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  • I hope good things come out of this midas, for everyone.


    • Go For it

      Originally posted by machinealive View Post
      Come on guys talk to me

      Where is my Guru?

      If feel like I may have just started the beginning of the end. Maybe this was very irresponsible of me.
      If I just "pulled the trigger", I apologize to you all, I thought this was what you all wanted.


      Don't worry Machine, we are all watching, and digesting what you have posted, A moment of brilliance, i think.

      Placing it into a practical replication, would be quite an acheivement, but for a scratch builder like you, i think it may come to life.

      Warm Regards Cornboy.

      PS. still can't see those 300yr old sugar trees!!.


      • I adimt I am lost with current discussions. But don't worry I am used to deal with this state. :-) As team we are wise only :-)

        If someone plans to build a new setup from base like Cornboy please regard plasma cutting as alternative. It seem to be fast and hence low price, precise as well.

        Some guys added to their home CNC mill ordinary plasma torches and get quite precise cuttings. For normal iron sheet metal ordinary air is suffitient as working gas.
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        Experts spend hours a day in order to question their doing while others stopped thinking feeling they were professionals.


        • @machine
          You are forging ahead into uncharted territory and since none of us have gone this way before our silence. We wait with anticipation to see if this is a brilliant revelation or another failed experiment. You should not take a failure personally if it does fail because much can be learned from each experiment. Personally I think it shows a flash of brilliance, but my opinion does not account for much since I was unfamiliar with the Columbus egg experiment until I watched the video that you posted. Very interesting concept though. Good luck, I think you can put it together but like ufo said there my be timing issues that need to be worked out after it is all together.




          • Further analysis of asymmetric motor output with Rodin coil

            Hello all,

            Here's a slower walk through showing where we get a difference in energy propagation.

            Energy Transformation through Asymmetric Sytems - YouTube

            I love all the work you guys are doing! I will be gearing up to start making a larger motor (the 20 pole) pretty soon here. Keep up the great work, it definitely pays off to let radiant energy manifest itself through asymmetry. It reminds me of the ouroborus. Radiant energy is eternal! She loves to come out and express herself. She has a lot to teach us in terms of how she resonates with the earth and essentially the cosmos. She has ties with the shumann resonances which are dependant on radioactivity and solar winds bombarding earth. Talk about cosmic energy eh? Letting the energy pass through your body also has some interesting almost psychedelic/enlightening effects. You technically become a part of the resonating cosmic circuit.


            • Hey guys
              As I was looking at my 369 drawing, I realized I drew 3,6, 12.

              Here is 369, 3inner, 6 middle, 9 outer. Looks very asymmetric yet symmetric, I can't stop drawing these things.

              I think if you wanted something like a bearing, you would energize all 3 toroids the same, all in repulsion. If you want a generator, you would energize middle toroid, opposite.

              I'm going to draw one nice version. Then I'm going to build a toroid wind 3 coils in repulse mode. If fields are set up outside toroid, then that would be enough for me to keep going.

              Simple to test concept of "toroid coils in repulsion creates field poles outside of toroid".


              • Originally posted by warrensk View Post
                Hello all,

                Here's a slower walk through showing where we get a difference in energy propagation.

                Energy Transformation through Asymmetric Sytems - YouTube
                Hi Warrensk,
                I love your vid because you explain it very good along your circuit diagram and then slow enough for untrained brains .
                The first tests along cap is quite normal electric science. Some watchers might misunderstand that.
                - DC from PSU will charge the cap and then current stops while it continues flowing without cap.
                - Pulsed DC is still DC with AC on top and the cap charges es well and later on there is a small AC ripple only and AC current is too low for glowint teh filament.
                - At motor output you have heavy pulses along oscillations. The AC/DC ratio is much higher than pulsed DC before and therfore you can lihgt the bulb there.
                - The Rodin coil performs own natural oscillations when stirred by motor output and I see boncing frequencies at your scope (pulse frequency vs. narural oscillations)
                - If the output at your coil is highly "hand sensitive" you probably deal with RF. Those digital meters refuse to get stable because RF is being rectified by internal transitors in the IC and while coupling changes rapidly because of RF reflections there is no stable reading.
                I suspect you have oscillations well beyound the reading capacity of your scope.

                I do not refuse that you tap radiant here at all. But there is the chance you got RF effects as well. Real power measurement will tell what's going on only.
                Thanks for your vid making us pondering
                Experts spend hours a day in order to question their doing while others stopped thinking feeling they were professionals.


                • The 3,6,9

                  @ machinealive....

                  Keep drawing those things! you are definitely onto something....I have been pondering the magnificence of the 3 6 and 9 for quite sometime now. I can only see things in vortexes so far and I thought the 3 6 and 9 thing might have had to do with harmonics of a fundamental frequency that is resonant with earth....

                  Keep in mind now that the radiant field wants to resonate, at frequencies dependent upon Schumann resonance harmonics...If we let her resonate just right maybe she will grow? Your almost creating a musically resonant motor.....with the cosmos....keep going with that idea! (playing the cosmic harp)

                  @ john stone....

                  The 3rd resonant frequency of my coil is around 30Khz First one is around 5khz, second is around 10khz and third is 30khz....(keep in mind there is 158m of wire on the secondary), the 13khz input frequency from the pwm is destructively interfering with the natural resonance of the coil....
                  The hand capacitance may be interfering with the frequency at which flows through the meter resulting in weird readings since i am partially acting as a ground.... The goal is to actually eliminate hertzian waves....I will do an analysis with a spectrum analyzer to see if there is RF and what parameters effect it's radiance into space....

                  Here is a link to a Serbian researcher that applies Walter Russell's space time inversions to real harmonics of Schumann resonances and gets numbers that relate to Tesla's magnifier theory... this may be a little off topic but i think this these topics are highly related....We have space and move through time, where as from "over there" there is only time and no space. Thus the equations for speed and wavelength get multiplied rather than divided. The resonance needs to be in resonance in all dimensions, the spiritual dimension included.

                  Unconventional physics


                  PYRAMIDS - GUARDIANS OF PRIMARY COSMIC VIBRATION OF THE LOCAL DENSITIES - Fondacija “Arheološki park: Bosanska piramida Sunca, Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation

                  he comes up with around 28-30khz being the space time inverted frequency for multidimensional resonance. I will warn and say his math is completely experimental, based on Walter Russell's thoughts after being struck by lightning. He also has some poor English but you can start to get the picture when you read it 5-6 times. Go through the math and try to understand how space and time get inverted. He also has measured these frequencies coming off the top of the Bosnian pyramids.......into the rabbit hole we go....

                  Om Namah Shivaya (Earth Water Fire Air and AETHER)
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                  • Hello UFO and everyone

                    I had to do 3,6,9,12

                    If you look at slices, like a pie, check how starts at, 1/2 coil..1coil..1 1/2coil..2coil

                    Or 1,,2,,3,,4.
                    I wonder if you could make them to different series, fabinacci, etc.

                    Hey warren love what your doing. Imagine that hovering over your head, humming, earth resonance, hum..hum..hum..hum.

                    I wonder if I could build a round motor, big balls motors

                    Looks even more like an antennae

                    A motor with a life pattern
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                    • Excellent

                      OK Machine
                      Lets get to some simple experiments but don't loose those drawings and put a date on them as if they were real important. I am vary impressed as I am sure all of us are rite now. Don't forget to measure amps in and out.
                      "Today's scientist have substituted mathematics for experiments and they wander off through equation after equation and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality."
                      Nikola Tesla


                      • That was my last one.
                        Next I build a toroid, and test,

                        toroidal field theory

                        I had to finish drawing, in case it works, and I die of excitement. could happen .


                        • Hey UFO

                          We could wind coils around inner and outer sides of drum. Like your asymmetric stator. Before we decided on slip rings, i was trying to figure out how to use commutator. It would produce side fields I know because it already spins motors . If this doesn't work then I'll try that next. Is that what you were thinking with fins? It may work better.


                          • Hi MachineAlive,

                            Good work man!

                            Saw JohnStone referring to Nassim Harameins work and I agree it is something to pay attention. Seeing the sand dollar reminded me of Nassim Haramine's Scaling Law. Think you will find it of interest.

                            A Universal Scaling Law for Organized Matter (21 page pdf)

                            Also a new once he came out with related to Graphene:

                            Study of Graphene Reveals Structure of Space-time
                            Study of Graphene Reveals Structure of Space-time The Resonance Project Foundation


                            Originally posted by machinealive View Post
                            Hello UFO and everyone

                            A motor with a life pattern
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                            • Refreash button

                              Hi All
                              Has anyone else had problems with refreshing this forums pages and getting less posts than you had before? This has been happening for over a week.
                              "Today's scientist have substituted mathematics for experiments and they wander off through equation after equation and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality."
                              Nikola Tesla


                              • Help please

                                Yes the forum has it's share of hiccups.

                                I have a question that is probably stupid simple but I'm really lacking in basic knowledge on motors. I would PM UFOPolitics but I think he is so busy I'd like to ask here where I know there are a lot of motor smart people. I bought an Asynchronous 3 phase motor on a good deal. I understand these can be used to generate power when run a little over their rated speed (driven mechanically by an external source). Can one rewire a 3 phase motor like this to produce single phase power? I have info on how to rewire it as a single phase motor but I don't know if that works to produce single phase power when it is turned by another motor or engine. Thanks for any help with this.
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