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Modern Day Romanian Prophet has a warning For AMERICA and the World at Large!

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    Original link: Dumnezeu există - Mărturii.: CUTREMUR DEVASTATOR IN JAPONIA ???

    Devastating earthquake in Japan!
    May, 8th 2019, time: 5:47

    My Darlings,
    This morning a voice woke me up to tell me something earth shattering:
    A devastating earthquake has been issued in JAPAN.
    The earthquake lasted

    After that i see towards east, lots of fallen buildings, mountains of debris on top of which there were man in blue overalls that were trying to get the curious away or those that wanted to profit from this tragedy.

    From here, the divine word from the message above: Invaders

    My darlings, unfortunately, we will hear of a devastating earthquake that will take place in Japan.
    Still, I dont understand why it says that an Earthquake has been issued; does this mean that the specialists in Japan already know about this devastating incident?

    Im shaken by seeing those blue overalls, images from another earthquake in Japan, because the same overalls were shown to me.

    Lets pray for our Japanese Brothers, lets pray for all our kind, to be protected from such disasters. Lets not loose faith and the hope in our Good God and Virgin Mary and lets thank everyday for being healthy and we get to see another sunrise.

    With Love, Maria!


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      Maria Ghiorghius Blood Samples Are Different From The Rest Of Humanity!

      My Darlings, look at what I wrote more then a year ago here on the blog, it starts to take shape in regards to what concerns me, strictly personal.
      I wrote an article with the title:

      You will be led to the most unsurpassed medics!
      And they will find out and you will find out, everything about you!

      Today, July 31 2016, 17:40 local time, while I was writing here on the blog, I hear a voice that talks about me in English, after that, I see a TV station where a young anchor lady says this:

      The blood samples of the woman that predicted the tragedy from Colectiv, are a bit different from the rest of humanity. A researcher (she tells his/her name and nationality, but I couldnt understand), came to Romania to do detailed research in regards to Maria Ghiorghiu. Next, we will find out the final results!

      In that moment, I could see images on the TV screen with me, and I could hear at the same time the voice of that researcher that was talking in English about me.

      My darlings, I know that all the things I go through, amaze some people because I can see and hear all these things at any hour of the day, and night, from any place in the world and even the universe. Some are troubled by it because they dont believe anything that they cant see with their own 2 bodily eyes or can hear with their own bodily ears, unfortunately; and these types are also the first to throw with rocks.

      My darlings I am always willing, at any time of day or night, to be subjected to any kind of test, if it will show the Mysteries of Gods work and it will be towards the advancement of our brothers in faith.

      Here is my posting from march 2015:
      March 3rd 2015, 4:50 early morning!

      My darlings,
      This morning, early on, a white light, blindly shiny, wakes me and makes me shake in my bed while I can hear a voice that tells me something amazing. Something that prepares me for the things to come. The voice told me the following:

      You will be led to the most unsurpassed medics!
      And they will find out and you will find out, everything about you!

      After that, the voice fades like an echo. My darlings, even from the beginning when I started to have these types of experiences, I offered myself to go to any Doctor on this Earth, that will attest without doubt, that I am completely sane, and everything that I write and live are from God. I experience them only by the will and power of the Holy Ghost I will submit myself to any test can prove that everything that Im experiencing is from God.

      Its possible that at a certain point in time, someone in the field (?Of medicine?), will propose this to me; as in, to be subjected to all sort of tests that will prove THE POWER OF THE HOLIEST OF THE HOLY, through me, the sinner.

      I wont refuse it!

      Here, on earth, I have a mission to fulfill. And that is, to bring or re bring to Christ many of our human brothers. And I will do this even with the price of my life.

      With Love, Maria!

      Maria Ghiorghiu about aliens and alien abduction


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        Piffle and Hoohaw

        This is a phony gypsy tale and the translator
        is needing to be important in his own mind
        because he cant do science.

        Scams come in all ways, shapes and forms.


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          Original in Romanian: Dumnezeu există - Mărturii.: LANŢ DE CUTREMURE ÎN S.U.A ! ÎN CONTINUARE ,CUTREMUR IN STATELE UNITE !

          Series of earthquakes in USA! It continues, Earthquake in United States!

          6 June 2019, at 17:05!
          My Darlings,
          This afternoon, while I was writing on the blog, I hear a voice that says something really worrying about The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
          The voice says this:

          Following, Earthquake in United States. Earthquake in USA.

          And while I was writing what Ive just heard, I hear the voice again as follows. I quote:

          Earthquake in USA.
          The Columns will be destroyed, by 18 hours from 18 hours.

          Then my darlings I hear my own voice that says:
          Thursday Ill be here, the day I predicted.

          And then another voice intervenes with a warning. I quote:
          Pay Attention! Earthquake in USA.

          My Darlings, my souls duty is to write what God All Mighty and The Holy Mary allows me to see and hear with my soul eyes. Our duty is to pray fiercely to the Holy Trinity and The Holy Mary, to be forgiven for all of our willing and unwilling mistakes, and not be punished for all of our sins that we repent for.

          Why all these things are happening, I dont know. Until now, weve not heard of such big earthquakes in USA. But I could say the same, that weve never had tornadoes in Romania. The last one was today in Iasi county and Ive wrote about it since May 21st 2019.

          NOTE: It continues with older articles about USA that Ive previously translated.