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  • Farmhand Queries

    Hi Farmhand,

    We could really use your help!! I know I could!!

    You are asking questions of the wrong guys, us. Zilano is no longer here; Don is passed; and the ones who know the answers to your questions are either dead or not talking. You are a very bright electronics guy. I've been watching and studying you for some time now. It would appear that you are working for the other side!! You are a very serious distraction. You are not some dumb new to the forum illiterate guy asking questions. Some of us want to get this show on the road and are looking at how to put the pieces together and you keep asking questions instead of helping us look for the answers which many of us think are in plain view. Many of us don't have your electronic expertise. We could use your help in some areas more positive to our cause. I don't know all the secrets either to how this Don Smith device works, but I believe in it. I have faith in it. I know that if I keep searching under every bit of information that has been shared that I'm bound to discover all the hidden pieces. I for one could use your help. A lot of folks are studying my pdf files but I'm getting almost no help from anyone and I'm not an electrical guy. I'm a very sharp non electrical guy but I'd appreciate some good help too. Most of us like you don't know how this Don Smith device works, but we know that it does and so that is why we keep messing with it. We are not here just to waste our time. I know I'm not here to waste mine.

    Best Regards,
    David Fine


    • Bedini

      @Farmhand and all

      Maybe you have seen these bedini video's, but in the video's he explains how to get Cold electricity out of a coil (acting as a capacitor).
      Teslas Impulse Technology - John Bedini Lecture1/3
      Teslas Impulse Technology - John Bedini Lecture1/3 - YouTube

      Teslas Impulse Technology - John Bedini Lecture 2/3
      Teslas Impulse Technology - John Bedini Lecture 2/3 - YouTube

      Teslas Impulse Technology - John Bedini Lecture 3/3
      Teslas Impulse Technology - John Bedini Lecture 3/3 - YouTube

      Looking at all the information I have read about OU, I conclude that the real OU device is the capacitor in my opinion (and the Coil is also acting as a capacitor).
      The potential OU energy in the ignition capacitor is transfered into kinetic energy by the Spark/Xenon and captured in a capacitor (i.c. coil acting as capacitor) (see Jeong's video).
      After pulsating the capacitor (second sparkgap or hitting it with HV spikes) the energy is translated to usable energy.

      If i am correct (According to the video's of Bedini) we need to look for the Cold negative energy.

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      • Originally posted by bbem View Post
        ... and the Coil is also acting as a capacitor.

        The same I understood from Utkin. See first pages. He shows how the resonant system charges the self capacitance of the coils.

        A capacitor is never ever a means where we can store jammed electrons. You can dismantle a charged capacitor and you find nowhere any charge. See MIT video regarding this fact. Think on it and read Utkin regarding capacitors.
        Electrons are no elastic rubber balls or gas molecules and therefore can not be compressed.
        Their energizing happens in copper within 10^-19 seconds (T. Berden). We tap their energizing state in the load and not by consuming them. The tapping aibility propagates on wires at about .75 - .85 speed of light.
        If we connect a capacitor to a load we initiate the facts mentioned above. We get energized electrons! No electrons traveling to the furnance (load) in order to be consumed and exhausted.

        So we can deduce that there are more than one way for building this charge - not being stored electrons waiting bored and compressed for escape.
        - spending coulombs ("scientific" charging) - closed circuit
        - applying another means ("unscientific" charging) - open loop: say cold electricity, pulses, avramenco plug, resonant coils, ...... It happens independent what the name is or what the formulas say Obviously this channel needs to be conditioned over a certain time. So no sudden success while experimenting.

        A capacitor being charged can deliver coulombs.
        On the other hand there are some claims that the "hot" electricity happens later on in an inductive converter (see Don's resistor devider after the HV capacitor). We need find out what the heck happens here.

        BTW: I red a scientific paper where the authors found that the coils self capacitance is too low in order to explain it from the inter winding capacitance. The formulas available add some constants in order to be compliant with the measured value. So there is something else added and going on with the self capacitance.
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        Experts spend hours a day in order to question their doing while others stopped thinking feeling they were professionals.


        • Free Energy

          To get what we want, we need resonance and spark gap!! Zilano explained this very clearly!! Study the Zilano pdf files. I have been studying her posts and I feel that a lot of her really good stuff was posted early on in August 2011 posts at the back of my oldest zilano pdf file. My files go from the most recent backwards. That's the way I set my stuff up for study purposes. Usually the latest shared information is the best most up to date but in her case, I think it was the best was oldest.


          • @JohnStone
            Yes I know the MIT video, and it appears that the (field)energy is stored in the dielectric.
            (I guess you can touch the dielectric without harm and discharge)
            And the (Cold?) energy is translated back to usable energy when the capacitor terminals are added again..


            • @King .. a brave answer to a question on a subject that really isn't supposed to exist ! Although of course we all know it does .I guess its captured the name “cold electricity” because of its tendency to make the appliances and batteries cold to the touch ! Assuming you have the time Bedini is demonstrating the Kromray converter here .. notice everything is cold circa the 37 min mark!
              Energy from the Vacuum - Part 10 - The Kromrey Converter | the republic of Washington on Blip
              pity he's demonstrating a free energy device all those years ago as a young pup .. and it still isn’t out there!
              Whatever you can do,or dream you can,begin it.Boldness has genius,power and magic in it.Begin it now.


              • Originally posted by Duncan View Post
                Exactly just like that, they are silent.

                They also allow for tuning. As the lightning inside the bulb has so many varying characteristics like, multiple lightning strikes, increased output, straight lines, wiggly lines etc. If you hit resonance I believe the xenon will go full brilliance. So will make it easy to tune.

                I was thinking more along the lines of a better one out of flash unit from old camera. Just something more beefy than a disposable.

                John's idea is another great one, as they do get hot.

                Engine oil, brake fluid, whatever they use in transformers would be good.

                Just experience putting HV through one of these bulbs and you'll soon see how they can be useful.

                I also beg someone to try a metal halide bulb on the output as they provide a gigantic advantage to tune because of the huge spectrum they can operate from.

                I talking from a fine line dancing through the bulb to a glow that gets brighter and brighter and brighter.

                I reckon Telsa must have used bulbs to tune his coils. Doubt he had a xenon or halide though!


                • It's interesting that the "establishment" makes it sound like they want to move things in the right direction yet they promote only those things that will maintain the status quot. The chevy volt as an example - if they really wanted people to make this change it would seem they would make it affordable to the general public. I drive an S10 that gets 35 mpg and at 10.00 per gallon the cost of the volt would keep gas in my truck for 157,500 miles. That would keep me going for the next 16 years... like pre paying your gasoline bill yet you still have to buy gas for it.... Same with hybrids...

                  So the fact remains, it isn't in "their" best interest that you are self sufficient. The only way any of these devices will get out there is if the information is put into a form that can be easily replicated and completely for a small investment. Once there are a multitude of working units the facts will be irrefutable, the truth will be known and there will be no turning back.

                  Once mans mind is opened to a new dimension of thinking it never goes back.
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                  • Originally posted by Duncan View Post
                    @King .. a brave answer to a question on a subject that really isn't supposed to exist ! Although of course we all know it does .I guess its captured the name “cold electricity” because of its tendency to make the appliances and batteries cold to the touch

                    Hi Duncan, my understanding is that inductor resonance produces LMD waves.

                    The hairpin circuit also produces LMD waves but using capacitors instead.

                    This is one of the best 'cold electricity' videos on youtube. There are more search 'cold electricity' 'hairpin circuit'.

                    Tesla cold electricity - YouTube

                    Also please take note of the image from page 17 of this thread:

                    If we can get our circuits going with two caps that will be easier surely?


                    • Hmmm, just made me think of this statement:

                      "A DRSSTC is different than the conventional SSTC due to the addition of a primary tank capacitor, hence, "Dual Resonant." When in a resonant state, the added capacitance in the primary circuit cancels the inductance leaving no reactive component."

                      Dual Resonant Solid State Tesla Coil - HvWiki

                      Isn't that what the hairpin does by using two caps?

                      It's ok if I'm wrong, I can live with that..... just provoking thoughts


                      • Another thought. It says on the page, 'can be modulated for audio'.

                        The circuitry has already covered in the coiling world for 50/60hz. Lol!

                        Once we get some of the coilers interested this device will take off like a rocket!


                        • First Imagine it Then Build it

                          @Farmland and all

                          No doubt, those Tesla Don Smith Kapandze Zelano Etc devices can produce energy more than the input rate, may be-based on one or all of the following or none

                          Case 1
                          May be by simply changing the rate @ witch, such energy is delivered @the output. 100 watt/s per second input can be 1000 watts output @ a rate of 100 watts per 100ms. Regardless to what naming convention you call it the mechanism is working. However, first thing is first let us replicate one complete self-running device. “Blind leading blind”. First, we build it. Then we theorize it.”

                          Case 2
                          It might be by simply, tuning and taping to a radiating energy regardless to the radiating energy source. The device resonating local oscillator circuits may be demodulating the radiant energy, and matching the input and output impedance by guessing trial and error component values or circuit interferences.

                          Case 3

                          It might be a simple runway breakdown plasma energy generator the same as the lightening inside thunderclouds. The phenomenon is confirmed by multiple observations at balloons and airplanes of electric field and X-ray emission inside thunderclouds revealing a definite agreement with the predictions of runway breakdown-plasma energy theory.

                          Based on the third case May be Tesla Don and the others discovered a way to replicate the phenomenon in the lab in small scale. Nevertheless, they have not explained the phenomenon in detail!

                          My ten cent Guess “Blind leads blind”

                          a, Given that the electromagnetic radiation from the lightening runway breakdown, which is characterized by consecutive broadband pulses in low frequency radio range from 10 to 300 KHz, which is with close agreement to the working range of Tesla Don and the others second resonance frequency 20 to 70 KHz.

                          b, Given that the low frequency pulses happen in the range of 2 to 5ms interval and are within the harmonic frequency of Don Device first oscillator 50 to 300 Hz,

                          c, Given that the conventional breakdown electric field in the atmosphere needs to exceed 10Mv/m at sea level to initiate a lightning discharge and Don Device Spark gap voltage is in the range 1kv to 5kv per mm which is in close agreement to the requirement of lighting runway breakdown phenomenon.

                          d, Given that the lightning electric field accelerates free electrons upward to some MeV of energy producing bursts of terrestrial ϒ rays resulting from “bremsstrahlung” braking radiation of the energetic electrons.

                          e, The last proof requires a measurement by any means to confirm the existence of X-rays @ any level in the replicated devices.

                          All the above-mentioned facts lead to convincing conclusion, that Don Tesla and others Devices are a simple replication of runway breakdown-plasma energy. If proved true we may not need “mambo jumbo… dark theory” they can be scaled, replicated, and analyzed with a degree of accuracy utilizing simulation software and classical physics.

                          Hope it helps



                          • Originally posted by a.king21 View Post
                            Cold electricity is high frequency electricity AC or DC at high voltage.
                            The electricity exists outside the wires (Steinmetz). Therefore I does not equal V/R . I = V*R*C C is a constant to be determined by experimentation.
                            You can also get cold electricity from a square wave, but the spikier the better. You can get cold electricity from pulsed DC above 80 volts.
                            As I've stated before, I've done the experiments.
                            So the L1 side is the "cold" side. The L2 side depends on the configuration. Once you get into the output capacitors (Conditioned of course) - exit from the capacitors is hot and you can die from the shock if uninsulated.
                            Although the capacitors remain cold. So you have to leave the device running for a day to get the full benefit.
                            So a choke on the cold electricity circuit can act as an energy amplifier.

                            Use an avramenko plug or a bedini 1:1 transformer (twisted wire coil) in series at an appropriate point.
                            Used correctly it explains why the use of ferrite acts as an energy amplifier on the cold electricity side of the circuit.

                            I thought I had "invented" cold electricity.
                            Then I read the Bedini book and my ego was humbled.
                            I thought I had "invented" the Avramenko plug.
                            Then I found Avramenko had done it before and my ego was humbled.
                            I started out arrogant and ignorant.
                            Now I am humbled and wiser.
                            Remember resonance.
                            OK, Thank you I can understand that explanation and accept it, sounds fair enough to me.


                            Now on to some details about parts. I bought some of these gas discharge tube thingy's. Maybe I can use those to run a setup with few hundred volts input at 20-30 Khz.

                            GAS DISCHARGE TUBE - SPARK GAP LITTELFUSE CG2-230L 12pc | eBay


                            And I also bought this thing, another discharge tube though in the picture it does look somewhat degraded/corroded. This one is 2 Kv breakdown.


                            If anyone is an Ebay sniper they might want to try to snipe this Item below
                            away from me. It's a magnificent looking piece of apparatus whatever it is. Two days to go on it.

                            942-C99 SPARK GAP VACUUM TUBE | eBay

                            I thought I better play fair since I knew some people might like it. Trick is to
                            make your bid with about 40 seconds or so to go, depends on the netspeed
                            and things I think gotta cut it fine though to win em cheap at the last second.

                            Weird Al Yankovic- eBay Song with Lyrics - YouTube



                            • Basically if you all would like to have working ou device, no theory would do it - you need to start with Tesla coil assembly right on your table, then find a way to move it from closed circuit into open (capacitive) circuit. Only after this step ionization can be applied as blackhole for surrounding air/earth neutral particles and then after you make it flow into your Tesla coil, take charge out into capacitors! This is first OU condition. The second condition is to have 1/4 wave resonator from 2 coils what got single wire out each and are wound like 2 capacitor plates with second coil having length of 4x on first coil for 1/4 wave resonator.

                              So, please post results when you will have this and it will have convincing truth...
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                              • conditioned capacitor

                                Originally posted by a.king21 View Post
                                So the L1 side is the "cold" side. The L2 side depends on the configuration. Once you get into the output capacitors (Conditioned of course) - exit from the capacitors is hot and you can die from the shock if uninsulated.

                                Hello a.king

                                Can you please explain what means conditioned capacitor?

                                thanks in advance?