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  • Danny B
    It is often claimed that nobody knows the real reason for the start of World War one.

    What are 3 reasons World War 1 started?
    The real causes of World War I included politics, secret alliances, imperialism, and nationalistic pride.
    But historians say that World War I actually was the culmination of a long series of events, stretching back to the late 1800s. The path to war included plenty of miscalculations and actions that turned out to have unforeseen consequences.
    “No one can say precisely why it happened,” explains the narration to a film at the in Kansas City. “Which may be, in the end, the best explanation for why it did.”

    If NATO Rebuffs Russian Security Proposals, Kremlin Will Deploy Advanced Weapons To Ukraine Border
    "It will be too late then to ask us why we've made such decisions, why we've deployed such systems"...Foreign Ministry says relations have reached "the moment of truth."

    12/20 China & Russia are ready to end US dominance of global finance – RT

    12/19 Putin and Xi plot their SWIFT escape – Cradle
    Previously, any nation that Tried to escape the dollar was attacked.

    12/20 ‘The moment of truth has come’ for Russia & NATO – Moscow – RT

    12/18 Around the world, the risks of war – Zero Hedge

    Russia promises 'military response'
    to any further NATO expansion

    Russia forced to take radical steps by actions
    on Ukraine, other states — senior diplomat

    Moscow Needs Urgent Response From US
    on Security Guarantees Proposals, Deputy FM

    US elites largely to blame for world conflicts —
    Russian Security Council's experts

    12/19 NATO will not let Russia dictate its military posture, Germany says – Reuters
    Russia shows German diplomats the door
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  • Danny B
    12/17 Russia tells NATO to leave east Europe, stay out of ex-Soviet Union – Reuters

    12/18 7 signs that war with Russia just got even closer – Economic Collapse

    12/18 Around the world, the risks of war – Zero Hedge

    NATO Challenges Russia, Promises Ukraine Membership, What Will Putin's Next Move Be?

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  • Danny B
    Putin To Biden: 'Finlandize' Ukraine, Or We Will

    Either the U.S. and NATO provide us with “legal guarantees” that Ukraine will never join NATO or become a base for weapons that can threaten Russia — or we will go in and guarantee it ourselves.
    This is the message Russian President Vladimir Putin is sending, backed by the 100,000 troops Russia has amassed on Ukraine’s borders.

    At the Kremlin last week, Putin drew his red line:
    “The threat on our western borders is … rising, as we have said multiple times. … In our dialogue with the United States and its allies, we will insist on developing concrete agreements prohibiting any further eastward expansion of NATO and the placement there of weapons systems in the immediate vicinity of Russian territory.”
    Moreover, Putin wants to speak to the real decider of the question as to whether Ukraine joins NATO or receives weapons that can threaten Russia. And the decider is not Jens Stoltenberg but President Joe Biden.

    Forced to choose between accepting Russia’s demand that NATO stay out of Ukraine and Russia going in, the U.S. is not going to war.
    Obiden has threatened Russia with major sanctions.
    Russia & Iran are very cozy. They can with hold their oil and make things very bad for the world,
    Russia will NEVER back down.

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  • Danny B
    Armstrong writes that there is more oil in the Golan Heights of Syria than in Saudi Arabia.
    The Golan is now occupied by israel.
    Israel can't pump this oil under international law.
    Israel tried to completely destroy the Syrian government of Bashar al Assad so that they could claim that Syria was no longer a State.
    Russia has blocked many of the destructive moved by israel.
    Several years ago, Netanayahu made a clandestine trip to the Kremlin. He ordered Putin to get out of Syria.
    Putin physically threw him out of the Kremlin and; told him that he could make israel a sheet of glass in 24 hours.

    We now see pox Americana trying to station missiles in the Ukraine that would be 5 minutes flying time from Moscow.
    Putin has warned that his red lines must be respected.
    There are no actual NATO bases in Ukraine. BUT, there are American training bases.
    Ukraine has 1/2 their military in Donbass right next to Russia and, is claiming that an invasion is imminent.
    Putin has confessed that he sees no solution.

    12/01 U.S. tells Russia to back off Ukraine or risk “high-impact” sanctions – Reuters
    12/01 Russia set to unveil new hypersonic weapons – Putin – RT
    11/30 Putin warns West: Moscow has ‘red line’ about Ukraine, NATO – AP
    11/30 Ukraine PM says Russia ‘absolutely’ behind suspected coup attempt – Reuters

    Russia warns new Donbass conflict could 'destroy' Ukraine, NATO rebukes Moscow

    NATO monitors Ukraine border for signs of Russian invasion | DW News

    NATO warns Russia against Ukraine 'aggression' | DW News

    Ukraine ambassador warns of 'World War Three'

    Blinken Warns Russia Against ‘Serious Mistake’ of Invading Ukraine

    Blinken seems to be the person who is most pushing a war with Ukraine.

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  • Danny B
    This news is COMPLETELY surprising and unexpected.

    Had China merely intended to "test" a missile, it would have achieved space orbit long before ever reaching Australia. The fact that it kept it's relatively low altitude from launch inside China, all the way to Australia so it could be SEEN over Sydney, is proof that China meant it to intimidate.
    This could be why, last night, word reached our ear that the US military has suddenly begun significant "massing" of KC-135 military in-flight refueling tankers on the US west coast:
    If you think THAT is impressive, consider this: These 20 jets were launched in 4 minutes using 12-second Minimum Interval Take-Off (MITO). For those unfamiliar, that's Cold War inbound ICBM (maybe even SLBM) timing, which sends a powerful message.
    Then, too, yesterday evening, it _appeared_ that at least FOUR (4) U.S. military aircraft took off from a base in South Korea, and flew directly, and deliberately, into NORTH KOREA air space! That story, HERE.
    Finally, we are also informed that the US Navy has a major build-up of forces in the Philippines, including "more than one" aircraft carrier strike group.

    Another piece of the picture comes from Benjamin Fulford. This stuff is hard to believe.
    The fake “Biden” regime in the US defaulted on September 30th and has been given until October 18th before the plug is finally pulled on that evil regime, Asian secret society sources promise. The funding was cut off because the Rockefeller/Rothschild etc. crime families behind the “Biden” regime failed to meet their promise to hand Australia over to the communist Chinese, the sources say.

    That is the real reason why “The bad relations between China and Australia took an unbelievable turn this week when China fired a ‘Long March 3B’ nuclear-capable missile, directly over Sydney, Australia.”

    The change in Australia is reflected by the fact Premier of Gladys Berejiklian resigned as New South Wales Premier “after an investigation found she & others in the govt. were receiving millions of $ from Pfizer to push draconian vax laws,” according to Australian intelligence sources.
    The fact it refused to hand itself over to communist China is also why the EU has entered the fray by cutting off trade talks with Australia, the sources say.
    This time, with little doubt, they plan to surpass 911, Fukushima and the fake pandemic of 2020. The obvious candidate this time is La Palma. The volcano there is erupting with increasing intensity and is doing so in a manner that is increasing the chances of a massive tsunami hitting the East coast of the US etc.

    I would like to say; read Fulford for entertainment purposes only. The vid from Sydney has no other rational explanation.

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  • Danny B
    Ron Paul Institute
    We are currently hearing from our sources that Israel may be planning a major "retaliatory" strike on Iran this weekend over the alleged involvement of Iran in the drone attack on a Japanese-owned but Israeli-managed ship, in which a British citizen was killed.

    It's hardly an Iranian attack on Tel Aviv, but the new government in Israel has been ratcheting up the rhetoric for days, recently claiming that it is "
    ready to attack Iran alone" over the alleged incident.

    We are told it may happen over the weekend.
    There is nothing that would excite Israel's bipartisan "
    Amen Corner" in the Washington Beltway more than a reckless Israeli attack on Iran (over a minor incident not at all related to Israeli national interests) and an Iranian response, which must come considering the incoming Iranian government is politically obliged to defend the conservative voices of those who recently elected it.
    Speaking of
    Pat Buchanan, once again he has it totally on the mark when he warns of a "Gulf of Tonkin incident" in the Gulf of Oman. Writing in an article Friday, he blows apart this bogus narrative: while the Israelis are hysterically trying to frame this as some kind of existential threat to their existence, in fact, as Buchanan writes, such a frontal assault by the incoming Iranian Administration would make no sense.

    What makes the attack puzzling is its timing, as it occurred just days before the inauguration of the newly elected president of Iran, the ultraconservative hardliner Ebrahim Raisi.

    Query: Would Raisi have ordered a provocative attack on an Israeli-managed vessel, just days before taking office, when his highest priority is a lifting of the 'maximum pressure' sanctions imposed on his country by former President Donald Trump? Why?
    This may boil over. Israel has been bombing Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, etc with impunity for years, and even its very friendly ally Russia is getting annoyed by Tel Aviv's relentless attacks on its neighbors.
    Daniel McAdams
    Executive Director
    Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity

    That Ron Paul article is nice but, not very useful.

    It asks why Iran would attack now?

    That is what happens when somebody just doesn't read enough.

    Do you think the recent attack from Lebanon was just a random thing?

    Let me send you some ideas that will help you to understand.

    Former Iranian Prime Minister Hoveida once called the Strait of Hormuz “our jugular vein,”

    About a fifth of the world's oil, nearly 21 million barrels a day, passed through the Strait of Hormuz last year.

    In 2018, Saudi Arabia sent nearly 6.4 million barrels of oil per day via the strait, while Iraq sent more than 3.4 million, the UAE nearly 2.7 million and Kuwait just over two million. Iran also relies heavily on this route for its oil exports.And Qatar, the biggest global producer of liquefied natural gas (LNG), exports nearly all its gas through the strait.

    OK, Saudi sends 6.4 million barrels a day.
    So, now what? What has changed?

    Iran Is Targeting the Strait of Hormuz. The World Needs to Take Heed.

    Iran builds pipeline to avoid disputed oil waterway.

    Iran bypasses Hormuz Strait to export crude oil
    July 22, 2021

    Iran’s Suspected Energy Terrorism: Persian Gulf Tanker Hijacking

    calling this a ‘potential hijack’ and is examining options for a military response. Five other vessels in the vicinity announced that that they are “not under command” according to ship tracker, a common declaration in hijacking scenarios meaning that a ship is unable to maneuver due to ‘exceptional circumstances.’ Iran, for its part, has denied any involvement in the incident

    A series of mysterious and seemingly random explosions continue to erupt across various parts of Iran this month, hitting sensitive military sites, as well as populated residential neighborhoods. Recent reporting suggests that these explosions may be part of a larger campaign undertaken by the United States and Israel to scale back the regime’s military and nuclear capabilities. Iran has been slow in its response, playing the long game. But the risk of escalation — unintentional or otherwise — looms large. And as the events of 2019 showed, the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz would be key areas where Iran might set its sights for an asymmetric response.

    On June 25, Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani announced a possible game-changer — that by March 2021, his country would upgrade its energy infrastructure to bypass entirely the Strait of Hormuz when it exports its oil. These upgrades would include a new pipeline and port facilities in the southern coast bordering the Gulf of Oman. And the recently announced comprehensive between Iran and China, a 25-year agreement that would cover energy, infrastructure, and military cooperation among other things, appears to stipulate the development of parts of this plan with support from Beijing.

    The deal also provides for the development of a new port that would rest comfortably in Chinese control. Rouhani’s ambitious new plan would allow Iran to close the Strait of Hormuz without losing its ability to export oil and forfeiting corresponding revenues. It would also allow Iran to sustain energy supplies to China,

    OK, this is the factual part.
    The speculative part;

    Iran had often claimed that it was the protector of the Strait of Hormuz, it was the only country in the region whose oil exports still depended on the waterway as others had found other ways to augment their oil transfers through the Red Sea and other routes

    America and israel have been chipping away at Iran for decades.
    We blow up their reactors and various other things. There always seems to be something unexpectedly blowing up in Iran.
    They can now bypass the Straights of Homuz. They have a 25 year contract with China for energy.
    China may very well decide that NOW is a great time to test America's resolve and preparedness.
    China Joe looks to be a "poison pill" He wants to vaccinate all the U.S. military.

    Israel is a tiny little target. Iran has hundreds of thousands of Missiles aimed at them.
    Hezbollah and, the IRGC have been preparing for a long time.
    If you think that the "Six day War " was short, any war with israel would be shorter.
    China may very well be counting on paralysis in the District of Corruption.
    I could see them jumping on Taiwan at the same time.

    Lastly, Russia has run out of patience at israel's continuous bombing of Syria.
    Traditionally, israel bombs Syria from Lebanese air space.
    The Russians are bringing that to an end.
    “Russia has decided to end the Israeli freedom of action over Syria.” Dr. Mordechai Kedar, an Israeli senior expert on Middle Eastern issues told Breaking Defense. He added that Moscow want to portray Syria as a functioning country to start pumping funds in the effort to rebuild the ruined country, which is of strategic and economic use for Moscow.

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  • Danny B
    The Russian Embassy in Washington has reminded the US that its troops have no legal mandate to be in Syria.
    However, in a series of candid statements in recent months, Jim Jeffrey, former US special representative for Syria, revealed that he and members of his staff had deliberately misled President Trump about the true size of the US military footprint in the country, and stopped him from withdrawing from the country. Jeffrey also admitted that the US mission in Syria was about preventing the Syrian government from regaining its territories, not stopping Daesh.

    Russia's top security chief sends stern warning Moscow willing to use real force against foreign adversaries, not just sanctions

    Use of tough sanctions against Russia amounts to 'war,' but neither Washington nor Brussels prepared for battle says Rostec CEO

    'Wait till winter comes!' It's easy for EU to advocate ditching Russian gas when it's warm, energy minister says

    Russia says NATO plans to transfer modern weapons to Ukraine

    Chinese Communist Conference Plots How To 'Promote' the 'Powerful Weapon' of Marxism

    Israeli minister supports calls for Jews to arbitrarily open fire on Arabs - Shoot On Site

    Many Americans Unconvinced Fighting Germany Was A Good Idea - Communism Was THE Enemy
    The allies supported jewish-bolshevic Russia and, attacked christian Germany.
    Churchill, "we butchered the wrong pig"
    Churchill, "Hitler's only crime was in trying to get control of Germany away from the London bankers"
    Churchill, "WW III could have been avoided but, the bankers wanted it"
    France invaded Germany, NOT vice-versa.

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  • Danny B
    China Warns Australia's Military Is "Weak", Will Be "First Hit" In Any War With Western Alliance

    China Reveals "God Of War" Stealth Bomber

    Off topic
    What's Going On With Mexican Politics? 88 Mayoral Candidates Murdered, 18 Register As Trans Women For "Gender Parity"

    China Ready To Deter "US Warmongering" By Expanding Nuclear Arsenal
    Warns of consequences for Biden's bloated defense budget which sees China as "top imaginary enemy"...
    Looking for war crimes

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  • BroMikey
    Of course, Trump wants to live so he has backed off. The underground war is over military generals protecting the commercialized slaughter of humans in the DUMB's paid for by us. Body parts of failed experiments laying all over in dumpster cans, half human hybrids running around all crippled up or mutated so bad it would break your heart to see. Adrenochrome factories producing high volumes of the elites life source. Once on these blood products you do not live long after stopping.

    Was in line at the Harbor Freight today, the black man in his 60's said he was from LA. I said that there were DUMB's there and risked the backlash of being called a crazy. He yes yes. He said everyone living there knows where the missing people go. Been going on over 40 yrs in large numbers

    Wake up people and talk about it. Can you imagine the child who is down there hoping we start talking and get something done, thinking we surely will rescue them? Not a peep. God save the children for real.

    Our taxes fund their slaughter.
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  • Danny B
    Hamas, Hezbollah, the Syrian military, The Iranian military,,, All of them have at least 10 years of tunnel warfare,,, house-to-house warfare,,, desert warfare and all the rest.
    The israelis have NO experience in ground warfare. They got spanked last time that they went into Lebanon. They came back crying.
    Israel's Military Begins Ground Offensive In Gaza

    Trump is OUT of office. Biden won't do anything but dither and prevaricate.
    The Arabs keep yanking Netayahoo's chain. He has no idea. He demands that America stay out of this.
    Freed Traitor Jonathan Pollard Calls Biden Admin An 'Enemy' That Must Be Destroyed

    Rockets Fired At Israel From South Lebanon As Fears Grow Hezbollah To Enter Conflict
    IF Hezbollah is on the move, we will learn very shortly.

    5/13 Fifteen thoughts on Palestine – Caitlin Johnstone
    5/13 Deaths mount as Israel-Gaza violence worsens – BBC

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  • BroMikey
    We missed WWIII already. it was a digital war of enslavement of all kinds with the people waking up in the aftermath angry at those responsible for the carnage who many have been taken out of this world. Jokes on us. Next phase will be 1/3rd of mankind who have an affinity for eating flesh and drinking blood, go out with a flash.

    The prophecies are clear 2.5 bln people who will not change must leave. The rest of us will rebuild as needed but mostly restore what was lost or stolen. This planet is for the meek of the earth. Quiet power once lifted up WILL close the door. The judgement coming on the merciless. Everyone else will protect each other.

    Yes there will be limited nuclear exchange in the future as needed. Size of a dumpster or city.

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  • Danny B
    One of the biggest attacks against Palestinians was "Operation Cast Lead".
    About 1400 Palestinians were killed.
    During this same time, about 1600 Palestinians were born.
    The Palestinian fertility rates is almost 4 times higher than the israeli fertility rate.
    The Pals pay with their lives to get approval in the world court of public opinion
    Netanayahoo ONLY believes in force.

    The Israel Narrative Is Crumbling Because of Phone Cameras and the Internet

    'This is Only the Beginning' - Netanyahu Vows to 'Inflict Blows That Hamas Has Not Dreamt Of'

    Israel rains down bombs on Gaza, resistance responds with 1000 Plus rockets

    Israeli intelligence sends threatening text to Palestinians

    IDF will fight until there's 'complete silence' before any truce is possible, says Israeli defense minister

    Hamas Offers Immediate Ceasefire 'On Mutual Basis' As Fighting Spirals Into Full-Scale War
    The opposition keeps yanking Netanayahoo's chain to get him to respond in an ugly manner.

    Iran's IRGC vows 'more powerful' support for Palestine
    A proxy war between two theocracies. What could go wrong?

    Hamas military wing says it launched 15 rockets near Israel's Dimona nuclear reactor site

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  • Danny B
    How a Palestinian Uprising Against Israeli Forced Evictions Spiraled Rapidly Toward 'Full-Scale War'

    CNN, MSNBC Guest Who Blasted Israeli ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ Forced Out of Home
    MORONS believe that war is won with force alone.

    Biden / Obama removed all sanctions on the Houthis. They received lots of aid. They bought lots of weapons with this aid.
    All these thousands of rockets are terrorizing israel.
    This is a war of attrition & nerves & publicity.
    Netanayahoo is such a stupid schmuck.

    5/12 53 killed in Gaza & 5 Israelis dead as UN warns of “full-scale war” – ZH
    5/12 Escalating Mideast violence bears hallmarks of 2014 Gaza war – AP
    5/12 Death toll rises from air strikes in Gaza and rocket fire on Israel – CNBC

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  • Danny B
    Taiwan: 'China preparing for final military assault'
    •Apr 28, 2021

    Israel Braces for COLLAPSE of Lebanon & Hezbollah's Exploitation of the Region | Watchman Newscast

    4/29 Lee Camp: the CIA has been taking over for decades – Mint Press

    Russian Security Council Chief Links Soros to Efforts to Destabilise Nations Worldwide, Including US

    "Our Warplanes Can Reach Iran": Israeli Intelligence Minister Vows War If "Bad Deal" Reached In Vienna

    Tel Aviv getting spooked at all the "positive" news of Biden mulling major sanctions rollback...
    • FRI APR 30, AT 10:35 AM

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  • BroMikey
    A couple of minute propaganda video beating war drums with no money to put in the gas tank? Good luck with that. Starting a war is easy.

    I heard the war is already over. We are and have been at war for generations but lately a digital war that keeps everyone out of step with what is really going on. Underground war yes. Above ground, no.
    800,000 children go missing every year just inside the USA. They are literally taken to underground cities controlled by the evil US military. Warming up the foggy in hot water is over like the war. Well more are being cleaned out since there are thousands worldwide you can understand.

    Non belief that 800,000 people (Very young) disappear from the USA every year because CNN did not tell you that is inexcusable. This figure has been well known for decades. What is more important than saving those without a voice? Worry about an above ground war with all of the scary adults?

    Former groomed black magic witch inside MKUltra programs was cast out because she refused the mother of darkness position. She was forced by John Brennan to watch sex magic rituals inside these programs in order to gain access to the higher gates near the Thrown room. She saw 1000 deaths per month from age 4 years old to age 10years old. Her DNA and family had special abilities and the US Govt was trying to exploit those energies. Jessie is turned and is destroying these programs thru illumination. Says 22 vet's commit suicide every month because adrenochrome is placed in their food in small amounts to cause them to be angry all of the time creating a blood lust murdering attitude. When the vets leave they go cold turkey and go mad.

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