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  • This is cool!

    Keith brought the kids up and left them for not just tonight, but also tomorrow night and I will drop them off at school in the morning. I made sure I got it in writing that he brought the kids here for both nights! I am hiring an attorney on Monday and from what I have learned from all this he has just written a note to the judge that he and his lawyer are playing games and I will probably be able to get the restraining order removed by the end of the week.

    He is trying to say that the kids want to live with him, and that he is the better parent, but the reason he brought the kids up here was because they wanted to be with me! The restraining order was done two months ago and was just now served, so he and his lawyer were planning this all along, so I am going to attempt to get the judge to dismiss his lawyer for misconduct and dismiss anything that happened yesterday. Please keep sending lots of possitive energy my way through all of this! My kids need it too! On Monday I am going to arrange for a lawyer and then a child psycologist for the kids to talk to... I told them that way they will have a way of voicing their oppinions of what he is doing and what they want and where they want to live and how they feel about all this. I am not telling Keith about the psychologist at all!

    He told my son that I was unfit to have the kids because I did not have a job right now and that he would not release the restraining order till I have a job??? The guy makes a little over 15,000.00 dollars a year??? He is really going to look really good in court with that one!!! He is only trying to hurt me and is not caring about what he is doing to the kids.

    My kids know that I love them and that I have their best interest and they are very upset with their Dad. Well please send us lots of positive peaceful energy!

    Blessings and Hugs Sj zartgirl


    • Do not worry...

      Darling Zartgirl...

      We hear you, Sweetie...Do Not Worry, Dear Girl...All of our Love and Light is with you and your children NOW. All you need to do is consistantly and consciously remember Who You Are... And Who You Are is a Perfect and Precious Blessing.

      Sleep Well, Baby-Doll...

      With MUCH Love and Gratitude,

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      • Here are some waves of positive energy and good intentions coming your way Zartgirl!!


        And rainbow colored too!

        "The divine is not something high above us. It is in heaven, it is in earth, it is inside us..." - Morihei Ueshiba


        • For Zartgirl!

          Hi Zartgirl,

          Please Pm me with your phone number. I would like to talk with you!! Life is going to be extremely fabulous for YOU!! You have no IDEA!!

          Hi Shauna,

          I would love for you to PM me as well with your phone number, I would love to talk with you too!

          This is not something I will make a habit of, so please the both of you PM me ASAP!!


          • Hello Zartgirl,

            Please know that I am also sending you postive energy and love for you and for your children!

            Lots of love,

            With love and gratitude,



            • Zartgirl, all of us are sending our positive energy towards you! Remember the powerful woman you are! This is an opportunity for you to show yourself how creative and powerful you are!


              • HI

                Hi....I haven't been on the forum much lately....seem to have become really confused about alot of things, and my resent PMS isn't helping (sorry for all who find that to much info)....Went to a ME seminar in Hawaii and find that I have alot of Expectation (definitly a block and not useful at all)....Find that my NEED (un-useful aswell) to hang onto to stuff Has grown huge.....YUCK....also I seem to want to FREAKIN control things, like expecting stuff to work that way...(un-useful) ...and a huge lie my mind is buying into.....So it's like I won't get the heck out of the way, so that great things can happen.....

                These are the moduals I am on....
                slp 3
                relax in the work place
                goal setting and achievement

                So alot from those as well and the hormones are not helping....
                So you fellow CEMers Please help...

                I have always had a real tough time dealing with my emotions....asking for help and trusting.....And those things are no longer useful for me....Although it is getting much better (the emotions part, cuz i am allowing them to happen) The trusting part has kept me closed off....of course that could translate into i kept myself closed off from people.....Just having a day at home on a day off where I am overwhelmed with cog diss, and confusion and These blocks are afecting my ability to trust the process of using ME too......
                Nope I haven't lost it yet, but am crying alot and real cranky.....
                Any ways....just putting it out there and hope ya'll can help......
                I also find that my thoughts have been real negative lately. Is this some sort of three steps forward thing and two steps back, cuz it is a shock to me....Thanks

                Love Adrienne
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                • Finally able to post

                  Hi Grace

                  I am finally able to post thank you for helping me with that.......

                  I was hoping that you might be able to help me with my back problem, I was reading how you've helped the others and think that it is amazing how you are able to heal them and offer your gift to help others.

                  I've had a lower back problem ever since i gave birth to my son 4 years ago, it mainly aches during the night, every night, when i'm in bed and wake up to the pain. I was hoping that you would be able to help me it would be great to sleep through the night pain free. I'm not sure if you can help me with this also but i always have this feeling of anxiousness, feeling of dread, i've had these feelings for years i dont understand why, and no matter what i do i cant get rid of it and i'm assuming that maybe the reason i am not able to manifest anything is because of this. I cant seem to find peace within myself or contentment and i pray that i will find it one day.

                  Thank You for letting me post and listening to my problems

                  Best Wishes to all


                  • Hi ZartGirl:

                    Tons of love coming your way.
                    You are amazing .... and truly...all will be very well.
                    I my minds I see you on the fast train to California - with a big smile on your face and your super excited happy children in tow!!

                    There is great love for you here!
                    Vineyard Nancy
                    Pura Vida! Vineyard Nancy


                    • Thanks...

                      thanks for the kind words, from those who PMed me...they really helped me with insight into me, and the stuff and what not...just always real useful to know that one is not alone through the tough times.....had a really useful deep heart felt to feel those feelings.
                      and i feel cleared for now...held onto my dolphins through this too....I Bought one of them crystal dolphins they had at the ME seminar and wow, i could really feel the state...was helpful, cuz i felt loved there and safe...alot of god power/higher power there.
                      My goodness i lived....however if there hasn't been anyone in who does CEM....I'd really appreciate the corrections, and if the corrections have been done too, than thank was pointed out to me that it isn't always that i don't ask for help or trust, cuz look at my last post.....I stepped out more than, that is definit progress for this girl.......
                      Hey and i did chat a bit back and the fear around that stuff......Freakin seems to consume me....although i think i cleared a chunk today.....
                      Acceptance is the key.....memory too, would be great in times of .....whatever that sacred process is....must workon the acceptance stuff....which seems to fit well together with trust.....thankks for listenin all.....good night

                      Hey for you CEMers.....if ya pic up random stuff on me, and need the practice fly at is others that can see best what we can't....
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                      • Hi Adrienne ,

                        So sorry to hear that you are going through a rough patch at the moment. Have you considered that you might also be processing some "stuff" from the ME seminars? They were very intense & you had to work in a highly altered state for a lot of the time, plus you probably had a lot of different things tried out on you, so perhaps that has also partly contributed to your current feelings.

                        I've just done some remote ME on you (5:30am your time) & I'm sure that you will be getting plenty of CEM done on you as well! I've sent you a skype!

                        I'd also recommend checking out the Ho'Opnopono information & see if that appeals to you.

                        Hope you are soon feeling great again!

                        Love, Light & Blessings,
                        Theta Healing
                        Paths 2 Potential

                        "We are the one's we've been waiting for"


                        • You all are so awesome! I am actually sitting here crying, but not sad! As I read all of the posts I just felt so much love coming my way. I actually have felt it the whole time!

                          I am not sure what is going on in Keith's head, but he has written three days worth of notes to me saying that I can have the kids here overnight. The reason is the kids absolutely do not want to be with him! I don't know what to do because I don't have the resources right now to get an attorney... I think I am going to go get the paperwork myself tomorrow and file my rebuttels. In the meantime, I am going to continue to spend as much time with my kids as I can!

                          His whole point that he is using against me is that I don't have a job??? But, he makes around minimum wage in his business and he had to hire two people to replace me, so he has cut that way down now??? He says the only way He will let me go to California is if my parents don't help, but his Dad owns his house and pays the mortgage payment for him on a regular basis. He can not afford to stay in the house without the help of his Dad! His Dad is paying his lawyer fees too I believe! This is just rediculous because he is being a total hypocrit!!!!

                          Please help me attract a lawyer into my life! I need one right now to protect me from this loonatic! Thank you Sallyjane zartgrl


                          • Oh one more thought I am going to go look for a job today, starting with worksource or the unemployment office... I need a job that pays really good! Preferably office type work!

                            Thank you and Blessings Sallyjane Zartgirl


                            • Request for help.

                              Hello everyone,

                              A progress report on Kai and Zain. They are back into UK time but the results we are getting with ME have been variable with the sleep. Sandra's been able to ME Zain to eat more during the day, which has resulted in a big change in his appetite. Sometimes Zain sleep better and sometimes not. Like the previous night he only woke up twice between midnight and morning, but last night he woke up so often Sandra didn't get any sleep. And last night we did a whole load of ME & CEM on him so that he would sleep through the night!!

                              Kai has generally been ok on sleeping.

                              Anyway, part of the whole problem is space as I'm living with my mum (long story) at the moment and there is no space for a separate bedroom for Kai.

                              However, Sandra and I have found a house we would like to buy that is going for auction on 17th Sept. I've just got off the phone after managing to successfully arrange finance to buy the property for the maximum we think it is worth. (We've seen some crazy prices recently )

                              So if possible I would like some help from this group to let us buy the house at the lowest possible price for us (needs a lot of renovation!!!) so that we can have a separate bedroom for Kai and Zain, so Sandra can get some long overdue restful sleep before anything happens to her

                              Many thanks
                              With love and gratitude
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                              • I am starting to get it!

                                This is amazing! Stephen, bless his heart before he went missing for awhile trying to move and stuff... Referred me to a book called "busting loose from the money game" Well I am only a few chapters into it (I just bought it today, so...) but I am really starting to understand this whole energy and healing and living beyond what seems to be happening in the flesh! The spiritual self and the persona self... The spiritual self doesn't even see anything Keith is doing to me with my kids as painful! My persona self is freaking out, but... I am pretty sure by the time I get to the end of the book, that my spiritual self will know how to take control of who I really am and bust me out of all of this. My X won't even know what happened! My kids will be with me in California in a beautiful home of our design! I will have an awesome car that runs perfectly of my design!

                                Ooooooohhhhhh! This is all sooooo coooooool! Thank you Stephen!!!! Now I am starting to understand (STARTING) how the CEM works... I am also starting to see how I am going to bust out of this life filled with problems and stress and into a life of awesomeness!!!! Yep that is my spiritual self starting to fly again! You know, my heart no longer feels painful! I am relaxing and hey who knows maybe I will eat for real for the first time in four days!!!! I am in control of my divorce and I get to pick how it turns out, not KEITH!

                                The first time I went looking for the book it was gone, but this time... It was there, because I was in the perfect place in my life to understand it and accept what it was saying!

                                I just want to hug you all!!! For all of your patients with me as I am learning this! This is awesome! So Awesome and you all are awesome too!!!!

                                Blessings Sj zartgirl!