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  • Gambeir, That's interesting that you mentioned the Vril craft because one thing I didn't mention in my last post is that I believe the Vril-1-Triebwerk, ARV, and even the OTC-1 are all variations of the same principle. While I may also disagree with Wheeler's theories, I do agree that its best to take one's theories and develop something rather continuing to speculate. Now that the holiday season is over I'll have more time to finish mine. As I stated it'll be yay or nay. Best wishes for the new year to all.


    • Originally posted by phoneboy View Post
      Gambeir, That's interesting that you mentioned the Vril craft because one thing I didn't mention in my last post is that I believe the Vril-1-Triebwerk, ARV, and even the OTC-1 are all variations of the same principle. While I may also disagree with Wheeler's theories, I do agree that its best to take one's theories and develop something rather continuing to speculate. Now that the holiday season is over I'll have more time to finish mine. As I stated it'll be yay or nay. Best wishes for the new year to all.
      Thanks, I didn't know you disagreed with Wheeler and I agree that one shouldn't just gulp down what others tell them and that was why I created the little toy tetrahedron + magnets as a model to test the theory that magnetism was a pressure, and that if it were a pressure then that in itself was capable of explaining hyper-velocity travel through a same/similar medium (regardless of whether or not the medium itself moved).

      For that toy experiment the dielectric field (magnetism) served as a proxy for it's source of origin which is hyperspatial, Operating on that generality I thought tests could be experimentally worked by using magnets as proxy forms of the condensed coherency of the theorized hyperspatial medium, which as I understand it isn't Wheeler's theory at all but rather Steinmetz's. So I don't think Ken is really involved in this too much other than saying that the dielectric field was a pressure field and which is what tripped my mind in to creating an experiment to test that proposition, because if it was a pressure then it could explain a great deal.

      So to recap & because maybe it will be helpful to someone.

      Theory holds that the dielectric field is a hyper-spatial field of inertia (energy), which is around us here on earth as an incoherent form due primarily from the Star casting off an in~coherency of the dielectric field and which is theorized as the source for the construction of coherent dielectric force which we call magnetism. It should then (logically) seem that the hyperspatial realm could itself be represented by magnets for experimental purposes.

      Here a simple experiment was created to test both Wheelers' dielectric theory of magnetism as a pressure field (*an important concept IMOP) and which would, if proven correct & by extension, demonstrate that a possible error was involved in quantum field theory, and which holds that tetrahedron shaped particles & forming a crystalline matrix are what makes up our reality and therefore (by extension) constructs a so-called space+time fabric, and which then forms an updated Einsteinian view of reality. * If the magnetic field is shown (as it did) that magnets produce a pressure generating field, then by virtue of simplistic pressure producing gradient forms/shapes a tetrahedron would produce and be the simplest geometric form that produces the greatest pressure gradients.

      Graphite Glider-A.jpg

      Thus, the primary purpose of this toy like experiment was to show (to myself at least) that the hyper-spatial medium, were it to actually be a medium of dielectric pressure, should then be capable of being coaxed into creating propulsive effects using the logic any child would be familiar with according to shapes interacting with fluids and producing ordinary pressure gradients, and if that were the case, as it now seems clear it is, then these theorized tetrahedrons (the quantum theorized particles; Planck scale crystalline particles which form the matrix of our so-called dimension) that those would or could be seen not as particles but rather that just as geometric forms (which is also the fundamental simplest of platonic solids) and have likely been mistakenly theorized as particles making up the space.

      See, it is important to realize that no physical object need exist to create the tetrahedronal form in order to produce a differential pressure gradient. For example, a wave or crest of liquid produces such a tetrahedronal form. Something to ponder when revisiting the causes of wave actions or perhaps rouge waves, but the gist of what I'm driving at is that differential mediums which need not be physical solids to develop differential pressure fields, whch of course means propulsive force is the outcome; I hinted that such things may themselves be involved in light itself. How accidental can it be that light is itself subject to diffusion by means of the same tetrahedronal form?

      My conclusion is that space is itself made up from a hyper-spatial & incorporeal medium, and the tetrahedron particle along with those of fluids, and light, and or the hyper~spatial medium itself (something to think about) is only a form, a geometric shape which can be almost anything and yet it is capable producing a differential in pressure gradients; ie, energy and which is logically the smallest geometric form which would also produce the greatest pressure gradients from a hyperspatial pressure field, and therefore that form was probably misconstrued as being a physical material object making up space when it was, in reality, only the smallest and therefore most logical particle which would be interacting with a hyper~spatial pressure field.

      So apparently it's this hyperspatial field of energy which Joe Parr was researching way back in the 60's/70's. Which is something to ponder given Joe's recorded outcomes.
      The above image shows the little experimental apparatus I made from about 100 tiny little neodymium magnets laying under a paper guide tent. I cover the outer paper with pencil lead while experimenting with lead. Lead is diamagnetic, meaning it's a dielectric reflector, like copper is a dielectric reflector. Originally I was experimenting with paper tetrahedrons covered in pencil lead but I didn't realize at that time I had to check the lead to see if it was magnetic since some pencils have iron in the lead. Ideally you would buy some graphite sheet to do this with but I used aluminum in this experimental set up. later I used copper, sandwiched with plastic from a milk carton, and overlaid with another aluminum tetrahedron made from a pop/beer can.

      Now of course this has been an on~going educational tool. For example I noticed that the Nazi's had also almost immediately recognized that layering the tetrahedronal form magnified the resultant propulsive force, so overlaying one tetrahedron upon another also has a multiplying effect. The aluminum I ended up using in the first part lead me to understand or see aluminum as a dielectric accumulator of sorts, while copper was a dielectric reflector. The idea here being that you want to consider how these materials are interacting with the dielectric field in order to magnify and multiply their respective properties.

      Again remember here none of these will produce straight forward movement, at least ways not yet, but with some angle to the plate you can observe for yourself the various outcomes by using assorted materials and with various layering and so forth. Consider this little kids like experiment a sort of learning tool, something to do that gives you visual cues, and thereby a way to gain another understanding of what materials are about. This experimental set up may look really simple and it is, but what's going on isn't that simple; copper and aluminum are said to be conductors, but in reality copper is a dielectric reflector and aluminum is doing something else, and it is also said to undergo paramagnetic resonance, or nuclear magnetic resonance (EMR) devices.

      The reality and truth is that copper is a diamagnetic reflector, it's capable of reflecting or deflecting the pressure field of counter-spatial pressure, whist aluminum, is supposedly a paramagnetic, only becomes magnetic momentarily and only in the precise part which is being covered by a motional/moving magnetic field. If aluminum can undergo so called nuclear magnetic resonance than what is copper doing? These concepts are important to understand outside of conventional notions of what they supposedly are doing according to pure electrical theory and here's why.

      The way to levitate is simple enough to understand once you have a clear understanding of why magnets work, why they seemingly try to move together, and so what this means is that to create a levitating device you need to create another mass, known as a false mass, which will then open another point source between the fake false mass and the real mass, and that then makes the real mass chase after this point which is between the fake false mass and the real mass.

      This the above is at least one way to go about it, but there are undoubtedly more, and I am thinking about this for a while now. So to simplify, the bottom line seems to be that you want to create another magnetic field, although I'm not entirely positive that it's a magnetic field which forms (another story) but this the main point here is that this newly created energy field cannot be physically touching the same vehicle as you're in; otherwise you've attached a fan to back of a boat and are now trying to inflate sails of the boat & which won't work, so this other energy/matter field (which will become the false mass), it has to be held apart by or otherwise insulated from the actual machine that's creating it.

      Now the Nazi Scientists went about this in a very unique way. It would take some experimenting to get the whole accurately worked out but I have gotten the gist of the Vril Saucer worked out.


      It may not be immediately apparent but this is really a model of the planet earth. It was called the Schumann levitator but really it's derived form the work of Karl Schappeller. Otto Schumann and the Nazi's took over Schappeller's work and Schumann apparently re-engineered it, brilliantly btw, and we have the word of the Eric Hartman (Blonde Knight of Germany) that this was real, we also have at least one account from a then 14 year old boy in Norway who saw a Nazi Saucer airbone standing still over an German Radar Station when it was attacked by at least 3 NorthAmerican P-51 Mustangs. Despite the denials of many it does appear that these saucers were really real, and by eye witness accounts we must accept that the evidence supports the eye witness stories that this design works and that it was real.

      This ball is double hulled, it's filled with a dielectric conductor, I think it was probably honey (yes that's what I said) but others hold many other ideas so something to consider, and the inner part of the ball has a piece of metal bowl like that is rung, beaten really, but a powered clapper, and the bowl called a bell attaches to the inner wall of the spherical ball. This creates a high frequency vibration which creates an magneto-accoustic electrical current in the conductive medium (the honey or possibly salt water or other) while the ball itself is spun/spinning.

      This forms an so-called implosion of the dielectric medium which we know more commonly as Sonoluminescence , and so what's really going on here is that each and every teeny tiny implosive bubble is carrying an incoherent (formerly magnetic) dielectrical pulse back to counterspace. It's not recycling but going to counter space, and because this is happening in a fluid medium it's also not really attached to the saucer itself, and this is all happening above the physical center of gravity of the machine which then makes for one mass above another and between the which they both want to move towards, but of course it's the real mass which moves (forever) after the false mass which is being created in the microbubbles of the implosions.

      Now there's more going on here. Like for example something similar to tuning forks acting upon the tetrahedrons which are apparently breaking up an making in-cohrent the magnetic field much like a prism does with light, and then those incoherent dielectric energies are being feed back to the sphere to be picked up and returned to counter-space by the implosive sonoluminescence generation caused by the interior bell device. This should then be generating a so-called false mass, which is exactly as theorized by Ken Wheeler BTW, as the cause of gravity would be matter seeking counter space (to state it in a nut shell).
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      • Gravity is an acceleration towards hyperspace. That's the Ken Wheeler dictum in a nutshell. The Vril Saucer design is an apparent cavitation drive and there is support for this which is physical and which goes beyond the John Saint Clair Patents.

        Remember the Clem Motor? Understanding what we now know may warrant a review of the genius of the Clem Motor (for those interested) because we now have a rationale theory of why this motor was doing what it was doing.

        I want to also point out that even though the earth is itself covered in 75% water, mostly salt water, it also has an interior which contains...wait for it ....yes, that's right; oil.
        As such we may conclude that a superior or more advanced cavitation drive would involve more than one layer of fluids. It's also somewhat interesting that magnetized water is described as sweet and oil like.

        Such ideas may cause one to think upon the qualities of the Boyd Bushman magnet inside a rock experiment and what the idea was there as well as what the idea is behind the so called recovered alien artifact that features layers of bismuth magnesium-zinc Metal.

        Thinking on these things you have ponder a bit more about the story of levitating cars produced by a Joe Cell.
        I'm really hoping that some people exist out there that read this dribble and whom also think upon the whole.
        In a way much of this makes complete sense when viewed in retrospect.

        If the Ether is considered a medium of superfluidity then supercaviation should be a means to hyperspatial transport and we should know that already.

        Now undoubtedly there are more and many ways to achieve the desired outcome, but we may start with an understanding about employing super~cavitation as a means of creating a vortex to open a hole to hyperspace.
        One of which you may wish to re-think~

        Pyramids & tetrahedrons are everywhere. All you have to be is aware enough to catch the clues but are they simply that. Why the laser sign?
        Can you make a laser without a prism and what's a prism doing. Just open ended questions to wonder upon.

        Which is what this image is about; it's John Carpenter on the set of his cult classic film; "Dark Star"
        Do you seriously think this complexity in stagecraft was necessary to create the film?


        We know pyramids can produce usable power so anyone that say's otherwise is ill informed.

        Hopefully people are fiddling around, but if you are remember; never apply full power first and here's some reasons why.

        Additional for kicks link.

        Did the Nazi's have help, so to speak, in a round about way?

        Teleportation forwards in time seems verified by several accounts.

        Remember as you go forward that we humans here on earth are entrained within an envelope of incoherent dielectric energies cast off by a Star creating the so~called vibratory nature of the quantum field, and our consciousness is tied to the coherency of the field which this Star scatters. As the intake of our star flux's, so too does our own awareness rises and descends, which is to say that as the star's magnetic field grows it's ability to scatter the dielectric becomes more constricted, more confined, and this is because we know that the magnetic field retracts inwards upon itself (magnetism 101).

        The result is that right now we humans are more aware now than we have been in a very long time. In other words, you are yourself more connected to the coherent than you would normally be, and as the star moves into a more energetic areas of space that magnetic field will further retracts inwards, which enables the coherent field to flow past the star itself in a more coherent form, giving rise to a greater awareness in humanity.
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        • Originally posted by phoneboy View Post
          Gambeir, That's interesting that you mentioned the Vril craft because one thing I didn't mention in my last post is that I believe the Vril-1-Triebwerk, ARV, and even the OTC-1 are all variations of the same principle. While I may also disagree with Wheeler's theories, I do agree that its best to take one's theories and develop something rather continuing to speculate. Now that the holiday season is over I'll have more time to finish mine. As I stated it'll be yay or nay. Best wishes for the new year to all.
          Yes, I agree with you. I was going to make some comment in that direction but have lost my appetite. Still, and while it may not be immediately obvious, there are a number of same/similarities going on in the design of each machine.

          Over all, I do think Ken Wheeler has it right where no one else has gotten it right, and that's primarily to due to his own deep inquiry into magnetism. Ultimately, the enabling truth to understanding gravitational control/modification must come out of fundamental concepts derived from the Ken Wheeler dielectric theory; such as an understanding of the hyperspatial medium as a coherent field ver's the incoherent field, and with a coherent field being a pressure field; we here on earth experience various effects an defects caused by the incoherency of this medium, but from basic understandable and rational concepts given by the dielectric theory of the matterium we can easily deduce a simplified understanding of how a body/mass must rationally acquire weight through an an inductive process, a process caused by an incoherent slipstream of reverberating dielectric energies that we and all the other bodies of the solar find ourselves confined within.

          As for these ideas about needing vast amounts of electrical power, those ideas are contrary to logical deduction since the weight of a body is almost entirely independent of so~called electromotive force; electricity is not the answer to the problem. In fact it's the reverse, and this idea that electricity holds a key prevents creative thinking and objective rational observation of readily observable facts. All one has to do is to look in a mirror to know that massive amounts of electrical energy is not what's keeping your feet stuck to the ground and so it's entirely illogical to think that electrical power alone can liberate your feet from the earth.

          Notes from afar say that even a lunatic and a pompous ass would be in awe of what already exists, and so it is not for no reason that I showed the image of what I call the break~away boy with his mechanical halo set over his head and his angel winged arm patched uniform. The images are for the cognoscenti so that they will know what is real, what is possible, and most importantly of all, it and others do verify the Ken Wheeler view of the matterium.

          In short, all you have to do is create a false mass over your head, and then between that false mass and you will reside the null point towards which you will accelerate, and I wouldn't be surprised if the product of such a device created a halo of light: If there's truly evidence of alien intervention I would have to think it's to be found in the form of a golden halo. Regardless of whether there are, or are not aliens, what seems clear is that some people on this planet now have the power of the angels and that my friends is where the reality of artistic adult art collides with the field theory of how the matterium of our reality really works.
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          • According to Ken Wheeler there can only be two types of anti-gravity devices. A repulsine and a false mass drive. We have worked through a mass of material but with Ken Wheeler's guidance we are now beginning to get a grip on the true nature of the beast. What I would suggest to anyone interested is to first to try to replicate Kens gravity squisher or gravity glider. He talks about it here a little bit in this video as he covers some of the basics of the two types of systems.

            In the first part of this next UFO video, filmed at Olympia, Wa, we can clearly see a plasma doughnut. I think this is a very clear image of a false mass being created.Bear in mind the location as the Puget Sound is a hot bed of aerospace and military bases. Not all of which are known I'm quite sure.

            In thinking about the false mass drive, also known as a gravity well, I have to wonder if the MAGVID is perhaps one design of a false mass drive, and which is essentially one part of what I think is a two part system. I would reason that a repulsine system would be the conventional inner atmosphere drive with a false mass drive being used for leaving the atmosphere.

            Also you may want to remember this because the description clearly describes a black or dark band surrounding the levitating silver balls of George Piggott, which has to be the result of the voidance of the dielectric field; the same thing we seen in countless ufo photos and video's.

            As I've previously suggested, there's a reason why we all have Dick Tracy cell phones and I think it's not all about tracking everyone or the billions in revenue. Indeed, maybe they don't really give a rat's ass about you and your pedantic voting concerns at all. Seems to me that's mostly the case but I digress. The point is the power requirement for a false mass drive and beamed power. Think about it is the idea. What a deal, a covert space program being paid for by clueless boobs talking about UFO's and aliens, all the while enabling both to exist side by side.

            That said, there are, apparently, very creditable accounts of encounters with what are obviously not a human beings. I was just reading a more recent account from NUFORC and will update with a link if I can find it again.

            Here's one about being paralyzed that's pretty convincing.

            Look at the video and see what you think. Again the plasma doughnut is only visible in the first few seconds of the video where he focused in and it was close enough to the vehicle. I can't tell but it appeared to me that this doughnut of plasma may be above and beyond a secondary blurred multicolored object, which I conclude is the probable real vehicle.

            Many accounts and video feature UFO's and or dark or blurry objects following behind and beneath aircraft, specifically heavy aircraft, and if you think about this in the context of false mass and an ability to covertly hitch a ride then the aircraft itself could become a false mass and that's probably what's going on here.
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            • if I am correct, that plasma doughnut should be an electron vortex. I am mostly curious how far out from the craft it is, as in what is the diameter of the vortex. this tells us what frequency to listen to on the radio to pick one up. so, can anyone give me a range ? I will then do the calculations of where to look on the radio.


              • Originally posted by spacecase0 View Post
                if I am correct, that plasma doughnut should be an electron vortex. I am mostly curious how far out from the craft it is, as in what is the diameter of the vortex. this tells us what frequency to listen to on the radio to pick one up. so, can anyone give me a range ? I will then do the calculations of where to look on the radio.
                I have no idea Space Case. I would estimate from the information given about the McCandlish illustration and others that the plasma doughnut is not far away and hence the descriptions of the machine as looking like it was very old, heat scared, and treated with an apparently ablative paint type shielding. However, looking at the video it appears that the doughnut of plasma is a good distance away from the vehicle. So I would surmise that the difference in distance is due to advancement in understanding and then technology.

                Recreating Starlite Heat Resistant Material

                So we have come a long ways now after these last three years with all kinds of speculation but thanks to Ken Wheeler's guidance a logical, sensible, and realistic explanation for gravity has been described, which according to Ken is inertial accelertion towards a non specific point source, aka mutual mass attraction.

                To this end I have been thinking about the relative relationship between supposed phenomena caught on camera and the Alexey Device. Specifically we have the continued incidences of UAP's/UFO's trailing behind Aircraft of all types, as well as an incidence of an private twin engine aircraft being pulled sideways on a runway, and the case of the mysterious flying aluminum shed which was preceded by an apparently invisible vehicle which left a telltale shadow and apparent cloud of what looked like a gas, moving across and along the ground just before the whole entire shed went airborne. Myth busters or something like that tried to explain that one away.

                Also it is worthy to note that law enforcement has repeatedly cited unexplained shadows moving over the ground with no apparent visible source and of course without any noise such as one would expect from an aircraft. For example this phenomena repeatedly reported by such sources as the Navajo Rangers.

                Now I'm not going to bother digging up video's because anyone interested enough should be able to locate these with little effort. Having said that I challenge anyone to simply find a video of a UFO trailing a heavy aircraft by searching Youtube. Nevertheless they exist but are apparently now being scrubbed or otherwise shuttled off to dark corners the same way the CIA and others have tried to do by swapping names from UFO to UAP. The point here is to consider the interaction between the materials and the observed phenomena caught on video.

                Obviously we have so-called UFO's/UAP's catching free rides beneath aircraft as well as using the aircraft themselves a shields to slip in undetected by radar, but my main point here is to reconsider what the Alexey device is probably doing. In other words, these supposed shadowings of heavy aircraft are, in fact, probably more likely to be attachments and not shadowing. That is, the UFO is physically attaching itself to the heavy via the same coupling force of mutual mass attraction, which we now realize is what we would otherwise call gravity.

                Notice here I said free rides. Think about the supposed shadowing of UFO's with heavy aircraft, interestingly often military, and in conjunction with attaching themselves to the aircraft like a leech via a same or similar methodology as that which is apparently involved in the Alexey device.

                Ok, so now my fellow herbivore's (Cow's) lets make the next move and step up the microwave chemtrail mystery because if we now can say that all gravity is acceleration towards an incoherent point source, and since we have these ...cough....UFO's, UAP's, supposedly shadowing lock step behind and often times also below heavy aircraft, then wouldn't it make sense to you that what they are really doing are being shuttled about and around (freely ~ for them anyways because you're paying for that ya know), till such time as this sky trail of largely carbon conductive particles provides a sort of airborne incoherent pathway, and which to obviously accelerate upon and upwards.

                Obviously you have a case here whereby the use of non~specific point source mutual mass attraction (*incoherent magnetism) is allowing for parasitic piggybacking on unsuspecting and tasked aircraft with the specific purpose of carrying a vehicle to a sky grid which is then energized, aka rail gun style in all likelihood.

                Source for image below

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                • The Plasma Magnet (*This) Download PDF @ Link
                  Electrodeless plasma thrusters for spacecraft: A review
                  Article in Plasma Science and Technology · August 2017


                  Chapter 3 Basic Plasma Physics - NASA
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                  • Govt comes out every year to blow more smoke. Don't look there look here. See the aliens? While the deep underground base at the north pole is getting fried 10 miles down. Toasty moar frozen dead. That weather machine works very well. Ignore that and look at this nice SUN paper.

                    Nitinol - Titanium nickel - alien ships

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                    • Originally posted by BroMikey View Post
                      Govt comes out every year to blow more smoke. Don't look there look here. See the aliens? While the deep underground base at the north pole is getting fried 10 miles down. Toasty moar frozen dead. That weather machine works very well. Ignore that and look at this nice SUN paper.

                      Nitinol - Titanium nickel - alien ships

                      Hmm...Thanks BroMikey. Your comments makes me wonder if Global Warming, aka Artic Ice Melt, could be a cover for covert exploration/geoengineering? Something I hadn't considered but dang interesting. Like how do we explain melting the North Pole so that the little stooges don't catch on?

                      (*Little stooges, that's you and me people, we are the munchkins, the little stooges. That's what we are called, well that and cows, and a few other things.)

                      One thing I can say is that the more I understand of Ken Wheeler's dielectric simplex theory the more I can see, understand, and make sense of the otherwise inexplicable. So I wanted to carry this further and bring the Alien agenda meme into the mix, and with regard to the predilections of aliens, and yes that's what I said, aliens, so there I said the nasty word. You probably thought I was speaking about predilections huh? I know how your brains work.

                      The idea here is that by applying Ken Wheeler's dielectric simplex theory can we find a true explanation for phenomena.

                      Now the video below is entitled "Beyond The Specturm ~ Humanoids" by noted Mexican UFO Researcher/Reporter Jaime Maussan. It's on Scrubtube and also on Tubi right now so you can watch it on your TV if you have Roku or something which carries Tubi. This is dated but nevertheless significant.

                      There are a number of incidents in this video of note. An attempted abduction, an invisible being, a drone or cloaked being at a children's baseball game, and another apparent drone that hovers down a street and then attempts to cloak itself as a humanoid. All of these incidents happened in Mexico/South America, which is in my opinion worth taking notice of.

                      You all take a look see and remember these are essentially poor people so probably lucky to have had a cell phone in the first place and second these are old cell phones so their resolution isn't great. I might further add that I have some suspicions about why 5G? See, suppose that the 5G is actually about interdiction. Preventing the further video recordings of such things. Something to watch as we go forwards to see if there now begins to develop a back hole in the UFO/Alien videos. Might be a good idea to keep your old phone and charger.

                      There's a couple things here I want to point out. In the first story of an attempted abduction the alien actually touched the boy and who describes this touch as being phenomenally cold (counter-spatial is my take on that). Then there's this thing at a children's baseball game. Nobody can see it and yet a kid seems to sense it. Also you can see in that clip that though this thing is invisible to the naked eye it also seems to have sparks or lights which flicker in the invisible spectrum. It's almost Dalek looking, which is what one of those St. Claire patents also looks like, and then this final video showing an object hovering down the street with this doctor and his daughter nearby that they then say seemed to cloak itself in a humanoid form.

                      What are we really dealing with: Aliens or machines that put on the garments of aliens? It's interesting that at least the more recent incidents of supposed Grey Aliens are described as being nearly transparent. If real that is a characteristic of cave dwelling species. I want you consider the nature of the "Lying Machine" and how evil it truly is, and put that in the context of what if; what if there actually are Ant People's as described by aboriginals. What if those beings, intelligent or not, are being mimicked with technology and so have become unwitting pawns in a scheme, because it's either that or there really are aliens and they are here and probably most likely under ground.

                      If you consider BroMikey's statements and look at what has been going on with public lands, so called national parks, state parks, what you see is the cordoning off from the public. Iron bars across caves, fee's to walk on public lands, even if only for a few minutes, elevated pathways, prohibited excursions, ect. In other words, doing just about everything possible to discourage you from visiting any park, let alone investigating it beyond a raised walkway. I'm not even going to suggest why drilling for gas in the middle of giant city (See CA) could somehow be connected, let alone why gas fracking is legal since it seems to have been invented as global form of Zyklon B, all I'm asking is: What are they trying to hide?

                      Now when you watch these drone like things, or cloaked things, recall those video's of the boiling black balls flying across the sky and the so called mysterious smoke rings.

                      I think that in dielectric induction you get this sparkling effect as light flashes by the dielectric induction piling up before it's ducted back to counterspace; the boiling pitch black smoke (dielectric voidance). We seem to be seeing this effect in these video's and also some evidence that perhaps the aliens aren't what they seem. So what are we really and truly seeing people? How much of what's being seen and even recorded is actually real and not just a light show.

                      Don't suppose too many happened to catch this event but watch anyways...and oh yea, that ball in the beginning with the count down to the new year, that's real. It's part of the whole virtual light show and not something added later to the video.
                      Watch so that yea may knowest knave's. Guess ya got to go to Scrub tube to see the thing but simple enough.

                      Watch: Seattle’s virtual New Year’s at the Needle show welcomes 2021
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                        • I know we aren't there yet. My gut instinct is that there needs to be two things. First there needs to an electromagnetic resonance frequency and, second, that has to be combined with a physical perturbation; as in a sound component or induced by other means which causes pertubations. From what I can tell so far, and I was wrong about this earlier, is that sound or sonic frequency is elemental and apparently necessary.

                          Cymatics of the dielectric field.
                        • Weightlessness has to involve an electromagnetic resonant frequency with a sonic component. Notice in the Vril design these sonic components are critically coming not from the outside inwards, as in sonoluminescence, but rather the exact opposite; inside moving outwards towards the outside: Sonoluminescence is backwards, so to speak, from what the Vril Schumann Levitator shows and this is likely critically important to take notice of.

                          When you get some time; this video is really instructional, it took him 5 years to recreate Sonoluminescence: Shows how hard this is to do. There's a really interesting part in this video involving the insertion of a rod into a solenoid to obtain the right frequency. This is so much like a tuning fork and it really stood out in my mind since this so much resembled the ARV Central Column & UFO abductee descriptions.

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                        • Spatial compression (propulsion transducer) drive: Polarized Time & Gyromagnetic precession

                          Rain Lamp by Richard Clarkson Studio

                          UFO Con Tàu Công Nghệ Khu Trung Tâm Mua Sắm Khách Sạn Bán Hàng Văn Pḥng Đại Dương Bảo Tàng Bắc Âu Bán Hàng Văn Pḥng Thanh Nhà Hàng Nhà Hàng Đèn Chùm| | - AliExpress


                          A Photograph Of Sound Waves
                          FK Harvey demonstrates the focusing of of an acoustic lens on sound waves emitted from the horn at left at Bell Telephone Laboratories, June 20, 1950. (Photo by Underwood Archives/Getty Images)

                          Image Source:



                          Link to HD Image of CIA Photo Release of UFO (France) Source:

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                            A workable hypothesis; the way the cops really do reason.
                            Verses the way idiots reason


                            Outside the box; or think before you leap
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                            • Do Aliens Exist; yes but they live on earth as billionaires.

                              So I spent most all of today reading over most, but not quite all of the information in the link I posted above, but the reality is that aliens and alien machines must be seen as gaslighting props because there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever to support any kind of alien intervention, be they recovered machines, or face to face interactions of any kind. So if you toss out the alien narrative and narrators; Corey Goode and Thompkins and other lesser incompetent supporters, of which there are legions, then the rest of the story is a well researched recounting of the history of these last 80 years. The truth is that this alien's from space and or other dimensions narrative is a fascist construct and we must assume this is the case until proven otherwise.

                              Gravitational control and modification was theoretically, technically, and intellectually within the abilities of humans in the 1920's, only those brainwashed with a weaponized theory of gravity, especially post World War II cannot understand this.

                              The hard reality is that it is very likely we are totally alone in this galaxy. Maybe we are completely alone. I mean completely alone in the whole entire Universe, but in this galaxy we are probably alone, and with 24 billion habitable planets and the technological know how to reach them being held once more in the hands of fascists and all the while being kept enslaved with delusions and falsified science taught as laws of physics, with that going on inside a manifestly criminal organization, an educational systems designed to ensnare, enslave, and steal the labors of others.

                              See~ George Carlin was right after all. They did figure out a way to steal your social security, but hey, you got that education huh?
                              I can relate; I almost lost my pickup truck to a stunt loan myself. I know how it feels but this picture below, well that's on another level.
                              I didn't realize they had done this kind thievery. Work all your life paying the loan that can't be paid and then steal all your SS on top.

                              Yet again, the criminality of this scam is somehow not related to the education itself ? Think again about that one.


                              Yet some of you still believe in this aliens narrative?
                              Don't ya find it so interesting that the Nordic Aliens, these white super beings, predicted 9/11, environmental calamity, and many other things as far back as the 1950's to Billy Meier's. So called telepathy was used to communicate with Billy.
                              Course nobody back then had ever heard of voice to skull technology, well least ways no one outside the CIA and or the Nazi Scientists.

                              Ya know making truthful prophecies isn't exactly too hard to do when you are the one fulfilling the prophecy.

                              What makes more sense to you? That the public is being kept in the dark because we humans, together with Nordic Whites, are involved in an off planetary war with hostile aliens; alien races whom are millions, if not billions of years more advanced, and that we are drastically outnumbered according to the linked article, but only problem is that they can't tell us all this because as stupid cows we might all stampede right off a proverbial cliff.

                              Does that actually sound logical?

                              Or, is it more logical to assume that there are no other intelligent life forms anywhere, that here we alone sit, and so now what happens to the Billionaires if suddenly the doors to the Galaxy were flung open by technology?

                              What happens to them, to their wealth, to their control, to their free lunch, to their authority? What happens to them. You think the Bilderberger's are discussing aliens in space or how to keep you from escaping to space. What's more logical given the potential that possibly you all might just bag it, and why wouldn't you given their criminality in running this here planet, and let's not even think of mentioning the blood for bombs profit machine which makes the debt thieves look like good guys, and so if given the opportunity in the form of knowledge and about the reality of how Universe actually works, it might well mean the end of crime inc, and all because you ungrateful bastard's will jump ship and not stand by your masters.

                              Look people, it's not about aliens even if there actually are aliens, it's about the rich and them retaining control. It's about who they are, what they own, whom they rule over. Without us they have nothing. With too many of us they can't control us, hence the ghost of
                              Himmler reborn as the concerned billionaire pandemicist and patent holder. Well him and his kind because he's hardly all alone as home grown eugenicist.

                              Who care's if billions and billions and billions of stupid cows die...right? Sic Humor folks ...yea we care but do they? Probably not is my guess.

                              These stories of greys abducting people under a treaty. How about instead you fill that in with they, meaning the breakaway ruling pedophile ring, that they are the ones abducting people, especially kids, and that they are the ones doing the abductions. They are the ones abducting people; using gene's to clone gen one, and they are doing that in order to plant people on other worlds, and they are doing that in order that someday there will be other intelligent alien life.

                              It's all in your face already in movies, with statistics, and even with true crimes. It's right there in your face so stop excusing it with this aliens from space narrative, and ya know what else? IF you make that jump to it's them the perverts running the military industrial complex, then the next thing you have to conclude is that they have to have the means to reach other planets, and which means there already exists inter-galactic transport to the stars, and so just stop it with the whole aliens from space bull**** because right now, from where I'm sitting, there isn't even any smoke to back it up.

                              Honestly this aliens from space absurdity is too much when you're being ruled over by a system so tyrannical that it would pretend to be lawful whilst stealing people blind and terrorizing them economically for their entire lives under the guise of helping them with an education? It's a hell of an educational system is what it is.

                              Never forget this quote from Voltaire because someday those missing today will be tomorrow's alien invaders, or the one's they say threw rocks at earth, or something equally absurd. That's the plan, that's why they are taking genetic samples and repopulating other worlds right now, so that tomorrow there will be those other worlds with intelligent life because there aren't any others right now.

                              "Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities."

                              Wouldn't you agree, now, that it is more logical that abductions are probably not really coming from aliens: That realistically the only logical sensible explanation is that we are truly alone, that the alien narrative is being used to explain away the collection of genetic material, and that logically this is being collected so that other humans can be planted on other worlds unawares of any of other humans in the vast cosmos, and isn't it more likely that the people whom would be most concerned about humans spawning out of control out into the vast cosmos would these self proclaimed luminaries we know as Billionaires?

                              More plasma rings.
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                              • Vril Levitator-Decipher-1ZX.png
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