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    I was just saying to my landlord on Wednesday of last week, I have to find a four wheel drive. I've been taking my current car (an 86 hyundai excel, or accent to those of you in the states,) into some pretty punishing dirt roads and mud, but I'm slowly but surely killing it. It just wasn't built for the conditions. I'm sort of out-driving the car's abilities, shaking the suspension to pieces, breaking apart the plastic fittings inside, it's not going to last and it's wasteful to turn it into a wreck by abusing it.

    Thing is, I operate outside of the financial paradigm most of the world works with. For me it's not just a case of get a loan or dip into savings and buy an off road vehicle, even second hand. I have to start earning money specifically for that purpose, and trust that because my intended use for it is in line with the greater good, that things will work out somehow, in time.

    So I mention this to my landlord on wednesday afternoon. This is what I call "putting it out there." Verbalising. Cognitising. On wednesday evening a friend invites me to her house for dinner and a visit

    I know; the computer is why she's really calling, she needs some help to install something, but figures offering me dinner is an easier way to get me close enough to just do it awhile I'm there than just saying "can you help me with my computer please?" ; I know this, but don't make things awkward by mentioning it, I just take my tools and software with me when I go. It's so much easier to appear generous and intuitive than it is to be contrary at the outset. Humbling too. Allegedly.

    So after dinner and after I've installed the office software from DVD onto her netbook by copying the installation media to a usb stick, (good thing I "coincidentally" brought my laptop with me,) we're having a bottle of wine and listening to the frogs and night birds, and she starts telling me about the car she has to get towed away to be wrecked. A Land Rover series III 109, one of the most unbreakable, reliable offroad vehicles in automotive history is sitting in the jungle at the back of her last house, rusting. Do I know anyone with a tow truck? Would I be able to find someone to take it away cheaply? By this time I'm looking up at the stars and just laughing. "leave it with me," I tell her.

    The guy I talked to about it just so happened to have two more, but rolling shells, no running gear, in his back yard, if I needed any body parts. Bit of welding to do, maybe a couple of hundred dollars worth of materials and parts to do the job, he takes his time to do work but he charges next to nothing if you just let him tinker in his own time. It's when you put deadlines on him that he starts getting mercenary in his billing. I like his attitude, he does what he loves, if you can appreciate that and let him do it in his own time, he'll almost work for free. He says we should have a look and bring it back to his place if it's worth it.

    Saturday, we go up to take a look at the car. If we have any aussie musclecar lovers on this site (doubtful, but anyway,) they'll know why I was so happy when I opened the bonnet and saw the unmistakable huge blue block under the hood. Some maniac has removed the stock 2.25L six cylinder motor and replaced it with a 4.3L Hemi 265, a 6 cyclinder that, factory tuned, can and did blow away big block V8s. In a Land Rover. With a very non standard 5 speed gearbox, and two nine inch diffs. It's like the lovechild of an armored personnel carrier and a street legal hot rod. Me, I like my cars, but for all the wrong reasons. The car this legendary six came out of was a valiant charger, the six that could beat the V8 351 Phase III XY GTHO Falcon in a 0-160kmph race. And it did that in a car that weighs a third more than the car it's been put into. I'm already thinking about a gearbox to get a look at some low 12 second 1/4 mile passes. In an 82 Land Rover 109 Defender. All you need to know is this is unheard of, very cool and pushes lots of my car related buttons. It'd probably slightly upset the more uptight Land Rover club members, too, because it's not a very proper or British sort of a thing to do with a Land Rover. Bottom line is, though, it'll go anywhere any other Defender can go, and then some. And no silly computers or electric injection systems to mess with alternative fuel sources later down the line either...

    A tow truck has been booked to reclaim this beast from the jungle and get it back to David's house where we can clean it, rebuild it and re-register it. It will take a few months, but I've got my four wheel drive, I had the keys in my hand less than 8 hours after I "put it out there." This is not at all a unique event, in my life or the lives of millions of people around the world, I hope people realise this. It's Synchronicity coming again and again as evidence of the LOA at work. It's a bunch of seemingly random choices you get to make, and the more tuned in you get to how this stuff works, and the more you work as a part of it, the faster it happens and the more little bonuses you get along the way, and the more likely you end up with more than you would have ever hoped for.

    All I can say is, work from a place of faith. Be generous. Trust. Take any little chance you can to be of service, to do for others, make sure you're following every seemingly random chance you get to "be a nice guy." The thing about synchronicity is it's all about the love, putting yourself out there too, always has been, always will be. I mean, if I hadn't dropped in to talk to David about it, I'd be wondering what to do with this junglebound rustbucket I'd just been given. Now I have the most eminently qualified someone I could have hoped to find almost begging me to let him restore it for me, and he even has the parts required sitting behind his house. Also, I wouldn't have the vehicle for that someone to fix if I'd ignored or been annoyed by my intuition to help a friend with some computer problems, even if she wasn't going to come right out and just ask me. Instead I just saw it as a chance to make a friend's day, to show off a bit but do something nice for someone out of the blue. It's not rocket science.

    And always remember to be exuberantly thankful.
    It's all about the love and gratitude.
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      I love your story, Noises!

      I also do enjoy very much apparitions of Mr./Ms. Synchronicity in my life (not sure whether it's a Mr. or a Ms. ). But at this particular moment my main problem doesn't seem to be trying to manifest or materialize something material into my life! I seem to mostly have problems right now with trying to get MYSELF to behave the way I want myself to behave!! If you want a frustrating experience there is one frustrating experience if ever there was one! If someone else misbehaves, well you can always scold them, sermonize, etc. And if in addition it's your kids who misbehave you can even punish them! But what do you do when it's YOURSELF who doesn't do what you want yourself to do??? Ooooh that is so frustrating! Grrr!

      Sorry to vent off here, I suppose this is totally and absolutely and undeniably irrelevant to the topic at hand! Just wish there could be some sort of synchronicity to help me out in such a case.............

      Okay so having said that, I do have to admit that synchronicity does so often show up in my life now that I usually don't even take note of it anymore. It has become so normal to me to expect synchronicity, and I often use synchronistic events as a guide to tell me which direction to go next. Although granted it usually isn't so marvellously dramatic as in other stories here! But anyways, I wouldn't be surprised if something unexpected did show up soon, to help me control my aberrant self!
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