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  • Originally posted by robur View Post
    Thank you for straight answer

    You know I disagree with Ken Wheeler's view of gravity. However, I don't care who's theory getting glued just as long as something works.
    Yesterday halve a day was raining then I was making new molds
    I get back here after i make my casting. Hopefully today.
    Here was a video on YouTube

    I am beginning to think that Aluminum flywheel + EM coil in the top of ARV is such generator or something similar.
    Generator is started using HV and what it outputs, goes to power itself + bottom grid of asymmetric piezos.
    If making piezo grid could be a large problem. Polarization and all, then making it's top part looks relatively easy.
    For 12-15 cm in diameter flywheel. Table top size.

    Parallel to that I am working on your pizza dish design and on Vrill.

    Note on Vrill design: it is not possible for me to create hollow tetrahedrons.
    I can make solid ones.
    Size: let's say 90-120mm long
    From 90mm to 120mm
    Together with motor, axles and shaft whole thing be like 300-340mm in diameter.

    On central sphere not got formulations yet.

    On powering up: Sending normal, not pulsed DC to the EM coils positioned above tetrahedron's apexes, would make spark jump from coil to apex. Spinning that would work the same way as rotary spark gap works.

    If 6 tetrahedrons on rotor. With speed of 100 RPM - Gives frequency of 600 pulses.
    Only problem is that normal spark might heat up metal and may be melt it.
    That is why I am trying to make Ufo Politic's cold energy coil.
    To use that as power source as I don't have working edvin gray generator for cold spark.

    That is it for now. Next reply with flywheel testing.

    If you or anyone read the previous I deleted it having misunderstood. My apologies.

    In a Nut Shell what I understand is that gravity is the result of a vibrating incoherent magnetic field. When a magnetic, or DC field is crossed perpendicularly by a high frequency AC field, the product is an alternating or vibrating DC/magnetic field. There must be enough oscillation applied to enough DC or magnetism to result in an effective gravitational field change.

    Essentially what I take from this is that you're making an incoherent dipole field and keeping it in an incoherent state through the application of an alternating current. This is likely related to the Alexey Device in how it operates and it's seems likely to me that the Woodward Effect might be taking place in the Alexey Device.

    In conventional physics the Woodward/Mach Effect involves a high frequency alternating change taking place. This requires some interesting timing to make happen.
    Woodward said his hypothesis is based on Mach's principle. Now understanding this takes some repetitive reading. At least for me it did.

    "Thus, if the mass of a given object can be varied while being oscillated (*up and down) in a linear or orbital path, such that the mass is high while the mass is moving in one direction and low while moving back, then the net effect should be acceleration in one direction as the inertial drag of the universe upon the object varies as its mass varies."

    The mass must be higher going one direction while returning in a lower plane going the opposite direction.
    Question is: Does this, or can this hypothesis explain the Alexey Device?

    Probably. Think about it.
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        • Originally posted by robur View Post

          VRILL Ship Design Notes:

          Double-hull sphere filled with conductive fluid.

          Double-hull means 2 spheres 1 inside another. Like Russian Matreshka doll.
          Filled with conductive fluid.
          Fluid inside sphere or in the gap between 2 hulls?
          Conductive fluid - electrolyte?
          I can't afford anything else tho it is possible to make ferrofluid at home using some cheap items.
          Remember, it's not like I actually know for a fact. I'm making logical deductions.
          Double hull? Yes, like the Russian dolls, one inside the other.
          Logically (so I think) the space between the hulls would have an electret. I personally would use honey.
          However...this looks useful

          Originally posted by robur View Post
          Tetrahedron Note:

          On diagram from post I am making quote on - it appears that here are 2 tetrahedrons on 1 axle.
          2 halves To charge top positive and bottom negative - you need to have 2 parts with dielectric between
          On another drawing tetrahedral shown as solid piece.
          Which one of these drawings should I use as template when making parts?
          I think that each tetrahedron forms one pyramid. That two folded tetrahedrons are bonded together which then forms a pyramid, and that each pyramid is given one polarity, so the drawing needs correcting. It's not a split system. I think I got that wrong. Makes more sense for there to one positive pyramid and then one negative and then back again to one positive and so on.

          However, the pyramids themselves are just magnetic reflectors directing the magnetic polarity in to the sphere. The magnets alternate and rotate over the outside edges. That's what I think.

          I'm assuming that the tetrahedrons which make a pyramid are not double hulled like the sphere. Just single formed pieces bonded together.
          Their job seems to be to direct a magnetic (dielectric) pulse into the sphere. Like microwave horns (antenna) shooting or reflecting the magnetic into the sphere.
          I don't think they turned. I think that the magnets or electromagnets rotated and passed over and underneath the tetrahedrons because I think that would work just as well.

          Originally posted by robur View Post
          Size Notes:

          It is not possible for me to make something bigger then 450-500mm in diameter
          I have carefully considered all aspects and it is not possible for me to try making anything bigger.
          My casting capacity is limited by size of my casting pot & machining capacities

          Note on Electro-Magnetics:

          I hve so far 1 power supply. Bench supply that gives 32 volts DC at max 5.5 Amps
          HV Block my friend could make only in a few weeks time.

          2 Motor I might loan from another person.

          End of Notes.

          P.S. I am still wondering what ever it is 1 single tetrahedron or 2 halves. If here are 2 halves does it mean that up-to 3 motors would be needed to run it?
          First motor runs #1 set of tetrahedrons
          Second motor runs #2 set of tetrahedrons
          Third motor runs the central sphere
          Or 1 of the Tetrahedron sets is connected to axle that turns double-hull spheres?

          The tetrahedrons form one pyramid. Just two folded tetrahedrons like the toy glider is all they seem to be. Joined together they form one piece that forms the pyramid shape.
          All the pyramid does is to make a reflector directing the magnetic polarity into the sphere.
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          • Moving on

            A debated issue over magnetism is if the magnetic dielectric medium is moving because it behaves like a fluid and yet it doesn't seem to be a fluid. It seems to have very solid defined lines.
            Brikeland theory of transport is that solid magnetic walls are formed for space faring tubes which then transport charged particles on the interior.

            Now, I have to question this explanation and here I have what I think is a more logical explanation;

            The magnetic field is apparently a self assembling crystal field and what it does is what crystals do, and that is to form as a self assembling, or growing crystalline structure, and which then resembles a fluid which grows out from a center point and then comes back into the point of origin, which completes a circuit. The dielectric hyper~spatial medium is apparently made from cubes. Watch Ken reveal what is apparently hyper~spatial cubes using bee's honeycomb.

            I didn't realize Ken had made this video but stumbled on it today. You will want to watch this one I think.

            You can skip to the 2:50 mark. Bee's making cube's and in hyperspace?

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              • @ robur, magnets fixed, sphere fixed, 1 tetrahedron, no fluid, you'll have to figure out the rest on your own


                • think I figured out why they used the magnetic paint on the outside of the ARV


                  • Hi, wasn't able to send messages or post due to what I thought were technical difficulties with this site. It kept endlessly asking for my password.

                    * Note: you can't have your browser on strict and use this site.

                    Here's the Video Spacecase0 posted the links to. According to the site this is the new one which has a correction. I'm not validating it by posting it either but as always it's information and it has useful information, and if you're comfortable with quantum physics it will be useful.

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                    • Not too sure about these guys and their spin theories. Remember that Wheeler has already described the "Gyromagnetic Precession" of a magnet.

                      Spatial compression (propulsion transducer) drive: Polarized Time & Gyromagnetic precession

                      CIA Released Image of UFO (France) Notice the light bubbles. That's what Ken is talking about. Color reflects the capacitance of light and the polarization.
                      Right Click this image and open in a new window and examine it up close.

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                      • I'm not sure it's possible to understand this topic without having a basic understanding of Wheeler's dielectric field theory on magnetism. What follows is not a complete descriptive theory of operation for the ARV but I believe we are getting much closer and I've been working on a sketch of a test model.

                        Right now I have what I think is a workable theory of operation for the ARV. The model is not worked out but I'll post it as food. I will say that if you continue with the obsession over electrical charge theory and electrons you're very unlikely to realize the full scale of capabilities of this machine and may not even be able to deduce how it would work. This is because the dielectric flux is counter-spatial and is comprised of an incoherent field that is responsible for weight in mass, and which seem to be best described as counter-spatial vortices of a hyperspatial medium of hyper~velocity; where the velocity of the dielectric flux can be equated as energy and the rotation as polarity, but the source of energy and polarity are counter spatial in origin and whose attributes act upon physical particles to produce measurable outcomes.

                        In theory it should be that once the machine is engulfed inside a bubble of counter~spatial flux it could thus travel through that flux where both time and space are evidently invalid.

                        In the proposed model there is an aluminum disk which sits inside a ring that holds magnets. This disk is proposed to slide vertically on the center column a small amount up and down with the idea that it will act to warp the field phase polarization. Worth trying is what I'm thinking.

                        In the ARV the proposed theory is that there are two counter rotating disk's described by 48 pie shaped quartz capacitors set in 8 layers deep for every single battery of pies. The dielectric flux is taken in by the quartz obviously, but the release method is one which can be speculated upon and is unclear, and could include two or more methods. I'm thinking that the velocity of rotation determines the rate of discharge so it could be as simple as that.

                        However, there is the tantalizing notion that once the flux begins flowing the magnet draws the flux out in greater amounts by rotation and magnetic field power, thus opening a vortex hole at the core of the capacitors plane.

                        In the proposed ARV theory of operation the dielectric field is taken up by the quartz based capacitors from surrounding counter space and is discharged out the sides along the base. I think that the side panels are paramagnetic (*Aluminum) and which is then coated with a magnetically attractive iron oxide paint. That would help keep the dielectric cloud close to the hull of the machine without a need for a polarized electric charge applied to the outer hull. I cannot see that there is a need for any specific polarity because the whole idea here is just that there is an invisible incoherent dielectric cloud surrounding the outer base which stays close to the ship due to there likely being a magnetic ring along the walkway which was originally probably a bitter type solenoid magnet, and of course the iron oxide based paint as the incoherent cloud has no specific polarity but does....cough..gravitate towards the magnetically attractive iron filings.

                        I theorize that the outer hull rotated attached to the magnetic ring and that this rotation then acts on the dielectric cloud to create a rolling donut ring as it is pulled upwards along the exterior sides of the sloped hull. This cloud is incoherent but condensed dielectric flux taken in and then expelled by the quartz capacitors.

                        I had a somewhat crackpot notion that the disk inside the crew compartment is moveable in a vertical plane just a small amount and which distorts the polarity phase. I think now that it's possible that the center column also isn't anything like I first imagined and likely one of it's primary purposes is to house a ballistic parachute. It may have also contained other things obviously. If that is correct then me and my ideas must have been highly amusing to those whom actually do know.

                        The issue here is how to make a model which might validate this theory. All I can say is that the theory matches and explains to some degree "mystery smoke rings." Here's my sketch so far which some may find useful.

                        Ken Wheeler tells you why in the previously posted video that two opposed magnets produce quadrapolar field and if you look into that what you get are two counter rotating rings.

                        RH-Rule-Quadrapolar Field.png

                        RT click and open in a new window to view comfortably and to save if you want to use it to apply your own ideas.

                        ARV-Model Proposal-V1.png
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                          • Wheeler's theory has added significantly to the dielectric field theory and in the end he will probably be cited as the author, but there was a theoretical base before Einstein, and even before the First Global War. I think the evidence shows clearly that physics and education took a very bad turn post world war II for all nations and it's probably not an accident that it did so. It looks to me like there is a lot of hidden history and a great deal of obfuscation about history generally speaking, and if one were to really crawl out on a limb there's a enough circumstantial evidence to suggest that it might well be that Adolf Hitler invaded Poland because the Nazi's believed the Poles held the secret to this new machine. If you think about it that really makes a lot more sense than all the other supposed reasons we have been educated to believe, but why are we believing any of those? So much denied to us, so much destroyed and lost, and we cannot allow this to continue.
                          • These people want the you dead because they now have your replacement. You've been deemed obsolete.

                          The point to the aforementioned is that we need to get this nailed down sooner rather than later.

                          The Sun is titanic in comparison to earth, and also the solar system is near perpendicular to the plane of orbit around the galactic center, which means that our solar system is in an vertical orbital which is slightly following the Star, and not orbiting it horizontally as commonly and wrongly depicted. This is an important distinction to realize in understanding the whole issue of how weight in mass is created.

                          Our Star is impacting a dielectric medium and disrupts it so that there are turbulent dielectric vortices cast off. It's a steady stream of vortices we here in our solar system are engulfed in.

                          We already know that the nature of the dielectric is seek to return to it's source, and any magnetic field will do, so these vortices are going to be moving towards counter space which is the core of the magnetic field. We live in the wake of a massive Star and are immersed in a virtual constant bombardment of dielectric vortices.

                          Any living creature has an electric field and any matter has some amount of magnetism. This is the basis for explaining gravity as a process of induction since the dielectric flux is seeking to return to it's counter spatial domain and is going to move towards that magnetic field.

                          It might be easier to imagine a syrup of conductive liquid passing over and around a magnet or an electromagnet. I was thinking about this in terms of Bee's honey. Like that thick but filled also with copper filings and then dropping a magnet through it.

                          As long as all the tiny copper filling are electrically connected by the fluid the whole should function the same as if the magnet were dropped down a tube. That might be a better analogy to envision this system of producing weight in mass.

                          Any how it's clear to me that this was all figured out a very long ass time ago. Remember Clif's forecast about people living in the Sky? Did you see Tom Cruise's movie "Oblivion" where he's living in the sky?

                          Was watching this short clip of a UFO which was way up in a cloud and a black ball was all you could see. That black hallmark is caused because there's no dielectric flux. Nothing to create light is how Wheeler described it, and that is exactly what you see in a Ferrocell lens and that's blackness.

                          Everything I know say's I have this right. I'll bet you this is far simpler than anyone has imagined. Ya know everything from the JFK smoke ring photo taken in Dallas, to all the other mysterious smoke rings, then the IR images of UFO's, those all validate this understanding of how the ARV operated.

                          That HV charge applied to the Alexey? It's just creating an electrostatic field, an incoherent electrostatic field, and the magnets are acting as collectors to feed it, and then there is a cross correlation between how powerful the magnets are, their distance from the aluminum plate, and an imaginary line which would form an inverted ARV outer hull between those magnets and the outer edge of the HV Charged aluminum plate. Understand, the Alexey is just inverted but doing what I say the ARV is doing.

                          The main thing is I am about 98% positive I have this correct now. I'd say 100% but I don't want to box myself in. I think we absolutely have a working theory here. All that's needed is experimentation.

                          In my opinion you do not need a Tesla Coil. All you need is a way to put an electrostatic charge on to some surface. Might explain abduction technology huh? See you just need electrostatic charges and a method to pull in the surrounding dielectric to feed the field, and the reason you need to feed the field is because it's taking the energy and returning it to the dielectric field at the core of the plate. So this isn't a giant magnet. It's more like a vacuum cleaner, or so I think right now.

                          Now probably when the Alexey makes that weird noise and drops out of the sky, that's probably because it's not capable of sustaining the feed back loop to counter-space and we get a noise. Reminds me of the high fidelity plasma speaker kind of thing. Lighting/thunder and so forth.
                          Speculating there.

                          See we have to realize here that there are absolutely connections between R&D and forbidden knowledge, aka the breakaway civilization.
                          Of course they always tell you one thing while doing another. It' s what all criminals do.

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                          • 1.JPG Falaco Soliton Atoms.png
                            .Falaco Solitrons, do a search if you've forgotten all about what those are and remember, electrons are theoretical constructs. They don't exist and aren't real. Vortices are really real and if can just put aside the educated bias and look at the whole in the frame of reference about what is really taking place there might be light bulb going off. Recall Joe Parr's words about the macro and the micro in this matter. You get the rotational business going sufficiently and just maybe you end up somewhere's on the other side of the world or universe in licky split.

                   ating_vacuum_or_something_else_The_2015_panel_disc ussion

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                            • You're getting there, good on the counter rotating discs i.e. three pole magnet. Still over complicating the ARV's basic operation though. The ARV Is quite elegant as it encompasses a lot of functionality quite simply (definitely doubt a human came up with it). It's interesting that you've made a correlation between the nazi ufos (images) as most people cant seem to see those diagrams for what they are. I have to correct myself and state that Alexy's device is using a different principle which is more so real antigravity as opposed to force generation. It's unfortunate that he jumbled so many things together that he'll never be able to figure out why.


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