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  • fyi: FK - No Agreement - YouTube

    ... Great Dub in the Sky

    "Lakota Sash Bearer, 1848"

    Sash-wearers were members of the Miwa'tani or Mandan Society. The owl feather headdress was unique to this tribal fraternity and is associated with an owl-being that appeared in a vision of the founder O_O

    At first, Tesla thought that nothing was happening. But then an owl flew into the ray’s beam and allegedly instantly disintegrated:

    The return of Nikola Tesla, the man who lit up the planet | Daily Maverick

    Nine mile owl petroglyphs

    many rock art sites all over the Colorado Plateau ...

    Alpha Blondy - I Wish You Were Here - YouTube

    According to Porphyry of Tyros, the Egyptians used an X within a circle as a symbol of the soul; having a value of Nine

    HEBREW GEMATRIA: Values from 1 - 9

    oh!, ah!, alas!; fire; fire-stove or pot; howlings; owl.
    Al-Jinn -

    Sūrat al-Jinn (Arabic: سورة الجن‎) (The Jinn) is the 72nd chapter (sura) of the Quran

    Islam and animals -

    ... In support of this, for example, it was believed that upon one's death, the soul departs from the body in the form of a bird (usually a sort of owl)

    ... 8 .... 6

    Young Bees develop within wax cells. For healthy development, the youngsters must be maintained between 32 degrees Celsius, or 89.6 degrees Fahrenheit, and 35 degrees Celsius, or 95 degrees Fahrenheit. In contrast, adults can withstand temperatures as high as 50 degrees Celsius, or 122 degrees Fahrenheit -

    Bee swarms behave just like neurons in the human brain


    Bees dance the light fantastic


    Walking the walk: What sharks, honeybees and humans have in common

    for more on Bees : ( ctrl F + Bees)

    also : Brain training using sounds can help aging brain ignore distractions

    ... Step It Pon The Rastaman Scene - YouTube


    Plant physiologists have known that plants emit sounds for several decades now. Many of these sounds are of transpiratory/hydraulic origin and are therefore related to the circulation of water and air within the plant as part of the transpiration process. The frequencies of these acoustic emissions lie mostly in the ultrasonic range, depending on the species-specific characteristics of the plant tissues. Some of the acoustic emissions (so-called cavitation pulses) are indications of embolism in the water transport system, which occurs when a plant is subjected to drought stress and desiccation. The excessive water tension in the water-conducting system leads to the rupture of the water columns in the plant vessels. Each plant species – in fact each plant individual – has its own acoustic signature, related to its structure and to the local climatic conditions.

    Archaeoacoustics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    Ancient auditory illusions reflected in prehistoric art?


    Northern Ireland: Emain Macha (Navan Fort)

    Emain Macha, also called Navan Fort, and was comprised of a central octagonal wooden building once supported by four concentric rings of posts, surrounded by a large circular enclosure made by a bank and ditch.

    Archaeoacoustics: The Sound of Ancient Megalithic Structures. :: The Arrows of Truth
    shu F also :

    ... Stonehenge (51.08°N 1.49°W)


    also: .... Any Colour You Like - YouTube


    IN MY EARLIER PUBLICATIONS, I DESCRIBED A TYPE of ground aerial system being used in many orchards in the United States. The apparatus has proved to be very successful in warding off frost damage to citrus fruit. A further effect has been the promoting of healthier trees and better general growth in the areas covered.

    I gave dimensions for a similar aerial which would resonate at the frequencies of light and gravity. Since publication I have received more information on the American system and have been extremely interested in the actual dimensions used. The aerial was designed by John Delrea Deland of Riverside, California, and has been in use since 1949. The units cover about 1 acre each and consist of a steel mast about 32 feet high, made of galvanized pipe in 12-foot lengths. The first is a two-inch pipe set into a three-foot-deep concrete base.

    Two other pipes of lesser diameter are screwed on to the bottom pipe to form a vertical mast 30-feet high. At the masthead, and also at the two pipe joints, a waterproof, three-quarter inch plywood disc is fitted. At the outer edge of the discs are seven drilled holes, evenly spaced and parallel to the mast. The holes are about ¼ inch diameter, 51.42857° apart.


    The wires are run from the centre of the mast to a distance of 144 feet.

    The Energy Grid - 03
    ... Alpha & Omega - Dub Flute - YouTube

    did yhu know elephants use infrasound in communication :

    The Ma hou T is in charge of the elephant and its well being, including its decoration and availability for rituals

    Kodumudi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Kodumudi has an average elevation of 144 metres (472 feet).

    Kodumudi is one of the yamakndur in Kongunadu, and is believed to be one of the shikarams of Kailash


    five Swayambulinga Sivasthalas. These five sthalas are represented as five types of precious stones:

    Emerald - Thirueengoimalai
    Red - Thiruvannarmalai
    Blue - Kuttraalam
    Manickam - Sivaaya Malai
    Diamond - Kodumudi


    Brahma and Vishnu, who are enshrined here, are said to have worshipped Shiva, hence the name Trimurthy Kovil (in Tamil, "Mumoorthigal Thalam")..
    an interesting read O_O : Cater Joseph H the Ultimate Reality Vol. 2


    Fetal development - 32 weeks pregnant - BabyCentre

    baby now weighs about 1.7kg and is around 42cm long from head to toe. Although his lungs won't be fully developed until just before birth, your little one is busy inhaling amniotic fluid to exercise his lungs. From 32 weeks, babies born early have good chance of surviving and thriving. His skin is becoming soft and smooth as he plumps up in preparation for birth.

    Note: Every baby develops differently. This page is designed to give a general idea of how a fetus grows in the uterus.

    “Everybody experienced one’s mother’s heartbeat as an embryonic music. The sound of taiko is rooted in the common memory of mankind beyond different ethnic history. I think that people are drawn to taiko because of our primitive memory of life itself.” Eitetsu Hayashi ( Japan's Premier Solo Taiko Drummer )

    Any Dub You Like - YouTube

    ... Alpha & Omega - Conscious Black - YouTube


    good to know .... Printing Web Pages in Google Chrome for Windows ... select pdf
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    Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” -Confucius.


    • Odic Force

      Hello Monsieur

      You have given me a great many clues through 'The Ultimate Reality' reading material you linked.

      The Odic Force may explain some of the previously unexplainable phenomenon we encounter.

      Through the darkness we may encounter the light


      • addendum :

        Number rules the universe.


        provision is made for enveloping the patient in a high potential and, in certain instances, a high frequency electric field, and for applying to the patient, while so enveloped in the electric field, radiations and emanations having therapeutic value.

        T. H. Moray: Transmutation of Low Grade Ores by High Energy Bombardment


        In 1955, in his last scholarly publication[1], Isaac Asimov calculated the radiation dose to the human body (or for that matter, any living cell) from endogenous sources (Potassium-40, Carbon-14, and Tritium) and found the total dose was roughly equal to the sea-level dose due to cosmic rays. 86% of the total endogenous dose is from K-40 and essentially all the rest from C-14, but the C-14 is believed to be much more significant biologically since carbon is integral to the DNA chain and bases while potassium is used only in metabolism. Still, the bulk of whole-body beta absorption is from K-40.

        Potassium-40 and Evolution of Higher Life
        Sunlight and ADHD + The strange case of solar flares and radioactive elements

        The decay rate was ever so slightly faster in winter than in summer.

        Mysteries of Ozone in the Human Body

        shu ph : Uranium mining throughout the Chaco region ( ie Lakota ) .
        "Who're You"
        Mr Moray's equipment, aside from the antenna and ground wires, consisted of a brown box about the size of a butter box, another unpainted box slightly smaller, a fiber board box about 6" x 4" x 4", which Mr Moray referred to as containing the tubes. And a metal baseboard about 14" x 4" x 1" containing what appeared to be a magnet at one end...
        When he described the action of his germanium mixture to the two physicists, they knew that the entire composition of the Swedish Stone had no been properly identified...

        T.H Moray: The Sea of Energy

        Group 14

        The carbon family, Group 14 in the p-block, contains carbon (C), silicon (Si), germanium (Ge) ( Atomic number 32 ), tin (Sn), lead (Pb), and flerovium (Fl).

        *Group (periodic table)

        .... ( 14 4 or 14 13 ... Boron group , comprising boron (B), aluminium (Al)....

        Kozyrev's mirrors --- a kind of room where aluminium sheets distort time and space.


        Summing it all up, Professor Kaznacheev talks about art and music and shamanism. And magnetic anomalies. And communicating with the mind over long distances. And how music and art are really holograms.

        Kozyrev mirrors

        He says : " While the time and place is fixed, the rhythm of nature and music is a hologram of time, and rhythm in time.

        Rythmes Afro Cubans
        etc )

        Letter from E. G. Jensen

        Number 1 condenser consisted of two small sheets of about 30 gauge aluminum separated by but making contact with a piece of one-quarter inch thick plate glass. The plate glass was larger than the aluminum sheets and overlapped them

        Thomas Henry Moray: The Sea of Energy
        Ralph D. Mershon is credited with developing the first commercially available "radio" electrolytic capacitor that was used in any quantity . The "Mershon Condenser" as it was known was constructed like a conventional paper capacitor, with two long strips of aluminum foil interwound with strips of insulating paper, but with the paper saturated with electrolyte solution instead of wax. Rather than trying to hermetically seal the devices, Mershon's solution was to simply fit the capacitor into an oversize aluminum or copper can, half-filled with extra electrolyte.

        Electrolytic capacitor

        "The Moray germanium mixture gives certain unique results in functioning as a valve and as a booster (amplifier). Made in form of rounded stones or pellets compressed under high pressure adn fused. Combination contains bismuth, iron sulfide,pure germanium metal"
        excerpt from] a booklet printed about 1932, entitled "Brief History of Moray Radiant Device":

        The largest instrument being about 6 inches high and circular in shape and about 8 inches in diameter.

        "Egyptian Handbook of Ritual Power" finally deciphered

        let's try some Al KMT ( Alchemy )

        Han purple, a 2,000 year old pigment that can propagate waves in only two dimensions


        Aluminium? - Chinese Archaeology

        Extremely Rare Type of Iron Oxide Found in Ancient Chinese Pottery

        Barium copper-silicate doesn't just have archaeologists and chemists intrigued. At normal temperatures, it's an insulator and is nonmagnetic. Along with its many fine properties - prettiness, historical importance, a hint of aristocratic style - barium copper-silicat has many electrons...

        both silicon and barium Han purple was a by-product of the glass-making process. Barium makes glass shinier and cloudy, which means this pigment could be the work of early alchemists trying to synthesize white jade.
        Silicon : Group 14 ( Atomic number 14 )
        Barium: Group 2 ( Atomic number 56 )
        Copper : Group 11 ( Atomic number 29 )

        ... HAN-Blue, fine shop

        The Challenge of AntiGravity

        Therefore I said that since 1921, I exposed to many scientific authorities my experience mica disc levitating, and for years, in vain I try to attract the interest of the scientific community on this experience.

        Mica is stable when exposed to electricity, light, moisture, and extreme temperatures. It has superior electrical properties as an insulator and as a dielectric

        Shu ph also : Gravity Nullification - 1927


        The luminous intensity of the streams increases rapidly when
        the potential is increased; and with frequencies of only a few
        hundred thousand, could the coil be made to withstand a suffi-
        ciently high potential difference, there is no doubt that the
        space around a wire could be made to emit a strong light,
        merely by the agitation of the molecules of the air at ordinary

        Such discharges of very high frequency which render lumi-
        nous the air at ordinary pressure we have very likely occasion to

        in the aurora borealis. From many of these experi-
        ments it seems reasonable to infer that sudden cosmic disturb-
        ances, such as eruptions on the sun, set the electrostatic charge
        of the earth in an extremely rapid vibration

        and produce the glow by the violent agitation of the air in the upper and even in
        the lower strata.


        p 129

        The study of these discharge phenomena has led Mr. Tesla to
        the recognition of some important facts. It was found, as already
        stated, that uascous matter must be most carefully excluded from


        any dielectric which is subjected to great, rapidly changing elec-
        trostatic stresses.


        Thomas H. MORAY speech - Nu Energy
        While on this subject of the vibrations of matter, be it in the Universe or beyond the microscopic, let me state that one finds another very interesting discovery that the living cell oscillates very similarly to the oscillations of the Universe and can be expressed mathematically, much as the oscillations of capacitors under high frequency current effect

        Let's Funk it up a bit more .... Insectos y percusion: Pursuit

        South America - Two 90ft Sq. Sheets of 'Mica' were found sandwiched between horizontal courses of a pyramid in Bolivia at TiaHuanaco early in the 20th century. ...

        The nearest source of Mica is hundreds of miles away in the Amazon basin ... Ancient Electricians

        see also : Entheogenic Shamanism Ancient Astronauts History -youtube @ 34 min ...

        The Mica Temple:

        Following the discovery of mica in the Pyramid of the Sun, two more sheets, approx' 90 ft square, and laid directly on top of one another, were discovered beneath the stone paved floor of the Mica temple. Trace element testing showed it to originate 2000 miles away in Brazil. (21) Similar finds of Mica have been found at some Mayan sites... Teotihuacan, Mexico

        The same South American mica was found in Olmec sites. It is clear that its presence in Teotihuacįn involved a lot of effort – and it thus must have played an important role

        The Fifth Element - A Ka Sh A - Spirit
        Basic nature: unknowable;
        Type of energy: projective/receptive;
        Colour: purple or black

        Wah Wah - Jimmy Page & Robert Plant ... wah wah - Hormesis and Low Dose Radiation

        Uranium ( ionizing radiation ) is a natural trace component of granite, and to a much lesser extent, a trace component of limestone.

        Uranium mining in Colorado ( Hydrothermal uranium deposits )
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        Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” -Confucius.


        • ... UFO reports from Nuclear/Atomic Sites., page 1


          Apparently the Russian scientist Alexander Chizhevsky, who proposed and thoroughly researched links between solar activity and biological response, found that bacteria in water responded to solar flares instantaneously, as opposed to the 8.6 minutes it should take for the photon bombardment to elicit a response."



          ... Pink Floyd -ECHOES (from a distant time)

          ps : how many hieroglyph "columns" do yhu count ...

          In later periods, the Egyptians developed the idea of five components of the soul representing the heart (the seat of thought and emotion), the Shadow, the name, the soul ba and the spirit (Ka).


          Papyrus Harris I is also known as the Great Harris Papyrus and (less accurately) simply the Harris Papyrus (though there are a number of other papyri in the Harris collection). Its technical designation is Papyrus British Museum 9999. At 41 metres long, it is "the longest known papyrus from Egypt, with some 1,500 lines of text."[1]

          Papyrus Harris I - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

          and ...

          ... Herbie Mann - Memphis Underground (1969)
          ... Sarcophagus of Hapmen. Found in Cairo, Egypt 26th Dynasty or later, 600-300 BC. Also known as the 'Lover's fountain' ... Willie Bobo Midnight Lover - YouTube

          Ptah's original name in Ancient Egyptian is reconstructed to have been pronounced as *Pitįḥ based on the occurrence of his name in hieroglyphics, ptḥ, surviving into Coptic as Ptah, just as it is now written in English. The name was also borrowed early on into Greek as Φθα Phtha. The meaning of his name, which can be translated as "the opener," is somewhat ambiguous, though it may be related to the "opening of the mouth" ritual that was often credited to him. (Budge 1895, cviii) However, it should be noted that the only uses of this verb in Egyptian texts place this "opening" in a very particular context, as represented by the verbs "to engrave," "to carve," or "to chisel"—a usage that is also paralleled in Hebrew. (Budge 1969, Vol. I, 500) In this way, the god's name echoes his association with crafting and creation.
          O_O ..... "Shu ph" ... Why golden ratio pleases the eye: US academic says he knows art secret

          According to Bejan, these arguments are academic. Whether intentional or not, the ratio represents the best proportions to transfer to the brain. "This is the best flowing configuration for images from plane to brain and it manifests itself frequently in human-made shapes that give the impression they were 'designed' according to the golden ratio," said Bejan.

          SKIP SKIP DIP SKIP DIP ....

          Golden Ratio offers unity of science

          Now, researchers from the Universities of the Witwatersrand and Pretoria are also suggesting that the "Golden Ratio" – designated by the Greek symbol ∅ (letter Phi) with a mathematical value of about 1.618 – also relates to the topology of space-time, and to a biological species constant (T).

          Pink Floyd - 03 - Time - Dark Side of The Moon - 432 Hz - YouTube

          ... pink floyd - The Endless River

          Kozyrev's mirrors --- a kind of room where aluminium sheets distort time and space.

          Electrolytic capacitor - Supercapacitors


          Summing it all up, Professor Kaznacheev talks about art and music and shamanism. And magnetic anomalies. And communicating with the mind over long distances. And how music and art are really holograms.

          Kozyrev mirrors

          He says : " While the time and place is fixed, the rhythm of nature and music is a hologram of time, and rhythm in time.

          Sound waves move at the speed of sound (1130 feet per second at sea level and a temperature of 68ŗ F )

          The earth orbits the sun at approximately 18.5 miles per second (66,600 mph)

          at Earth's surface the acceleration of gravity is about 32 feet per second squared
          ps: check out this pdf fig.4 :

          from :


          addendum: .... Rythmes Afro Cubans

          Can Mushrooms Treat Depression?

          A study published last month in the Journal of the Royal Society Interface compared M.R.I.s of the brains of subjects injected with psilocybin with scans of their normal brain activity. The brains on psilocybin showed radically different connectivity patterns between cortical regions (the parts thought to play an important role in consciousness). The researchers mapped out these connections, revealing the activity of new neural networks between otherwise disconnected brain regions.

          The researchers suspect that these unusual connections may be responsible for the synesthetic experience trippers describe, of hearing colors, for example, and seeing sounds. The part of the brain that processes sound may be connecting to the part of the brain that processes sight

          There is geometry in the Hu mming of the strings, there is music in the spacing of the spheres.


          The study’s leader, Paul Expert at King’s College London, told me that his team doubted that this psilocybin-induced connectivity lasted. They think they are seeing a temporary modification of the subject’s brain function. ... ( ie : Plasticity )

          The fact that under the influence of psilocybin the brain temporarily behaves in a new way may be medically significant in treating psychological disorders like depression. “When suffering depression, people get stuck in a spiral of negative thoughts and cannot get out of it,” Dr. Expert said. “One can imagine that breaking any pattern that prevents a ‘proper’ functioning of the brain can be helpful.” Think of it as tripping a breaker or rebooting your computer.

          Were the ancient Greeks and Romans colour blind? - The Body Sphere

          According to Bradley, the Greeks viewed chroma (in Latin color) as essentially the visible outermost shell of an object. So a table wouldn't be brown, it was wood-coloured. A window would be glass-coloured. Hair would be hair-coloured, skin would be skin-coloured. 'They wouldn't talk in terms of the abstract colours that we are used to today.'

          The term 'synaesthetic' can be used to broadly describe the different kind of association that the ancient Greeks made between the five senses. 'If colours are the external manifestations of objects, then the perception of that colour can tap into other ideas such as smell, liquidity, saturation, touch, texture.'

          In what we would tend to think of as purely visual, the ancient Greeks brought other senses into play. 'In antiquity, in pre-modern societies, there is much more capacity for the way you describe the world to tap into several different senses simultaneously,' says Bradley.


          The Odyssey was written in a poetic dialect of Greek—a literary amalgam of Aeolic Greek, Ionic Greek, and other Ancient Greek dialects—and comprises 12,110 lines of dactylic hexameter.[4][5] Among the most noteworthy elements of the text are its non-linear plot

          Many scholars believe that the original poem was composed in an oral tradition by an aoidos (epic poet/singer), perhaps a rhapsode (professional performer), and was more likely intended to be heard than read
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          Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” -Confucius.


          • Why the golden ratio pleases the eye

            According to the article, It seems to make sense.

            Our eyes are positioned in such a way that it makes sense purely in term of physiology... that's interesting on many levels and brings the theory of the Golden Section back to us as the biophysiochemical beings we are.


            • Can mushrooms treat depression?

              Can Mushrooms Treat Depression?

              A study published last month in the Journal of the Royal Society Interface compared M.R.I.s of the brains of subjects injected with psilocybin with scans of their normal brain activity. The brains on psilocybin showed radically different connectivity patterns between cortical regions (the parts thought to play an important role in consciousness). The researchers mapped out these connections, revealing the activity of new neural networks between otherwise disconnected brain regions.

              The researchers suspect that these unusual connections may be responsible for the synesthetic experience trippers describe, of hearing colors, for example, and seeing sounds. The part of the brain that processes sound may be connecting to the part of the brain that processes sight

              I would agree that certain mushroom can treat depression, but you have to be careful as they can also induce psychosis if not carefully managed. They will bring out the worst fears and insecurities, so slowly, slowly, carefully does it.
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              • Originally posted by SYDERA View Post
                Can Mushrooms Treat Depression?

                I would agree that certain mushroom can treat depression, but you have to be careful as they can also induce psychosis if not carefully managed. They will bring out the worst fears and insecurities, so slowly, slowly, carefully does it
                Cardinal Rule:

                Paracelsus 'All things are poisons, for there is nothing without poisonous qualities. It is only the dose which makes a thing poison.'
                and also just as important where and when it is done :

                Hieros gamos .... Omphalos .... Ley line

                a hieros gamos or sacred marriage, celebrated during the annual Duku ceremony, just before Invisible Moon, with the autumn Equinox[4] (Autumnal Zag-Mu Festival).


                The union is realized by the practitioner as a mystical experience within one's own body

                Inguz – Rune

                ... Liberty

                Medical Applications - WikiRota

                It is true that the equinoxes are the period where M. Rota passes his days and nights leaning over his apparatus because certain universal currents at that time reach formidable intensities

                .... Le Serpent

                (DMT) and hallucinations + The Solar Wind And Hallucinations


                Whether ionizing radiation is a risk factor for schizophrenia spectrum disorders?

                Whether ionizing radiation is a risk factor for schizophrenia spect

                Napoleon Bonaparte's Nightmare Vision Inside The Great Pyramid

                ye ye de smell

                note both have "Aries" on each sides ... Khnum


                Listening to the inner voice

                (Medical Xpress)—Perhaps the most controversial book ever written in the field of psychology, was Julian Janes' mid-seventies classic, "The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind." In it, Jaynes reaches the stunning conclusion that the seemingly all-pervasive and demanding gods of the ancients, were not just whimsical personifications of inanimate objects like the sun or moon, nor anthropomorphizations of the various beasts, real and mythical, but rather the culturally-barren inner voices of bilaterally-symmetric brains not yet fully connected, nor conscious, in the way we are today.
                In his view, all people of the day would have "heard voices", similar to the schizophrenic. They would have been experienced as a hallucinations of sorts, coming from outside themselves as the unignorable voices of gods, rather than as commands originating from the other side of the brain. After a long hiatus, the study the inner voice, and the larger mental baggage that comes along with having one, has returned to the fore. a researcher from King's College in London, recently published an insightful call to arms in PlOS Biology for psychologists and neurobiologists to create a new understanding of these phenomena.


                Bell notes that current neurocognitive theories tend to ignore how those who hear voices first acquire what he describes as "internalized social actors." In addition to live social interactions, "offline" social interaction with an internal model of those individuals holding significant power in our lives would seem like a handy feature to have. We can readily imagine entirely non pathological situations where such a model would be of benefit

                read more ...

                similar to Tulpa

                Tulpa (Tibetan: སྤྲུལ་པ, Wylie: sprul-pa; Sanskrit: निर्मित nirmita[1] and निर्माण nirmāṇa;[2] "to build" or "to construct") also translated as "magical emanation",[3] "conjured thing" [4] and "phantom" [5] is a concept in mysticism of a being or object which is created through sheer spiritual or mental discipline alone

                or Greek as Φθα Phtha : as represented by the verbs "to engrave," "to carve," or "to chisel"— In this way, the god's name echoes his association with crafting and creation.

                "shu ph" also : Imaginary Friends | Psychology Today | How common are invisible friends? or ... Spirit spouse

       ... What We Hear And See Can Be Changed By Our Imagination -

                The human eye can see 'invisible' infrared light, researchers find ....percussion- Labeille - The Bee ... The Human Eye Can See in Ultraviolet When the Lens is Removed

                how many stars do yhu count on Nut :


                on a side note :

                ... Drum Solo

                thirteen in one,
                the Mystical number
                ... 23 enigma - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ( "13 in 1" also = 11:11 Phenomenon -11:11 Digital Time Code - ... )

                Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle.

                Number 5 ..... Number 14 Symbolism ..... Number 23 Symbolism ..... Number 32 ..... Number 41 ..... Number 50 .... Number 68 ..... Number 77 ..... 86 Meaning and Numerology ..... etc

                ( 14 - 5 = ... )

                Four is it in qualities .... Number 4 Symbolism ( 14 4 )

                Moon Magic Square - Magic Square of The Moon - Lunar Numbers

                Angel: Gabriel
                Animals: Owl, Seacat, Cat


                NINE IS THE KEY = 144 = THE SECRET KEY
                MAGIC SQUARE OF THE GREAT PYRAMID OF GIZA = 369 = 18 = 9

                Magic Square Musings - Esoteric Online

                Magic Squares and Levitation

                ... Modern Highlife, Afro Sounds & Ghanaian Blues 68-81
                a fractal construct has an 'efficient function', it has a fractal ergonomy to it, it functions on multiple levels and in multiple dimensions

                Kāla Hamsa

                ... Angel Eyes

                Finding the simple patterns in a complex world

                An ANU mathematician has developed a new way to uncover simple patterns that might underlie apparently complex systems, such as clouds, cracks in materials or the movement of the stockmarket.

                The method, named fractal Fourier analysis, is based on new branch of mathematics called fractal geometry.

                The method could help scientists better understand the complicated signals that the body gives out, such as nerve impulses or brain waves.


                "There are terrific advances to be made by breaking loose from the thrall of continuity and differentiability," Professor Barnsley said.

                "The body is full of repeating branch structures – the breathing system, the blood supply system, the arrangement of skin cells, even cancer is a fractal.

                Read more

                Unlike humans, monkeys aren't fooled by expensive brands

                Expensive **** (afrobeat))

                Owl Animal Totems meanings, animal symbols

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                Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” -Confucius.


                • Numbers

                  Magic Square Musings - Esoteric Online

                  Thanks for this- he has an easy way of expression, makes it accessible to the likes of me

                  As I was reading I wondered what might happen if a number square using an alternative religious reference would yield similar results, for example a Hindu cast list, or that of the Dogan?


                  • Magdalene’s Lost Legacy: Numbers & Sacred Union | the number 153

                    Magic square - 1.4 India


                    now let's play .... Liberty

                    The 47th Problem

                    47th - In every right angle triangle the square of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides.” “48th - If the square described of one of the sides of a triangle be equal to the squares described of the other two sides, then the angle contained by these two is a right angle.”

                    47 + 48 ....

                    This simple matter then, is the famous 47th problem. But while it is simple in conception it is complicated with innumerable ramifications in use.

                    It is the root of all geometry. It is behind the discovery of every unknown from two known factors. It is the very cornerstone of mathematics.

                    The engineer who tunnels from either side through a mountain uses it to get his two shafts to meet in the center.

                    A Pythagorean triple consists of three positive integers a, b, and c, such that a2 + b2 = c2. Such a triple is commonly written (a, b, c), and a well-known example is (3, 4, 5)

                    Pythagorean triple
                    there are three of them to be found in the Moon MaHu Square

                    (9, 40, 41) , (33, 56, 65) and (11, 60, 61)

                    (3, 4, 5) are interesting for they correspond to Saturn, Jupiter and Mars :

                    15 34 65 ------> 6 7 2

                    a^2 + b^2 = c^2 -----> 6^2 + 7^2 = 85 => 13 => 4

                    2^2 = 4

                    if yhu want to dive a bit deeper <ŗ)))>< :

                    The Magic Square Blog



                    back to magic squares after some coloring :

                    Planetary Magic Squares

                    Magic Square and Seals of :

                    but first : The first few Pythagorean primes are

                    5, 13, 17, 29, 37, 41, 53, 61, 73, 89, 97, 101, 109, 113 ...




                    41*9 = 369

                    The total sum of the magic square’s numbers = central number x 9.
                    This is important to music as it shows the size of the magic square, which is how many pulses or sub-divisions there are in the sequence, this will indicate how and where to apply it.

                    Indian musicians seem to have applied them to their music and they seem to be useful in time cycles and additive rhythm


                    John Michell added up the gematria of the phrase ‘and his number is 666’ and discovered that the sum of the letters is 23 68, the same sum as the Greek letters for the name of the man in question – ‘Jesus Christ.’

                    Symbolic Numbers & Sacred Union

                    Four is it in qualities
                    Shining in each of the planes of existence

                    Number 4 Symbolism, ... Symbol of the feminine or the woman, for anatomical reasons: the four lips on the body of the woman

                    "Shu ph" also an interesting article :

                    ....the word Shu = Master, and Fu = Father (symbol of authority)[/B] so ShuFu would be the ultimate authority and spiritual master. ShuFu was thus transformed to “Sufi” in the Arabic language!

                    Feng Shui and the Magic Square
                    “Music is liquid architecture; Architecture is frozen music.”

                    ― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

                    Peter Maxwell Davies

                    Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, CH, CBE (born 8 September 1934) is an English composer and conductor

                    Davies is known for his use of magic squares as a source of musical materials and as a structural determinant. In his work Ave maris stella, VI (1975) he used a 9x9 square numerologically associated with the moon

                    Interviews & Speeches - Sir Peter Maxwell Davies

                    "The first attraction of magic squares was their internal rhythm -


                    The matrix becomes workable, meaningful and luminous, demonstrating naturally generative symmetrical patterns, nearly symmetrical patterns, inverted figures and so on, in whichever dimension you choose to project the square - rhythmic note-value or pitch. A magic square in a musical composition is a generating principle, to be learned and known intimately, perceived inwardly as a multi-dimensional projection into that vast (chaotic!) area of the internal ear - the space/time crucible - where music is conceived. Heard from one angle, magic square patterns can be meaningless: shift the point of listening, and out of the chaos emerges sense; shift it again, and it blurs; shift it once more, and the patterns are again meaningful, but differently. Projected onto the page, a magic square is a dead, black conglomeration of digits; tune in, and one hears a powerful, orbiting dynamo of musical images, glowing with numen and lumen."

                    ... Just My Soul Responding
                    "If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe." -Tesla
                    Plato's stave: academic cracks philosopher's musical code

                    Plato is revealed to be a Pythagorean who understood the basic structure of the universe to be mathematical, anticipating the scientific revolution of Galileo and Newton by 2,000 years.

                    The Apology has 1,200 lines; the Protagoras, Cratylus, Philebus and Symposium each have 2,400 lines; the Gorgias 3,600; the Republic 12,200; and the Laws 14,400.

                    see also : Golden line ( 1 4 4 )

                    He believes that Plato was organising his texts according to a 12-note musical scale, attributed to Pythagoras, which he certainly knew about.

                    J. Kennedy Draft Articles
                    Plato's dialogues Timaeus and Critias, written in 360 BC, contain the earliest references to Atlantis.


                    Humans’ music and genes may have evolved together- I wonder .... magic square ... music ... genes ( 23 pairs of chromosomes )

                    interesting Flow of thoth :

                    Why Do We Like People Who Like the Music We Do?


                    You And Your Friends Share Similar Genes


                    I like your genes: People more likely to choose a spouse with similar DNA --


                    How Our Genome Single-Stranded DNA Sequence Is Self-Designed¯ as a Numerical Whole

                    For example, the entire human genome is characterized by three remarkable numbers 1, 2, and Phi = 1.618 the golden ratio. Then we revisit the value (3-Phi)/2 which is probably universal and common to both the scale of quarks and atomic levels, balancing and tuning the whole human genome codon population

                    The Hidden Mysteries of Chess and Playing Cards

                    Senet boards have been found painted onto tombstones and carved onto coffins. H. Peter Aleff reported that, “Many tomb paintings and vignettes in mortuary papyri from depict the deceased playing Senet against an unseen opponent for the ultimate sake of his admission to eternity.”


                    The distinctive L shape of the knight’s move — three squares down and two across — form a perfect right angle, and the squares in a knight’s move are in Golden Mean proportion

                    ... 64 amino acids - 8*8 square

                    Mathematical beauty activates same brain region as great art or music ...The brain is actually wired like a chess board and a new scanner reveals how in stunning detail | or a Magic Square

                    People See Odd Numbers as Male, Even as Female

                    Gender is so fundamental to the way we understand the world that people are prone to assign a sex to even inanimate objects.
                    ... Make love To Yhur Mind
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                    Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” -Confucius.


                    • Peter Maxwell Davis

                      Thanks for the info on Peter Maxwell Davis. I have played his evocatively haunting music- takes you away, into another world, little did I appreciate his grasp of philosophy and numbers until now.


                      • Number Gender

                        I asked my daughter of 7 years to tell me what gender odd and even numbers were, she answered that odd were boys and even were girls- I hope she doesn't ask me what zero is- would that be androgenous? Zero is a place marker, neither odd nor even, this is my only defence for such a conclusion


                        • Numberphiles

                          What is it, MonM that you hope to prove by citing numbers?
                          Are you after the elixer of life? I know I am
                          Despite infinity, numbers are poetically finite, just IMHO
                          Can you apply numbers to intuition, does intuition reveal a pattern?

                          Not being defensive, Im just intrigued


                          • Originally posted by SYDERA View Post

                            Can you apply numbers to intuition, does intuition reveal a pattern?

                            in some level , it does :

                            yhu "Thoth" on that .... Numbers and synchronicity ... and your subconscious .... how images flow in the brain ....

                            The Master said:"I won't teach a man who is not anxious to learn, and will not explain to one who is not trying to make things clear to himself. And if I explain one- fourth and the man doesn't go back and reflect and think out the implications in the remaining three-fourths for himself, I won't bother to teach him again."


                            ps: the Master here is yhur Higher Self : Kenaz – Rune Meaning | Rune Secrets ... Kenaz or Knaz - hunter - is the name of several persons in the Hebrew Bible

                            ps: one has to "Shu ph" the Patterns to Understand .... I Like It (I Like It Like That)

                            The Pyramid Texts Online - Antechamber South Wall

                            320: Unas' shelter is in his Eye, the protection of Unas is in his Eye,
                            Unas' victorious strength is in his Eye, the power of Unas in his Eye.

                            image from : Golden Section


                            addendum :-"FUNKY MUSIC SHO' NUFF TURNS ME ON"

                            THE SECRET OF THE UNION OF THE HOLY ONE, BLESSED BE HE WITH THE SHECHINAH, AS MENTIONED. And when the Holy One, blessed be He joins with the Shechinah, this verse is fulfilled: "on that day Hashem shall be One, and His Name One" (Zecharyah 14:9). Then the cause of all causes, KETER, dwells upon them. - Zohar 16:7

                            - See more at: ... DONNA SUMMER - I feel love (1977)
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                            Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” -Confucius.


                            • Numbers and the subconscious

                              Do you mean the subconscious in terms of thousands of years of brain washing? By that I am referring to religion as well as capitalist shopping worship
                              Numbers equate to quantifying/quontrolling ( )- that may amount to taxifying, not just of the emotions but in terms of money too?