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  • I had to study a lot of physics and then I finally got it how to get an amperage. I also studied a lot of music theory. I get 350mA from the coil already connected in series and at the same time 400V. Then the 6 wireless coils around the center coil repeat 70mA and same time about 200 - 300 V each one. The solution was right thinking and then the really simple connections to the ground.

    I'm not here to advertise and I have no business relationship with the following, but the name says a lot in front page:

    "Also the Resonance Induction Coupler Kit Part II for learning how to complete a Don Smith System." It has been there from the last year 2022.

    There are a lot of good hints that finally make you get it if study all the links included and some additional literature, for example, On Sensations of Tone, Hermann von Helmholtz and The Universal One, Russell, Walter to get rid off of the ordinary thinking.
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    • If the center is 960 kHz = 0.96 Mhz, some of the coils around the central coil can use 100 pF capacitor. It is 1.28 MHz.

      In music, chords MI and FA, for example, C-E, C-F you can use 1.333 (4/3) and 1.25 (5/4) ratio and they don’t disturb the center. It is funny, that you find capacitors in those exact positions. I have playing violin 39 years and done all music theory (I have a diploma for it), so I know what I am talking about. It is not any new age stuff in a negative sence.

      Both ascending and descending harmonies (positive + and negative -)

      ascend MI(2) SO(5) = negative harmonies (expanding)
      descend LA(7) FA(4) = positive harmonies (compressing)

      This is how you have to design it.
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      • Is anyone working on the suitcase device?


        • Originally posted by ekzntrk View Post
          Is anyone working on the suitcase device?
          I am working on also the Don Smith device 3 and the bigger 20.32 cm (8 inch) in height and 29.1 cm (11.5 inch) long Don Smith device. You can send me private message
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          • I am getting similar results as Don Smith with his Device 3 and 8 inches version. You can send me private message if you are interested.