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    Grace, I don't know what you are doing, but please keep on doing it!

    This time around, I am experiencing far less discomfort than usual. For example, I was able to cut my dosage of painkillers by half. Furthermore, I was able to sleep the whole night through, which is something that I haven't been able to do since my twenties. Usually, for a couple of nights every month, I need to get up once or twice to "change" or take more pain relief. Not last night, though!

    This morning, I even felt good enough to take a leisurely two-hour walk outdoors in this lovely Spring weather, which is something that I wouldn't normally be able to do on my "second day" without checking access to public conveniences, dosing myself with industrial-strength pain relief, etc. I felt so free!

    Thank you so much, Grace! Please let me know here if you have any other special insights about my situation.


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      Thank you Pammie and Rin!

      Hi Rin,

      I am so glad to hear these results! I am not done yet though, still working on your Mental body and Spiritual Body. I will be overjoyed when you go back to your doctor and the Fibroids and Endometriosis are no longer an issue as well! I will keep working on you for now.

      Thank you so much for Posting Rin!

      Pammie, I still would like to finish working on you too. I am going to put some more attention on you as well today and tomorrow. Pammie I will be looking for you on skype tomorrow Sunday!

      I want all of you to understand that if any of you are resonating with any of the "issues" that all these courageous, beautiful people are posting about, you will receive the "corrections" as well. Remember there is no separation!! We are all ONE! This is why I started the thread on this Fabulous Forum that I love so much.

      If you are hesitant to post because of the issue being personal, just know that I need very little information to tune in with. The more the better for everyone reading, but you can keep it brief here, and private message me with more if that makes you feel more comfortable.

      I really would enjoy working privately with each and everyone of you, but I do not have enough time for this. Posting helps many more!

      Thank you to all of you for being so FABULOUS!!
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        Grace has been working with me and my daughter as well, and things are happening here!

        This morning my daughter woke up, and there was something about her I couldn't really put my finger on. Then it struck me! She felt a lot more confident! That's what Grace has been addressing, my daughter not feeling too confident in a couple of areas.

        I feel a lot calmer as well, not at all those little nagging feelings in my solar plexus anymore

        Thank You, Grace... you are a Gift to us all!

        Much Love

        Moria x
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          Fabulous Gracie!

          Oooohhh, my Precious Gracie,

          Talk about being FABULOUS...YOU are MORE than that...You are a Shining Example of Pure Love...

          I also wish to extend to you my Deepest Thanks for spending so much time with me in the past few days making corrections on my entire being... I had been filled with so much anxiety this past week which was manifesting itself into a number of physical ailments and now I feel, not only exquisitely relaxed and serene, but absolutely delightful physically....You are such a Precious Blessing, my Darling Grace...And I Love You Deeply...

          I also wish to Thank You for recommending a few switches in my modules... I was a wee bit worried that I might cause the folks at the PATHS office to get their knickers in a bit of a twist when I wrote to ask them to make those switcheroos as I asked them to do this only a few weeks ago... But they responded SO quickly with such kindness (as they usually do.... ) However...I DID tell them that my request was because of YOUR recommendation and I am sure that may have been why they acted so FAST!!! They know, without a doubt, that what YOU recommend is going to be the BEST thing for each and every one of us, so they don't wait a second before they jump to the task!!! (I just Love those Lovies at the PATHS office!)

          And Gracie...your corrections gave me the courage to post the HUGE work-in-progress of my new painting of tulips... I NEVER show a painting until it is completed, but NOW I have this overwhelming urge to share with the world how my paintings develop. I have a feeling that this will be enjoyable for some of the folks to look to during the next weeks, so, thanks to you and your amazing Love and CEM skills, I have released my inhibitions about this and will continue adding to the progress-pics on the Healing Through Art thread as the painting develops and matures....

          Thank You, once again, my Dearest Gracie... May you Always be Blessed...In ALL Ways...

          With So Much Love and Gratitude,

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            A new desire

            Oh, Pamela. I now have a new desire. First, let me back up a bit and say that a current desire and intention is a big-ass house with lots of charm, character, etc (more "etc" than could fill this space).

            My new desire is one of your new, super-sized paintings to hang proudly and prominently in my big-ass house.

            I intend to have both sooner rather than later
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              Show Me The Money!!

              OH Pammie,

              You are the first to get the ball running here on this Thread concerning MONEY!! A lot of people feel that focusing on money is not as important as other more "spiritual" things.

              Well nothing makes me more happy than to see the people I love, having all that they desire!! Moria visiting me here in Florida so that I can take her and her beautiful daughter to Walt Disney World!!, Pammie and her BIG-ASS House so that she can display Pamela's Phenomenal Energy Paintings, and Pamela with her own Art Gallery displaying all of her works so that many People can be healed by just looking at them!!!! All this takes money!! Money is nothing but energy!!

              Moria, Pamela, Pammie, and anyone else who is reading this and resonating with desiring, Wealth and Abundance (which of course includes Money); get ready since I will be focused on making Energetic Corrections concerning Wealth, Prosperity, and Abundance for this whole week among other things!!

              Being on the Paths Modules assists those of you to "pick up" the corrections I am making much more easily! I myself have noticed how my CEM has evolved since I began using Paths!! We are working here with the subconscious mind which is connected to the whole! There is no separation! I can make such a bold statement because I BELEIVE! It only takes ONE!!

              Just don't forget to post even if all you do is happen on a $20 dollar bill on the street!
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                Me, too! Me, too!

                Originally posted by Grace View Post
                get ready since I will be focused on making Energetic Corrections concerning Wealth, Prosperity, and Abundance for this whole week among other things!!
                I'm chiming in here so that I can lock onto the signal of correcting for Wealth, Prosperity and Abundance that Grace will be sending out. Please include me, too. I will happily accept any corrections for the better.

                Money just makes everything so much easier - and funner!

                Thank you, Grace, for all your help and generosity!

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                  Gracie... you are AWESOME!!!

                  I am SO ready for that!!!

                  Thank You for being YOU, and for everything you do!

                  See ya soon!

                  Much Love

                  Moria x
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                    Thank You Grace

                    Hello All, Grace has been kind enough to give me a CEM correction and it has got the ball rolling in my business. I am a Real Estate Agent and have not put in an offer on a property, or listed a property this year, I kept on talking clients out of buying, now I give them all the facts and it is their decission, not mine. In the last couple of days I have put in 2 offers, still waiting to hear, I also have a chance at a listing. Yeah! Grace's energy correction helped me to break out of the pattern I had created lately. Grace, I will keep you posted and thank you, You are a loving, giving soul. Ruth


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                      Originally posted by Grace View Post
                      I will be focused on making Energetic Corrections concerning Wealth, Prosperity, and Abundance for this whole week among other things!!
                      Count me in, Grace! And I promise to post any wonderful new money-related happenings in my life. Everybody else, do the same please so that we can encourage each other. Thank you!


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                        Grace, I would love to be included in "making money" I used to feel as though it wasn't right to want money....but now I know I deserve anything and everything I want or need, including health, wealth and happiness!!

                        You have been kind enough to help other people with their issues through your Chinese Energetic Medicine. I was wondering if you would be able to help my daughters. They have a few issue regarding being scared, with certain phobias. Also do you need their permission?

                        Thank you


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                          Pamela, you painting is coming along beautifully! It is amazing the number of little dots on your painting....will you continue all the way across like this?

                          It really is a big canvas! Can't wait to see it finished


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                            ahhhh...more of the green stuff

                            'Materialistic goals are wonderful goals. Money and things have the ability to make you comfortable. You were born with the mental tools to acquire luxury. The more comfortable you are..the more creative you will become. The wealthier you become..the more comfort you can aquire. will not be required to use your precious time or your magnificent mental faculties to seek out the basic requirements which are necessary to survive. will be free to create and execute BIG BEAUTIFUL ideas which will benefit thousands of other people who lack the awareness you have developed'.
                            Bob Proctor

                            Pretty cool way to look at money..don't ya think?

                            Count me in here too Gracie.

                            What an utterly fabulous idea for generating greater freedom within our lives.

                            May you continue to prosper dearest friend as you so generously share your wisdom and expertise with us

                            with love and deepest gratitude

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                              Me too, Gracie, me too!!!!!!!!!

                              Yes, please!!!!!!!!!!!! and thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              love & hugs



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                                Gracious Grace - Most Amazing Spirit

                                Grace, you are so wonderful words can not describe the blessings and hope you offer to all of us here. I love to read this forum and be uplifted especially when I am going through some stuff.
                                I finally got the courage to ask Grace for her assistance with some issues I have been experiencing - mainly this terrible cough I [had] for the past three weeks and while I was at it I mentioned my blood pressure and some relationship stuff as well. Grace did not hesitate to agree to help me and I was so happy to see her reply almost immediately. She has been working on me these past few days and I can hardly wait to have a phone conversation with her on Friday. I know great things are in store and I am claiming health, abundance and happiness. At first I was hesitant to post here but with her assurance, I trust all will be well as it should.
                                I, too, join all of you in the corrections for abundance and wealth in all areas of my life.
                                We are so blessed to have this 'family' of special loves.
                                Grace, have I said it already - you are amazing ,
                                Gratitude and blessing all,
                                Love, Light, Gratitude & Joy

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