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    Life is Absolutely Fabulous!

    You ALL are so Fabulous!! You ALL absolutely deserve PERFECT HEALTH, WEALTH AND JOY!!

    Nadine, I will work on your daughters. Private Message me so that I can get your email, and some more information about them.


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      First Money Synchronicity!

      Woo Hoo, My Lovies!

      Oh Yeah...This one is Good!!! Just yesterday our Precious Gracie told us she was focusing on the money thing with her Amazing CEM powers and ALREADY I got a BIG Benefit from her Powerful Skills!!!

      Here's the story...On Friday, I was invited to a wedding that will take place in Jamaica during the first week of July.... While I am Very Excited about taking the trip, I was feeling a wee bit of anxiety because I don't have a Passport and a bunch of people have been telling me that it takes 10 weeks to go through the application process before you get the Passport in your hands. So I spent about an hour looking for my official birth certificate last Saturday and FINALLY found it hidden in my files and then went to get the application yesterday and filled out all the information on it.

      Today, I made another trip to the "Get Your Passport Here" place to have my pic snapped and pay the fees when the lady informed me that, NO, unless I pay a considerable amount of extra $$$$ I would NOT get that passport until the middle of July... So I say, "OKAY, Take the Extra money, official Lady," and she guaranteed me that I will NOW have my Precious Passport by the middle of June...At least two weeks before I go on this trip.... However...I still felt a wee bit yucky to have to dish out this extra money...I was thinking...Geesh...THAT could have gone for a nice new dress or something more FUN, but I still was Happy and Grateful to know that that Passport would be here in the nick of time....But still...The whole thing cost me $172.00 (It would have been $97.00 if I didn't need the "rush job"...)

      And THEN....And THEN...I came home and worked on my painting ( Oh...Yes, Nadine....Those Dots of 'Energy' will cover the ENTIRE canvas...Yeah...I KNOW... ), and then the mail came....And Guess what....In my mail was a check for me FOR.....Are you ready, my Sweet Ones? $172.00!!!! Yep...No Kidding!!!!

      Do You Not Love It, my Beauties???? I Do!!!! Thanks My Gracie!!! And Right NOW I am going to order that sweet little white dress from Victoria's Secret that I've had my eye on for the past two weeks and now I will look just a lovely as the bride in my own little white dress when I go to that tropical wedding!!!!!! Wooo Hooo!

      And Gracie...I still feel SO AWESOME since you made those corrections on my Being last week!!! I LOVE You Darling...SOOOO MUCH!!!

      With SO Much love and Gratitude,

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        Money, money, money...

        Synchronisity or what?!

        Gorgeous Gracie has been working on me Re. prosperity (as she has with most of us! ), and today I went to a site, Freecycle, that a friend sent me.
        On there, someone was giving away a huge plant, called a Jade Tree... or more known as a MONEY Tree!!! It's a plant that I love, and I have always wished for a BIG one. Today, I got it!!

        Money in the shape of paper, or in the shape of a tree... it is still Money!!! BRING IT ON!!!

        Gracie... Thank You!!! I Love You to bits!!!

        Moria x
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          Me, Me, Me $$$

          Wow Guys,

          This is one thread I need to get on LOL!!!

          I will watch out for the pennies falling from heaven as well as the $20 bills on the street

          Grace you are an amazingly inspirational woman and I am so glad I know you.

          Barb xx


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            Pammie's Passport

            Hi Pammie

            That Passport money story was FABULOUS - I love the way the cheque in the mail was the same EXACT amount as the passport's like one of the stories in The Secret

            Barb xx

            p.s. Love the "dotty" tulip painting too - it's gorgeous
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              What a fabulous thread!

              This thread is perfectly delightful!

              Pamela, I loved your synchronicity story

              Grace, you must be one of the most generous beings I have ever know. I hope you realize how much you are loved by one and all
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                The Power of Grace

                Oh Yes! I also have had Grace work on me extensively! It is one of the most remarkable things that has ever happened to me. While on the phone I literally felt the pain leave my body, felt the worry and anxiety that was in my mental body dissipate and it all left me feeling fabulous and that I am perfect just the way God created me!

                I join all of you in the perfect intention of perfect prosperity in all of our lives. It is effortless. It is fun. It serves the highest good always.

                Love all of you!


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                  WOW, Pamela!!!

                  What a Fantastic story!! And what a time YOU will have at that wedding!

                  Do post a pic of you in that Gorgeous dress, will ya?!

                  Much Love

                  Moria x
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                    Prosperity Update!

                    Well my Gracie, you ARE Magic!!

                    I do not know how you do it...but you sure are!

                    Yesterday I was asked for a Numerology reading...and this morning I had an email, asking for a Tarot reading!! And the best thing of all, I didn't hesitate to charge for it!! THAT has been a big issue for me, charging for what I do.

                    Things are HAPPENING!!

                    Thank You, Grace... you are Amazing!

                    Much Love

                    Moria x
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                      Gracie Rocks!!!!!!!

                      I am not going into details here...but just let me say that in the last few days I had the Mother Of All CogDiss Meltdowns (I guess that stands to reason, since I'm on 12 mods!) and the Beautiful and Generous Gracie did some work on me...she started last night and even without knowing she'd started I could feel the effects. I went from Dark Night Of The Soul to feeling...well....pretty okay (which was a huge step in the right direction!) and then today i took a sick day b/c I was feeling physically unwell on top of feeling....well....crappy on every plane of my being.

                      Gracie said she'd be around after 3 pm her time and I could call her, which is noon my time. I slept all morning. Had good dreams (note to self: write those down!!!!)....As I tried to make phone contact I notice myself feeling better and better and I thought...oh, she's working on me right now!!! When we connected she said "I've been working on you already.... Ummmm.... you have lots of issues!!!"

                      And then she proceeded to list my issues and was SPOT ON with every single thing she said, and as we talked she kept working and by the time she was done...what can I say?

                      I feel free. Absolutely free. For the first time in my life. And I am NOT in a dark night of the soul now. Absolutely everything she told me rang absolutely true....and fit with what I'd learned and been working on through other kinds of healing modalities. Amazing.

                      Bless you Grace. And thank you from the bottom of my heart. May your tribe increase.



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                        Happy for us all!

                        I'm so thrilled for you, Chans, Pamela, and all who have posted here! I can tell from direct experience that this is an incredible breakthrough.

                        I've been hesitant to gush too much about my situation, because even though I know how amazingly free I have felt, I had reservations still that I would not have any recurrence of my phobia. I had worked with EFT a few months ago, but what progress I made was not like this. I had tapped enough to be able to force myself to face the fear, and to make myself get through it to a degree. But I still had anxiety and guilt associated with the situation.

                        I have long believed that I had a (possibly violent) dismemberment or amputation in a past life, as I have been subject to panic attacks whenever I encounter a removed limb - both when I see an amputee, and if I see a severed hand, foot, finger, whatever. (Grace, we didn't even get into that, but it was part of it!) Beheadings in movies are (were) intolerable. My father-in-law lost a toe and I couldn't be in the room with his bare foot. Just the thought of these things made me sweat, nauseous, wanting to flee, and I couldn't stand to look. I mean, I was obsessive about it. Oh, and talking about it was almost as bad.

                        Being that I do love people and most of my various career endeavors involved the public, this was a challenge for me. It's been this way since I was 4 or 5 years old. Other than this, I think I'm pretty normal and well adjusted.

                        Most recently I had a client who lost his arm to a tractor accident, and I got through it by tapping, holding papers in my line of sight so I didn't have to look directly at his stump, and simply not looking directly at him any more than necessary. I would say that EFT got me to the point that I could even be in the room with him. When I first arrived and saw his missing arm, I thought I was going to pass out and/or throw up. I made an excuse to leave for a short time, and I wanted to call him and say my car blew up and I would never be back again. But I knew I couldn't do that, and my desire for personal growth made me work through it. So I sat in my car and did rounds of EFT until I could make myself go back into his home and do my job (obtaining his signatures on documents and notarizing them).

                        Well, Grace was kind enough to talk with me by phone last week, and I never had any agenda about even talking about this... she had done wonders on my shoulder, and it was so amazing, I wanted to speak with her and meet her. After we conversed a while, she wanted to work on me some more, and in passing she mentioned that not everybody wants to hear that they were blown up in a former life. That triggered me to share my thoughts with her about my phobia, and a miracle followed.

                        As she worked on the various layers, the fear, panic, anxiety, guilt, embarrassment, and all the other emotions lifted. She saw evidence that I had lost my legs in a former life. She identified that my panic in this life had not always been there, and I was able to recall the first time I saw a little boy at the New Jersey shore with a missing lower arm and hand, and all those feelings ensued at that time.

                        I wrote to Grace yesterday, saying the following:
                        I felt compelled to go to my local Sam's club on Sunday (how's that for Source working in mysterious ways! ), and after a while I understood why. There is a man who works there, with guess what? A hand missing the middle 3 fingers, so with only a thumb and pinky, it looks a bit like a claw. He's been working there all the years I've been shopping there, and I had memorized his face so that if I saw him, I could head in the opposite direction to avoid seeing his hand.

                        Well, on Sunday, I was in line checking out, and I realized he was standing a few feet away from me. I felt none of the previous panic - only a calm sense of "Oh, wow, there he is, and I'm not freaking". I decided to study his hand. At that moment, someone moved in between us, and my view was blocked. I felt a strong sense of curiousity, and I waited patiently for another chance. Finally, it came, and I saw that he was holding a price-ticket gun in that hand, hiding the stump area, but I was able to dispassionately look it over. My only feelings were idle curiosity, compassion for his being differently-abled, and admiration for his overcoming the challenge of missing fingers.
                        Today I watched a segment on Oprah about a boy who overcame a deformity by having his misshapen, unworkable legs amputated and achieving amazing things. Out of habit, I thought, "I hope they don't show them", but then thought, "I can deal with this". I did, happily. I've also watched CSI Miami (I have a passion for that city, but that's another story), and never could look at the gross parts. I found myself dispassionately looking at the scene with a severed ear (Remember Blue Velvet? That one sent me out of the room), and another show with pictures of a severed arm.

                        In fact, it occurs to me that I could probably list 100 movies with this subject matter in it, that I have learned to avoid looking at the critical parts. Talk about useless trivia. Now it's just.... whatever.

                        I'm sorry that this has turned into a Hemingway novel, but I wanted to give Grace the full credit she deserves for the amazing gift she has.

                        I confess that I still feel like I should doubt myself. I think it's just from habits of thought... this was a part of me for around 45 years. But all evidence I can see points to the fact that this phobia is a thing of the past. I will keep checking in with myself, and knowing Grace, I imagine she might, too.

                        Grace, you are a gift to us, and I am forever grateful!

                        All my love, respect and appreciation for you!
                        Follow your path to joy!


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                          Yay Chans!!!

                          Chans, That is such wonderful news!!!!

                          Grace is a huge spotlight of love. Hehe. And I'm a satellite.

                          She worked on me last night again too. I just had a vague lowerback/kidney pain and wow! Did a bunch of old crappy, even past-life layers come off! I am feeling great and went to bed last night without any more backache and slept better than I have for a few nights.



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                            Wow Chans

                            AMAZING stuff happening for you!!!

                            I am so glad for you that you are feeling good right now and I loved the way you said you felt FREE What a wonderful feeling to have

                            I feel free. Absolutely free. For the first time in my life.

                            I know all about those Dark Nights of the Soul, that's usually when I get on these forums and whinge and whine LOL!! Sometimes I even come back the next day and edit or delete what I have written in the midst of my darkness LOL!!!

                            I think I need to get in touch with our Grace so she can work some of her amazing magic on me, hope she has a spot left what with all the magic dust she has been sprinkling around on you guys

                            Take Care
                            Barb xx
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                              Hi Joy

                              These Grace healing stories just keep getting more and more fantabulous don't fantastic that after 45 years your phobia has dissipated into mild nothingness.

                              Take Care
                              Barb xx


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                                This is a great thread it is like reading miracle after miracle. Grace I don't know if you can help me I am in a terrible mood right now I feel so sad about somethings that have given me trouble since I was 7 years old Just as I thought it had gone, has come back and was promised this couldn't happen. It's like living in a nightmare. I tried to pm you but your inbox is full so I sent it to you via PI forums I hope you got it okay. Thank you for what you do.