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  • For Aaron!

    Originally posted by Aaron View Post
    Hi Grace, this sounds like the perfect example of like attracts like! I just found the publishing site for his work here: Veritas Publishing
    I found some videos on Applied Kinesiology - Power vs Force by Dr. Hawkins. I'll post a thread when I watch them. This book has been recommended to me too many times to not read it! lol Looking forward to it.

    Hi Aaron,

    Yes, it completely involves the Law of Attraction which is also the Law of Love!
    I read this book back in 2005 when a very good friend gave it to me. I just recently re-read it due to another good friend that ordered it and is in the process of reading it. It gave me the impetus to read it again. I am so incredibly grateful you can't even imagine! I have not felt this way since I first got on Paths Mood Elevation module back on Jan. 4th of 2007, which as you know shifted me in such a profound way, and also helped me evolve my Chinese Energetic Medicine skills!!! All I can say at this moment is LIFE JUST KEEPS GETTING BETTER AND BETTER!! I also can't end this post without saying once again LIFE IS ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!


    • For Nadine!

      Originally posted by nadine View Post
      Grace, I wanted to change out 1 of my modules....could you please test which one to change.

      currently I am on;
      SL2 -1 week (but 2nd time around)
      Increase business producutivity-2months
      3M Marketing -2months
      Unlimited creativity-1 month

      I wanted to switch 1 to unconditional love, was thinking to remove Increase business productivity....what do you think?

      Thanks for you help!
      Hi Nadine!,

      You are right on with the unconditional Love Module, Perfect (strong) choice for you. I do test to change out of the Unlimited Creativity, you have received a great deal of benefit from this module in a short period of time (one month) so exchange Unconditional Love for this one. I also test that you need to stay on the other three for 7 more weeks. Let me know if there is anything else I can help with!


      • For Sallyjane!

        Originally posted by zartgirl View Post
        Grace can you test to see if my nephew would be open to Paths and would actually watch the theatre if he got it? Also if he would be what modules would most benefit him? I am thinking the diabetes module and is there a module that would help him manage his money? Right now my sister is having to handle all of his money! And then there is the issues he has emotionally (the money issue is probably part of that) where he just does not cope well with life!

        Are there some corrections that could be made for him, and my sister, cause she will have to approve any spending he does so that they would be more open to this. Kathy and her new husband both work in the medical field, and I do not know what they would think, so if you could test them too... I think it could benefit both of them too, but more importantly I want my nephew on the Paths modules, so he can start to live a normal life! Thanks

        Blessings Sallyjane zartgirl

        No, your Nephew does not test strong for Using any type of Healing Modality. Kathy and her Husband do not test strong either for being interested in such phenomenal technology. It is at this time too far from their perception. I know that you will accept this, and this is why I am posting this information publicly, or else I would have called you personally.

        There are times that we are not meant to assist. God knows what is necessary and you must leave this, and move on. The beautiful saying of "let Go and Let God" is appropriate here. This does not mean that we are to "SEE" any less of their divinity, only to have compassion and understand that we do not KNOW THE TOTALITY of the works of the Super Conscious MIND/BODY! All is PERFECTION!

        Focus on your beautiful Growth (that we have all joyfully witnessed with your fabulous posts) and leave them to theirs. It is all evolving perfectly. I will make corrections on your nephew, Kathy and her husband. Please keep me posted on them, and know that Miracles happen daily!!!


        • For Rin and SallyJane!

          Originally posted by Rin View Post
          SallyJane, the number "8" is very auspicious here in Japan! Some people even pay money to have that number included in their phone numbers. You won't go wrong with your new business name! I wish you all the best!
          Hi Beautiful Ladies!!

          I have to attest to the power of 8!! I was born on August 8th. I know much concerning the number 8 and it IS TRULY POWERFUL!! I was excited when SallyJane chose Box88 Designs, but I tested to see if it was powerful and was delighted to see that it was!! You are on your way SallyJane!!


          • Goddess Adrienne!

            Originally posted by Adrienne View Post
            hello... I have been lingering... for this post to be posted...
            this is great News Grace... I am thrilled for you... i can only imagine how juicy your life must be... and i mean that it a very delicious way... with no conitation what so ever... juicy with joy and peace and love... hope i got what i am meaning to say across...
            well Hmmmm... must say that i felt something very strong coming from you.... like crazy strong.... very powerful when we skyped briefly ealier...
            And it is very interesting what you mention about doing corrections on yourself first befor you do for others...
            I would love to chat further on this sometime... i feel when i play with ME that it is mostly with people who ask for something that i am needing... Cuz yes we are all one and so the Matrix i do for you i am actually creating that shift for me.... well I see this very often in the matrix i do and the things that are shared from the experience or that i pick up on.... yet i have much to open up to...
            I have been blessed with connecting with you grace and that in itself has created many shifts in me... which i has actually been happening alot lately for me with certain people...
            kind of strange and interesting....
            I love you Grace, it is so great to watch you expand and grow... thanks for sharing and being you
            Goddess Adriana

            Adrienne You and I have connected often on skype, and I am so blessed by this! You truly are a Goddess. You have expressed your self so completely and so honestly!! Yet there is always so much more to learn about ourselves. It is truly infinite! We learn so much from each other! You are AMAZING Adrienne!! Once again Thank you for spending time on me with your ME skills!! I still am benefiting from your work!

            I have to admit that without this forum and all of YOU, I would not have become as Happy and Joyful as I feel right now!! THIS IS THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH!!



            • Hello Grace,

              What wonderful news. I look forward to hearing more and understanding more also . Shall we move forward in setting up an interview? Ledt me know when you are available...I keep meaing to Skype you and then get tangled up in the details of my life and lose track...

              The other night (when I left a somewhat garbled message for you) I was driving to pick up my younger son and listening to a favorite song and your presence just came to me so strongly that I wanted to call and leave a message for you...wasn't sure that I communicated that in the VM though...ah well.

              Could you make corrections for Gabriel, who has been sidelined by a nasty cold and ongoing struggles with the aftermath of his debit card being stolen and charges make against his account? Also, could you test for mdoules for him? Would he benefit from Paths now?

              And rats! My pesky arm has started causing trouble again...this time, although I feel a twinge in the elbow, the pain is in the side of my forearm. Too much computer activity...

              My nephew Brian continues to thrive and I haven't heard any more on that front.

              Thanks in advance my dear friend...sendinglots of love and hugs your way!
              With love and gratitude,



              • Hi Rin,

                What a lovely post. Thank you. And a really good suggestion. I will go back and re-read also.

                I wanted to mention a book I was given at Christmas that you might find helpful. Dr. Christine Northrup, The Wisdom of Meopause or something like that. Really interesting reading. She talks about how your brain forms new neural pathways during menopause (and peri-menopause) and described how your body gives you clues when you are not listening to it and not living the life you want to be living. I'm garbling it a bit but you may want to check it out. I sat down on Christmas day and almost read it cover to cover and found it both helpful and fascinating.
                With love and gratitude,



                • Hi Grace,

                  Thank you for your help...I will switch it out today and keep you posted! I beleive your corrections are helping me "allow" the instructions in the modules to sink in better! I have had many changes the past month....I don't want to comment on them yet....just want to wait and see what happens....I am very excited though!!

                  Thanks again


                  • I apologize- I'm whining but at least you all have an idea about what I mean I hope.

                    So I got inspired to come back to visit this forum and here I see some wonderful posts as I always do, and I'm thinking why haven't I had those results?? I've struggled for a long time since starting PATHS, believing I thought wholeheartedly yet I've been at a standstill so it's like a battle of wills or something that I'm not even aware of. I've recently e-mailed PATHS and have changed all my modules as I didn't feel I'd had results from anything so have begun to doubt my sanity in all this yet here I still am. I'm persevering for a bit longer but I'm not sure how much more I'll continue... so I guess this is a bit of a desperate post as I so much want to experience what you all are experiencing... even just a little!

                    I'm so in want, if that makes sense, of what I believe to be true to show itself, and I just KNOW it is true that we will manifest what we think, believe, etc., all of that, but I just feel so stuck in my old beliefs no matter what I do on a conscious level and I just can't seem to get past it. Which of course is why I'm on PATHS, yet still after almost a year I feel I'm in the same place... I've got so much going on lately with a new business and still doing my old job, gaining weight but no motivation to eat better, fighting with my husband a lot, no time for my kids due to the two jobs, no time for the "me" stuff I want to do, spirtually, physically, all of it. I constantly have a rash on my eyes lately (since I've opened the business), I look tired all the time (probably because I am!), and I'm just run down. I hate to be a downer but if anyone can suggest or do anything I'd be very grateful. Somehow I just need to get out of my own way or do something completely different.

                    Thanks for reading this bit of rambling...


                    • Re: Paths

                      Hi Kim,

                      I have done a bit of work on you surrounding this issue. I have sent you a pm.

                      Love, Light & Blessings,
                      Theta Healing
                      Paths 2 Potential

                      "We are the one's we've been waiting for"


                      • KimJ, you can to the right place if you want help. There are many talented/gracious people on this forum. Lots of great advice!

                        It does sound like you are going through alot though! Whew!! I am tired from reading your post.

                        When I began Paths I had some changes, but nothing like what other people were experiencing. I was a little discouraged, but wanted to hang in there because I knew this was right for me. At one point I became very discouraged, and almost completely gave up. I thought to myself, I see some changes, but nothing major!! Why not? Everyone else seems to have great results!! Why not me? These were the things I was thinking, and finally when it came down to my last day of being able to view my modules...I kind of panicked, and thought I just can't give this up yet! So I didn't....and I am very grateful to say the least....I can honestly say I am starting to experience the results other people have....I began Paths in Feb /07, so almost 1 year ago.

                        I have asked Grace for help in "allowing". For me this seemed to be my biggest obstacle. I seem to need to have control over situations, and I think subconciously I was trying to "control" what I would allow paths to do, or not do for me. So if you could do this one thing for yourself, you may see a change. I hope this helps you!! Good Luck!!



                        • Hi again KimJ,

                          Just thought I would might want to check out the Flower Essence has alot of good info, one of the essences might help you with this.

                          I beleive Walnut is helpful for letting go of past beleifs. I am currently taking this.


                          • Thank you.

                            Thank you Sharyn and Nadine. I appreciate your thoughts and taking the time to respond. I'll hopefully have more positive things to post soon!



                            • For KimJ!

                              Hi KimJ!

                              Just a quick post to let you know I am making corrections on all that you mentioned. I am grateful for your post and how detailed you were. I have gone in and focused on each word and the power and meaning you have placed behind each word. I have also made corrections concerning your attractor patterns, your connection to source (which has been coming up a lot lately for many others) and past life issues. There is more to do, but It is all good.

                              So hang in there and know that no matter what is in your "outer" world at this moment, it is your "inner" world that matters most! Pay attention to your feelings right now especially the subtle ones, and also focus your attention as often as possible on what you are grateful for. This IS difficult at moments, but just practice this as often as you can. It WILL make a difference I PROMISE!

                              Sharyn you are AWESOME!! Thank you for all the light that you add to this fabulous Forum!!
                              IMMENSE LOVE AND GRATITUDE ~ GRACE



                              • KimJ

                                just want to be clear... you haven't noticed any results from paths? or do they just not seem as drastic as what you are reading here on the forum? Notice what is different not what is the same.
                                and in my experience with paths and my inqusitive mind... which i like to call all this research...
                                well it is either a lifetime of nothing changing or subbtle changes happening and from my own experience i know that it is part of the human condition to want what we want NOW...
                                i have noticed that some modules have a greater impact on me than other ones... and i think this is due to the fact that there are root issues that must be resolved first ... this would be how it is described with the SLP living series moduales... 1 works on certain things then 2 builds on that and so on... it has been alot of work, cuz it is in the feelings.. feel the feelings.
                                Sounds to me that much is going on for you... and as known, the universe needs to realign in order to make available what we desire or are ready for...
                                I think our bodies will also cue us on what is useful(right) for us and what isn't... so perhaps you eye rash is telling you something... listen to what your body says...
                                An example for me is... when i signed up for colledge my whole body went knumb...eccept my chest area... it was very strange... but when i made the choice to not continue with it... it stopped on the most part... it had started two days befor school had started and once the choice to not continue was made it was less, then when the semester was over... it was mostly gone.... like dramatically improved.. Then amazing enough i came across The Secret, then Paths and then Matrix Energetics...No accident

                                No matter what we are involved in (to my knowledge) i think in order to clear the space so that what we desire can come in, there is some dis-ease
                                I guess to the point there is no Magic pill... lol
                                I don't know if this was helpful , but with all the things that are going on for you KimJ it sounds like things are changing. are we willing to let go...
                                like Grace was saying... focus on the things that are positive and more positive will come...Gratitude...
                                Sounds like the ego is being challenged to.. and i know many times i felt like i was dying and my world was ending... but the ego will fight for it's life... and i have come to understand (for now) that it is the death befor death.. so that i can truly live...
                                And i write this from always focusing within (including with my moduales) and don't know what moduales you are on...
                                So i hope this helps someone somewhere... if not you
                                Grace is also great with testing for mods...
                                Love and Light Godess Adriana
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