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  • Originally posted by phoneboy View Post
    You're getting there, good on the counter rotating discs i.e. three pole magnet. Still over complicating the ARV's basic operation though. The ARV Is quite elegant as it encompasses a lot of functionality quite simply (definitely doubt a human came up with it). It's interesting that you've made a correlation between the nazi ufos (images) as most people cant seem to see those diagrams for what they are. I have to correct myself and state that Alexy's device is using a different principle which is more so real antigravity as opposed to force generation. It's unfortunate that he jumbled so many things together that he'll never be able to figure out why.
    Here I thought I was over simplifying the ARV.

    Now, it's quite possible you know more than I do, which is disturbing to think about, but nonetheless, don't sell humans short. Remember what Mark Twain said; "it's easier to convince someone of a lie than to convince them they have been lied too."

    There are apparently other life forms, and one specificially which I'm told is a hostile alien species of concern, and which is an insectoid. This species is apparently what we are mostly dealing with and it is capable of using counter~space in the way you might use a laboratory. It's my understanding that this species can create objects in the materium (our world/dimension) as one might create an effigy out of clay. The implications of which are somewhat mind bending but I think if you consider some movies it looks like there's some depictions of this technology. We are talking about something that's crazy insanely advanced.

    There are some video's of mind bending stuff in the Alaskan outback. Talking here about observations which almost cannot be fit into human vocabulary. Nearly impossible to describe. Apparently using the interior of the planet. Mountain's specifically seem to be housing some sort of alien outposts. Talking here about stuff going inside mountains, not with doors or anything, but more like just burrowing inside.

    I'm told we are under a direct threat on many levels. This specific species is probably involved in most corruption and especially in science and education. This is evidently a very ancient species which is known to be extremely hostile to all other intelligent lifeforms which I'm told have fought extensive wars with this species. Usually after having been nearly wiped out, or as in the case I was told about, after this species had exterminated the populations of three planets before being dealt with.

    I am usually extremely skeptical of all alien reports but I trust the source and his descriptions along with all I know say's that this is likely true. That said, I cannot see this species using anything as primitive as the ARV based on what I've seen some video's of. The ARV is like a coal powered ox cart or something on that level. Who knows for sure. I just know that humans have the ability and they seem to have the motive and knowledge to have accomplished the task.

    I have a great deal of faith in the intellectual abilities of the human brain. The problem with assigning this problem to alien technology is it grates against what I know about human creativity and intelligence. Personally, and being a tinny bit immodest, I recognize that while I may be an exceptional detective, courageously brave, and generous to a Christ like level, but even so I still admit that compared intellectually to these guys below I'm more like on the level of ant.

    All I see is a physics and understanding that has been wiped form academic knowledge.
    We only need to get rid of the corruptions and dare I say criminal involvement in science to make our way forward.

    Warning...Rant Ahead....

    Wikipedia (*smugly) say's that what we are seeing in the image below are electrons in a brillion zone. However, if one supposes that there really are no such things as electrons then what ? How about stress (pressure) points? Go back and reboot; doesn't history mean anything? Well I guess not to physics if it dates before World War II, or doesn't include Albert Einstein, but remember Henry Stevens recap of the aether pressure field, and remember this idea of the aether all began with trying to explain what caused gravity and that the consensus was that gravity was created by a pressure field.

    If you have that and the knowledge that even J.J. Thompson denied electrons until he was given the Nobel Prize then maybe what you're really looking at are the stress points on the edge's of crystalline structure produced by a pressure field. What you're seeing are not electrons per say, although It's fine to use the understanding of electrons as the tools that J.J. Thompson conceived them to be, just so long as you also know the energy is the result of stress applied by a counter spatial pressure field.

    Now why can't this stuff be explained simply? Is it all that God Awfully hard to do? Just imagine where we would be if what it took to understand a combustion engine required a PHD in theoretical physics and a masters degree in electrical engineering and that's just to have some sort of understanding of hysteresis. So ya know I get really sick of this crap being spewed out from these jackaze's in physics. I hate to quote Einstein but give credit where it's due, and; "if you can't explain it simply then you really don't understand it."

    That said, Wikipedia has a lot of useful information but (as every policeman knows) complexity in an explanation is nearly always the hallmark of a fabrication and probably a lie, because conspiracies are complex: Truth is usually pretty simple.

    What was once commonly referred to as counter-space is what today's jackaze's are now also apparently calling "Reciprocal Space." It's hard for me not to see this sort of thing as deliberate meddling whose only possible motive is to obfuscate the truth, and so what should be a simple historically traceable pathway of understanding using historically recognized common word association, so I go back to the whole line of crap involving the push for the electron story that lead to J.J. Thompson and the Nobel Prize (Payoff Prize Apparently) which not only didn't Philo Farnsworth not get for inventing the dielectric ray tube, but who was blackmailed with being fired if he didn't go along with changing the name to the Electron-Gun.

    Why? Who was behind that and why? It wasn't just J.J. Thompson the creator who denied their existence until he was bought off with prize money and titles, but the others I've mentioned here such a Farnsworth whom apparently faced a huge amount of pressure to change the name of his device to the electron gun, and today the officially manipulated media like the one I've mentioned, they make no mention of these things, and worse. How is that not a conspiracy?

    This is not helpful in the least and to have these un-helpful obfuscations come by way of people whom supposedly are logical and rational thinkers, and so what can one make of that because it makes no rational sense. I'll tell ya right now that any cop would be taking you in for questioning on the rational basis of suspicion that you're involved in some sort of criminal activity: One can only really conclude that the only possible motive is bamboozle and confuse and to hinder real understanding. That's why Wikipedia sucks, because these people are apparently key players in keeping things screwed up, and they know it or sure seem to glory in being smug jerks.

    We are talking here about the renaming of a fundamental concept whose origins and common use wordings for a theoretical space which was thought to exist since before World War One and which was put into fundamental electrical engineering texts as counter spatial and not reciprocal space. Christ sakes, it's not like there's another reciprocal world, it' s just another medium like the fricking air and water is a medium. That's why I cited those guys above. It's another medium we are talking about that produces effects by pressure. What elese produces pressure? Air, water, rocks I guess, and magnets.

    So ya know, look at the history and the intellect you had working on this problem:
    If you were trying to create a vertical lift flying machine to stop Bomber Command and the US 8th Air Force from flattening your cities you would be looking to those guys, and of course there's the fact that we have the testimony of Carol Rosin telling us what von Braun told her, and which clearly say's he understood the technology, and finally we have that damming evidence of the recovered Nazi Scientists in New Mexico as recent captives of the US Army. All of which pretty much tells me that the ARV is entirely of human origin. Did those guys have something to work from? Maybe but I've traced as much of the history around this that I could in the thread and all I can say is that until we get inside Langley like the Russians did with the KGB after the fall of the Soviet State we won't know. Sure they won't have any real secrets about the actual technology but they might have the real history like the KGB did, such as the real Ribbenrop agreement with the Nazi's, but ya know what the real icing on the cake is? It's the attack on the model toy industry that is most telling of all. Imagine you're plastic toy company being made a subject of national concern by the powers that be and all because you dared to make a model of flying saucer whose speculative origins came out of the Third Reich. Hmm....really? It's that big a deal? So big that stores removed models? Yet again anything involving flying saucers and aliens is perfectly acceptable?

    Brillion Zone Brillouin-zone_construction_by_300keV_electrons.jpg

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    • Originally posted by phoneboy View Post
      You're getting there, good on the counter rotating discs i.e. three pole magnet. Still over complicating the ARV's basic operation though. The ARV Is quite elegant as it encompasses a lot of functionality quite simply (definitely doubt a human came up with it). It's interesting that you've made a correlation between the nazi ufos (images) as most people cant seem to see those diagrams for what they are. I have to correct myself and state that Alexy's device is using a different principle which is more so real antigravity as opposed to force generation. It's unfortunate that he jumbled so many things together that he'll never be able to figure out why.
      Wanted to post this much earlier but gremlins had seized control over my keyboard.

      So I've been thinking about what you said where you doubted any human had come up with the design. You may well be right about that: According to the surviving accounts the Vril design is of alien origin in that aliens explained how reality works, and we do now know there's other critically significant parts to that story, some of which undoubtedly involves the use of specific drugs to mentally access a medium where it is possible to cross space and time and to meet other life forms. Such knowledge would of course be completely off the hook for the rulers to allow in to general knowledge, and so the message being the the war on drugs probably has a lot to do with preventing knowledge from becoming general knowledge.

      It's not something easily discounted based on the available evidence.
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      • Teleconferencing with Alien's

        A teleconference is the live exchange of information among machines, people, or other entities and which is accomplished either by or through conventional telecommunications systems and or through the use of altered states of mind.

        The Bug in the Woo

        Waiter there's a bug in my woo (*connect the link to reach the video)

        Mantids & Mastery Woo (*About 32 minutes in; visiting altered reality)

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                • With the beginning of a new year an over view of understanding will begin and beginning with an outline of the premise of a theoretical operation for hyper dimensional gravitation, and which was and is as explained quite a bit more simply and clearly by Ken Wheeler as incoherent magnetism.

                  Let's begin with talking about the Sun and what it does and this is something Ken has said so it's nothing original.

                  Our Star, the Sun, (*whatever it may truly be) plows through the medium of the Universe and in doing so it creates vortices in it's wake, just like any other big round object do while moving, and these vortices the star creates are (*either rotating or twisting guideways & which crystalline shapes flow along) constructed from the same hyper spatial medium that the star moves through, but it seems these tunnels do not connect back to their origins that they sprung from and are created from, and which the star is churning up. No, it appears that they are made from the same substance and that they do create de facto falaco soliton type vortices and which exist in our reality as twin vortices connected together by a tunnel made of the same material, and which is entirely incorporeal in nature: making each of these vortices essentially incorporeal monopolar vortex's. Again, they are each connected together through a tunnel made of the same substance but neither forming what we would see as a dipole field.

                  Paul Dirac theorized monopoles exist but nobody could find one and the aforementioned is probably why nobody can find one because first of all you have to be working with the right theoretical physics to have any chance of ever finding one, and then how can you detect one to begin with if there's no way to connect it to a ground, and what happens when you do connect it to a ground is that it seems it may instantly becomes a dipole since this connection results then in both an inflow and outflow of the hyper-spatial energy field and which we know as magnetism.

                  As these tunnel vortices the star churns up are tunnels made from an incorporeal medium they are nearly impossible to detect, and the reason for this may be that the vortices are monopolar in nature and only become bi-polar when they combine with enough other surrounding vortices of energy to form an opening back to their source where they originated from, and which then forms a recognizable and detectable energy field we know as magnetism. In the vernacular of science these tunnels are called solitons. We've talked about these before several times for a reason.

                  These origins of the vortice I speak of are in counter-space, and which is a hyper-spatial domain, and this domain is apparently only one thing but which can do many things, maybe it can do what human beings think of as limitless things even though it is itself seemingly composed of only one substance we call the aether/ether; but above all it is not a material physical plane as we humans understand matter to be and this is critical to understand. For the ether/aether; it is instead the realm of Vishnu. This is the place where dreams spawn reality and to which all reality flows back to. It is without time and without end, forever and forever, in an endless everlasting indestructible never ending story of which we humans are but a tiny part in a dream, but unless we prove a whole lot more entertaining I fear we may find ourselves going the way of the Dodo and other unfortunates.

                  People, what I'm telling you is that we are all being tested right now by Universe & I mean that for real and on all fronts: This test is visible to the aware and our extinction hangs in the balance. Evil rules and seeks to control all and that will be the final solution for humanity. Whether we live or perish as a species is now the grand theater of the Universe and all intelligence is aware of this right now. These vehicles we see now in great numbers in the skies, these are there because all intelligence is aware of this fact, and they know we are being tested. Make no mistake about that. This is what UFO's/UAP's/Foo's are all about.

                  We can comprehend the nature of this operation by viewing falaco soliton's in a pool; for the soliton is a visual of these hyper-spatial vortices, and these vortices can condense and connect back to the invisible and nearly undetectable hyper-spatial domain of the aether as a magnetic field.

                  That was the point of me repeatedly (*several times) referencing this phenomena. This idea that quantum physics has of particles popping into and out of existence is due to this hyper-spatial tunnel of the soliton collapsing. Alternatively it can form into a permanent fixture by becoming one with an existing magnetic field or by combining to form a permanent magnetic field. Now this last part about becoming part of the coherent magnetic field can be thought of as a drain which acts like a drain to vacuum up any nearby soliton's that come into it's proximity.

                  Imagine a falaco soliton moving across a pool. One end is in our domain and the other is also in our domian, but it's origins and materials it's made from, those are in hyperspace, and then the tunnel beneath the water (which is a hyper-spatial tunnel) encounters a big hyper-spatial drain or larger hyper-spatial tunnel. Now what do you think it will do? Obviously it's going to attach itself to this larger stronger more powerful vortex. This is how magnetic fields converge to form a coherent magnetic field that can be recognized as a magnet.

                  A coherent magnetic field is a drain back to hyper-space, back to counter-space, and which is why Ken said that counter-space is "ground." The center of the magnetic field is the hole back to hyper-space that the vortices tunnels flow back into. When a randomly moving soliton, which we can consider an incoherent magnetic field, when that gets inside the area of the vortex of a coherent magnetic field then it's hyper-spatial tunnel moves towards the coherently formed magnets vortex hole, and that is what connects back to it's origins; the coherent magnet's bloch wall being that hole and being considerable more powerful it pulls the counter spatial tunnel towards its own greater energetic opening forming a single vortex inwards towards counter space, and at the same time this happens, that the coherent magnetic field is formed, that allows there to be an outwards ejection of the aether/ether from counter space, so we then have this reciprocation which Ken talks about as part of the magnetic field.

                  Dirac postulated that mono-poles must exist because ya see they do.

                  The point of all this is just to realize that the nature of these vortices are that they are soliton's. That they are vortexs created by tunnels and that the whole are made from incorporeal substance, and finally that these vortexs connect our world to that of the hyper-spatial domain, and which is the media that fills the Universe: That's all a magnetic fields solitons are so far as is known.
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                  • Comment

                      this guy seems to have figured it out.
                      a few others have verified it.
                      implementation is the hard part here.
                      the part about the isolated voltages is a big deal, I have seen the lack of it it in many failed attempts to reproduce something


                      • I stopped scribbling on this thread for a number of reasons including continual harassment by a seeming cavalcade of self appointed gate keepers, probable counter intel agents, and at least one totally bonkers MPD individual whom was so out of it that he didn't even know who Mark McCandlish was and had to ask me what ARV stood for, but if those were the only reasons I would be failing.

                        A little stronger moderation on this forum would have been welcome throughout the years, this is going to become especially more important as time goes forward and as State Sanctioned Terrorism grows in to the open as the US, Canada, the UK, NZ, AU, Germany, and virtually all other Western Allied Nations are now under the control of multinational corporations and their mini-dictators whom have aligned themselves the CCP and the dictator of Red China. Our time as free people is now ticking away. I seriously doubt we have much time as free people left now that the United States is in the hands of senile raving lunatic and what with a totally corrupted political system of perverts and weirdo's of all types, including apparently those that approve of mass murder as well as of individual murder.

                        A year ago on April 13th Mark McCandlish was found dead at his California residence. He joins a long list of people whom have died under suspicious circumstances. Having had some brief exchanges via emails I know that Mr. McCandlish thought of himself as a Christian. I find it very difficult to believe he would choose to end his own life by using a shotgun (probably murdered). He was going to testify at a Senate UFO/UAP meeting last June. His testimony would have destroyed any misleading UFO narratives and reveal the Tic Tac was actually a USAF SSP drone.

                        Throughout this thread I have continually rejected alien technology as an explanation for a reason and it now appears that reason was validated in full. That is unless you think aliens are also now using shotguns to murder people.

                        Mark McCandlish died on April 13th, 2021 in his home on Redding, CA of a shotgun blast to the head. Shasta County Coroner's official report cites his death as a "Suicide" from self-inflicted gunshot wound.

                        Mark died of a shotgun blast to the head currently called a "suicide" by the Redding, CA coroner. It turns out Mark Mccandlish offered to give testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee and contacted Marco Rubio on this just prior to his death… His potential testimony along with his obsession with building the ARV probably got him killed.
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                        • Hadn't heard that he passed. Can't see why "they" would have killed him though as his conclusions (at least from the videos I've seen) were all wrong with respect to the operational nature of parts of the craft. Not to mention, you'd never know what's misleading in the drawing unless you understand the concept. Regardless, its a shame, my condolences to his family.


                          • SPACE WARP PROPULSION-PART 2 Alien Reproduction Vehicle
                            By Santosh Dandin

                            Paper available here.
                            & here

                            Attached Files
                            "The past is now part of my future, the present is well out of hand." Joy Divison "Heart and Soul LP."


                            • Gambeir
                              have truly missed you
                              how times are changing….

                              If you want to Change the world
                              BE that change !!


                              • Thank you for the kind thoughts Ramset. A lot of time has passed and indeed much has changed. I hope this post will be a kind of new beginning for those who are still left hanging around.

                                Recently a firestorm erupted on Reddit over two video's on the lost and still missing MH-370 airliner. I only had to view the video's a couple times to realize what I was seeing and so I have not bothered to follow this too closely; especially those claiming CGI.

                                I am in the process of explaining to a few people who will listen what happened to that Airplane. I am about as positive about this as I can be. I want to put it out so others can consider it, but before I launch in to what is obviously happening I need to post some links and toss in to this the on going alien attacks in Peru which then dovetails with the Maui Dew Weapon incinerations & possible ..possible child abductions, which could theoretically be true if what I postulate is also true. This will become self evident after I explain the physics behind the missing/Ufo abducted airliner.

                                I have video but it's not uploading because the forum say's I have some kind of limit on how much or how often I can upload. For anyone not aware, there's two video's of the MH-370 being abducted. One from a military drone and another from an NRO Satellite. Of course there's a lot of counter intel in full swing trying to actively muddy the waters with CGI BS and all manner of trickery but I think that for those who still haunt this forum what I say will make complete sense, and more importantly motivate creative thinking. After all, I am now 69 years on so it is important to me personally to pass on what I think actually happened to that airliner. I think you will agree once I get to the explanation.

                                Now for those interested there's some links.


                                >reddit mega thread

                                Original Footage:
                                >Highest quality original videos available; future work should be done from this:
                                >satellite imagery filmed by NROL-22 aka USA-184:
                                >Thermal footage from a military UAV:
                                >White-hot grayscale thermal footage
                                CLEAN + NO UPSCALE:
                                >Cleaned + Improved Heat And Timer
                                >Heat 70% Slow
                                >Heat Realtime
                                >Stereoscopic 70% Slow
                                >Stereoscopic Realtime
                                >Stereoscopic View Cleaned + Improved Visuals And Timer
                                UPSCALED + CLEAN:
                                >Stereoscopic View Upscaled + Cleaned + Improved Visuals And Timer
                                >Satellite Upscaled + Cleaned + Improved Visuals And Timer
                                >stabilized FLIR footage

                                Too bad I can't upload my own files but you can go to the links, just don't forget to return or get lost in the fray.
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