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  • Originally posted by barbosi View Post
    ufo, good luck with your endeavour. Make sure you won't scam people out of it.
    Here is something from Tesla (the guy you love so much):
    JUST SHOW ME,...

    Besides being ready to bother to disturb threads...

    You do not have a single thread?? why are you here for this?

    Is that all your tiny little is brain capable off?

    poor frustrated soul...what a waste
    Principles for the Development of a Complete Mind: Study the science of art. Study the art of science. Develop your senses- especially learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.― Leonardo da Vinci


    • Hi UFOpolitics,
      I've never posted here before but I find what you are doing, with the Actual Building and Explaining everything, getting more Clear and Important to All of Us.
      Also I Love the White Torque Witch and want to see more of Her, So I hope you don't leave Us.
      With Respect,
      John R.


      • Originally posted by thugugly View Post
        Where are all the cockroaches,now.
        Come on dick wads lets see how clever you really are.

        I'm just a thug.
        Thug. Your really getting your rocks off aren't your. Thanks for advertising my channel I'm sure anyone who isn't like you will enjoy it when they visit just like the other several million do. I don't know why you singled me out. If you read my posts you should have realized I'm here because I'm interested in what UFO is doing. I've done nothing other than to try teasing him into some more critical tests. I have a motor ready to test tomorrow and hope I can provide some positive feedback. What are you here for? I have no idea who you are or what you do. Are you a builder or what? It sounds like you're here to shoot your mouth off and that's all.
        What are you calling fishtanks. I don't even know what your talking about half the time. Maybe more than that.


        • Hi ufopolitics Please don't go we need your inspiration here because you are the first to give knowledge freely from your heart please rethink this decision and not let a couple of losers change you. all the best ron


          • Originally posted by thugugly
            Teasing him is exactly why your are a dic*k. You were making his life harder when you should have been helping someone, who was already being harassed.
            Why didn't you just shut up until you had your tests finished, then post your results like ufo asked. Everything else was you giving ufo grief.


            And you can say whatever you like about me, I don't give a fuc*k, and no one one else does either.
            Thug, I am ashamed about giving UFO a hard time and If I have the chance to talk with him, I will apologize but what I did was what I though I needed to do. UFO is highly technical an I would think he realized the questions about testing are legitimate. I visited your channel and you don't sound like the kind of guy to be posting what you did. I understand now that you have a motor yourself and your doing this out of frustration but at this point I think you've had your say and it's time to try to pull things together. I will still post my results. If this thread is closed I will still make a video. If I have anything positive to report or any thing that I think might help the others who are still going ahead with the project I'll be glad to share that information. Believe it or not, I don't want to match wits with you any more, but if you want to have any conversations based around mutual respect I'd be glad to talk to you any time. I have to admit you had some pretty funny comments about my channel though.
            PS You probably didn't know but our family owned a cottage on lake St. Clair for over 40 years and my uncle had a radio and television show broadcasting from Chatham. His name was Red Fisher. Common calm down and lets see if we can get a motor running the way UFO would like to see.
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            • Originally posted by Ufopolitics View Post
              You are simply overloading that little Motor!!!

              I mean, may as well connect a 120V 30Watts incandescent bulb...

              That kind of Motor was never meant to be "THE HEAD TEST TO APPROVE OR NOT MY DISCLOSURE HERE"

              WTF AUTHORIZE THAT??

              That I gave HIM SPECIFICALLY TO HIM the spec's plan's to Wind it?

              He is "still" working on it??

              Wasn 't he a heavy tough go baby go??

              what happened?


              PURE BS

              THAT'S ALL IT IS
              At this point, I don't think you know your friends from your enemies. I am neither. We don't really know each other at all. All I am trying to do is test these motors. I ran a test on the standard motor...then I ran the exact same test on the modified motor and it smoked. I already stated that I did NOT have the modified motor wired according to your specs, but was running it simply with two wires connected to it to see if it would turn the generator as the standard motor did when a load was applied. It would not. There are more tests I need to run before I have ANY opinion on what you have given us. Getting upset at me is not going to change that. And I will continue to build these little motors and run those tests. When I am done testing I will post results. Will I always run the RIGHT test? No way. But data is data. Right now I know that the wire difference between the standard motor and the modified motor probably contributed to the smoke. I am learning lots of things, and that is the PURPOSE of testing. I want to see what your little creation can DO, and I am sure I will fry a few of them before I am done.

              You showed us a running motor that produces voltage. Without knowing how many amps, that doesn't tell us anything. Without a load connected we don't know if it will do any work. It APPEARS that it will from the video where you held a tool against the shaft, but that's not very scientific. I am trying to figure out what the motor will DO. Will I make mistakes while trying to do that? I would bet yes. If you want to tell us what it will do, then we can try to replicate that and see if we agree that it will. Until then, I am just trying different things to figure it out.

              As for Matt, he doesn't need me to defend him. I know he has built that motor and is in the process of testing it. I'm sure you'll hear from him when he is done with his testing.

              Last edited by Turion; 07-18-2012, 05:57 AM.
              “Advances are made by answering questions. Discoveries are made by questioning answers.”
              —Bernhard Haisch, Astrophysicist


              • Lost from life...

                UFO, I was so so sad to come back today and find you had removed all your precious work. now they have won another battle. They did it to Tesla and now they got you to erase yourself. Your work here stood in view of all to see.
                Your witness! your efforts and validation. All gone! This is indeed a terrible loss and I am so very sorry to have to have been a witness of such a sad day, Especially after such an incredible opening.

                All I can do now UFO is wish you well. you fought a huge battle here. you cracked open a door and we saw some light. But you had so much more to reveal. So much more to give. I thank you sir, for all you have done!

                All my Best


                • Originally posted by iankoglin View Post
                  G'Day to all those who have Differences of opinions
                  Please make your sarcastic remarks by Private emails and do not disrupt this thread
                  This is UFO's THREAD if you do not want to understand what he is at and learn by replicating Just Go somewhere Else

                  Kindest regards to all those who are interested in what UFO has to say

                  Trying to Wade through the rubbish that wastes time
                  @ Owners of this thread
                  Is it possible for the ones that cause trouble to be banned from posting to here
                  It would save a lot of problems

                  G'Day UFO

                  Its a wonder you have put up with all this rubbish till now I have been following all your posts and studying them closely

                  I would Just Ignore them They would stop if every one keeps up the battle it just continues

                  Please when You set Up another thread Please include me as I really enjoy Learning what You have to say I really believe what you are saying And I really want to power my car with One of your Machines



                  • @Ufo

                    Originally posted by Ufopolitics View Post
                    MANY WERE JUST LIKE THAT...


                    READ THEIR COMMENTS...


                    LOCK IT NOW...THAT'S WHAT I WANT

                    DIDN'T AARON READ MY COMMENT?

                    WHY YOU COME SO LATE?

                    AND NOT WHEN WE NEEDED YOU?

                    NOW YOU ARE GONNA GET IT WITH US HERE?

                    LET ME KNOW NOW
                    Did nothing? The moderators can only do something if someone complains
                    - then we can see what is happening. I have a full time life outside of
                    this forum and to expect myself or another moderator to read every single
                    thread is not realistic. We do what we can.

                    The admin account posted a message here only after some post was
                    flagged. Until that happens, nobody is going to know what is happening
                    in a thread unless someone says something.

                    And, I don't need to read through all the posts.

                    Ufo, this is your thread you started it and shared your work, if there are
                    specific individuals that you have an issue with, they can be asked to
                    leave this thread. If they don't, then a moderator can step in.

                    We don't want to censor anyone and this never happens here so anyone
                    that disagrees can start their own thread without disrupting this one.
                    You seem to have enough people here that are interested in your work
                    so it is probably worth keeping open - at least if those that you are having
                    a hard time with are able to leave this thread and start their own.

                    I cannot and will not scan through this thread to see the issues. Do you
                    realize how much that will take stepping into the middle of something
                    like this? Send me a private message and let me know what you want to do.
                    Aaron Murakami

                    Books & Videos
                    RPX & MWO


                    • hI UFO

                      I'm 200% in your Support, and I don't even bother to read their post, just skip them don't even bother to read them, that's all they can do write post nothing more
                      Please Don't leave Your Our Spanish-Italian Hero


                      • Originally posted by Ufopolitics View Post
                        Aaron, please as the creator of this thread I need you to close it ASAP
                        as also all others...

                        I will try to delete all my posts by hand, since a "Bulk Option is not available.



                        I am sorry, but I can't allow you to throw your work away just like that:

                        Directory contents of /img/UfoPolitics_Free_Energy/
                        Directory contents of /img/UfoPolitics_Free_Energy/wget/

                        Please forgive me for taking this drastic step, but your contribution to science is too important to allow it to be destroyed.

                        And I do have copies most of your free energy YT vids, too.
                        Last edited by lamare; 07-18-2012, 08:27 AM.


                        • UFO your not alone, Tesla was, please don't let them do this again


                          • Hi folks, Hi lamare, good thinking, I also saved all the pages and all pics and videos, if I have something you may not have just ask and i'll see if i have it.
                            This situation with UFOpolitics, sure sounds like "ankle biter" activity, or also know throughout human history as "archons", nonphysical negative spiritual forces, that can manipulate the mind of human beings, etc. and cause anger, fear, chaos and ultimately most of the imbalanced ways humans have created and acted for some time.
                            Almost all human disagreement stems from this parasitic energy, the only true war, is in the mind.
                            The heart which is the main conduit to the true reality from where we all come from, is the main processor link between this dimension and the true reality of our home, the mind is meant only as a tool, not unlike a calculator or computer, it was never intended to be running the show here.
                            And we can observe the results first hand, by human behavior, when the mind is at the wheel instead of the heart.
                            peace love light


                            • lost files

                              Originally posted by Les_K View Post
                              UFO, I was so so sad to come back today and find you had removed all your precious work. now they have won another battle. They did it to Tesla and now they got you to erase yourself. Your work here stood in view of all to see.
                              Your witness! your efforts and validation. All gone! This is indeed a terrible loss and I am so very sorry to have to have been a witness of such a sad day, Especially after such an incredible opening.

                              All I can do now UFO is wish you well. you fought a huge battle here. you cracked open a door and we saw some light. But you had so much more to reveal. So much more to give. I thank you sir, for all you have done!

                              All my Best
                              Hi Les and others who have positive attitude to the UFO`s hard work.
                              I have ALL files he posted,pictures videos-all.
                              So anybody who will want (of course with UFO`s blessing) -i will send to email!!!
                              ..But..if ufopolitics don't want me to send files -i will not and i will respect his will!!!


                              • Hi guys I only just start here 2 days ago and what UFO is doing is great but there are those small minded people that just think they know best , as they do when it goes against what they have learnt to be right , we used to think the earth was flat but we where wrong and the law of physics were written by us so even they could be wrong , thing that they say cant be have been proven over and over again through the century's We're wrong and There are so many thing in this universe that we still don't know so open your eyes you small closed minded people