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  • Originally posted by Turion View Post
    Oh Matty,
    I'm pretty sure I WAS the one who started the 3 Battery System thread on this forum. And at the time, I stated I got the idea from a circuit I saw from John Bedini. I think I GAVE credit at the time, and I'm MORE than willing to give it again. Maybe you don't remember that, but it is a true story. Recovery of DC energy while using it to run a load. SImple. Also worth its weight in GOLD.

    And Tesla showed us how to recover DC energy with a Tesla switch way before that. Again, I have given credit to the person who showed us the way. And Benitez did it before Tesla. He should get MAJOR credit.

    I believe YOU were the one who showed, on the USE FOR THE TESLA SWITCH thread how to do some work with that DC energy and recover it by running it through some SPECIFIC devices. You provided instructions on how to build them, and I built all three. You open sourced it.

    But Benitez already SHOWED that. He also shows how to take low voltage DC and convert it to high voltage DC, and how to get out AS MANY AMPS as you have volts when you have created that high voltage. I'm not claiming I "discovered" that either. Just that I researched and read how to do it. Experimented, and what do you know?

    I never claimed what I am working with is "ALL MY" discovery. Why do I need to come up with "an idea" when all that is needed is to apply the research of those that have gone before us? All the pieces are there, and have been for a long time. I'm just working on ways to put them together.

    Are you insinuating that YOU are the one who came up with a method of producing energy with no moving parts? If so, where is it? If you believe what I am doing is somehow based on YOUR work, how could that possibly be, when you say I know NOTHING about your work? I have an email from YOU stating that I can "do whatever I want because I "know NOTHING about your work." Would you like a copy? LOL

    I don't NEED your work. Benitez and Tesla have already shown us all we need to know. We have much better methods of implementing the principles they discovered than they EVER had.


    1800-200 watts output and under 300 watts input (24v at 12 amps) Never said I wasn't interested or that the work isn't going forward, just that it isn't MY PRIORITY. It isn't.

    You guys can whine all you want. I have better things to do.
    Yep sickness.. Deprived sickness, just wanted to make sure it was still intact.


    • "Deprived" sickness? Invest in a dictionary dude!

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      “Advances are made by answering questions. Discoveries are made by questioning answers.”
      —Bernhard Haisch, Astrophysicist