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  • I think my ego is sabotaging me!

    OMG! I am starting to believe that my ego is sabotaging me! It is just one thing after another! But the universe seems to be covering me in all of this and fixing the situations each as they come up.

    The good news is my utilities will not be shut off on me! Help came from a charity that I talked to this morning... I am not completely sure how I am going to pay my rent, but it will also be taken care of... It is looking like the charity will pay some of it too... All is good, all is fine!

    I tell you as hard as my ego is fighting right now... I know I am on the verge of a major breakthrough in my life... I can feel it like a freight train coming through, and this is the last ditch effort by my ego to stay alive.

    I guess I just need strength to get through all this and get to the other side! This too shall pass (even if my ego says it will never go away).

    Blessings and HUGS Sallyjane


    • SallyJane

      Thank you SallyJane..

      I hope your finances work out!

      The thing is.....I appreciate your trying to help, but I do not believe I can do it. I do expect the pain. Actually, according to past history, the pain should be gone right now......and it is not. That I was NOT looking for. It is much better, so hopefully going away for now, but I simply do not have the mental discipline to control this kind of debilitating pain.

      I used to get migraines, so I understand. But at least in my case, (and I Hope yours), they go away in a day or two. My pain lasts 2 weeks out of every month!! I am confined to the couch or bed, whacked out on drugs, that only half work, and in agony. I have a sick cat I cannot take proper care of when I am like that, and my poor husband has to do EVERYTHING., including work. The pain for 2 weeks is just too much.

      I also have TMJ, but that is minor compared to the stomach pain.

      I don't expect anyone to have to go through soemthing to understand what someone else is going through. and even Kevin, who HAS gone through it and suggested the chelation......he understands, but that doesn't help when you are writhing on the bed wishing you were unconcious or dead just so the pain will stop.

      sorry for the ramble, this has plagued me for months and months, and I have had enough.

      thanks hon. I don't even know what I wrote here. sorry if it sounded harsh, didn,t mean to, I am just desperate and completely beaten and depressed.

      I do wish you well on your finances!
      Blessings and Peace to All --Val


      • Joyful transitions


        Of the many things I've gained from this thread, one I particularly enjoy (appreciate?) is to be absolutely delighted when challenges present themselves. Instead of falling into the, "oh no", or, "oh crap", mindset I now tend towards, "oh boy! I created this. This is going to be great! Thank you!" And it turns out to be just that - great!

        I learned this in large part from you. You say you feel a big change coming like a freight train. I hope reminding you of what you've given me can help make it a whoo-hoo good-ride! for you Wow, the other end of that tunnel is going to be fabulous! Congratulations!



        • Calling all dog lovers!

          Grace, I'd like to ask for corrections and healing help from anyone else who is willing to work on my dog. Dude is a 14 yo Lhasa Apso, Cairn Terrier mix. This picture was taken a year ago at Halloween.

          He's showing signs of aging which have come on suddenly. Three months ago he looked and acted like a dog half his age. He slept a lot, but he had great spurts of energy and he was playful. Now he acts like an old man. He walks slowly and has weakness in his hind quarters, he's developing cataracts and he's suddenly lost his hearing, he sleeps all day and he prefers to be alone, and just this week he's not interested in treats (!) and he doesn't get excited when I come home! I think he may be depressed.

          He doesn't seem to be in any pain, his appetite is good, and he still enjoys going for walks and rides in the car.

          I know he's getting older, but the changes seemed to come on suddenly and seem to be getting worse quickly. Home life has been stressful and I'm concerned that my emotional state has taken it's toll on him. We are moving next week and I am hoping that a new home without all of the tension will help. A friend suggested maybe Dude was ready to go and that's why he's deteriorating so quickly. With all that is going on in my life right now, that is not what I want to hear. Can you muscle test and let me know what's going on?

          I appreciate all help, good thoughts, prayers, and healing modalities.


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          • I am so grateful, my ex has had a change of heart and has lent me some money for the move. He's actually been quite nice to me lately.

            I've been quite stressed about the move, and strangely enough, I have mixed feelings. I want to move, yet I don't want to move. I'm actually finding it physically difficult to move, my energy has been so low I've felt exhausted.

            Some days it's hard to find a positive thought, never mind maintain positive thoughts. I find I do better when I hang around with positive people, but I've been isolating myself because my thoughts have been fearful and negative. I don't want to give them power by speaking them, but not speaking them didn't make them go away either. Strangely, I feel pretty good at night and by the time I go to bed (between 2-4 am) I feel positive and happy, like I don't have a care in the world. No stress, no fear! I'd like to feel that way during the day.

            My ego has been fighting for her life, and she fights dirty! I decided to show myself/my ego some love and compassion. This past week I've been allowing myself to feel whatever it is I am feeling in my body and talking to myself in a loving, compassionate, accepting way. Now, when I feel so stressed I think I'm going to explode, I say "Of course you feel that way! You've been through a lot and you're still going through a lot" like I'm talking to somebody else... And when I allow myself to feel the "bad" feelings that I've been trying not to feel, they seem to dissipate fairly quickly! I've been crying every day, often several times a day, and I feel better afterward. It's very tiring though! Even though I've got so much to do with the move, I've been listening to my body and resting/sleeping a lot.

            I'm watching my modules every other day, doing affirmations, reading positive spiritual books (many I've discovered on this forum) and listening to my body. I'm starting a new life in a new town and I've met some wonderful new friends.

            Please keep up the corrections for finances and the relationship between my friend and I, and add any other corrections you feel I need. Thank you.

            I am grateful for this forum and everyone who posts here. So many people post helpful links. I appreciate everyone here.

            Thank you Grace for the CEM corrections.
            Thank you Marnyka for your It's Ok to Feel Bad! thread. Lola Jones is awesome.)
            Thank you Belle for the link to Embracing Pain as a Tool for Self-Transformation. I've bookmarked it, but haven't read it yet.
            Thank you Sharyn for the ThetaHealing sessions.
            Thank you Pamela for sharing your beautiful Art! You have a gift.
            Thank you Sallyjane for your wonderful posts. I can't tell you how many times I was going to write to Grace asking for corrections and I found you've written that day about the same subject. We are all One.

            Love and blessings to all,



            • val, Bobbi, and Pam

              Sorry, I started to post this last night, but somehow it did not get posted... I think I blanked out and forgot to hit the submit button!

              Val, I knew how hard it would be to stay focussed, so yesterday I started doing energy clearings on you. It is something I just started doing with my pendulum way back when I was living in the shelter. I am clearing thoughts and emotions for you...Oh and of course working on clearing pain! You just do what you can, and we will do what we can! I remember way back when I homeless living in the shelter with my children... How desparate and overwhelmed and there was fear there too, because I was not far from living in the streets! Well now I live in a house, and I am working to help you... So too will you come through all you are going through, and come to the other side and one day you will be the one helping others! Just know we are working on your energy, thoughts, and emotions, and pain!

              Bobbi! Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Today and even last night I came to a place of peace in all of this. I had realized earlier that my ego was fighting so hard to stay alive it was actually sabotaging myself! I did some clearing, and some more clearing... Wow, now I know that freight train is coming my way! Whoooo hoooooo!

              Pam, Change is always hard but sometimes the best thing for us is to start over in a new surroundings with new people who will have higher energy! I feel this is for you! Fear is challenging you with the move, and where you are at although not great is known and somehow comforting! Step out into faith and you will find something awesome awaiting you!

              A hug for all of you! Blessings Sallyjane


              • SallyJane

                Thank you SallyJane, you are very kind.

                Sorry, I am so depleated and so down, nothing seems possible anymore.
                Blessings and Peace to All --Val


                • val...

                  Trust me I have been there! I know how it feels to be depleted and not know if I could get through it! My pain was a different kind of pain! Just keep talking to us, and stick it out!!!!

                  HUGS Sallyjane


                  • Awesome Manifestation

                    What an awesome manifestation today! I went to orientation at my new job today, and we each recieved a gift bag. This was not your normal gift bag, as the bag itself was a purse. A purse I had been wanting for about a year, and been intending to manifest for a long time.

                    Then I got home and was thinking about my new purse, and realized that I had just manifested a huge big purse for free, and it was really big purse to put all the money I am manifesting into! I had manifested a big bag, because I would need it to hold all of my new financial abundance. It was confirmation of what I have been believing for!

                    Thank you UNIVERSE!

                    Blessings and Sallyjane


                    • She found it!

                      Izzi found her Cell phone this morning!!!! It was in the pants pocket of some jeans that were about to go into the wash machine! Hehe! I have been checking pockets lately so she is lucky!

                      We had also found her eyeglasses which I think I told you about...

                      The clouds around her are turning from Gray to white with a silver liner! Okay they were always white with a silver liner, and I was just having a challenge seeing them that way!

                      Love and HUGS Sallyjane


                      • SallyJane,

                        Dear SallyJane,

                        I hope you didn't think I was minimizing what you have gone through,....I was not at all!! Everyone's experience is different. I never judge someone else's experiences or pain, because we cannot put ourselves in another's shoes. And one person's pain is just as bad as another's.

                        I was only trying to point out, in a very inarticulate way, how scared and depressed and hopless I feel because of the intensity of how sick I feel.

                        I just wanted to clarify in case I came off sounding insensitive.

                        Thank you for your kindness.......
                        Blessings and Peace to All --Val


                        • Val, Val, Val...

                          Originally posted by VJoy View Post
                          Thank you SallyJane, you are very kind.

                          Sorry, I am so depleated and so down, nothing seems possible anymore.
                          What's all this silly talk I'm hearing?? Huh??? Wha??? Did you see how beautiful that wondrous scenery is outside?? As I've been riding to work through the mountains of Tennessee, it's awesome with the views I have, the smell in the air of fall and down here, heck it was 39 this morning, well -- at 6am. I ride at 7:30 And then there's the wood burning aroma from some houses, that just tops it off, Fall is amazing and the leaves are turning already down here. NY has to be just as nice even better, right??? another week till the car is fixed...

                          Now Val, you aren't just bummed out 'cause I have 5 speakers hooked to my computer for movies and you have just 2, are you????? I know that would get me down....

                          Val, promise me you'll look outside and see how amazing our universe is with the view out your front door, okay mebbe the back door is better, I gotcha. Or when you're in your car -- you're not riding like me, right?? See how magnificent it is.
                          Tonight as I was riding home, the sun was getting close to setting, I yelled out, "thank you, thank you, this is awesome!" I think only the Universe heard me scream that, it just made me laugh and pedal on -- smiling the rest of the way. The air was so crisp, the way Fall's supposed to be.l

                          Tell me how beautiful it is there and the magnitude of it all, you'll be part of it all too, a good reflection of you -- right??. Ok??? I dare ya, double dare ya... that's it, you've been double dared -- can't back down from that!

                          I wish you the best my dear,

                          With AMEGA You can change your life in minutes...

                          Hear how here: Live the Energized Life


                          • Awesome Sallyjane!!!

                            That's awesome Sallyjane...about the purse and the cell phone!!!

                            Maybe our financial manifestations are on their way!!!

                            Today I got some good news...I have been needing to manifest enough $ to get to an important training end of this month in PA. I was relying on LOA to get it somehow! Well, today I found out the payment due me from affiliate type account, I wasn't expecting much....but, it was enough to pay for everything with good amount left over!!!

                            Abundant manefestations for everyone!!!

                            In Gratitude and Love,
                            Life in Balance Ayurveda



                            • For Belle99!

                              Originally posted by belle99 View Post

                              Last night I got a very clear demonstration of how I have let myself be drained by overbearing people in social situations, and that I have no good response to it other than choose to attract different types of conversations and attitudes from others, by first changing it in myself....however, I need corrections, and I will tell you more about it....

                              Hi Belle,

                              Most people will resonate with this request and therefore pick up on the corrections. Thank you Belle for posting.

                              The moment you feel annoyed by anything, the most important thing to remember is that It(fear) is an Illusion. Focus as often as you need to, on the Light/Love that is YOU. Get your mind off the "not good" by Breathing, Visualizing, Yoga, CEM, Matrix, Theta, and infinite other ways to bring you back to the Truth and your Power.

                              A core fear that came up for you, was "fear of people taking from me". There were many similar fears of this kind manifesting "issues" in your physical, emotional, psychological, and Spiritual bodies. This fear will make you often experience a mirroring affect of "not so nice" people. The fear within you shows up in a "not so wonderful" behavior in them.

                              As you move along life, remember in as many moments as you can, (it gets easier the more you practice remembering) that whatever is perceived as "not good" simply takes the next moment to perceive the situation correctly. As you do this, miracles happen. Many call this being a Spiritual Warrior because it can feel at times like a battle with the "self".

                              Perceiving the situation correctly is the same as saying to yourself, (as Sallyjane has posted and done) No, I choose Light and Love over this illusion of Pain and Suffering of any kind, be it physical, mental,emotional etc. Staying vigilant with this is sometimes difficult since the belief in separation is the ego/mind's favorite form of attack.

                              Desire is sometimes blamed, because we have a certain desire, but the ego/mind takes over and wants it only in a certain way. This takes your power away, because the "i" has now blocked infinite better ways of achieving the desire with this "wanting" it to turn out exactly so, and in such and such a manner.

                              What is truly powerful Belle, is that you are aware of this now more than ever, and in almost every moment, that your power is within, and that is the only way to experience your greatness in Peace, Love and Light, no matter what the outer world is mirroring you.

                              IMMENSE LOVE AND GRATITUDE ~ GRACE



                              • For Meli!

                                Originally posted by Melissa View Post
                                What an appropriate name for you, indeed!

                                Sorry it took me so long to respond to your post....I've been alllllll over the place.

                                I agree that fear of death has been a biggie for me and the collective unconscious, as well. I've been feeling more relaxed about this issue. And I feel that this fear was an ancestral thing, as well.

                                I was very touched by your explanation of how our true nature is ever expansive. This is not new to me by any means, but I really felt your reply on many levels, Grace.

                                Thank you for all that you give...your appreciation for All That Is is a great influence.

                                Also, consider this my introduction to y'all of sorts! I love all of these subjects that are discussed here....there are no limits in our thinking/Being except for those that we allow.

                                I feel in my gut that these upcoming months ahead will manifest in the turning of the tide for many of us...

                                With much love,
                                Hi Meli!

                                It was wonderful reading your post! I also agree with you, the tides are indeed turning!!
                                IMMENSE LOVE AND GRATITUDE ~ GRACE