.

    fractal property of nature

    Patterns of Visual Math - Fractals in Nature

    Fractal in Human Body

    Applications of Fractals - Human Body

    If you are still not convinced that that fractals, being a math topic, are very important in real life, your opinion might change after finding out that you yourself are made of fractals!

    George O. SQUIER: Tree Antennas

    George O. Squier ~ Trees as Antennas ( Scientific American, June 14, 1919 & British Patent Specification # 149,917)

    It is not a joke nor a scientific curiosity, this strange discovery of Gen. George O. Squire, Chief Signal Officer, that trees --- all trees, of all kinds and all heights, growing anywhere --- are nature's own wireless towers and antenna combined. The matter first came to his attention in 1904, through the use of trees as grounds for Army buzzer and telegraph and telephone sets, which, in perfectly dry ground and in a dry season, functioned poorly or not at all with ordinary grounds. Right then he began experiments with a view to seeing what possibilities, if any, the tree had as an aerial. But in 1904 radiotelegraphy was far more undeveloped than at present, and vacuum amplifying tubes were not thought of.
    The New “Power Plants”: Trees Make Electricity?

    It appears that a small electrical component company near Boston has figured out how to get electricity out of trees. MagCap Engineering is pretty sure they’ve come up on the next renewable energy revolution. By pounding a nail into the trunk and a conductor into the ground, a faint but consistent charge is detected in a wire running from the tree to the earth.
    The New “Power Plants�: Trees Make Electricity? : TreeHugger

    It is your Brain that determines the color:

    Typically, humans have three different types of cones with photo-pigments that sense three different portions of the spectrum. Each cone is tuned to perceive primarily long wavelengths (sometimes called red), middle wavelengths (sometimes called green), or short wavelengths (sometimes called blue), referred to as L-, M-, and S- cones respectively. The peak sensitivities are provided by three different photo-pigments. Light at any wavelength in the visual spectrum (ranging from 400 to 700 nm) will excite one or more of these three types of sensors. Our mind determines the color by comparing the different signals each cone senses
    Seeing color | Causes of Color

    How do we hear?

    The human eardrum is a stretched membrane, like the skin of a drum. When the sound waves hit your eardrum, it vibrates and the brain interprets these vibrations as sound.
    How do we hear?

    note: Remember that every interaction we have as human with our surrounding is just an electric impulse interpreted by your Brain (add this to electric universe theory)

    Implanted electrodes enable a paraplegic man to stand, regain leg use

    GOD Helmet

    God Helmet refers to an experimental apparatus used in Neuroscience, primarily in the field of neurotheology. Originally called the "Koren helmet" after its inventer Stanley Koren, it was conceived to study creativity and the effects of subtle stimulation of the mesiobasal temporal lobes.[1] Reports by participants of a "sensed presence" brought public attention to the God Helmet through appearances in several TV documentaries showing it in use.[2]

    The apparatus, placed on the head of an experimental subject, generates weak fluctuating (i.e. "complex") magnetic fields. These fields are approximately as strong as those generated by a land line telephone handset or an ordinary hair dryer, but far weaker than that of an ordinary fridge magnet. It is used extensively by Michael Persinger, a neuroscientist at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. Persinger has published extensively about the effects on the human brain of the "complex" magnetic fields generated by the God helmet and other similar devices.[3] Many subjects have reported "mystical experiences and altered states"[4] while wearing the God Helmet
    God helmet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Neurobiologists Find that Weak Electrical Fields in the Brain Help Neurons Fire Together

    "So far, neural communication has been thought to occur almost entirely via traffic involving synapses, the junctions where one neuron connects to the next one. Our work suggests an additional means of neural communication through the extracellular space independent of synapses."
    Neurobiologists Find that Weak Electrical Fields in the Brain Help Neurons Fire Together - Caltech Media Relations

    Shape analysis of MR brain images based on the fractal dimension

    Olena Buczko*, Paweł Mikołajczak
    Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science, Maria Curie-Skłodowska University,
    pl. M.Curie-Skłodowskiej 1, 20-030 Lublin, Poland

    This paper presents some results concerning the application of the fractal approach to the
    analysis of shape of white brain matter in the magnetic-resonance (MR) images. The fractal
    dimension of white brain matter was calculated using the box-counting algorithm.

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    This is some very interesting information. I have to say, though, that if you haven't found proof of telepathy, you haven't read enough about it. I tend to look at it from the standpoint of our brains and minds (in particular, our self limiting thoughts and beliefs) are what are standing between us and our natural telepathic ability.
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      What i am trying to show is that through "evolution" (whichever theory you believe in), the brain took over the function of interpreting sight,sound and touch; in other words it is an acquired Aptitude (what else can be acquired ). the question i ask myself is what lies next? And i don't think it is a such a giant leap to believe that telepathy is just learning to use the right frequency and knowing how to receive/emit such a wave. The brain will have to learn/be trained also to interpret such signals (ie: god helmet).

      And if you read (and believe) the account of abductees, most would say that ETs communicated with them through Telepathy, which means that we human already have that ability ingrained within us.

      just have to know how to unlock it, or which part of the brain needs to be trained/stimulated

      YouTube - &#x202a;Emotiv computer game controlled by thoughts&#x202c;&rlm;

      IBVA Brainwave Controller

      YouTube - &#x202a;IBVA Brainwave Controller&#x202c;&rlm;

      updated post#1 (added human body)
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        Just wanted to post this info because its representation is nothing more than a Fractal representation:

        Multiverse = Many Worlds, Say Physicists - Technology Review

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          Originally posted by MonsieurM View Post
          Just wanted to post this info because its representation is nothing more than a Fractal representation:

          Multiverse = Many Worlds, Say Physicists - Technology Review

          What a synchronicity, I was watching the following interview with Inelia Benz Just before I saw this.

          YouTube - &#x202a;INELIA BENZ : the full interview - with Bill Ryan from Project Avalon&#x202c;&rlm;

          Inelia was talking about the same thing, infinite parallel realities, and infinite timelines. It is recommended to be watched.
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            Indeed, Synchronicity....
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              A better way to qualify nature as Fractal is the Constructal theory:

              The constructal law puts forth the idea that the generation of design (configuration, pattern, geometry) in nature is a physics phenomenon that unites all animate and inanimate systems, and that this phenomenon is covered by the Constructal Law stated by Adrian Bejan in 1996: "For a finite-size (flow) system to persist in time (to live), its configuration must evolve such that it provides easier access to the imposed currents that flow through it."

              Constructal theory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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                I just watched INELIA BENZ's interview, I really liked the way she describes telepathy, it reminded of this post made by metamorpheus :

                Originally posted by metamorpheus View Post
                I think its a fascinating phenomena, where one coil separated by a distance,with no physical connection, other than by earth ground, will resonate with another coil, its kind of like the phenomena with twins, where no matter how far apart they are, they can feel emotions in the other person. It make you wonder if you could build a circuit to vibrate your brain at a particular frequency to match someone else....might make cell phones obsolete one day.
                and by Infunity :

                Originally posted by Infunity View Post
                I agree with metamorpheus on this matter! This is the basis for all transmission of electro-magnetic waves from one transmitter to a receiver. Most old radios seem to have a tuning aspect so that you can change the connections to the coil to change the frequency with which it will resonate. The greatest implementation of this known to "modern" man is Tesla's last great creation.. the one they never let him finish.. a tower capable of using the earth's resonant frequency matched to his tower to broadcast energy of the earth for use in electrical devices anywhere. This was a further development of the Tesla Coil, which is a good place to start to understand this stuff! I mean, Tesla was one of the first inventors of radio, and definitely before Marconi stole his ideas at Edison's company and claimed he invented it. Well, good luck in your search for resonance! Some say its the key to the universe. If you really wanna dive deep... check out a guy they sometimes claim (but isn't) the son of Tesla, John Hutchinson. He's cleaning up the Gulf using the resonant frequency of the carbon atom and molecules to somehow break apart oil into a plasma state, a nuclear change if anything. Fun stuff!
                I think she has the capacity to tune her frequency to match whichever person she wishes to make mental contact with.

                More on this:

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                  I think that Tesla was the first to realize the Constructal properties of Nature and was able to use that in order to make a fractal antenna out of whatever he wished and to tap into the scalar waves as well. Some think that Scalar waves travel at the speed of thought (which is of course instantaneous), maybe it is and if so, then Scalar waves and "telepathy wave" are likely to be one and the same. Which leads me back to the title of this thread: The Brain is an Advanced Fractal Antenna
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                    I would highly recommend that you read this post, it is about dna transfer and maybe a link with the earth's resonance and a clue to our evolution (hope i am not going too far in saying this )


                    it is also one more clue to nature as having a fractal antenna properties, adding to it the same resonance of two identical coils (ie: the water)

                    Note:The human body is about 60% water in adult males and 55% in adult females. that 's one big coil don't you think?

                    just like Tesla's Experiment

                    Another info to read:

                    The New “Power Plants”: Trees Make Electricity? in post #1

                    ps: i wonder what would happen if you use an ssg circuit on a tree?


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                      If you are interested in the subject of Fractal/Constructal properties of nature i would advise you to refer to my other post:


                      to give a little taste of it (from my latest posting):

                      From the article:

                      This apparatus was connected up to one of Mr Rogers’ latest buried antennas --- a single rubber-covered, stranded copper cable, extending westward for a distance of 4,000 feet, so as to be in a plane with the high-power European radio stations. This cable is encased in iron pipe (gas pipe), each 20-foot section of which is insulated from the abutting sections by means of a rubber hose (garden hose) slipped over the pipe ends for a few inches. This is buried in a dirt trench about 3 feet deep, filled in with soil. The cable is insulated at the free end and is connected up as in Fig. 2. The rubber covered wire alone has been used in all sub-aqueous tests, and gives fine results when simply buried in the ground, the decay not being so rapid as probably would be imagined. This latest aerial in the iron pipes is a new development and experiments are still going on with it. It works wonderfully well. The 4,000 foot aerial here described is best suited to receiving radio lengths of 6,000 to 16,000 meters. For shorter wavelengths aerials of smaller dimensions are employed.

                      Doesn't it resemble the root of a tree:

                      Tree roots possess an apical meristem (meristematic tissue found at the tip) that is protected by a root cap. The root cap sloughs off its oldest tissues to provide lubrication as the root is pushed through the soil. As the apical meristem grows, it cuts off new cells through cell division, and a zone of elongation is formed directly behind it. In this area, the new cells are enlarging and differentiating into specialized root tissue.

                      The rate of root growth is quite variable throughout a growing season. Roots usually begin to grow before the tree top does, although root growth is cyclic and responds to environmental changes such as soil depth, water supply, aeration, mineral supply, and temperature.

                      one more info:

                      a single rubber-covered, stranded copper cable, extending westward for a distance of 4,000 feet,
                      the answer to that is as follows:

                      Fractal Antennas: A Novel Miniaturization
                      Technique for Wireless Communications

                      Wireless applications, particularly with multiple
                      resonances, put new demands on antennas pertaining to size, gain,
                      efficiency, bandwidth, and more. One promising approach in this
                      regard is to use fractal geometries to find the best distribution of
                      currents within a volume to meet a particular design goal. In the
                      miniaturization of wire antennas it has been found that the
                      electromagnetic coupling between wire angles limits the reduction
                      of the resonant frequency with increasing wire length.
                      efforts by several researchers around the world to combine fractal
                      geometry with electromagnetic theory have led to an emergence of
                      new and innovative antenna designs. Unique properties of fractals
                      have been exploited to develop a new class of antenna-element
                      designs that are multi-band and compact in size and have been
                      shown to possess several highly desirable properties, including
                      multi-band performance, low sidelobe levels, and its ability to
                      develop rapid beamforming algorithms based on the recursive
                      nature of fractals. The purpose of this paper is to introduce the
                      concept of the fractals and to provide a study and implementation
                      of rapidly growing field of fractal antenna engineering including
                      recent developments. The simulated results for Koch fractal
                      antenna using AWAS and NEC are also provided.
                      your underground fractal/constructal antenna:


                      ISUE - Tree Roots

                      Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” -Confucius.


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                        Great links and info. I think your right and i think there is no doubt we all have the abilities and that, similiar to what ImBill said, most people simply have them locked away within the limits set by their own beliefs.

                        I think telepathy is a twin sibling to telkinesis. I think both of them are simple communication. One is communication between person to person and the other is communication between a person and everything else. Telepathy being a step higher than telekinesis.

                        Telepathy needs two way communication, a person who is an emittor and reciever. While telekinesis is one way communication, a person who is an emittor. Static objects seem to naturally be good recievers. Maybe i should ask them to teach me how they do it? lol. For all i know, telekinesis could just be a byproduct of telepathy. The way ive imagined it is as though everyone naturally has a dialup connection and i developed a broadband connection. The only difference being my signal is strong enough to affect static objects that would otherwise go unaffected. I would bet that someone who is telepathic and a good reciever would have an easy time reading my mind.

                        I've never really spent that much time looking at the simularities between the two but I just remembered something i heard a long time ago and its an even bigger connection. It was a video about ascension and the next higher dimension, the speaker being someone who i think is fully credible, spoke about the types of things we could expect to see and that our abilities would then be natural to everyone, that telepathy is the main form of communication. Whats interesting is that he noted, telepathy was not going to be like anything we would imagine, that unlike a spoken language you dont just say a sentence then stop. Our thoughts are ever flowing, day and night they never stop and that anybody at any time could hear you and you would hear them. That the communication is not just direct and singular.

                        I never spent too much time thinking about that, always thought it was interesting, afterall it would be the end to all deception...But, i just realized that is exactly how telekinesis works and it makes perfect sense for telepathy to work the same way. From my experience with telekinesis this confirms, that is exactly how telepathy will work. As i mentioned though, even if you trained yourself to be a great reciever, most people today would not be good emittors, so im sure it would be difficult it at all possible to hear someones thoughts unless they trained to become an emittor.


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                          I am quoting from a thread I already posted the link earlier, but it fits your description, and it comes from a Great Scientist:

                          If you place an iron rod in a dark room and cause it to vibrate at first you'll only be able to tell it is vibrating by touching it.

                          Increasing the vibration to 32Hz will produce a loud and shrill sound and vibration can now be detected by both touch and hearing. Increase that vibration to 40Hz and you can no longer detect the vibration by touch or sound.

                          If you increase the vibration to 1.5MHz you cannot feel or hear the vibration but you can detect the vibration though the rise in temperature in the iron first warm and then the iron rod will glow red hot and can be detected by sight.

                          At 3MHz the rod is now producing violet light; increasing the vibration more will produce ultra-violet rays and other invisible radiations that can only be detected by special instruments.

                          There are so many "vibrations" flowing all around us that are invisible to our 5 senses who can tell how they affect us. Uranium emits and invisible radiation that will kill you. You cannot see it but it is there and kills. Who is to say how the other radiation affects the body and mind.

                          Isn't it possible that the mind radiates its own wireless transmissions that are received by other minds but we just are unaware of that as of yet. There is no scientific proof for or against this theory, yet so many people will just to the conclusion that it cannot exist. There are among the same people that would have disbelieved radio existed before it was proven that is does exist.

                          You MUST keep an open mind and use these methods as those successful have already used them to achieve success. Who are you willing to believe, those who have not succeeded or those who have?
                          Dr. Alexander Graham Bell

                          want to know how vast the electromagnetic spectrum is , Richard Hammonds does an excellent presentation (starts at 10 min):

                          YouTube - Invisible Worlds - Out of Sight 1/4.avi
                          Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” -Confucius.


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                            I would like you to compare the following pictures, and i'll let you come to your own conclusion

                            more on this:


                            I found this document, which i think is authored by Nicolas Tesla, I have uploaded it, so as you can have access to it

                            Quite different conditions exist in my system in which the electromagnetic waves or radiations are designedly minimized. the connection of one of, the terminals of the transmitting circuit to the ground having, itself, the effect of reducing the energy of these radiations to about one-half, Under observance of 'proper rules and artifices the distance is of little or no consequence, and by skillful application of the principle of "individualization," repeatedly referred to the messages may be rendered both non-interfering and non-interferable. This invention, which I have described in technical publications, attempts to imitate, in a very crude way, the nervous system in the human body.' Nicolas Tesla
                            Note:The human body is about 60% water in adult males and 55% in adult females.

                            a while back i wrote this in a post on fractal antenna:

                            I think that Tesla was the first to realize the Constructal /fractal properties of Nature and was able to use that in order to make a fractal antenna out of whatever he wished and to tap into the scalar waves as well. Some think that Scalar waves travel at the speed of thought (which is of course instantaneous), maybe it is and if so, then Scalar waves and "telepathy wave" are likely to be one and the same. Which leads me back to the title of this thread: The Brain is an Advanced Fractal Antenna.
                            Frontiers | Fractals in the nervous system: conceptual implications for theoretical neuroscience | Frontiers in Fractal Physiology

                            This essay is presented with two principal objectives in mind: first, to document the prevalence of fractals at all levels of the nervous system, giving credence to the notion of their functional relevance; and second, to draw attention to the as yet still unresolved issues of the detailed relationships among power-law scaling, self-similarity, and self-organized criticality. As regards criticality, I will document that it has become a pivotal reference point in Neurodynamics. Furthermore, I will emphasize the not yet fully appreciated significance of allometric control processes. For dynamic fractals, I will assemble reasons for attributing to them the capacity to adapt task execution to contextual changes across a range of scales. The final Section consists of general reflections on the implications of the reviewed data, and identifies what appear to be issues of fundamental importance for future research in the rapidly evolving topic of this review.
                            I'm glad this document confirms my theory


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                              Now that we talked about fractal, let me share with u some info on water:

                              Kirlian Photography of
                              water samples on photographic film©:
                              1 drop - tap water,
                              2 mountain water drop,
                              Teteven, Bulgaria,
                              3 drop - seawater,
                              Hammamet, Tunisia,
                              4 drop - karst and mineral water,
                              Zlatna Panega, Bulgaria,;
                              Dr. Ignatov©, Dipl.Eng. Yatsevich©, 2010

                              "In the Kirlian effect, which is a high-frequency electric discharge in gas, the color of light depends only on gas. It does not depend on the electrodes. It is apparent that the color Kirlian aura carries biological information from the object itself. The observed phenomenon cannot be described and explained from the point of view of the modern physical notions for the color of the light of gas discharge. The fact that different colors are being observed, apparently confirms the opportunity for selective influence on the researched object. The methodic and the results of Dr. Ignat Ignatov are a novelty, because local energy states of the researched object are displayed depending on the colors in his electric aura. This, as a fact, presents new possibilities for the research and characterization of the qualities and properties in a biological and physical aspect of the object. New opportunities are found for the characterization of the biological properties of objects after a certain influence. Dr. Ignatov’s methodic for Color Kirlian spectral analysis can be defined. New notions for color vision are possible to be discovered. It is not clear whether the green color that we see is an averaged effect between the yellow and the blue color, or in some cases it corresponds to a wave length corresponding to the green color of the spectrum (Marinov, Ignatov, 2008)"
                              The Capacity for Unique Bioinfluence Is Where the Colors of the Kirlian Aura Are (Ignat Ignatov) - Scientific Research Center of Medical Biophysics (SRCMB)

                              the following website has a collection of links relating to vibrational water, going from the esoteric to the scientific (u pick whichever interests you).

                              Vibrational water is a term we are using to encompass a broad range of concepts and technologies related to energetic water themes. Vibrational energy is an emerging field in medicine, physics, and agriculture. Thus, related terms include vibrational medicine, vibrational physics, and vibrational agriculture.

                              Perhaps you will notice that some of these practices deal with subtle energy (e.g., Reiki, sai sanjeevini), while others are grounded in mechanical-biological (e.g., flow forms, Effective Microorganisms). We take a liberal approach and include all of these practices and concepts under this large umbrella known as vibrational water.
                              Vibrational Water

                              Vibrational Water:// Standard Chemistry and Physics; A Reference Point

                              Causes of Color: //Why is water blue? //Vibrations and visible spectrum
                              Home | Causes of Color

                              Causes of Color: //Home
                              Home | Causes of Color

                              Double-Resonance Spectroscopy of Autoionizing States of Water
                              Double-resonance spectroscopy of autoionizing states of water

                              Dense Water
                              Peter Augustin

                              A fascinating series of articles on properties of water from Peter Augustin. The material probably lies somewhere between metaphysics and standard physics; very interesting!
                              Selected titles:

                              The Anomalies of Water – The Foundation of Life

                              The Muscles in Water

                              The Biological Vacuum

                              Biological life is above all invisible, contractile, vibrating, reflecting muscle
                              membrane in water.

                              At the Beginning was the Sound. The Earthworm or The inner Infinity
                              Peter Augustin
                              water is present everywhere

                              Note:The human body is about 60% water in adult males and 55% in adult females.

                              Water appears to be one of the most abundant molecules in the Universe. It dominates the environment of the Earth and is a main constituent of numerous planets, moons and comets. On a far greater scale it possibly contributes to the so-called "missing mass" of the Universe and may initiate the birth of stars inside the giant molecular clouds. This paper gives a brief description of water and ice environments with an emphasis on their possible origin and subsequent development in the Solar System. Expanding the scope of hydrology to cover phenomena encountered on other celestial bodies is postulated and discussed.
                              WATER IN THE UNIVERSE

                              The Paper

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