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  • Principles of Electric Power Transmission,
    Praeludium, in D Minor:

    1. Part 1
      A series of writings will be directed towards a fundamental understanding of the guided Electromagnetic Wave Power Transmission method. In common terms it is simply known as Transmission and Distribution Power Lines, which are in widespread use. These writings will follow two distinct paths, one an advanced mathematical theory, the other an elementary presentation of rudimentary principles, these relating to basic engineering considerations. The first part is complete, the theory is established, and will be presented in a sequential form, as a series of installments. These will be an extension of my Four Quadrant Theory of Electricity, and will define an advanced theory of imaginary numbers or what are known as Versor Operators. The subject heretofore has never reached this level of development.
      The objective in this effort is to demonstrate that Electric Power Engineering is taking many serious wrong turns. Foremost of these is the widespread conversion of an existing three wire Delta system into a four wire Wye system. It is intended to carry Three Phase with four wires, introducing a parasitic transmission mode. Also bad practice of connecting the high voltage fourth wire to the low voltage fourth wire has become widespread. This practice finds its origin with the Rural Electrification Administration and it's effort to reduce the cost and complexity of long single phase lines to remote areas of the country. This practice was never intended for concentrated, high capacity power systems such as found in urban areas, where it introduces a serious hazard to the customer, and to the integrity of the power system in general.

    The foremost danger here is the loss of ground fault protection. The Substation protective relays can no longer distinguish between power leaking from the system and legitimate power flow consumed by an unbalanced load. Hence the full fault current availability is delivered to the phase conductor in accidental contact with your home or car. A violent blast and fire ensues. It has been determined that the cost of insurance and infrequent claims is significantly less than the cost of adequate protection, construction practices, and station operators.

    Another significant hazard introduced by the fourth wire common neutral configuration in question is its extreme vulnerability to a nuclear E.M.P. Attack from hostiles such as North Korea, or China. The four wire common neutral system serves as a massive antenna structure, drawing from the E.M.P., guiding into the system, this in turn delivering it to the customer. The end result is the destruction of all electronic devices of “solid state” design.

    The net result of the use of a four wire common neutral power system is to expose the customer to severe transient electric waves generated by short circuits, lightning discharges, and Nuclear E.M.P. Moreover, Harmonics are generated in four wire systems giving rise to strong periodic transients of a continuous nature which pervade the entire power system. This exposes the customer to large Electro-Motive forces of harmonic frequencies which interfere with other services such as radio reception and consumer electronic devices.

    It should be noted that the implementation of the four wire Wye connection on existing Delta systems are often retrograde, lowering the effective system voltage which requires the purchase of new transformers and increases the losses of the system. This is compounded on the expense of installing a fourth conductor with its related supporting hardware. This effort represents a significant expense for the Utility Company with no attendant increase in system capacity. In fact, System capacity is somewhat reduced due to increased losses from imbalance and harmonic power flow which contributes nothing to the transmission process. This invokes a serious consideration; if this is a costly endeavor and the expense of construction is an important engineering consideration, then why is this being done?

    Part 2

    It is well known that money drives all in our Neo-Babylonian Society, so why the Wye connection? This suggests a form of conspiracy, possibility with malevolent directives.

    An alternate scenario is derived from the observation that this society is becoming ruled by “QUEEKS”. This is a Bolinas term with roots in the name “Queeg” given to (Humphrey Bogart) the insane Navy Captain in the movie Mutiny on the Cain, and the word “Geek”, a circus performer who tears the heads off of living animals with his teeth. The Queek sub-species habitat is mainly on the coast of California, centered upon the “Silicon Valley”. The Queek takes pride in his or her Queekdom, their organizations assign names to themselves that in a rational society are insulting, such as Yahoos or to Google. The primary objective of the Queek is to confuse, disrupt, and stick its butt in your face. In many ways the Queek is analogous to the vandal that worked to destroy Rome. This again?

    An explanation that might find better acceptance is that there are in reality no more Electrical Engineers, and in fact the subject of electricity is no longer taught in schools, it being replaced by the mystic notions of Physics. Today's Engineer is no more than a software jockey, ignorant of even basic Ohm's Law for D.C. Circuits.

    In reality, it is my assertion that all three factors are at work here;
    1. Communism
    2. Social Degeneracy
    3. Cavalier Ignorance

    These operating in the scenario of the New Rome. This transcends the subject of Mathematics and Electricity, which is the principal focus of my writings. However, this effort is being carried forward while at the same time dodging the splinters and fragments of an imploding society.

    73 DE N6KPH

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    • Aether Force

      This was just posted on one of the youtube video comments: VIDEO EXPOSE ARCHIVE OF DOCUMENTS EXPOSE

      Apparently there are MULTIPLE video releases of the same material by different people and not just the guys Techzscam ticked off in the UK.
      Aaron Murakami

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      • Tesla Magnifier in Marconi Mode

        Hi All , Astronod here .

        made new You Tube . Tesla Magnifier 30M in Marconi Mode - YouTube

        I did Put the Input the sec coil of the TMT at both ends .
        Show the Marconi Settup . With signal - to GND .
        There is also electrostatic power comming from the Prim Coil .

        Dr Green : the Loop with a short Cap must be tuned to get to that higher frequency lower and higher capacitance does not get to that 186% compare to the speed of light .sure the Capacitor is the key here to get to that high frequency number to low or to high wont work .
        Try it your self .., however with just a shorted loop and about 2 inch from the the output ring there is no real influance on the telluric output ,even with the shorted loop close to the output ring not much loss.

        In the You tube all can see the output from the prim.coil and a Sphere into the air bit different than telluric sec coil output and capacitance from sphere or body however they ive both the same results .

        As you know a open ring the endring have a bigger inductance than a shorted ring .

        one loop open ring Helical Coil Calculator
        with 358mm diameter and 8mm wire 0mm space 1 turn
        67pF and 0.745uH 22.52MHz resonance
        however with LC resonance loop antenna the capacitance i use is 41pF silver mica cap , self capacitance open ring is 67 pF
        calculated resonance is 17.7Mhz about the 2th harmonic of frequency 8.85MHz x phi/2 is 13.87MHz
        That is about right the frequency i did got , there is is a slighty bigger stray than 67pF due to the ring is close to the sec coil and the mechanical top ring of the TMT construction .
        i will do a test with a big tunneble cap and see what will happen at full resonance loop antenna at any velocity or harmonics .

        Resonant Frequency Calculator
        however i did test with low power 0.2 watts the voltage will be not too high to blow a capacitor to dust. but 2 a 100 watts the voltage will be very high .

        At the moment the voltage at the open end ring is most high .

        update more experiments data later .
        here some info about loop antenna ` s
        80-20m Magnetic Loop Antenna by Frank N4SPP
        thx for the input .

        De PD7Z /Astronod
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        • Eric Dollard on Dark City Radio

          Eric Dollard Interview by Matt McMahon of Dark City Radio back on January 15, 2014. Eric Dollard on Dark City Radio by Matt McMahon Jan 15, 2014 - YouTube
          Aaron Murakami

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          • Lead in Circles

            Originally posted by Aaron View Post
            Eric Dollard Interview by Matt McMahon of Dark City Radio back on January 15, 2014. Eric Dollard on Dark City Radio by Matt McMahon Jan 15, 2014 - YouTube

            Eric said that Tom Beardon is funded by the disinformation governmental campaigns that John bedini's work is based on, and that anyone following Beardon will be going around in circles?

            I don't know if I heard that right.



            • Eric Dollard - Supernatural Power of Music

              The Supernatural Power Of Music w/ Eric Dollard

              Tuesday, March 11, 2014
              9:30am in CDT


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              Aaron Murakami

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              • Tom Foolery

                On Facebook someone asked what would Eric and Tom discuss in a locked room. My answer is simple, Eric would say "Pump those Scalar Waves Tom, don't kill the dipole", then as any good coyote(Eric) he would proceed to chew his head off.
                I have been reading Toms long winded rhetoric for 30 years, clearly Tom Beardon has contributed "Zero" to understanding electrical phenomena, all he has done is promote a "Fee Energy" agenda that is impossible to engineer but by passes the critical thinking of a anyone that has been indoctrinated into the modern Scientism school of the Einstein religion.


                • time check

                  Originally posted by Aaron View Post

                  The Supernatural Power Of Music w/ Eric Dollard

                  Tuesday, March 11, 2014
                  9:30am in CDT
                  Since we just went into daylight savings time, some are confused about the time of the show. 930am CDT is Central Daylight Savings Time, which would be 730am PDT Pacific Daylight Savings Time or 630am Pacific Time for places like Arizona that doesn't do daylight savings time. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
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                  Aaron Murakami

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                  • Free Energy Jargon

                    Originally posted by artoj View Post
                    On Facebook someone asked what would Eric and Tom discuss in a locked room. My answer is simple, Eric would say "Pump those Scalar Waves Tom, don't kill the dipole", then as any good coyote(Eric) he would proceed to chew his head off.
                    I have been reading Toms long winded rhetoric for 30 years, clearly Tom Beardon has contributed "Zero" to understanding electrical phenomena, all he has done is promote a "Fee Energy" agenda that is impossible to engineer but by passes the critical thinking of a anyone that has been indoctrinated into the modern Scientism school of the Einstein religion.
                    Hi Art

                    I am new and saw Tom Beardon and John Bedini's video's. Tom says he is a retired military scientist and John Bedini follows his work and this is how free energy is appearing out of John's work.

                    Then Tom B says stuff like John's circuits all work backwards and thus John is like Tesla in some way. It is called "Energy from the Vacuum"

                    Next Tom B has a demonstration model of a tiny 9vdc battery powering this huge bike wheel motor and it is said to almost never run down.

                    Surely they have extra energy, don't they? Maybe each one is explaining things different, no one person is able to bring forward the real thing that others can replicate and prove so each one is doing his best to find more or extra energy?

                    I know this beyond any doubt. When I use my SG Osc catching the inductive collapse sending it to a capacitor discharge bank, batteries love it and get bigger.

                    So whatever the JARGON John Bedini has come up with some tools that really work and this stuff is all born out of the search for it.

                    People run their mouths and not their experiments. This is what I see.

                    I say show me what you have. Don't theorize endless hours presenting no validation through the experiment.

                    That is what I go for. John Bedini may have been influenced by many many inventors and genius friends but it didn't stop there with high sounding words.

                    I have his work here and no one else has come up with what he has discovered and applied to moving ions in a battery.

                    Like I said I am a newcomer and in 1 years time I have built 3 solid state inductive collapse energizer/ converters that change conventional energy into a form that I am not able to make any other way.

                    Then I have built 3 sizes of the capacitive discharging units.

                    I do not know John Bedini personally but I can tell you that his stuff works. John is an experimenter, a researcher, a teacher, an a gentlemen.

                    Eric is going around saying Beardon is a liar leading folks away from Tesla.

                    Jargon is a collection of terms associated with a certain field of study.

                    Both Eric and John have shown the world Tesla energy devices.

                    Evidently Beardon didn't stop the experiment.

                    Big talk has never impressed me. Show me the experimental evidence.

                    John B and Eric D. have both done that regardless of how each one wants to explain it with technical terms (JARGON)

                    Now look at Beardon's MEG, according to the MEG research Beardon has shown the world the evidence for free energy.

                    So where is our prove of concept device.

                    Like I said show me, don't just sit around on your hands and talk, these are my inter most feelings about invention as I watch people attack the discoverer.

                    I am talking to everybody not ART, here, but you are welcome to tell me what is on your mind ART.

                    Beardon's Meg, Bedini's Monopole, Eric's transformer all demonstrate some effect that is beyond the normal theory of the day.

                    Now look at the huge list of invention and discoverers in the last 500 years.

                    Now I will say one more thing that people forget and I hope this will sink into your being.

                    How can I say it without offending everyone.

                    Okay people tend to think that everyone is like they are.

                    Impossible. Does anyone know where I am going?

                    You are nothing like me, I am nothing like you, and each and every single person whoever lived is not like the next.

                    Comparing one another to each other is what we do and is pure foolishness.

                    I don't even know what I will do and why I do some things until I get there.

                    Eric is a thinker and many other things but should never be compared with any historical inventor or contemporary.

                    Eric has a special gift to explain things that is so far away from conventional terms that he sounds like a stammering blind man to us.

                    This is bad for sales and service or business because if no one understands you then it will be impossible to join in.

                    What I am saying is that we need everyone to do what is inside of them and we need to stop comparing them against each other in some kind of war.

                    Bedini is winning the war financially in some small way that gets his devices in use in the world today. This is the power of business and is a needed thing to going forward.

                    Book writing and Jargon is helpful for discovery as well and we need to work together.

                    Working together will mean we do not compare one another and forcing expectations upon one another that is not something that can be performed.

                    Enjoy the difference. The Governmental approach of forcing everyone and everything into demanding the same out of all. Do it this way or else, think this way or you are wrong.

                    Our problem is that we are all tinted by this indoctrination. So because of that we expect everyone to be the same as the next guy taking away from our personal identity.

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                    • Its about Eric not me

                      I will not be drawn into a debate about who I am and what I know, this thread is about Eric Dollards contributions to the understanding of electrical systems. this is not about me or my 10000 experiments, books, papers or machines that you know nothing about, this is about Eric Dollard and his understanding of practical electrical engineering. I find that the current generation of forum debates focus on attacking the posters personally rather than discuss the technical issues and share knowledge or expertise, in a fair and inviting exchange. I would rather pull my own teeth out with a pair of pliers than continue flapping my lips with trolls and misguided fools(if you take that personally then you have not understood my point). I could spend my time better by learning something new or creating a new piece of art than hitting keys in front of a computer, though teaching somebody by this activity could result in someone learning.

                      - I personally do not ascribe to a belief system of the Free Energy religion called Scientism. I would rather ascribe to Free the Cost of Energy Transmission, which Tesla promoted all his life. Harnessing Cosmic forces is still not Free Energy, the word harness is used to imply the action occurring is already due to a causation, that of the Universe in Action. What your beliefs in this are not my business to discuss.

                      - I never mentioned Bedini, and Bedini never mentions Beardon and yes Beardon does mention Bedini. There is no war that Bedini is fighting, if there is who are the two protagonists and over what? We all fight for the right to our own survival and sometimes our personal beliefs, if its over ideas then as E. D. Morel said in London, July 1916: "'Truth,' it has been said, 'is the first casualty of war.". The only war that I see is one over the Trolls version of Free Energy against the public good will of sharing life long experiences.

                      - Beardon does mention 3 people ad nauseum. Prigogine, Dirac and Whittaker. Each of these I have read extensively. Maybe you need to read about these people, so you can decide for yourself.

                      - Just to simplify, you can see everything that Beardon talks about is from theses 3 people, also Benini's work is based on the same 3 people. Monopoles- Dirac, Battery chemistry - Prigogine, Scalar Wave dynamics - Whittaker.

                      - Eric Dollard is an Electrical Engineer, someone who can Engineer and build physical machines that WORK, he has 45 years of practical experience, a rare breed who understands what he is doing. Because of circumstances beyond his control, his know-how is considered dangerous, mainly to those who twist practical knowledge into a quagmire of theoretical misunderstanding and lead the future engineers down the proverbial garden path.

                      - Erics theories came out of building things that work, those theories are practical devices to lever control of any analog electrical system that you can throw at it. I attest to practical work having repaired,designed and built, radios, amplifiers, motors and many contrivances that work according to the same knowledge. He explains his Engineering plainly and simply, very easy to understand and very useful for those who has done the hard yards by creating things from scratch without circuit diagrams or how to instructions. Best to spend 10 years of repairing and designing before entering into a discussion about things have not been figured out on your own.

                      - The only conventional terms Eric does not use are those that arose from Scientism. Eric does not need that sort of terminology, he speaks clearly by using Engineering terminology. Clear precise and build-able.

                      - Build the MEG and find out for yourself, I have. My conclusions are not here to be debated.

                      Here is a small exerts about the people I mentioned. Find their books and read, yours kindly Arto.

                      Ilya Prigogine is best known for his definition of dissipative structures and their role in thermodynamic systems far from equilibrium, a discovery that won him the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1977. In summary, Ilya Prigogine discovered that importation and dissipation of energy into chemical systems could reverse the maximization of entropy rule imposed by the second law of thermodynamics. His work concentrated on the fundamental role of Indeterminism in nonlinear systems on both the classical and quantum level. Prigogine and coworkers proposed a Liouville space extension of quantum mechanics. A Liouville space is the vector space formed by the set of (self-adjoint) linear operators, equipped with an inner product, that act on a Hilbert space. There exists a mapping of each linear operator into Liouville space, yet not every self-adjoint operator of Liouville space has a counterpart in Hilbert space, and in this sense Liouville space has a richer structure than Hilbert space. The Liouville space extension proposal by Prigogine and co-workers aimed to solve the arrow of time problem of thermodynamics and the measurement problem of quantum mechanics.

                      Paul Dirac noticed an analogy between the Poisson brackets of classical mechanics and the recently proposed quantization rules in Werner Heisenberg's matrix formulation of quantum mechanics. This observation allowed Dirac to obtain the quantization rules in a novel and more illuminating manner. For this work, published in 1926, he received a PhD from Cambridge. Dirac's Principles of Quantum Mechanics, published in 1930, is a landmark in the history of science. It quickly became one of the standard textbooks on the subject and is still used today. In that book, Dirac incorporated the previous work of Werner Heisenberg on matrix mechanics and of Erwin Schrödinger on wave mechanics into a single mathematical formalism that associates measurable quantities to operators acting on the Hilbert space of vectors that describe the state of a physical system. The book also introduced the delta function. Following his 1939 article, he also included the braket notation in the third edition of his book, thereby contributing to its universal use nowadays. In 1933, following his 1931 paper on magnetic monopoles, Dirac showed that the existence of a single magnetic monopole in the universe would suffice to explain the observed quantization of electrical charge, but there is, to date, no direct evidence for their existence.Dirac's quantum electrodynamics (QED) made predictions that were – more often than not – infinite and therefore unacceptable. A workaround known as renormalisation was developed, but Dirac never accepted this.

                      Edmund Whittaker in the theory of partial differential equations, Whittaker developed a general solution of the Laplace equation in three dimensions and the solution of the wave equation. He developed the electrical potential field as a bi-directional flow of energy (sometimes referred to as alternating currents). Whittaker's pair of papers in 1903 and 1904 indicated that any potential can be analyzed by a Fourier-like series of waves, such as a planet's gravitational field point-charge. The superpositions of inward and outward wave pairs produce the "static" fields (or scalar potential). These were harmonically-related. By this conception, the structure of electric potential is created from two opposite, though balanced, parts. Whittaker suggested that gravity possessed a wavelike "undulatory" character. In 1910, Whittaker wrote "A History of the Theories of Aether and Electricity", which gave a very detailed account of the aether theories from René Descartes to Hendrik Lorentz and Albert Einstein, including the contributions of Hermann Minkowski, and which made Whittaker a respected historian of science. In 1951 (Vol. 1) and 1953 (Vol. 2), he published an extended and revised edition of his book in two volumes. The second volume contains some interesting historical remarks. For example, it contains a chapter named "The Relativity Theory of Poincaré and Lorentz", where Whittaker credited Henri Poincaré and Lorentz for developing special relativity, and he attributed to Albert Einstein's relativity paper only little importance. He also attributed the formula E=mc^2 to Poincaré. In 1984 Clifford Truesdell wrote that Whittaker "aroused colossal antagonism by trying to set the record straight on the basis of print and record rather than recollection and folklore and professional propaganda


                      • Fair enough

                        If you watched the video you would know that all I did was quote Eric concerning his attack on Tom Beardon. I am just asking if this seems right that Eric should call people morons, idiots and whatever based on a differance of technical jargon.

                        Eric is a very smart man but he is a man so let us always remember that.

                        I am quoting Eric here and his attack on Tom B.. and I ask everyone what is going on there because I am a new comer not the smartest man whoever lived.

                        Everyone has got an opinion.

                        Good Day



                        • I was looking at this cosmic induction generator and it is clear that above a certain radiation level the radiation disappears. Now if one coil is making a clockwise vortex and the other is making a counter clockwise vortex than perhaps a particle is created having a plus and minus. I remember Faraday wrote that matter is counterspace and space is between the matter. Than matter is in fact a hole into counterspace.

                          This seems to me logical with the fact that in a hydrogen atom the electron is not radiating magnetic power. This power might also go into counterspace. And from counterspace the energy arises that somehow keeps the particles (vortexes) existing.

                          Anyway great implications that experiment once it is understood


                          • Experiment setup description can often time make clear what the scientist is doing and helps focus the specific terminology. For example this web page :

                            Inductor self-resonance experiments

                            The documentation defines the equipment and setup. The photographer did a good job of accurately describing and cooperating closely with the scientist. It is easy to follow.


                            On the subject of receivers and vacuum tubes. I read where the 6DC6 was used on the front end of a 160 M receiver. The sensitivity was 0.1 uV. Out of different 6XX6 tubes tried the 6DC6 pulled out the weak signals better in noisy contest conditions.

                            On the subject of Telluric currents. During electrical atmospheric storms there are conditions with regard to natural telluric currents where significant amounts of power vanished from cables under the sea and subterranean. What are some explanations on this phenomena and what electrical artifacts where found to support this ? Is there a method to study this ?
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                            • I do my best thinking in my sleep!

                              Originally posted by mikrovolt View Post
                              Experiment setup description can often time make clear what the scientist is doing and helps focus the specific terminology. For example this web page :

                              Inductor self-resonance experiments

                              The documentation defines the equipment and setup. The photographer did a good job of accurately describing and cooperating closely with the scientist. It is easy to follow.
                              That was great! Thanks mikrovolt! There are some very useful observations you demonstrated... I'll sleep on this... I do my best thinking in my sleep! -t


                              • Right now I'm doing a 20kHz AM frequency sweep on a 3.3MHz carrier on my Colorado springs model and that is not it's intended use

                                When measuring the impedance of the coil with a 10 Ohm resistor in series I measured the current with a scope and I measured the voltage with a scope over the coil. Now I get an impedance of Z-tesla=330 Ohm.

                                I peaked the coil by setting the variable cap on an angle and varying the frequency etc. I found my peak radiation measured with a nano amp meter and the beercan to be maximum at 3,04 MHz which is somewhat lower than what I measured before without the primary tank circuit.

                                Question is this low impedance what you guys are measuring too?

                                The problem is that with this low impedance the mu of my driver is going through a voltage divider with the internal resistance of 6k and an amplification of about A=20*330/6330=1,04 is the result

                                mu=20 (tube amplification)
                                Z-tesla=330 Ohm
                                Zi=6k Ohm (internal resistance tube)

                                But when I'm calculating the power output I am reasonable sure not to disturb the neighbours because I'm radiating less than a phone and that is a positive thing.

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