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    Originally posted by Felix_the_cat View Post

    Be careful with spark gaps, my electronic guru told me it can produce hazardous radiations.

    Will it work without the SG? or prehaps just a small gap, like small engine spark plug (.025" gap)?

    Does your system have a earth ground?
    I've read that the best possible ground you can have is a one inch brass rod. Not copper, not steel but BRASS.

    I want to use this system on a vehicle so earth ground is not practical.
    Magnets are a "sort" of grounding, because they capture a part of the magnetic flux that flow from the ionosphere to the earth.

    Here's what I've done so far:Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket

    Bagel coil pictures by felaudet1 - Photobucket

    I'm using a toroidal coil instead of cylindrical. My windings are perpendicular, and the black wire is copper coated steel. It forms the magnetic core as well as the secondary. I will send HV from an ignition coil into that toroid. It's a bit like the flyback transformer of a TV, or a particle accelerator. It accelerate the electrons before sending them into a electrolysis cell.

    This is allegedly how Daniel Dingel ran his water car.
    Wow sweet man, toroids are really cool, i still dont understand enough about them

    i have an earth ground on the second sg, & yes im planning on an enclosed gap soon, & brass eh? ok good to know
    In the beginner's mind, there are many possibilities.
    In the expert's mind there are few.
    -Shunryu Suzuki


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      A number of sidacs could be used in place of the spark gap. Depending on what the break over voltage of the gap is currently, you'd have to chain a certain number of them to match that voltage.

      This one has a break over voltage of 280 volts.

      Digi-Key - K2500G-ND (Manufacturer - K2500G)


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        Originally posted by 7imix View Post
        A number of sidacs could be used in place of the spark gap. Depending on what the break over voltage of the gap is currently, you'd have to chain a certain number of them to match that voltage.

        This one has a break over voltage of 280 volts.

        Digi-Key - K2500G-ND (Manufacturer - K2500G)
        really? just use a string of these? cool. im looking for more surge protectors, sounds like they are basically the same, i have found that more gaps help
        But that may be because the primary Cap is brutally under-rated & letting the gap fire before 12kv has built up.

        I never really read up on making proper water caps, im getting practically a plasma bottle here, which could only lower performance Lol

        anyway till the place i get components from actually gets something on the shelf, the ghetto-style gap & pretend capacitor will have to do lol
        Thanks for the link to that product!
        In the beginner's mind, there are many possibilities.
        In the expert's mind there are few.
        -Shunryu Suzuki


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          home made caps

          You can make your own HV caps with sheets of plastic and sheets of copper, with the plastic sheet at least one inch larger all around to avoid arcing. plastic thickness is 1/16 to 1/8.


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            Originally posted by Felix_the_cat View Post
            You can make your own HV caps with sheets of plastic and sheets of copper, with the plastic sheet at least one inch larger all around to avoid arcing. plastic thickness is 1/16 to 1/8.
            In the demonstration Video Don demos the "ambient background" effect, that it's duplicating the input side of the capacitor plate.
            He then says that with "proper grounding" usefull energy comes available on the secondairy plate.

            Is there someone that also build and tested this setup?


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              Originally posted by mr.clean View Post
              Awesome info man, yes i really wanna know what is coming out of this thing, plus get the right values of components
              We did talk about the Don Smith Device more here,
              You can find there more Informations at the linked Pages there and the PDF's.
              Theorizer are like High Voltage. A lot hot Air with no Power behind but they are the dead of applied Work and Ideas.


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                Hello everyone....

                I just ran into the Smith videos and his pdf today and watched them through to the end.

                pay particular attention to the "time" the lights are on, voltage level, camera damage, test methods, terminology, and his sentence construction, how he responds to and answers questions. (Then watch a borderland clip)

                ‪Donald L. Smith 1996 Tesla Symposium Part 19‬‏ - YouTube

                On one of those videos you will see that larger toroid sitting on his bench that looks identical to the coil shown in the tpu videos below shown here:

                ‪Steven Marks TPU video by Jack Durban DVD reliz Hi8 kassete DL version 1‬‏ - YouTube

                ‪Free energy TPU Demonstration (Steve Marks)‬‏ - YouTube

                ‪Free energy TPU (Steve Marks) part1‬‏ - YouTube

                ‪Steve Marks TPU Clip5 - ZPE Zero Point Energy - Free energy‬‏ - YouTube

                If you wish to review the success and failure stories of that big torroid you can see them on under the TPU topic.

                There are several thousand posts on the matter.

                I wish everyone luck in their experiments.


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                  Originally posted by zilano
                  Hi greetings!

                  well this is the truth believe it or not wisdom lies not in the glass and steel chambered offices but in the garages and attics!

                  don is an old fella and has suffered attacks which paralised him so he is not in good form ! we must respect his old age and the way hi talks. when we grow old we are gonna be more worst than don. age conquers all. but he is the guy who gave everything in his book. its just our wisdom is not much to see wots hidden in his text and graphics. there are no methods in free energy devices producing mega watts of power but dons does. all we need is wide eyes and see wot he is reffering to. if u read dons text n schematics carefully he told ya everything. the word is JUST REVERSE TESLA COIL AND THATS THE CLUE MEANS MAKE PRIMARY AS SECONDARY AND SECONDARY AS PRIMARY AND U GET IT.


                  ZILANO ZEIS ZANE
                  I was not aware they really existed.

                  I look forward to testing them.

                  where can I go to do that please?


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                    Hi Zilano,

                    The simplest way to post a schematic is to hand draw then take a photo, then upload as an attachment.

                    If you need more help let me know.

                    Some nice drawing programs for circuits are available for free, but these are
                    messy until you become familiar with their operation.

                    Regards, Penno.


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                      Still trying to figure out what to do with the captured radiant energy. Resonance is easy, its the high voltage output, what do you do with it? How do you turn high voltage low amps back to usable energy? ‪Don Smith device just testing‬‏ - YouTube


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                        Hi Zilano,

                        Below the submit button -

                        Select "Attach Files" Manage attachments button.

                        Attached Files


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                          you are well learned Zilano

                          Originally posted by zilano
                          the basis of don smith power is on two factors voltage and frequency. the minimum voltage to make a spark gap work is 4kv ie 4000 volts and use the optimum frequency for the rest. if we r to make a device for home use we must fix one of two things its better we fix voltage and vary frequency. if we use both high voltage and high frequency it will make us produce power not controllable and with more hazardous voltages. so keep voltage just enuf to spark get going and use frequency by formula of resonant circuit. assume c=1 and calculate power in joules of resonant circuit. so keeping voltage 4k fixed n changing frequency and capacitance to minimum(capacitance associated with inductance only) power is

                          P=0.5 x C x (V squared)*(HZ squared)

                          P=POWER IN JOULES or watt sec (1 joule = 1 watt sec)
                          C=CAPACITY IN FARADS
                          HZ=CYCLES PER SECOND
                          x= multiply sign

                          when we are using caps C as storing power of tesla coil or inductance L

                          the formulas for output power are
                          caps formula-putput power
                          Pc=0.5 x C x (V SQUARED) x HZ

                          Pc= power in joules= watt sec
                          C=CAPACITY IN FARADS
                          HZ= CYCLE PER SECOND

                          Pl=0.5 x L x (A SQUARED) x HZ

                          Pl=power in joules= watt sec
                          C=CAPACITY IN FARADS
                          HZ= CYCLE PER SECOND
                          A=current in ampeares

                          if we r taking output from L ie inductance only use pl formula
                          and if we r taking output from capacitor then use pc formula

                          its always better to use reverse tesla coils
                          that is thin primary and many turns
                          and thick secondary few turns many amps

                          resonance is a just a frequency and its a match if matched then number of turns and thickness dont matter.

                          all that matters is resonating circuit producing power at low voltage and high amps.

                          the secret of don smith revealed.

                          JUST REVERSE TESLA COIL

                          AND U GET THE GOLD
                          AND THATS WOT THE STORY NEVER TOLD

                          GOOD LUCK AND ALL SUCCESS! TO ALL FELLOW MEN!


                          ZILANO ZEIS ZANE
                          I simply want to give you credit for pointing out many of the highlights Don had mentioned and highly respect you estute claification of these matters.
                          I must try your setups. I am afraid of my 5 K volt Neon sign transformer.
                          LOL I have been bit hard by my plasma globe.
                          I have some 20KV gloves now but it is still a scary adventure!

                          glad to see you here.

                          Dustan Zane Muckey


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                            fear is my friend

                            Originally posted by zilano

                            hi there DZM!

                            !!!! HIGH VOLTAGE!!!!

                            SAFETY FIRST!


                            but there is a saying

                            FEAR IS THE KEY!

                            fear makes us learn and excel and shine out!

                            we learn from mistakes

                            God bless u and keep u safe!

                            high voltages r fatal keep safe!



                            ZILANO ZEIS ZANE
                            in sense n sane!
                            I appreciate your replies ZZZ, you are a master. way to go.
                            Thank you so much i am happy you have joined us. I am so new at much of the true understanding about all of this technology and general transforming of energies i must ask this question about how changing Hz is accomplished.

                            I realize how voltages are changed by step up and step down transformers but what changes to frequencies?

                            Another observation I must cite is when I fired up my 5,000 v mid tap luminous tube transformer it was mounted to wood and on a wood desk and it was blowing large continuous sparks onto the board.. well no expanation necessary just learning to be way way cautious!

                            Oh is it true that the ambient energy that Don speeks of is activated by use of the spark gap?

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                              The best solution in in ur case is to use same coil but reversed connected to ur setup coil. so u have two stages now. one is step up and another is step down. now u have step down use low voltage high amps and high frequency diodes to get dc and a low voltage high capacity capacitor across the dc output to smooth out ripples and its much better to use PI filter which consists of two caps and an inductance in between so u get pure dc low voltage. try a load and measure amps and use voltage divider circuit to get 12v or 24 volts as ur case may be and use an invertor to get ac power output. hope u try and if u get low juice try inserting copper coated welding rods in ur step down coil as core. but make sure all setup ur step up n step down resonating. if ur step down is not resonating with ur step up then u wont get juice so match frequency and then add core of welding tube sticks. the core enhances induction and gives more strength to output amps. hope u try that gonna work. report me ur adventure.dont use raw ac power without rectifying it in stepdown else u burn up ur invertor coz high frequency will saturate core and sending ur invertor transformer in flames. always make dc after step down before u attach invertor.
                              Ok, making another coil exactly the same, but reverse. Once that is done, how do I connect the coils together. Directly or through some circuitry? Because if i do it directly won't that effect the resonant frequency because it would look like one big coil? Thanks zilano


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                                PS: SHORTCUT: JUST REVERSE UR COIL THEN U DONT NEED ANOTHER COIL. make primary coil as secondary and secondary as primary so it will be a step down. u will get resonance this time also but it will be a step down and resonating too.dont change physical arrangement of the coil just swap primary and secondary wires
                                ???? Are we still talking about two sets of coils? Or are you saying I only need a primary and a secondary? Reverse the secondary? The secondary is glued in place and no mater which way I flip it it is still wound in the same direction. I was thinking I have an L1/L2 then another set of L1/L2 with L1 being the same as L2 in the first set of coils and L2 being the same as L1 in the first set. You are confusing me, lol. I appreciate your help though.