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  • Yes. A square wave works much better and more efficiently. I would even say it is necessary:

    With the square wave, I also wake up the 7.83 magnetic field and the 11.745 electric field in the same way as Nikola Tesla and they will be used by Device 3 in octaves.

    In example1.png, the resonant high Q device is between R_LARGER and parallel C.

    I have tested and it works.

    example1.png is exactly what we want: an isolated source with high resistance and an almost shorted load before the isolation transformer.

    A simple example of calculating impedance matching is in example2.png and example3.png.

    You need math to calculate impedance matching and it's still easy math.

    Otherwise, you won't get resonance energy out.

    I have made 2 70 page documents to understand Smith chart and impedance matching. You can send me a private message if you want the documents

    I have checked everything with Bode plot on oscilloscope, Network Vector analyzer and also LTspice simulation and they show the same results.

    Real tests also show the same.
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        • Originally posted by straggl3r View Post

          Glad you found the Russian journal helpful. By the way, Mtech is a shyster! I sent him an entire library and then he turned around and blocked me and now takes credit and money for all of his so-called "inventions".

          I've taken the liberty of posting a screenshot of your YouTube comment about the Russian Journal that you got from my now deleted post in this thread. This forum is practically dying and you and others take what people like me share here, and rather than posting/sharing on this forum, you post to places like YouTube. NOT COOL!!!!!!
          YouTube Highlighted comment:

          Apologies. I'm always trying to share new thoughts or discoveries I make around the net concerning these topics (thanks for the document btw, not mentioning the energetic forum was a thoughtless blunder on my part, I've added a note about that to my other comments), I apologize if I offended you but you gave no mention or indication that was obvious to me of not spreading the info around, if you wish me to remove the comment I will oblige.

          Mtech being a "shyster" is news to me, I haven't heard anything like this concerning him before, is this another Rick Friedrich situation?
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            • It's okay, I can appreciate how my actions came across when you're in such a position, and it doesn't help that I blundered not mentioning the forum so carelessly, I will try to be more considerate in the future. I honestly didn't think my conclusions from the document were so interesting to those here because I assumed those here that read it, such as yourself, had already arrived at the same idea, I apologize if that was arrogant of me.

              What you've told me about Mtech's behavior is unexpected, and it's not the first of such a claim I've seen about various youtubers, this makes the 3rd, I find it disturbing how common this appears to be... I will be removing my comment from Mtech's video and posting another copy of it at the end if this reply for the people of the forum, if he's going to take what's offered in good faith and make money of like that I have no desire to support him, it's an immoral practice. If you believe my perspective is of value then I'm more than happy to share it, it's why I was making YT comments after all.

              I wish I had more than theory to provide the forum as I lack the parts to test my ideas, for now, so all I can provide is theory based on what I've learned over the last few years, and I typically only do that if it's relevant to the topic, I could make a forum post with a collection of theories and ideas but I'm not sure if that's allowed, I don't want to come across as "wasting forum space" if you catch my drift.

              My insight on the Russian experiment, copied from my comment on cold3's channel for extra information:

              "Since I first watched your video where you used the Ultracapacitor bank to resonantly isolate the load I've been looking around for concepts like this that can be used for much higher load applications, in the range of hundreds of volts and tens of amps, I failed to find a capacitor version of it but I did find something interesting.

              There's a Russian document:


              From what I could make out it's a magnetically isolated transformer, the secondary coil connected to the load is surrounded by an iron core with the primary coil on the other side and "spatially isolated" from the secondary, what the document claims is that no matter what load you attach to the secondary winding it will have no effect on the input side of the primary winding.

              If you've seen the SBARC 1996 conference Chris Carson talks about how Iron acts like a magnetic sponge and traps it inside the core. It appears that the primary induces the core and the core then excites the secondary winding as if it were the primary, but the back-EMF from the secondary and load gets sucked up by the core preventing it from fighting back against the input, the magnetic core essentially makes the coils blind to each other, complete Dielectric (electric) and Magnetic isolation yet still powered.

              Note, the cores are closed U shaped cores indicating a closed core is required to allow a magnetic flow within. I'm uncertain if a ferrite core would work.

              I lack the parts to test this but maybe this is something you should try? If it works you could use it in place of your Ultracapacitor bank without the low voltage rating limit, the document also covers a frequency isolation design where 2 frequency filters are used instead of a core. A supply is used with a set frequency which is then plugged into a frequency filter that only allows that frequency through, which is then plugged into the transformer primary winding, the secondary winding is then plugged into a 2nd filter that allows any frequency except the source frequency through which is then connected to the load.

              The document claims that "In this way, the influence of the load current on the operating mode of the primary winding of the transformer and the supply network is eliminated." just like in the magnetic core method. The common thread here is that a transformer only shows a power draw because the load fights back on the supply, not because it's drawing more, that alone has incredible implications, but more than that it shows a relationship to music as this effect occurs with harmonic isolation techniques, the more I learn the more apparent it becomes that we need to look at electrical systems with a shared view of music and vibration.

              Point is, if you could get this to work you would not be limited to the low voltage rating of your capacitor bank which opens a lot of options for you to keep your load system isolated and prevent detuning, and should even eliminate the power draw strain. Something to think about.

              I neglected to mention I got the info about the Russian experiment document from a fellow on the energeticforum, make sure to check them out as they're a great hub of valuable information and could use any support they can get to keep going."

              For the record, cold3's video with the ultracapacitor brick isolation is what prompted me to ask here about isolation methods
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              • So back to Don Smith
                With regard to the Russian journal, the times that I've read it I've always focused on the transformer configuration as a means of blinding the input to the output load rather than the frequency control scheme presented in the journal, as the transformer configuration seemed the simplest approach. But reading your YouTube comment where you talked about the frequency scheme for blinding the input to the output load, I realized something important with regard to info one of the true Smith experts (Zed Varnett) shared with me a few years ago. Don talked about Heterodyning a few times, but it's never really been a focus of research by any but a few, and always in the context of frequency of device operation. What your post about the Russian journal made me realize was that Don was probably (also) using heterodyning to blind the input to the output load so that he could run any load that he wanted off of his devices. As everyone could see, Don's devices were lacking in detail and parts. One of the things shared with me was that the back end of several of Don's devices were resonant isolation transformers. Don was big on VAR as a means of amplification, so a resonant isolation transformer utilizing heterodyning makes sense. It may seem unimportant to most, but when considering resonant rise/amplification and being able to extract that power, it's most definitely not unimportant. So, great job on that!

                Russian Journals on de-coupled transformers:



                Free Online PDF translators:

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                • Here I figured out how to use a modern GFI protected NST to power a plasma globe. One of the HV leads from the NST goes into the plasma globe and the other HV lead connects to aluminum foil outside of the globe to act as a ground-sense through field interaction to prevent the GFI from shutting off the NST.
                  I figured this out by watching XRIX's (ilandtan on this forum) plasma globe video and reading his YouTube comments. Thanks XRIX!!!!

                  XRIX Plasma Globe video:

                  XRIX (ilandtan ) post here:

                  What can be done with this? Watch XRIX's plasma globe video!

                  17.2 watts.jpg 10.2 watts.jpg
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                  • Don Smith said that the Sun is a big ball of plasma. It makes sense in our sea of energy!

                    My question is: How are the Sun's streamers able to ground back to the Sun????????????? Is the Sun Splitting the Positive? (Or Negative?).

                    This also reminds of info that I've come across previously that the Sun isn't actually hot and heating the earth like a fireplace heating a person standing in front of it, but rather it's the electric field from the Sun or displacement current interacting with the earth and heating the earths atmosphere that causes us to feel heat that we think is emanating from the Sun. Tesla's Radiant Energy patent (which Don Smith's Ambient Energy Generator is based on) seems to give insight:

                    "'s the electric field from the Sun or displacement current interacting with the earth and heating the earths atmosphere..."

                    Displacement current/electric field heater for your home, anyone? A container filled with some kind of inert gas that heats up when exposed to an electric field/displacement current?

                    LmpwZw.jpg Plasma.jpg

                    Tesla U.S.685,957.jpg Don Smith AEG.jpg
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                    • Excellent connection stragg! Dollard has mentioned in the past that the Sun is less like a giant fusion reaction and more like an Aetheric transformer, and that Light from it exists in a non-magnetic state (displacement currents) until it makes contact with matter, our atmosphere, and undergoes conversion into heat inducing EM Light, the implication of that would be instantaneous perturbation rates. Perhaps the Sun is an electrostatic generator of some kind that produces and ionizes the Hydrogen:

                      Not to mention, we've never measured the 1 way "speed" of Light, only its return:

                      I think you're onto something about the Sun being "cold" not directly heating the Earth, if we recall how Tesla's Radiant Shockwaves behave when they contact a conductive metal they charge it up to high potentials and are capable of producing significant Amperages, but there is no detectable Amperage during transmission:

                      "Furthermore, whenever a metal point was connected to the upper terminal of one of his Transformers, the stream became more directive. It behaved just like a stream of water in a pipe. When the white flimmering stream was directed at distant metal plates, it produced electronic charges. This charge production could be measured as amperage, "current", at the reception site. In transit however, no such amperage existed.

                      Amperage appeared only when intercepted. Eric Dollard has stated that the space surrounding Tesla Impulse Transformers so surges with these streams that the "interception current" can reach several hundred or even thousands of amperes." -The Free Energy Secrets of Cold Electricity by Peter Lindemann

                      Perhaps what's happening with the Sun and the Earth is identical, of even quite literally the same, as the Radiant Shockwave experiments Tesla performed, There's an incredible amount of Voltage and Amperage in the atmosphere alone, not to mention the Earth's own global magnetic field is induced by the Sun itself, it cannot be from the core since it's too far above the curie point to produce a magnetic field on the scale of the whole planet as has been measured.

                      There's also this comment on the Dollard video: "G.I.Gurdjieff said it over a 100 years ago. He said the two most defining characteristics of the sun that it is hot and emitting light are untrue and the scientists have not even realized this yet. I was very puzzled when i first read this about 30 years ago. But now with Eric Dollards statements it is starting to make sense."

                      If this is indeed all correct it would mean we couldn't even see the Sun or the Stars in space without a polarization filter, I recall Lindemann saying something that the earlier Astronauts couldn't see the Sun or the Stars until polarization filters were installed into the window gratings of the craft and suits. Also the Apollo astronaut interview:

                      Without those, you literally need the Earth to see the Sun and the Stars. If one thinks of outer space as a black void where the only light is from illuminated matter, that's pretty creepy. Makes me appreciate our "little" Blue Ball all the more.


                      I think I read something from Tesla once mentioning that Space is completely black but I can't find the quote, I'll update this comment if I find it.

                      I don't know why the flares return to the surface but I may have a possible explanation, like in the Plasma Globe the streamers don't return but if a ground potential is present they aim straight for it, if the Sun has a separate exterior from interior as Dollard claims then perhaps the interior serves as its own neutral ground that the flares return towards after escaping from the surface, following the easiest path to the lowest potential? I've not really thought about it but that's my suggestion off the top of my head.
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                      • "I don't know why the flares return to the surface but I may have a possible explanation, like in the Plasma Globe the streamers don't return but if a ground potential is present they aim straight for it, if the Sun has a separate exterior from interior as Dollard claims then perhaps the interior serves as its own neutral ground that the flares return towards after escaping from the surface, following the easiest path to the lowest potential? I've not really thought about it but that's my suggestion off the top of my head.

                        That would seem to keep the flairs from ever escaping; for example, in a regular plasma globe the streamers go out in every direction versus the streamers all being attracted to the HV ground-connected aluminum foil in my plasma globe video above using a GFI protected NST. Perhaps it's a far more dynamic process taking place with the Sun than we can grasp right now.

                        Check out this overclocked globe:
                        The plasma at the glass surface looks like the roiling Sun surface.
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                        • So those who are familiar with modern GFI protected NST's know that you can't do the various one-wire devices/experiments with the GFI protected NST's due to the GFI shutting the NST off when it doesn't sense ground.
                          I just discovered how to essentially bypass the GFI. What you do is connect one of the NST's High voltage wires to circuit ground on the power input and you can then use the other HV wire for all of your one-wire experiments. NOTE: For those who don't know, the circuit ground would be the wire that doesn't beep using a voltage tester. I did the test pulling a spark from earth-ground using just one HV wire and I also did the plasma globe with one HV wire.
                          So now everyone can use modern GFI protected NST's for all of their one-wire experiments including the Don Smith stuff.

                          Update: So it turns out that even though my NST hack works with one-wire for the plasma globe, it only works for earth ground when the NST is plugged into mains and I use another mains power outlet for the earth ground. I suspect that the NST senses ground because the house ground is so close to the house hot wire. But if the two NST wires (one connected to the house ground) are not close to each other it won't turn on, which is what the GFI is supposed to do. It's confusing because it works with one-wire for the plasma globe.

                          NST one-wire1.jpg NST one-wire2.jpg
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                          • A valuable discovery for the experimenter Stragg, thank you for sharing


                            • Originally posted by JenkoRun View Post
                              A valuable discovery for the experimenter Stragg, thank you for sharing
                              I figured this out based on figuring out the air ionizer transformer that I removed the voltage multiplier from and wired it up with one of the HV wires to circuit ground in order to use the other HV wire for one-wire experiments.

                              FYI: Unlike the plasma globes with their stock transformers, putting my hand on the globe using the one-wire from the NST not only doesn't draw any additional power, but the amps actually go down from 110 milliamps to 80 milliamps and from 12.8 watts down to 9.9 watts.
                              I fried my last inverter, so as soon as I get another I'll do the Don plate experiment to show that the input doesn't see a load.
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                              • So again we have another indication that a load only draws more power because it fights back on the source, if powering and messing the globe with 1 wire prevents any increase in source draw this is revolutionary knowledge and gives me confidence that my 1 wire exciter design has merit. I look forward to your inverter results