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  • Danny B

    Armstrong, "If Bolton testifies, there will be a push to call Biden & Hunter to testify. This will become a much more nasty affair that will damage Biden and open the door for Hillary to be drafted. Hillary will not care how many Americans die on the battlefield. How much will be donated to her family will be the only question.

    War is coming anyhow. There are too many people behind the curtain like Bolton working to achieve that goal."

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  • Danny B
    Just a bit of news on the Ukrainian plane crash.

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  • Danny B
    Just don't mention them by name

    Several years ago, Iran and Iraq had a long war. It was characterized as a "fight between brothers". Later, when Pox Americana attacked Iraq, Iraq flew their heavy bombers to Iran for safe-keeping.
    A certain well-informed person wrote me that Martin Armstrong had done a plea bargain to get out of jail. It didn't matter that he was innocent,,, of course. Reportedly, Armstrong agreed to corrupt his information. In this posting from Armstrong,, he says;
    "Marty; you had forecast that the future war in the Middle East would start to escalate in 2020 with the ECM turn and possibly erupt by 2021. It seems Socrates got that one right after killing Soleimani, but it is about two weeks ahead of schedule. If I remember, you said this was festering between Sunni and ****e and the leader would be Iran."

    Soleimani wasn't killed by either Sunni, nor Shia. He was killed by America.

    "ANSWER: The first Iran Revolution was February 1921, when the military commander Reza Khan seized power. The War Cycle on Iran comes into play 2021.29. I will be doing an update to the cycles of war and incorporate those issues from the 2015 Cycle of War which was on the Middle East. The killing of Soleimani is probably the precursor to the turn in the ECM which is due January 18, 2020. This should contribute to the inflationary cycle ahead."

    The Iranians have good cause to hate America. We forced the Shaw on them when he was really hated.
    "General Wesley Clark Wars Were Planned Seven Countries In 5 years"
    This list is a JEWISH, NEOCON hit list. Why are we still trying to destroy Iran?
    Armstrong writes about an "inflationary cycle" Does that mean that we attack Iran and, oil goes to $150 a barrel?
    Armstrong rarely says a bad word about bankers. He never mentions israel at all, even though their actions are pivotal. Likewise, he never mentions derivatives.

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  • Danny B
    Not now,,, not ever

    World Leaders Warn That Trump's Murder Of Iran's Top General Could Ignite A Massive War
    Trump Hits Dems For Their Reaction To Iran General's Execution - No Mention Of The Millions Of Iraqis WhoDied As A Result Of US Actions From Bill Clinton Forward
    Opening Pandora's Box in Iraq - Trump Murder Of Soleimani Puts a Target on His Own and Top US Generals' Backs

    "Marty; you had forecast that the future war in the Middle East would start to escalate in 2020 with the ECM turn and possibly erupt by 2021. It seems Socrates got that one right after killing Soleimani, but it is about two weeks ahead of schedule. If I remember, you said this was festering between Sunni and ****e and the leader would be Iran.
    "The first Iran Revolution was February 1921, when the military commander Reza Khan seized power. The War Cycle on Iran comes into play 2021.29."
    Over time, the wars have been close to non-stop

    I have to agree with Global; Research, nobody can win a war with Iran. The Iron Dome missile defense in israel is just a joke. It is true that Pax Americana has lots of energetic weapons and other secret stuff. That won't stop Hezbollah from over-running israel. NOTHING can protect the oil infrastructure in the region.

    "The diplomatic lesson learned in 1956 by then-Prime Minister (and Defense Minister) David Ben-Gurion for the next time was that the support of a superpower – whether that be France or America – was an essential condition for any Israeli military initiative."
    "Three years too late, Golda Meir understood how war could have been avoided
    The grandmother who led Israel at the time of the 1973 war made a series of instinctive, correct decisions as the battle broke out, writes historian Abraham Rabinovich, but she’d missed a chance in 1970 to prevent it"

    Remember that Iran just had joint exercises with China and Russia. A war with Iran is very close to unthinkable. They have a few hundred nukes and, vow to use them against everybody. They assured the world that their nukes would reach Europe. Ground forces would annihilate israel. The Samson option would come into play.
    You could expect most of the oil infrastructure in the are to be destroyed, either by Sunni, Shia or jew. Hard to say just how much this would contribute to a nuclear winter.

    This would all make grim Gretta very happy when the world ran out of oil.

    Here is one more factor; › trump-putin-call-phone-white-house-co...

    2 days ago - Trump said. ... Trump berated White House staff for not telling him Putin was trying to call ... other senior staff members for holding off on arranging a phone call ... Vladimir Putin tried to call me, and you didn't put him through?
    'What the hell were you thinking': Trump berated White House ...
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  • Danny B
    Fallout scenarios from the attack on Saudi oil

    Armstrong, "following drone attacks on two major oil facilities run by state-owned company Aramco will be reduced by as much as 50%. The Energy Minister said the strikes had reduced crude oil production by 5.7m barrels a day – about half the kingdom’s output."
    "A Yemeni Houthi rebel spokesman said it had deployed 10 drones in the attacks. However, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blamed the attacks on Iran saying there was no evidence they came from Yemen. Pompeo further described the attack as “an unprecedented attack on the world’s energy supply”.This certainly will justify military action against Iran as the Middle East heats up despite the global cooling."
    Here is a timeline of drone and missile attacks from Yemen.

    I don't trust the S.O.B. Pompeo. He should have been shoved out at the same time as Bolton.
    ""Having failed at 'max pressure', US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo turning to 'max deceit'," Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif wrote on Twitter on Sunday.

    "US and its clients are stuck in Yemen because of illusion that weapon superiority will lead to military victory,"
    "Meanwhile, Washington's accusations throw into doubt reported efforts by Trump to arrange a meeting with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani at the United Nations General Assembly later this month."
    I see Netanayahoooo's fingerprints on this.
    So, 6% of the world's oil supply is offline. Attacking Iran would take out about 60%. They would destroy Kharg island,,, the rest of Saudi Arabia, AND block the Straits of Hormuz.
    Not to mention Bab al-Mandeb. A few years ago, the IDF reported that Iran could launch 11,000 missiles a minute for a total of 231,000.
    Just imagine a 80% reduction in oil shipments.

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  • Danny B
    a few headlines

    8/28 Iran-Israel fighting dramatically escalates as both sides prepare for “final war” – EOTAD
    Israel Warns Any Hezbollah Attack Will Bring 'Reprisal On Whole Lebanese State'

    Netanyahu Warns Hezbollah, Lebanon and Iranian Leaders To Watch Their Actions

    Lebanon, Iraq, Iran call out Israel's 'declaration of war' after it bombs 3 COUNTRIES in one weekend
    'We are waiting for war' - Lebanese say Israel has gone too far

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  • Danny B
    To attack or, not to attack

    Israel always pushes and pushes until somebody slaps them down. Then, they call in the
    U.S. military. So far, Trump has resisted all calls from Netanyahooo to bomb the snot out of Iran. Israel is now bombing dangerous targets to try to FORCE Trump to come to their rescue.
    US Aircraft Carrier Deployed to 'Deter' Iran Stays 600 Miles Away From Strait of Hormuz
    Iraqi Parliament Group Calls Alleged Israeli Strikes 'Declaration of War' - Demands US Troops to LEAVE
    Israel's insane operations are its last struggles...General Soleimani
    Israeli warplanes carry out mock bombing raids over Lebanon's Sidon – reports
    Trump is going to be severely tested.

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  • Danny B
    War but, where?

    A few headlines;
    In Hong Kong, It's Now a Revolution
    US Warship Sails Into Disputed S.China Sea Waters as Beijing Announces Regional War Games
    UK Cannot Use Strait of Hormuz If Iran Has No Access to Gibraltar - President Rouhani
    US would prevent 'unacceptable' Turkish invasion of Syria: Pentagon chief
    'No One Will Win': Imran Khan Says 'Entire World' Will Suffer if Kashmir Conflict Worsens
    Pakistani army ready go to 'any extent' to support Kashmiris - chief of staff

    The British screwed up when they drew the border between Pakistan and India. They left a bunch of muslims in Kashmir. Like all muslims, they've been at war ever since. I went there in '84 to see for myself. They can't seem to just live and let live. The muslims killed 80 million in their conquest of India so, this is nothing new. Both of them have nukes now.
    The average IQ in Pakistan is 84. I find that hard to believe.
    China has sided with Pakistan so, that isn't good.

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  • Danny B
    Banging the drums of war ever louder

    CRUDE diplomacy.
    Bolton, the maniac kinda reminds you of Cheney the maniac. Bolton warned the world to look out for an Iranian attack. Next day, there is an attack on a Japanese oil tanker. Bolton says, Iran did it. The owner of the tanker contradicted the American version of; mines hit the ship. He said it was drones.
    Premier Minister Shinzo Abe will meet Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and President Hassan Rouhani on a visit to Tehran this week, in a bid to ease tension between Washington and Iran that experts called a bold move for a Japanese leader."
    Tension is quite necessary to the war hawks.

    Japan Today, Japan demands more proof from U.S. that Iran attacked tankers

    Republicans Sen. Tom Cotton told CBS's "Face The Nation" moderator Margaret Brennan that the U.S. response to Iran's suspected involvement in attacks on oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman should be one of "fire and fury."

    n 2004, drawing upon the initial war scenarios under TIRANNT, Vice President Dick Cheney instructed U.S. Strategic Command (U.S.STRATCOM) to draw up a “contingency plan” of a large scale military operation directed against Iran “to be employed in response to another 9/11-type terrorist attack on the United States” on the presumption that the government in Tehran would be behind the terrorist plot. The plan included the pre-emptive use of nuclear weapons against a non-nuclear state:

    US, Israel and Saudis Pushing for War on Iran?

    by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

    What’s going on in Washington and the Middle East is eerily reminiscent of what preceded Bush/Cheney’s 2003 war on Iraq — weapons of mass deception the pretext.

    "On the morning of Thursday, June 13th, two oil tankers were allegedly attacked in the Gulf of Oman, just off the coast of Iran. The US government immediately blamed Iran for the incident, without providing any evidence.

    The vessels happened to be en route to Japan at precisely the same time that Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was in Tehran. The first Japanese leader to visit Iran since its revolution 40 years ago, Abe was holding a historic meeting with Ayatollah Ali Khamenei when the incident took place."
    Japan is even more dependent on oil imports than America. Naturally, Japan would discuss buying oil from Iran. Naturally, this drives Bolton more crazy.

    Saudi Crown Prince MBS Accuses Iran of Attack on Tankers in Gulf of Oman
    UK to Send Marines to Persian Gulf Region to Protect Country's Vessels

    NYT Propagandist David Sanger's War on Iran

    Pentagon Readies 'Contingency Plans' For Potential Escalation Against Iran

    So, the West is sending in troops "just in case".
    The Role of Israel in Triggering War on Iran
    Naturally, there is money involved, How Iran Was Swindled Out Of $3.2 Trillion

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  • Danny B
    Gulf of Tonkin revamped

    War drums and, weapons of mass deception.
    This page has a vid showing where a oil tanker backed into a dock support of some kind.
    There are some pics of another tanker that has some holes punched in the hull near the bow. Irregular holes that you get by driving while drunk.

    US Screams Iran Blew Holes In 4 Ships Off UAE
    They are NOT the result of any type of explosive device.
    Flash points could trigger ‘all-out war’ between US (Israel) and Iran
    ‘Our aim is not war’ Says Pompeo as US warships
    And nuclear bombers gather off coast of Iran

    Dogs Of War Turn On Iran

    US Military Presence in Persian Gulf Has ‘Reached Its End' - Iranian Navy

    IRGC Commander - 'If America Military Makes a Move We'll Hit Them in the Head'

    Tehran could attack Israel if US-Iran tension escalates – Israeli minister

    War between Iran & Saudi Arabia could send oil to $300 per barrel & impoverish the world
    Let's rephrase that. Any war in the Persian Gulf would cut OFF off supplies.

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  • Danny B
    a few headlines

    20 Dead In Gaza, Four In Israel After 600 Rockets Fired Into Isreal And IDF Responds
    Four Israelis Dead In 2 Day Rocket Barrage From Gaza

    Israeli army ‘planning ground invasion into Gaza’

    Amidror - Iran behind the Gaza Rocket escalation
    Islamic Jihad Releases Video Threatening to Target Israeli Nuclear Facility

    Turkey Urges Intl Community to Act on Israeli 'Disproportionate Actions' in Gaza

    Turkey, Russia May Deploy Troops to Syrian Area Controlled by US Allies - Ankara

    OK, so 600 rockets and 4 dead. They weren't very good rockets. Why were they fired?
    Is Hezbollah ready to make a move? Israel had one plane shot down over Syria and, it gave them a huge black eye. The IDF has NO experience fighting armed people,,,, much less fighting against battle hardened soldiers who have been fighting ISIS door-to-door and cave-to-cave for 6 years.
    You can bet your LIFE that Hezbollah has extremely good anti tank-weapons. Running a armored column into Gaza would be pure suicide. Tel Aviv can't nuke Gaza. They can't very well invade. They got spanked BADLY last time that they went into Lebanon.
    This all looks like a trap set up by Hamas AND Hezbollah AND the IRG AND Syria AND Turkey.

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  • Danny B
    Getting serious

    Syria has notified the U. N. that it will attack israel if it doesn't leave occupied Golan
    Assad isn't one to make idle threats. Israel isn't one to back down.

    US Gets Its Ass Kicked In WW3 Simulation - RAND

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  • Danny B
    Visions of grandeur / war

    The British politicians are dreaming of days LONG past;
    We must be ready to use 'hard power' against Moscow and Beijing - UK defense chief

    UK Must be Prepared to Counter Russian Missiles UK Defence Secretary

    UK Anti-War Group Slams Defence Secretary for Ramping Up War Rhetoric

    Britain's Gavin Williamson places Russia And China on notice, I'm not joking

    The British can't even afford to police London. They somehow plan to police the world.

    Not to be outdone, Netanayahooo is sparring with his enemies.
    Revolutionary Guard Threatens To 'Raze Tel Aviv And Haifa To The Ground' If US Attacks Iran
    Keep in mind that the Israeli defence forces reported 4 years ago that Iran had 230,000 missiles aimed at various potential enemies. The IDF expected that israel would receive 11,000 missiles a minute.
    Iran's Oil Revenues Increased by Almost 50% Despite Sanctions - Reports
    They can afford to buy a lot of missiles.
    Netanyahu to Iran - Attack Us and 'It Will Be the Last Anniversary You Celebrate'

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  • Danny B
    War with Hezbollah ?

    Here is a good vid on the possibility. The suggestion from the vid is; war with Hezbollah will light up the whole area. Netanyahooo has been indicted for corruption. Like Poroshenko, he wants a war for a distraction.
    Here is a very iffy vid claiming martial law after Christmas.
    Ron Paul says that were are financially broke and can't afford war.
    Is Trump pulling out of Syria in a big hurry because it is ready to blow up in Lebanon?

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  • Danny B
    A new front opened by israel

    2 weeks after the Sept 11 attack, General Wesley Clark was told that America was going to destroy 7 nations in 5 years. He didn't know why.
    The neo-cons were following orders from Netanyahoo. The plan was created before the 9/11 attack. What was needed for the plan to be implemented was; a change of the American mindset.
    Netanyahoo was calling the shots through his subservient congress.
    This was nothing new. In 1967, Prime Minister Shimon Perez said in a radio address that "Israel controls America and, America knows it."

    This is all part of the Oded Yinon Plan to Create a greater israel. Israel plans to steal land and natural resources from their neighbors. The subsequent attack on Syria was very important because the Golan contains enormous quantities of oil (Armstrong) This plan is not going very well because of Trump and Putin. Several years ago, Netanyahooo made a trip to the Kremlin and ordered Putin to get OUT of Syria. Putin physically threw him out. A couple of years ago, Netanyahoo declared that it was a "red line" for Russia to put S-300 missiles in Syria. Putin did it anyway.

    Trump has refused to use Centcom to block Assad from taking back control of Syria from the israeli/saudi mercenaries. Netanyahoo can't seem to force Trump to destroy Syria as commanded.
    Netanyahoo has now changed targets to force Russia out of Syria. He is now stirring up Ukraine to start a war there. "They" claim that Russia is now preparing for a full-scale invasion. They created a phony provocation in the Sea of Azov to get things started.

    At the same time NATO is trying to get a war going in the Crimea.
    ALL of this is done to force Russia out of Syria.
    Putin is countering this move by Netanyahoo by supporting Hezbollah.

    Thanks in no small part to Russia, Hezbollah is now a full-fledged ...

    Why is Russia partnering with Assad, Iran and Hezbollah? - Quora

    As Netanyahoo stirs up Ukraine, Putin arms Hezbollah.
    Trump admits the reason for not pulling US out of Mideast is because of Israel

    Russia 'to deploy new S-400 missiles in Crimea'

    Porky Warns Of "Full-Scale War With Russia" In Televised Interview

    Poroshenko's Martial law across Ukraine takes Effect ...Anything To Postpone The Election which He will lose

    Getting Crazier - Ukraine Amb to Germany Urges West to 'Put Putin in His Place'

    Escobar - Kerch Strait Chaos Looks 'Like A Cheap Ploy By Desperate Neocons'

    Ex-NATO Commander Calls on Trump to 'Stand Up' to Putin Over Kerch Strait Rift

    Hamas, Hezbollah 'not terrorists,' Russian envoy to Israel says | The ...
    Taking all this together, it is not surprising that many people resent the jews.
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