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  • Originally posted by firehorse View Post
    Hello everyone,

    A progress report on Kai and Zain. They are back into UK time but the results we are getting with ME have been variable with the sleep. Sandra's been able to ME Zain to eat more during the day, which has resulted in a big change in his appetite. Sometimes Zain sleep better and sometimes not. Like the previous night he only woke up twice between midnight and morning, but last night he woke up so often Sandra didn't get any sleep. And last night we did a whole load of ME & CEM on him so that he would sleep through the night!!

    Kai has generally been ok on sleeping.

    Anyway, part of the whole problem is space as I'm living with my mum (long story) at the moment and there is no space for a separate bedroom for Kai.

    However, Sandra and I have found a house we would like to buy that is going for auction on 17th Sept. I've just got off the phone after managing to successfully arrange finance to buy the property for the maximum we think it is worth. (We've seen some crazy prices recently )

    So if possible I would like some help from this group to let us buy the house at the lowest possible price for us (needs a lot of renovation!!!) so that we can have a separate bedroom for Kai and Zain, so Sandra can get some long overdue restful sleep before anything happens to her

    Many thanks
    With love and gratitude
    Alan, This works with my kids and it might work with yours... I have subliminal tapes that we call Happy CD's. I think the one I have Nat listening to right now is serenity, but we also have healthy relationships and others that I give him to listen to as he falls off to sleep each night. He sleeps better and he gets up in the morning more cheerful and stays that way all day!

    It is just a thought! Sj zartgirl


    • Exciting News!

      Exciting News to come!!


      • I am sooooo excited! All the fear has left my body! For the first time in my life I actually feel like I am in control of my life! NOBODY else can tell me how it has to BE!

        Oh man! Do you know what this means? I get to have my kids with me in California! I get to have the home of my dreams! I get to have the body of my design!!!! NO MORE FAT PERSON! I get to drive cars that were actually made in this century, and collect really cool cars that were made in the last century!!! Ooooooh! I can even have a tan on my skinny little body! Heheheee! And a bank acount that a huge number on the balance line of the bank statement! Wow!!!!! Wow!!!!! Wow!!!!! This is so exciting! Not only that but I get to design a healthy body and mind! Since I designed the problems in my jaw, I can design a jaw without any problems!!!! Oh man the possibilities are endless!

        Wow! I knew you girls and guys were peeling away the layers on me, but man! What did you use on me this weekend? A Jack HAMMER?

        Thank you SOOOO MUCH for the work so far and in the future! I just love you all so much and love coming here and talking with you and learning! Hey pretty soon I am going to have to start coming to the healing meetings to help with the healngs!

        You are awesome! Sj zartgirl! Goodnight!


        • Oh Grace!

          Grace you are such a tease! Fancy leaving us all in suspense like that!

          Sj Zartgirl it is wonderful to see your shift in attitude & that you KNOW that YOU are the creator of & in control of all things in your life. I agree "Busting Loose " is a great read . Here's to your multiple successes coming your way NOW!

          Much Love, Light & Blessings to Everyone,

          Theta Healing
          Paths 2 Potential

          "We are the one's we've been waiting for"


          • Grace,
            Oh my gosh, I'm so excited for your news, I'm sitting with anticipation on the edge of my seat!!!! Come on!!!! Tell us soon!!!!


            YOU are who is SO AMAZING!!!! Don't you just love spiraling to that next higher level? I felt like that too when Grace first did CEM on me. I thought WOW! This is how it feels to believe in myself and trust my higher self and manifest my dreams! It is sooo fabulous!

            You are such an amazing person and as I sit and read each of your posts I feel as if I'm right there with you. I AM right there with you! We're all together! I love the collective power that we all have. We all work together to help move to the next level. Thank God for Paths and CEM!!!!


            • Hi I don't have much time to post, just wanted to ask for some healing on my left wrist please. It's as weak as a kitten, from a strain. Thank you


              • Hello Zartgirl,
                Originally posted by zartgirl View Post
                Alan, This works with my kids and it might work with yours... I have subliminal tapes that we call Happy CD's. I think the one I have Nat listening to right now is serenity, but we also have healthy relationships and others that I give him to listen to as he falls off to sleep each night. He sleeps better and he gets up in the morning more cheerful and stays that way all day!

                It is just a thought! Sj zartgirl
                We tried using the binaural beat sleeping MP3 from ESM but Zain is very curious and very sensitive to noise. He ends up playing with the headphones and it takes longer to get him to sleep!

                Thank you for your suggestion

                With love and gratitude
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                • Done!

                  Hi S.J,

                  Have done some work on your wrist just now! So hope that it helped until the reinforcements arrive in the morning to read your post & work on it!

                  Love, Light & Blessings,
                  Theta Healing
                  Paths 2 Potential

                  "We are the one's we've been waiting for"


                  • Doing CEM Now

                    Hi S.J.,
                    Doing CEM now for your wrist -tested weak and then with corrections now testing strong - so it is Happening!!! Already done and perfect!!!

                    Originally posted by S.J View Post
                    Hi I don't have much time to post, just wanted to ask for some healing on my left wrist please. It's as weak as a kitten, from a strain. Thank you
                    Love, Light, Gratitude & Joy

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                    Word Whisperer
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                    • Thank you so much Sharyn and Maggie My wrist is feeling aLOT easier, I can rest it without it paining me now I still can't pick anything up with it but that doesn't matter for now it is just bliss to be able to sit comfortably

                      Much Love & Appreciation


                      • quick note

                        thanks to all of your help...Sharyn, Grace, Pamela, tephen, Alan, Vivian......cuz your support and CEM, ME, and open ears have been really helpful......As well as the insight
                        I feel a ton better..and ya grace that knot in my gut....was there to fuel me a direction.....and then it amediatly are sooooo smart....

                        Ya Grace, don't killl us with the suspence....

                        I Am Accepting alot in my life today.....and therefor it seems to disintegrate the judgement...and if i throw in a dash of about Magic....

                        I am observing my stuff right now...and yup it is alot of work, but so worth it......

                        And thank you for those who may have done some stuff behinde the scenes for me.....

                        got to go get ready for work...
                        Peace and Love.....Adrienne
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                        • Chapter 10

                          Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! This stuff is so exciting! I have read ten chapters since last night when I start the Busting loose! Well I am a fast reader, and I read with like 98% comprehension... Although I tell you I have read some of this several times to really get it to go into my head! I think I will be reading this one multiple times, but I am getting so much out of it!

                          Today I have had a major change of perspective! I am soooo thankful that I created this whole situation with my kids, as I needed it to get to where I am right now! I am correcting my thoughts about fighting and preparing for a fight! I already have legal custody of them right now! I am so appreciative of the fact that I have custody of them and that we have so much love for each other! Abundance is where I live now! I have it in all areas of my life and I am so thankful for everything! I am walking around just being thankful to myself for creating so much and such awesome stuff in my life! All the awesome people!

                          I do need to learn to be thankful to myself a little bit... I walked down the hallway and heard the sink dripping... I thought Wow! Look at that I created a drippy sink... Thank you for the sink and this place I live and how great it is to be here and learning all this right now! I messed with the sink and got it to stop dripping and said thank me for creating a drippy sink I can make stop dripping! The thing was I was talking out loud, and I thought... Hmmmmm... My roommate is going to think I am whacked!

                          The cool thing is that my roommate is starting down the same road I started on some time ago when I first saw the secret and thought that was cool, but there had to be more to it... Then the search that brought me here to this place right now began. She came in the other night and She and her sister had been going to all the movie rental shops looking for the secret movie... They could not find it... I said, I own it would you like to borrow it? When she got back I explained to her that she and her sister had created it! She said that she and her sister had thought that thought as they watched the movie!

                          I am very excited about everything I create in my life! I also really to finally figure out the weird annomolies that nobody could explain to me as I was growing up! Like how did my grandfather who made money by playing card games at the casinos would call whatever card he wanted / needed to win? He created it! He could call the exact card and get it all the time! He said it was mind over matter.... I had no idea what that meant! Now I know! You know it is funny as a kid I could do it too on a regular basis.
                          Blessings zartgirl


                          • CA Dreaming

                            Hey Zartgirl!!
                            You last 2 posts are soooo awesome!! I can just feel your vibes spiraling up higher and higher!!
                            You totally brought me back to the feeling I first had when it all totally CLICKED and ..... I GOT IT!!! Seeing you "get it" is really fun.
                            You are on a roll now girl -- and my vision of you and your kids singing and laughing your way to California is becoming stronger and stronger by the minute! You are on the best journey ever (and I don't mean CA!!).
                            Vineyard NAncy
                            Pura Vida! Vineyard Nancy


                            • Yay!! Wealth "tests" strong!!

                              I should not have teased all of you so!! I can't wait to tell you the great news but I have to wait till tomorrow!! But some good news for now is that for some time I have "tested" strength for this group of viewers and posters for abundance and prosperity, but not yet for Wealth, UNTIL NOW!!

                              Abundance is about the Knowing that there is more than enough!

                              Prosperity is about planting the infinite seeds and knowing with love and gratitude they will continue to bear fruit!

                              Wealth is about having a fulfilling life which includes all riches not just monetary! Richness in Relationships, Richness in Health, and richness in your finances etc.

                              After making untold Group and individual corrections for These initial three I decided to also include group corrections for Relationship issues. Relating with others is a powerful way to understand who you are, and how you feel. So it is an important aspect for attaining complete Wealth.

                              At around this same time Paths came out with the Deserving Module and the Money mind set module among other great new modules! This has all added to the group "Strength" I get for Wealth now!!

                              What does this mean for YOU? It means that the energy for abundance, prosperity, and wealth are more free flowing within YOU than ever before!! You need to pay close attention (be very aware) of your feelings and thoughts!! You will be planting many seeds (thoughts) daily and you want to make sure they are the seeds you want to Grow (manifest into desired results)!!

                              You must remember the immense power you have to manifest what you are thinking and feeling! FEELINGS OF GRATITUDE ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN EVER BEFORE!!

                              The more Light (strength) you bring in by "correcting" layers of issues that are no longer serving you (fear for example) via CEM and/or any other healing modality the easier it will be for you to consistently feel nothing but love and gratitude!! This of course being a command to the universe (infinite potential within you) to bring you more experiences to be happy and grateful for!!

                              While you are feeling Gratitude that is when you will slip in a visualization of a desired result, as if you already have it, and focus on feeling even more gratitude. You will be able to do this more effectively now with the strength I am testing in Wealth for all of you! And DON'T FORGET TO NOTICE AND BE GRATEFUL FOR THE SMALL STUFF!!

                              I have said this many times before that my favorite book is the Master Key System by Haanel. My favorite line from his book is the truth of who you are! You are whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, happy and harmonious!! This is Wealth!!!

                              I promised to post this for Zartgirl!! It is a section from the book the "Hidden Messages in Water" by Emoto. The harmony of the universe (which is you) is 1 part love to 2 parts gratitude!! So enjoy your creations so you can keep creating more joy!!

                              An extract from The Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto, in the Cygnus Review.
                              IMMENSE LOVE AND GRATITUDE ~ GRACE



                              • Thank you Grace!!

                                Thank you Grace for your post and for empowering each one of us but not by leading the way but rather by reminding us that the power is within!!

                                We are WHOLE, PERFECT, STRONG, POWERFUL, LOVING, HAPPY AND HARMONIOUS!!

                                Can't wait for the news tomorrow!!

                                ~Viviana -
                                "The divine is not something high above us. It is in heaven, it is in earth, it is inside us..." - Morihei Ueshiba