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  • Originally posted by Turion View Post
    In the interest of full disclosure, my buddy says the amp output of the new coil is lower than expected. Won’t know for a few days exactly what that means or what the output actually is. Will let you know. The truth is always the truth.
    With core the test? , at what rpm.
    Mr Dave, you already have a coil, with a set parameter, 130 v, 1.5 A, it is true that it tries to lower the heat of the core, and to have more induction, that is why they continue to test different materials.

    You can conclude with what has already worked for you, it is already progress.


    • I think it's well worth the effort of employing best practice.
      The best core I can find for an axial flux design is laminated.
      Also consider the "fill tactor"

      They all laughed!


      • Here is a picture of the current core he is working with. A165BAA3-52CC-4A9E-80CB-8CE6DAD30C57.jpegSome of you seem to think I feel like I am the ultimate authority on how to wind coils or what core materials to use. PLEASE! I have used what I could get my hands on, afford, and have always been limited by the tools I have available in my shop. I have ALWAYS said that more research needed to be done on core materials, and the big project my machinist is working on RIGHT NOW is a coil winder to wind 12 strand coils.

        My machine is just a prototype to prove TWO concepts. I never believed I have all the answers. You look at what I have done and see all the shotrtcomings. Fantastic! Let’s figure out how to fix them and output even MORE power. I’m all for THAT! If I can get far MORE out than in with hand wound coils and “iron rods” for core material, just imagine what can happen when some real technology is applied to this design by people who aren’t working out of a garage trying to accomplish three other projects at the same time. I have the house I live in to maintain, the one I am remodeling, and I’m 66 years old. Who do you think maintains the house I bought for my mom who lives 3/4 mile from me. She’s a bit older than I am. This project deserves the attention of people who are committed to its development, which is why I disclosed it here instead of keeping it to myself. And did I get a bunch of people doing replications moving the work forward? A couple. But mostly I got cheerleaders or critics who build nothing and don’t contribute a damn thing in any meaningful way. In fact I waste MORE of my time responding to them when I could be trying new things. So have at it guys. Wind coils correctly. Use laminate cores or metglass or ferrite or bamboo. I don’t care. Whatever works and produces more output.
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        “Advances are made by answering questions. Discoveries are made by questioning answers.”
        —Bernhard Haisch, Astrophysicist


        • Oh, come on Turion, remember that half ton of heat treated compressed dogs' droppings you bought that you thought would make good core material?
          You must have spent a small fortune on that copper and all those other high quality pieces that you have bought.
          I'm so glad to hear you've still got your mom, I've lost my parents some time ago, we built a log cabin next to our house and I was able to look after them 'til the end. I've got lovely grandchildren now to keep me occupied!
          Believe me, its well worth doing as much research as possible when making things, people have spent lifetimes studying the best way to make electrical machines, use their knowledge and reap the benefit.


          • Originally posted by Quantum_well View Post
            Oh, come on Turion, remember that half ton of heat treated compressed dogs' droppings you bought that you thought would make good core material?
            You must have spent a small fortune on that copper and all those other high quality pieces that you have bought.

            Dave is crying again. Old man Card, poor me card, You told me so card feels bad. Dave is soft. once a month, Cut the Bulzhit Dave and wind those copper wires straight and not crooked. Glad yer muma thinks the world of youlet's keep at it.

            Results my man results, you already got your handout. I want to see the lunchbox power source outputting 50,000watts. The core material in the picture is more than a core. Get it right. It is a core with a heat sink built into it to release heat. Plain and simple. Not rocket science, just good common sense for an average guy. And why is that so hard?To many years sitting in a chair.

            3 Houses hey? Well after 10 years you finally completed the box. Maybe you should have enough cord sticking out to attach a heat sink. Or am I to late to reason with you? Don\t let me interrupt the lead piping project, I wouldn't want to be an obstacle. You can't bulzhit yer way anymore, time is running out. Let's rock and roll.

            This is 3-13-21 and in a few weeks you need to start packing. With all of those mountains I recommend a 4 wheel drive. Someone must have seen the money card. Checks in the mail. You are well loved.
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            • Hey bro,
              Figure the rest outfit yourself.
              “Advances are made by answering questions. Discoveries are made by questioning answers.”
              —Bernhard Haisch, Astrophysicist


              • Originally posted by Turion View Post
                Hey bro,
                Figure the rest outfit yourself.
                I already know the ending. C-U at the conference. Tell the guys I agree that you need to save the rest for then. Also one more thing. The core in the picture is as I said a heat sink. Not only a heat sink but is able to collect flux from the coil windings on the back end.

                This is why we see Thane Heins using coils that are covering a longer spool than 2.8". His maybe be 5" and this helps to get all of the windings much closer to the core material. This message is for the serious builder who wants to advance this work which leaves out Dave.

                The voltage might only need to be 80vdc so in that case you might be able to get 2-5amps with a shorter length of wire. It just depends on what you want to do. Dave thinks that if I don't build my box just like his that it is nothing and does not qualify as an advancement. He calls all my extra work or work different from his a cloudy mess of jumbled facts.

                I follow Thane not Dave. Still Dave has some helpful hints. He loves to insult.

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                • Here is the big date July 7-11 so Dave has 3 months to remodel, 2 weeks to finish up this week and 2 weeks to pack. 4 full months. No more empty vain promises 30 years on an office chair ruins a man for real work.

                  Everything hurts.


                  Dave is last and all of his work will be covered in a few minutes. 90min
                  Here is the paper work. Dave will shock the world single handedly, but don't quote me 4 months is a long time for things to pop up.


                  All on an empty stomach early in the morning. Someone needs to make a run for Dave. My opinion, he will try to make it thru the whole day and we don't want him to collapse. I am 63 and somedays can barely make it to my chair this early and I worked like a horse physically 50 years, never had a sit down job.

                  Find out what he likes like a Mac-muffin or what loosen your belt and get comfy. Hit the bricks at 7am and peak out at 9am, good luck with that.
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                  • JULY 11, SUNDAY
                    ON YOUR OWN BREAKFAST
                    750am~800am AARON MURAKAMI – ANNOUNCEMENTS (10 min)
                    800am~930am DAVID BOWLINGTO BE ANNOUNCED – DEMONSTRATION INCLUDED (90 min)
                    930am~945am BREAK (15 min)
                    200pm~300pm PANEL DISCUSSION #2 TO BE ANNOUNCED (60 min)
                    300pm~315pm BREAK (15 min)
                    315pm~415pm PANEL DISCUSSION #3 TO BE ANNOUNCED (60 min)

                    Get serious and pull back on the hot sauce just short of arrest.

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                    • Turion's resilient and he'll keep plodding on 'till he gets there. I didn't realise that this photo was of an actual core.
                      I would think the radiating spikes are an attempt to dissipate heat and there are a couple of neutralising magnets and a carrying handle.
                      One thing I haven't quite worked out is why there is a number of taps on each coil. Are they used for adding capacitors?



                      • Comment


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                          • We understand your dedication and effort Mr. Dave, we are all in similar conditions, family care is first, the support and care of our family.

                            The time that we have left for entertainment, a part of it we dedicate to experimentation according to our cognitive and economic capacities, and if it takes a long time to be testing, rehearsing, configuring, building, adapting, estimating, confirming, reevaluating the results.

                            For my part, do not take me wrong, my comments, I wish you success, which sometimes I see that you anticipate the final evaluations, the years of experience in your prototype will help you to conclude it.

                            A comment Mr. Mike, you have to have patience and confidence, sometimes you praise Mr. Dave and sometimes you reproach him, there is no need to be unfair, you know that it takes time to carry out prototypes and tests, even if years go by, Even in the laboratories and with research personnel, years of studies and tests have been carried out, now we do not have those resources and materials from the laboratories, any serious project requires time, resources, materials and economic resources, if we are in this it is because enthuses research and study.

                            I hope Mr. Dave has his project for him to present at the conference, but time is passing quickly, and we hope that he will complete it.

                            I have already commented that not everyone in this forum has the economic capacity to carry out the projects, and the few that do will not replicate the projects. When they see a finished project, they may replicate it.


                            • ​It all takes time and continuous effort with the reels,

                              Winding each coil is an odyssey.
                              Attached Files
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                              • I will comment again on how I do it and it is easier for me to make the coils

                                Originally posted by alexelectric View Post

                                I can tell you how I did it,

                                For the 12 thread bobbin, I number each thread on each spool from 1 to 12, to put them in order.
                                In the winder I have two bars where in each one I incorporate 6 reels, in order of the numbering.

                                First bar 1 to 6
                                Second bar 7 to 12

                                I have the beginnings of each thread, I mark each of them with tape, to have the beginnings marked.

                                First thread 1 I
                                Second wire 2 I
                                Third wire 3 I and so on

                                When I start wrapping all the threads (12 threads) on the main spool, I try to make them all go in order, as far as possible.

                                When I finish winding I have the ends of each thread, and since I have them in order, I mark each end again with tape.

                                End of first thread 1 O
                                End of second thread 2 O
                                End of third thread 3 O and so on.

                                In this way I already have all the wires with their inputs 1 I (1 Input) and all outputs 1 O (1 Out) and so on.

                                In this way, in the end I avoid looking for the corresponding threads, it is one more way, it seems that Mr. Dave used colors.

                                It only remains at the end to make the connections, in this way it is easier for me to connect the beginning with the end, for serial connections
                                example 1 O (1 out) with the start of 2 I (2 Input),
                                2 O (2 out) with the start of 3 I (3 Input) and so on.

                                This is the way that enables me to make the connections, any questions, I will gladly guide you.