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  • Originally posted by heat_georgia View Post
    Hi Grace! Hi Everyone!

    Hope all is well with everyone!!!! Sending you love and joy!

    Grace, I know you are soooo busy. And we all appreciate everything you do!
    So i just wanna start by saying thank you so much for all the energy and focus you put on helping us with all your wisdom!!

    I was just wondering.... if you have time... could you retest me for the modules? i have been doing them for a while. it might be all in my head but i feel like i am starting to reach a plateau. i have been on them for almost three months. i've had some pretty cool shifts, and i never thought i would have immediately manifested a relationship. its been pretty awesome. i'm stiil waiting for the intuition on the career shift thing. feel a little in the dark about that, but i'm sure something will come. i did lose a little weight too, which is cool.

    Some things that I have been wanting to work on aside from the career thing are getting in better touch with my creativity and letting that lead me a little more, and also i want to feel my sexual energy more. i feel like i cut myself off from it, because in the past i've used it in ways that were not good for me, and i have also been really heartbroken in a few relationships where i felt like my body trusted enough to let go and connect more with the other person. anyway... i would love to release the blocks.

    1 hour later:
    okay... i just had a matrix energetics session. and the sex thing is a little more clear.... I was with a guy over seven years ago, and i thought he was my soul mate. we were really connected on alot of levels. very much so sexually. he actually broke my heart twice, and i feel like i cut myself off from the sexual energy because i didn't want to be hurt again like that. also because a part of me feels like i gave him the sexual energy as a really sacred gift and now its hard to bring it back to me.
    he still calls me often, and he lives in the czech republic. i live here in california, so... its kinda been this thing where... i guess we've been holding on to each other from so far away. it has made it difficult to connect with new partners. now after my session i have the awareness that we had pass life agreements to learn and teach each other lessons, but it doesnt mean that we are soulmates in the since that we have to be together.

    anyway.... i would still like to continue to better feel and connect with my sexual energy, and not feel the fear of being intimate with someone new.

    thanks for reading!

    love love love!

    Hi Heather,

    I have been making corrections for your requests. Thank you for your courage in posting, and helping so many others with these same "issues"

    It does test strong that you need to stay on your current modules just one more month. In a few weeks post me a reminder to test for you then.


    • For Dayna!

      Hi Dayna,

      Your PM box is full, I can't send you a reply until you empty some of those messages. I sure love your avatar pick!


      • Darling Grace,

        I spoke to you the other night about a book I have been reading by Deepak Chopra and you suggested that I add some of those thoughts to the ACIM and Hawkins thread... I hope you don't mind that I pop in here to share a few of his words as they made me think of how you always remind us of who and what we really are, which is the Light/Love of the world...

        "You are not the result of physical forces that have driven all of creation, with human intelligence being a late-stage by-product. Rather, a universal intelligence is experiencing itself through countless forms. You are one form of this intelligence, and yet you are also the whole. Just as a cell in a body is expressing the body's wholeness, you are expressing the wholeness of creation this very minute...

        He goes on to explain that "ordinary perception cannot see the whole" and that to do so one must develop "second attention, or divine sight, the ability to know yourself as pure Being, beyond be the light of the world, you must understand that the world itself is light...that is, pure awareness manifesting in physical form.

        To develop second attention, you must attune yourself to it. First attention focuses on the material world; it dwells on appearance rather than essence...When you think, say, or do anything, you are manipulating consciousness, or to put it another way, you are using the stuff of awareness to create something. Just as jet fuel disappears in order to make a plane fly, consciousness disappears when it is used. Its potential turns into some sensation, thought, object, or event. As you read that last sentence, you were transforming consciousness without being aware that it was flowing through you."

        It seems to me that many of the beautiful souls here are developing this wonderful "second attention" and becoming so exquisitely conscious of all that we think, say and do, that more and more synchronicities, transformations and manifestations are occuring. How beautiful is that?!

        I would like to extend my Thanks and Blessings and Love and Light to ALL of you who post on this wonderful thread as well as those of you who read it... And also to you, Dear Grace, for your continuous gifts to us. As this thread continues to unfold, we internalize more and more the Love/Light as the Truth that IS each and every one of us.

        With Much Love and Gratitude,


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        • Grace,
 got impulsive and changed my modules. i just started checking out all the modules, and i was like a kid in a candy store.

          this is what i picked.
          successful living 3
          sexual pleasure female
          ultimate creativity
          good luck and fortune

          i just want you to know that i trust your wisdom, but i know how busy you are so i decided to try to choose for myself. i felt like i was doing the resposible thing at the time. what do you reccomend now? should i stay on these for a bit and then have you test me again?

          let me know what you think.


          • Another manifestation

            Oh this is the perfect example of how when we release our agendas, and step back and let the Universe take care of us the way it feels fit... Then everything just works out in such a perfect way!

            So my check was short over a $1000.00 dollars, and yes I could have fought and battled and gotten all upset, but I decided to release it... Let it go! That left me short on my electric bill and on my rent. Well actually it left me completely unable to make those payments on my own. My X was too short to help me out, so I had to ask a local charity for help. They were able to help me with my electric bill, but not the rent. I have scrambled and scrambled and tried everything to get my rent paid. Finally last night I called my Landlord and said "I don't have it! I will have to pay it late!" He said come in tomorrow and fill out some forms, so we can waive your late fee. OMG! I was sooo excited!

            Then this morning my phone rang and my parents had transfered way more than enough into an account that my mom and I have together, so I could transfer it to my checking account! I am going to pay my rent on time this morning! Not only that, but I can put a little gas in my tank, and I can buy milk and toilet paper! I was a little concerned about running out of the second one! LOL!

            OMG! Just when you would think everything was soooo aweful and you are not sure how it is going to work out... That is when you really start to manifest amazing things! HERE COMES THAT FREIGHT TRAIN AND IT IS STOPPING RIGHT OUTSIDE MY FRONT DOOR! Oh by the way I will make sure to send it to all of your doors too!

            Blessings Sallyjane


            • For Bobi!

              Originally posted by Bobi View Post

              Of the many things I've gained from this thread, one I particularly enjoy (appreciate?) is to be absolutely delighted when challenges present themselves. Instead of falling into the, "oh no", or, "oh crap", mindset I now tend towards, "oh boy! I created this. This is going to be great! Thank you!" And it turns out to be just that - great!

              I learned this in large part from you. You say you feel a big change coming like a freight train. I hope reminding you of what you've given me can help make it a whoo-hoo good-ride! for you Wow, the other end of that tunnel is going to be fabulous! Congratulations!

              Hi Bobi,

              I love what you wrote to Sallyjane! It is absolutely the Truth! Our Ego/Mind has absolutely no control over us unless we give into the illusion of Dualism.

              I say ego/mind, and not ego/minds, because we are ONE, and collectively transcending the one false belief that we are separate from God together.

              This is why we can send LOVE/LIGHT to another via CEM or any other beautiful way, and remember for them the TRUTH of who they are, and this can transform them even though for whatever reason they felt they could not do it alone.

              It is important that we are here for each other, and not give into the illusion that the outer world is "not good" in any way!

              This is why I feel so blessed to have all of you in my life!

              With your Fabulous Attitude Bobi, everything will keep getting better and better!! Others, will be inspired by you, because they will see that you have challenges but you always overcome them effortlessly and easily! Everything will then be a cause for celebration!




              • Dear Grace, I posted a couple of pages back about my lower back spasms. I want you to know that the nasty old pain has not returned since you so kindly worked your magic on me! Oh, I still feel a few twinges throughout the day, and my spine feels somewhat stiff and inflexible when I get out of bed in the morning, but it's nothing I can't handle. Thank you so much!

                Recently I've done some hard thinking about the "inflexibility" issues, and I've come to the unwelcome conclusion that they are a physical manifestation of certain inflexible attitudes that I've been holding for a long time now. I won't describe them here, but I can tell you that I'm well aware of them, that I'm facing up to them, and I'm thinking about the best way to let go of them. Thank you for any advice you can give me (for example, a module that would be especially beneficial for me). And thank you so much for working on my back! I feel great.

                In deepest gratitude,


                • Sleep challenges

                  If you could do some corrections on my sleep patterns. I am falling asleep easily at night, but then waking up between 3 am and 4:30am. I am not going back to sleep after waking up!

                  I have tried two pointing it, meditating on the light as you suggested, and working through a chakra meditation to go back to sleep. The chakra meditation is great for helping me to sleep at the begining of the night, but I am just struggling in the early mornings. This all started when I took that job in Kennewick that I just left. This is really wacking me out!

                  Blessings Sallyjane


                  • OMG! Is this your competition week?

                    I just want to send you some extra Gold energy for your competition at Disneyworld!



                    • From the inside out!

                      I am always posting, and trying to communicate my thoughts here, and today I realised that maybe I needed to start a little different way.

                      "From the Inside Out" It is so easy to look at our problems and situations from the outside effecting the inside, but in actuality it is just the opposite. For instance if you are struggling with an area of financial, health, or any other area, and trying to change the way it looks on the outside... Then you need to change the way it looks like on an energy level deep within you. What ever the energy is within you will control the outcome of what you are manifesting on the outside. If you want to change the outside then you are going to have to change the energy on the inside. I have been reading on auras and chakras lately, and realised that through my transformation (when I knew nothing about chakras) what I was doing with the help of Grace and Stephen and many others here was balancing all of my energy centers all at once! Probably why at times I felt so out of control! Probably why at times I still feel a little out of control, as I continue to change my inside energy and await the changes on the outside to reflect the new energy.

                      One thing I want to mention... Intention is like powerful prayer! When we set an intention and put our emotions behind it things manifest. Well when we are afraid or fearful or worry about stuff happening... We are then putting into action a very negative and powerful prayer that will manifest stuff we don't want to happen. We have to learn to change that inner energy, and Gratitude is a great starting point! Instead of worrying about the what ifs? Focus on the moment right now! Focus on the wonderful things in your life right now, and let go of the fear of what might happen out in the future. You are controling the future so you have the choice to choose a possitive outcome or a negative outcome.

                      Change comes from within and affects the without! Lately I have been choosing to accept my frustration with the dogs next door as my frustration and own it! I have the choice to own it and change what is within me or blame the world and get mad or sad or hurt or or or... This takes the power the dogs have over me and the power the owner of the dogs has over me and gives it back to me! The dogs are less of a nuisance and will eventually not even bother me! I have that choice. I recently manifested a house full of houseflies. I was sooo frustrated with them. At first I battled with them with a fly swatter, but then I felt that I was not supposed to kill them, so then I was just frustrated cause they still were not going away. I ended up taking a different attitude towards them and decided that everytime they touch my skin they build up my immunity! My decision right! Well the flies are not totally gone, but why I open my doors instead of more coming in, they fly out! They also don't pester me as much or fly at my face as much as they were before, and when they do land on me or touch me I thank them!

                      I know these are such little examples, but it is sooo important to look for the possitive even in the pain!

                      Blessings Sallyjane


                      • Thank you Grace for the corrections.

                        I had a yard Saturday and did quite well. A friend came over and helped me. I acted like it was a game and I manifested buyers for all of my furniture. I told my friend which piece I wanted to sell next, and it sold! What fun!

                        I have an appointment with the vet on Wednesday to have Dude checked out. I am grateful to have manifested the money to pay for it. Please continue doing corrections for him. He's a sweet little dog.

                        Sallyjane, thank you for your words of encouragement. You have been an inspiration for me.

                        Love and blessings to all,



                        • Hi Grace!!

                          Thank you Grace!! You made me blush I look up to and admire you and one day will be able to help people the way you do You're my hero
                          With Infinite Love and Gratitude,


                          • im feeling in a rut for so long now. so CEM is a kind of healing thing?

                            i know for sure, that ever since i was born & got immunized, obviosuly something about me (these brain chemical things) wasnt able to get rid of the mercury poison i got from the shots, which then made me act kinda autistic (rocking back & forth at some things, some ADD, annoyng talking-to-myself, & other bad things. theres a laundry list of these things, like: for my whole life i never slept soundly until maybe past midnight, cant digest my meals good, my teeth in front ache at times, eczema (used to be very bad), excess shyness (it wasnt disabling early in my life since i still made 'friends' & didnt really care what others thought of me, but it got worse after around grade 4-5 when all my friends left me-----now i get easiloy embarrassed & no confidence which made things so much worse), and another load of things i cant remember.

                            this is too disabling for me since i kept thinking about suicide before (but im still hating life). i know for sure that common practice wont help me (such as counceling/rehab) b/c these probelms went on for like 7/8 years & i already have automatic 'destructive' beliefs from all this time. its not good, im reluctant to even just walk the streets wanting to hide.
                            i dont want to keep this up, or else why bother being alive?

                            how exactly do you do this CEM?

                            [theres another load of perosnal things i hate (that you could call 'shallow'), but im not sure if they should be shared]


                            • For bmlyeryk!

                              Hi bmlyeryk!

                              I make individual Chinese Energetic Medicine Corrections for those that Post and Group Corrections for all the posters and viewers. I am very happy and grateful to do the same for you now that you have posted. It is also important that you read this whole thread, all pages, take your time, and don't rush. This will help you get a jump start on all the corrections you will "pick up on" that you are resonating with. (time is an illusion)

                              Since you have requested to learn how to make Chinese Energetic Medicine Corrections so that you can work on yourself (This is fabulous since you will soon begin to understand the immense power you have within you) I have decided to do the same for you as I have done for only a few others, my own children included.

                              I have made corrections in order to "download" the knowledge of CEM into your Physical, Mental, Emotional, Psychological, Psychic and Spiritual Bodies and beyond. If this did not muscle test strong, I would not be able to do this for you, but it does, and I am happy and grateful to do so. Your level of Perserverence has been your "Savior" so to speak.

                              This is extremely difficult for people to wrap their minds around but now many are ready for this knowledge, so thank you for your post.

                              If you desire you can go to the website of Dr. Kam Yuen my CEM teacher. Yuen Method: Full Spectrum Healing

                              I will continue to make corrections for you as well, but now you will also do the same for yourself.

                              All you need to do, is when a thought comes into your consciousness of something that is "not good" about what you are seeing, feeling or experiencing, you will then in that instant in your mind or verbally (outloud) say C.E.M. The corrections will automatically be made by you, and backed by all the Masters of Chinese Energetic Medicine Practioners in all of existence. (Whether Past, Present or Future)

                              One Quick Example to give you is this :You notice that you feel "in a rut" more so than ever before, in this instant you begin to think to yourself the Letters CEM. You would say CEM three times. (CEM CEM CEM). Then pause, if the feeling persists you would repeat CEM three times and then pause. Once you feel a bit better, and not so much in a rut, then move onto another "issue" you want to work on. Continue this with everything/or anything you desire to correct.

                              Patience is a virtue, and the gift of Patience is Patience, so allow me to continue making corrections on you individually for your Patience level which is Low right now. This is completely understandable considering the incredible experiences you have been through! I will continue making corrections to expand your knowledge of this particular Modality, that will bring you more effortlessly to the truth of who you are. It does not matter whether you believe this or not at this time, the TRUTH IS THAT YOU ARE POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE!

                              IMMENSE LOVE AND GRATITUDE ~ GRACE



                              • Grace, Help with my kids


                                I need corrections for me and my kids. I am having a challenge with my daughter Izzi, and also Nat. When I ask the either one to do a chore around the house they do it half way if that! For instance, it is Izabelle's job to load the dishwasher, and wipe down the counters. She half loads the dishwasher then runs it wasting water, and leaves a sink fairly full of dishes she deamed to gross to do. She then leaves the kitchen a mess and never even wipes off the countertops or cleans food out of the sink. This is a constant battle between us! Nat does simular things when picking up the livingroom! Or when taking out the garbage... He will take out the garbage put the trash can back with no bag in it, and leave garbage that got dropped out of the garbage bag.

                                I am tired of the battle and so I am now releasing it to the Universe and would appreciate any and all corrections in this area.

                                Thank you Sallyjane