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    Synchronicity has been a facination of mine for many years. It is just one of those things that sticks in the mind as being something that is just too weird to just be some chance occurance. Sometimes synchronistic events are just written of as coincidence but personally, I believe a great majority of people believe there is something else at play.

    The purpose of this post is to explain in simple terms not only the effects but a simple explanation of the mechanics of what is really behind the fascinating occurances of synchronicity.

    The below diagram is a simple model of synchronicity that shows the actual mechanism my opinion.

    The "Law of Attraction" or LOA works by the concept that whatever we think in our minds will be projected into the universe and the universe will cause those thoughts to attract like events, people, object and anything else that is similar back towards the person thinking the thoughts.

    So, what is really happening?

    The model as described in the illustration above is based on a conscious thinking mind, a subconscious mind and the collective unconscious mind.

    The conscious thinking mind is the thinking thing that we use to actively think thoughts.

    The subconscious mind is an automatic mind that takes input and automatically does thinking on its own in order to make reason out of the input data. It is also the go-between for the conscious and unconscious minds.

    The collective unconscious mind is the infinite mind that contains all information in the past, present and future everywhere.

    There are four people in the diagram listed as person A, B, C, & D. The C person isn't listed as C but is the person at the top of the diagram. These thinking minds are represented by the circles closest to the middle.

    The semi-circles are the subconscious minds and the outer circle is the collective mind, which is known by many names. The dotted line on the outside indicates there is no border to its reach.

    If person A has a desire X, which represents a person to attract, an incident, customers for a certain product or anything else, their thinking mind is obviously aware of it. For this example, let us say that the desire is a specific car they are looking for; A 1990 Honda Accord 5 speed with 100,000 miles or less for $1000 or less. The color blue is a plus.

    The subconscious mind takes this desire X and "plants" it into the collective unconsciousness. X not only represents the overall desire but every detail attached to the desire.

    The subconscious mind of every single human is actively scanning the collective unconsciousness or the matrix for anything that it resonates with.

    Person C happens to have a 1990 Honda Accord and it is a 5 speed. It has about 110,000 miles and is $950 and it is dark blue. Person C's subconscious mind locks onto desire X from person A. Person A and person C's subconscious mind's are locked onto each other.

    Now what about the synchronicities?

    The subconscious minds of A and C will INFLUENCE their conscious thinking minds to do whatever necessary to have them gravitate towards each other. C's mind knows that person A is in resonance with their desire to sell the car. A's mind knows that person C has the optimum match for their desire to buy a car.

    Person A is influenced by their subconscious mind to get in a car and go to grocery store 123 to look at the bulletin board. There are many stores they will go checking at but at a particular time and location is where they just happened to "choose" to go to.

    Person C is influenced by their subconscious mind to get in a car and drive to grocery store 123 to post a flyer about their car for sale. There are other stores that C will go to but at a particular time and location at this store is where they just happened to "choose" to go to.

    A and C walks in and goes to the bulletin board at the same time. Person A is scanning the flyers. Person C posts their flyer. Person A sees this and is amazed at what a profound synchronicity. The exact car with the exact details and price and everything else are on that exact flyer. They shake hands and make a deal and go home smiling at such a wonderful experience.

    Person C's subconscious mind INFLUENCED their conscious mind to choose what they chose to make it happen and so did person A's subconscious mind.

    It is important to realize that each person is sending this signal into the collective at a certain strength. Just thinking it is maybe a strength of 10 for example. If they apply "Law of Attraction" principles such as Think & Grow Rich or The Secret Movie principles, it may be a strength of 25. If they really, really get into cranking up strong emotions, meditations, and so on, it may be 50. The stronger this signal strength, the more effective the effort will be at having other subconscious minds in the collective lock on to your desires to attract them or events to you. The stronger the signal, the stronger the ability to manifest with your mind. Some tools may even boost this strength up to 100 or more. These numbers are just as an example and do not reflect actual power indicators but the concept only.

    My favorite manifestation methodology is the DeVisE method and my favorite spiritual tool for profound manifestation is PATHS.

    Also, this whole article is available here:
    Energetic Science Ministries | Synchronicity | Aaron Murakami

    Reply to this post and share some of your experiences with synchronicities
    and explore some thoughts about what and why you think they happen!
    Aaron Murakami

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      Synchronicity .... one of my favorite topics, too

      I love this thread!

      Synchronicity has consistently put me in the right place at the right time to find the people I was needing to provide an answer I was looking for.

      I found my romantic partner because of Law of Attraction and synchronicity.

      I found people who showed me how/why my home business was floundering and how to turn the same work I was doing into a six figure annual income.

      I also have found business partners and clients very synchronistically.

      It's funny, when I try to explain these things to most people they just say it's coincidence.

      Great to see others who believe and act on this stuff.
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        I had a fun experience with synchronicity yesterday that showed up as me being at just the right bus stop to discover the perfect route to a place I was going to, thus eliminating a change and reducing the time of the journey.Several aspects had to be in place for this new bus route to come to my attention, and it felt like the divine civil servce was on top form

        Zannie Rose


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          Synchronicity in the PATHS Home Office!

          Synchronicities abound in the PATHS Home Office, and one day we will slow down enough to share a bunch of them.

          TODAY we had a great one!

          As many of you know, we spend quite a bit of time on Customer Provisioning (between 30 and 60 minutes just in initial set up for each account )

          We also spend a substantial amount of time in the Customer Support arena.

          Both of these areas require a fair amount of skill, understanding of the products, and a high level of security.

          We had been depending on adding another person to the staff, beginning tomorrow. Late this afternoon a circumstance arose that prevented this person from being able to work here.

          Within 2 minutes of us finding that out, and being in a bit of a daze about how we would handle the growing workload, one of our computer techs stuck their head in the door and saw the befuddled looks on our faces.

          We told her what the situation was.

          Five minutes later we were on the phone with her sister who was already familiar with PATHS. She had just been laid off earlier today from a customer support position and was wondering what she was going to do for work!

          She is a perfect fit for our needs, she is already vetted, and SHE STARTS TOMORROW MORNING!!!

          Coincidence or Synchronicity????

          Happiness & Health,

          PATHS, S.A. Staff



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            She is a perfect fit for our needs, she is already vetted, and SHE STARTS TOMORROW MORNING!!!

            That's incredible!! Gotta love synchronicity and alignment with the Universe!
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              Originally posted by PATHS, S.A. View Post
              She had just been laid off earlier today from a customer support position and was wondering what she was going to do for work!

              She is a perfect fit for our needs, she is already vetted, and SHE STARTS TOMORROW MORNING!!!
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                LOA & Synchronicity Diagram

                Hi all,

                Here is a pdf version of the synchronicity thread at PI just for archive and reference purposes.
                PDF 2.18MB, may take a few minutes to download

                Aaron Murakami

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                  I love this! I signed up for 4 PATHS modules on one person's site, and for some strange reason, the order went through to another person. I know I placed it on the site I thought I did, because I went back and checked, so how it ended up with person # 2 I don't know, but I am glad it did! We have been chatting away and I just know that this was supposed to be! She has been a big help to me, and I provided her with some information that she was needing as well! I just love how God does His work! I often say "How DO you do that?!" but I "hear" His reply, "Don't worry about it, just know that I'm taking care of everything and relax!"


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                    Amazing synchronicity!

                    I will try and keep this short, although it spans a 3 year period!

                    I thoroughly enjoy 4-wheeling in the woods on an ATV.

                    Right before we moved to Maui I sold my Arctic Cat 500.

                    When in Maui I thought alot about buying an ATV over there, but it just never felt right. Plus, I could not find anyone on any of the Islands that sold Arctic Cat ATV's.

                    Finally, I TRV'd what what my optimum trajectory for getting an ATV was. The data was not to be in a hurry, that it would almost fall into my lap, that I did not have to look, and more data like that.

                    I literally forgot about this TRV session until tonite.

                    Anyway...the second Christmas we were in Maui one of Mary's friends on the mainland sent her some gifts, and one of them was a little plastic model of a Honda ATV. (Mary must of told her I missed having an ATV ) It was a Honda, which I do not like...but I put it on my desk anyway. Everyday it was sitting there like a 3-d picture on my vision board.

                    When we moved back to the mainland, I packed it up, and when I set up my desk, back it went, staring me right in the face everyday. (did I say I do not like Honda's? )

                    Soon after we were back on the mainland, a brand new house "fell in our laps". (this is another amazing story completely). You won't believe what came WITH the 2 month old house!!!

                    A Honda ATV, the exact same model as the one that I had been looking at on my desk for over 2 years!

                    Who ever heard of buying a house and having the seller just throw in an ATV? But that is what happened!

                    I rode it a bit, but it just was not an Arctic Cat, but it was ok. My plan was to sell it and use the money toward getting an Actic Cat. But is is not so easy to get a good price for those Hondas around I was in no hurry.

                    Our house sits about 120 yards off the road. We kept the Honda double locked up behind the house, yet, amazingly someone cut through the bolt cutter proof cable, hotwired it and stole it one night when it was pouring rain...with us in the house! We discovered it gone the next morning.

                    Insurance paid us far more that we could have possibly sold it for.

                    One of the local Arctic Cat dealers had just the model that I wanted (which is not a common one) and he sold it brand new for 18% below sticker, when all the other dealers were selling for 5% below sticker....and now I have exactly the ATV I wanted, via a stolen version of the model that set on my desk for 2 years, that literally had fallen into my lap!

                    Dadgum amazing!!!


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                      What makes this story so synchronicitrous (is this a word?) is that you could not have planned the events to unfold in this manner if you had tried, Kevin.

                      Amazing! I think I had better take another look at what is laying on my desk and make sure only the things I want are there

                      Love and joy,
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                        This makes me think...

                        Hi Kevin!

                        I posted this over at the PI PATHS Forum, but I'm doing copy and paste here for purely selfish reasons now that you have shared your story... I figure if I can get enough people imagining me doing what you will read below, I will manifest my "dream car" a bit quicker than I anticiapted...

                        I have this beautiful model of a Mini Cooper sitting here in my studio...It is so cool because the side and rear doors open, revealing its interior, you can turn the steering wheel which causes the wheels to turn and you can even raise the hood and see the engine, which is pretty detailed. I really want this car, but I am not interested in paying the thirty grand for it. Do you think if I play with it enough AND get the TRV course, this baby will sit in my driveway at full size? Now I'm thinking I should make a small replica of myself out of clay and sit "myself " in it and "drive" it around the room while making "Varooooom noises!!!! How Fun!!!

                        Okay...that's it.....I'm off to my art supply dealer to manifest some clay.... I hope you all have fun imagining me playing with my Mini on the floor of my studio.....Go ahead....Laugh all you want... : )


                        As I said, Lovies....Laugh all you want!!! (Hey...that's a nice new smilely that wasn't here before....I Love it!!!)

                        With Love and Gratitude,

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                          another insurance synchronicity - blessing in disguise

                          Hey Kevin,

                          I had a vehicle synchronicity dealing with insurance the same time you did! LOL

                          Had been wanting to get rid of one of my cars in exchange for another. Been looking and had planned on selling this one and adding some cash to that for the purchase.

                          This car got rear-ended at a stoplight. His car got totalled and my car you can hardly tell it has been hit unless you are right at the rear bumper. The estimate was more than the car is worth. Am getting an insurance check for it and it is TWICE what I could have sold the car for PLUS I get to KEEP the car! lol With the insurance money + selling this car, I won't have to spend a penny on top of that to get the other car.

                          Can anyone say FREE upgrade compliments of the Universe?
                          Aaron Murakami

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                            Bob Teal Synchronicity

                            Bob Teal is an inventor that created a Magnipulsion engine back in the 70's and just about everything about him and his technology disappeared from the fact of the Earth.

                            About 7 years ago, I received a copy of a funny little video clip that was called "Collapsing Magnetic Fields". It was a video interview of an inventor with very interesting properties.

                            Energetic Science Ministries | Bob Teal | Magnipulsion

                            It influenced my understanding of John Bedini's technologies and caused me to build my "trifilar" "dual battery charger" circuit in a certain way where I had the 3rd wire wound backwards and everyone else wound all 3 the same way. Anyway, I'll leave out the technical details.

                            I always wondered who was interviewed and couldn't even research the guy because I couldn't make out his name... Bob Keo? Bob Teo? etc...

                            Several weeks ago, I was working with Peter Lindemann
                            It was a web project and he told me more about the DVD he was producing called Electric Motor Secrets. Something just vibed with me and instantly I saw that interview stream through my head and thought, "That must be who is in my interview copy". What Peter described was in the video and when Peter said Bob Teal, I just felt it had to be him.

                            As soon as I went home, I pulled out that tape from my archives and watched it. Sure enough... Bob Teal.

                            There isn't hardly any references to this man on the web even if you knew his name! I happen to have this video that nobody knows about and here is Peter producing a tell-all video about his technology but didn't have this interview! This is why I released it to the public as it has been lying unknown for probably 30 years!

                            Anyway, out of anywhere in the world here is Peter in my town working on this and here I am with this copy. I just love Synchronicity!
                            Aaron Murakami

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                              Something funny has been going on with me in the last couple of weeks. I have been experiencing teeny, tiny little syncs on a daily basis.

                              They are the kinds of little "coincidences" that usually happen once in a blue moon ... except, now they happen several times a day.

                              For example, I'll be pondering a certain esoteric topic, and then all of a sudden references to that topic will be everywhere, in the most unexpected places.

                              Or I'll be needing some vital piece of info, and then on a whim I'll browse through a book or magazine, and there it is, right in front of me!

                              It's very interesting, and encouraging for me that stuff like this is happening since I started on PATHS.