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Modern Day Romanian Prophet has a warning For AMERICA and the World at Large!

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  • Modern Day Romanian Prophet has a warning For AMERICA and the World at Large!

    A few years back, more then 2 - less then 3, the face of a lady started to appear in Romanian publications with titles like "The prophetess Maria Ghiorghiu said this and that and the other and it came true!". Now i don't know what you guys believe but God made sure that in my life i will get to have certain experiences and meet certain people.

    Some of these people were what some would call remote viewers or clairvoyants. One thing i've learned from them, and they all shared this, is that people that really have theses powers or abilities, whatever you want to call them, don't want public exposure. In fact they usually end up isolating themselves from society as their gifts are also quite a burden.

    So i discarded these titles completely and i said to myself what a bunch of bull****. But i got so sick of seeing this lady's face as she apparead more and more often that i said: OK! i have to check this out and see wtf is going on. And i did.

    For more then a year now i've been following her postings, i've checked her archive and i reached a point where i had to cross a line and draw a conclusion. The conclusions could be only 2, it's either fake or not. ANd fake it is not. The blog is filled with her visions and messages that even they are not always clear there are just way to many times so close at describing events that happened after a given number of days, weeks, months. Some in fact are quite clear and there is no doubt about it, for me at least, that whoever or however she is getting hold of this information, the information is accurate.

    Now there are many conclusions that i've drawn, and maybe i will share them with you in time, as i've been following her blog for a bit more then a year now. But whatever my conclusions are i will tell you straight up that she belives this information she is getting is provided from the Holy Ghost. Do i know this to be a fact? No! But not only that i know she Believes it strongly, i believe her myself!

    She is not running any ads and she is not selling anything with the exception of a book she channeled that is in Romanian and it's no use for you anyhow. There are no plans to translate it in English or any other language and even if it were this would take about a year.

    I'm not selling nothing, i'm not running any ads, i am doing this because i believe her not because she is trust worthy but because i put one year of constant checking into her work and it checks out. I only translated this far, and even if it might not be enough to convince you i want you to know that i am not here to convince or convert anyone!

    I am here to tell you that when you will see these things happening DO NOT LOSE HOPE! BE JOYFUL! after all these things will pass, and yes it will be bad, there is a new cycle for humanity that awaits us. There will be quite large numbers of people all over the world that will survive and it is up to us to rebuild the world from ashes. It is not a metaphor. The world will turn to ashes...

    There will be many that will say the world will end and people will loose their **** as they will think there will be no one to hold them accountable for their actions. Cops will quit their jobs to be with their families, firefighters, medics, military people, they will all quit and go to their families and for a while all the bad, all the ugly will surface.

    Do not loose hope, do not despair, do not panic, it's pointless, useless, of no value!

    I'm am not here to tell you that you are going to die, I'm here to remind you that you are alive and you have a choice, you will have a choice if you want to survive and help rebuild this world. When the time will come you will know!

    The hardest part won't be the survival, it will be holding to your humanity and decency as you will be surrounded by angry raging mobs waging war against all the others. Hold on to it, keep loving, keep appreciating, keep being humble! These are true virtues of human beings, and these will be the salvation not only of your soul but of your body as well.

    Some of you may want to leave, i had this conversation many times with my friends, some said if the world crumbles they don't want to live in it anymore as there is nothing for them to do in a world of ashes. I understand them, and it's alright! Death is just an illusion anyway, even if you believe or not, you will find out for yourselves when the time comes.

    But if you want to know now all you have to do is go to youtube and type "children past lives" and if they don't convince you then i don't know what will except death itself. It's that easy these days to find the truth, but even for this, it takes will and a thirst for truth.

    I will keep posting my translations of Maria's work, you can visit her blog as well but it's mostly in romanian. I made a Youtube channel, no adds, no promos, no products, i'm not selling anything, i'm not pushing anything, all i want is to reach those that need to be reached, in order to let them know that when all hell will break loose, REMEMBER! THE WORLD WILL NOT END! NEVER!
    I will get in the next days some of Maria's TV apparitions and subtitle them for you, so you can get to know her.

    my YT channel is this:

    Also i would like to apologize for me butchering the English language.

    And know this as well:

    God will lead you with the same ease through any chaos as he is leading and inspiring you through the present one. Work with him, Prayer and Action, Prayer and Action, Prayer and Action, that is the key, and you will be fine no matter what it will happen around you in the next years!

    I will Keep posting all translations that i have in this thread, there i quite a few and every day i translate more of her blog so people all around the world that speak English at least can read.

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    Dumnezeu există - Mărturii.: DIN NOU FRANȚA ??? VAI DE NISA !!!
    France Again??? Poor Nice!!! (Romanian expression, hard to translate, interpretation)

    29th March, time 23:55 !
    My Darlings,

    Look how, again tonight and again while I was praying, I hear a voice (spirit) that says this:

    GOD THE FATHER speaks:

    Poor Nice! Poor Nices scoundrel (wicked)

    After that the voice disappears, and I try to understand what these words mean. And if Im not mistaken, I thought about French Nice, the 5th largest city in France, known as the capital of Cote d'Azur

    My darlings, what do you say (think), is it possible this summer for a bloody attack to happen in Cote d'Azur? Will a deranged person take action, a crazy, and kill innocent people?

    Lets pray to the Good Lord and The Holy Mary Mother of God so they and us can be protected from the wrath triggered by such wicked specimens.

    With Love, Maria.

    (article ends, small wikipedia insert on Nice)

    Dumnezeu există - Mărturii.: NISA ( FRANȚA ) ! CUMPLIT S - A ADEVERIT !!!
    Friday, 15th July 2015 (post date)
    Nice (France)! Horrible, it came true!!!

    (Romanian news article link Attack on Nice. Latest numbers, deaths toll rise to 84)

    An innocent child, killed in the attack, with his doll next to him.


    Horrible, it came true!

    My darlings,
    I cant find a proper color to write this article with (paragraph written in black), then this black, like our souls were, when we find out about this tragedy.

    Lets pray to the Good Lord and The Holy Mary Mother of God, to take care of the souls that lost their lives in such a horrible way, and also for their grieving families.

    Dear friends, I was writing on 29th march 2016 (it says 2015 but its a mistake) and article with the title: France Again??? Poor Nice!!!

    Dumnezeu există - Mărturii.: DIN NOU FRANȚA ??? VAI DE NISA !!!
    (article inserted, same as the translated original version included in the text)

    and lower another article written on 19th November 2015:


    19th November 2015, time 3:05 in the morning

    My Darlings,
    Unfortunately in France, the terrorist attacks will intensify! I wrote many times about the attacks in France. But look what it says again, a voice (spirit) early this morning.

    I quote:

    In France, it will come to pass! It is time to call for lots of prayers. The victims of the attack, are in France!

    My darlings, unfortunately, these individuals that kill with such savagery and cold blood wont stop. They believe that by killing their fellow human beings for their faith, they will inherit the Kingdom of Allah!

    This is how they God is named, Allah!

    It would be so much better if people would get along, and despite faith, they would live as brothers. We dont have to kill our fellow human beings for having a different faith.

    Everyone should believe in whatever they want and how they want it.

    If we are born in a certain faith, our Savior (Jesus), says that we need to respect that faith, but not at all to harm others that do not share the same beliefs.

    As the DEVINE MESSAGE says above, we need lots of prayer.

    Lets ask the Good Lord and The Holy Mary Mother of God to not endorse this individual anymore, to be allowed to kill innocent people. To illuminate their minds and remove them from all evil.

    With Love, Maria.

    --------------------------- 19th November 2015 article insert ends ---------

    And today, with pain and tears I can affirm that, all will come to pass my dears, like they are meant from above.

    I have no power to stop them, but together we can pray, and this way, we will become better, and the GOOD GOD wont turn His face from us anymore, and He will indulge us, because we are His Creation.

    With Love, Maria

    Here is the sad information:

    (news article inserts about Nice incident)


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      Dumnezeu există - Mărturii.: UN PETROLIER !!! UN ALT ATENTAT ???
      An Oil Tanker!!! Another Attack???
      27march 2017, Time 15:39 !

      My darlings,

      In this afternoon, while I was writing here on the blog, I hear a voice that says only two words:

      Oil Tanker!

      In that moment my darlings, I see towards south east a street under the night sky, where a big truck was driving, with an oil tanker attached, white and very long, that had something written on the lower side of the driver.
      This are the words with approximation, words written on the lower left, back side:

      Cand_and !

      ---random picture to portray the vision for a better understanding---
      (the link is literally 3-4 pages long so I wont include it, you should check the original link for the picture)

      An oil tanker similar to this, driving on a street during the night. My darlings, what will happen with this oil tanker I dont think its hard to guess.

      Probably that terrorist will use it to attack, and lots of innocent people will perish. And if we would look at the casual side of things, we would say, that its possible there will be an accident with this tanker.

      Lets pray to the Good God and to The Holy Mary Mother of God, that no troubles will happen where lots of innocent people will die.

      With Love, Maria!

      --------confirmation---------June 26th 2017---------------
      Dumnezeu există - Mărturii.: UN PETROLIER A EXPLODAT , SI - AU ARS DE VII PESTE 150 DE OAMENI !
      An oil tanker exploded, and over 150 people burned alive!

      My darling, I was writing on 27th march 2017, an article with the title:
      An Oil Tanker!!! Another Attack???

      Unfortunately, what I was writing in march 2017, came true on Sunday 25 June 2017. Over 150 dead people, and other dozens of injures.

      They went near to the tanker to gather the spilling oil. I thank all of you that broth the proof of this incident that Ive been writing about.

      ---insert original prediction article: Dumnezeu există - Mărturii.: UN PETROLIER !!! UN ALT ATENTAT ??? ---
      --- insert Romanian news article: Nou bilant al incendiului din Pakistan: 148 de morti. Victimele adunau petrol deversat din cisterna cu tigarile aprinse VIDEO - ---
      --- my insert, english news article: ---


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        This was an event that took place in Romania, i did not translated the news article as that is not the purpose but with google translate you can get a rough idea of what happened there.

        Dumnezeu există - Mărturii.: ŞI S - A ADEVERIT ! MASINILE DIN PARCARE AU LUAT FOC !
        And it came true! The cars from the parking lot got on fire!

        --------some insert, nut sure what about, not relevant --------------

        My darlings, I was writing a month ago, an article in which I said that a car or possibly even more cars will be set on fire in a parking lot. Here is the article my darlings, as well as the information about the incident. Words are meaningless (I think this is what she wanted to say)! You be the judges of this.

        ---- Insert Romanian news article: Sase masini au fost distruse in Hunedoara de un incendiu provocat in mod intentionat. Ce s-a gasit langa un autoturism - ---
        This is the title translation: six cars were destroyed by fire on a street in Hunedoara City, after one of the cars was set on fire purposefully
        (the original link is down but I found the news report in a different publication)

        (original prediction posted here: Dumnezeu există - Mărturii.: O MAŞINĂ ,SAU POSIBIL MAI MULTE , VOR FI ARUNCATE ÎN AER ! )
        Nighttime 19th 20th November 2015, time 1:30!

        My darlings
        Tonight, while I was doing my prayers, I was suddenly gone from my room, and found myself under the clear sky towards south.

        Here, I see a street with heavy traffic, and a car that passes near the sidewalk, and without the driver noticing (or it could have been an act well planned all along), passes over something that was burning on the pavement. It seemed to be like a cloth washed in gasoline that was burning with a flame. The one that passed over that cloth, washed with gasoline, it catches it under the car, and suddenly goes into a parking lot on the right. Here there were many parked cars.

        The car that brought the fire into the parking lot, catches on fire (not sure if this is the correct expression), but beneath, and the fire speeded fast to the neighboring cars parked in front of a building or apartment block, where the parking was as well.

        ---insert: some pictures ----

        My darlings, unfortunately we will hear of some trap cars or not, but this cars will burn like a torch. Where and when this unusual situation will happen, I do not know. But we will hear about this perhaps arson that will happen towards south.

        Dear God please protect us, Your children, AMIN!

        With Love Maria!


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          original Link: Dumnezeu există - Mărturii.: O EXPLOZIE URIASA INSPRE NORD !
          A Huge Explosion towards North!
          Nighttime 1st October 2017, time 0:30

          My darlings,
          While I was writing the previous article, even if I had my eyes on the screen, I see at the same tie, towards North a giant explosion, an elongated fire towards the sky, as well as a huge fire at ground level.

          -----picture inserts----

          Dear friends, unfortunately, we will witness such an explosion/fire that will melt everything where it will take place!
          Lets hope and pray that this event will not end human lives!
          With Love, Maria.

          ----insert about other stuff, not relevant to the event-----------------

          ------------------ 8th October 2017 confirmation --------------
          Deadly gas explosion rocks Ghanas capital

          Youtube videos


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            Pollution? A black transparent fog, covers the clear sky and the surface of the ground (or earth, this word in Romanian has double meaning)!
            5th October 2017, time 5:03 early in the morning!

            My darlings,

            Today in the early morning, even if I was sleeping, a white bright lite is waking me, and this way, I see towards south and south-east, a clear day time sky like, that in a split second was covered by something like a black transparent fog, or like a black transparent smoke.

            -----picture insert----

            The people were moving with difficulty on the streets of that city or town.

            -----picture insert---

            People were looking above them for a few seconds getting frighten because of that black smoke, that spread like a disease, and they were hurrying to get home or into a place where they were not breathing that polluted air.
            Dear friends, unfortunately we will hear of such an unpleasant toxic event for our health.
            Lets pray to the Good God and The Holy Mary Mother of God, to protect us, Their children, Amin!
            With Love, Maria!

            -----confirmation 8th October, 2017-------
            YT vid:
            News Article:


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              (posted midnight 11-12th October)

              Dear friends,
              I beg of you, stop listening to all the fake news! October 12th 2017 is a day like all others!

              There is no END OF THE WORLD coming!

              Be joyful and cheer up, go to work, stay home with your loved ones, do whatever you like, because, there is no end of the world coming. When Jesus Christ will come, He will talk to us about a different ENDING of the AGES but not an ending of the WORLD whatsoever!


              People will be grabbed by the Holy Ghost and sent to the promise land, thats another Earth, with another SUN.

              Here are the links that talk about the end of the world.:
              ---------romanian news article, 2 of the largest news organizations in romania-----
              Title translation:
              The end of the world comes on October 12th! What does NASA says about the annoncemnet that freaked out the planet.
              Article is about asteroid: 2012 TC4,

              I can reassure you my dear friends, there wont be any end on 12th October 2017, nor on any other date!

              With Love Maria!


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                Dumnezeu există - Mărturii.: UN AVION CU PROBLEME DE ZBOR !
                An Airplane with Flight issues!
                October 8th 2016, Time: 4:30 early in the morning

                This early morning, I was hearing a loud noise made by a plane, and so I see a cloudy sky, and towards East, I see an airplane thats losing altitude and leaves behind, a thick white very dense trail.

                --- random picture insert: ---

                My darlings, the airplane was flying chaotic, and could not recover at all. It was obvious that the pilot was doing great efforts, but it was in vain, because the plane was still losing altitude.

                Unfortunately, darlings, we will hear about and airplane that will have big issues while flying. What will be the end? Im afraid to think about.

                Lets pray to the Good God and the Holy Mary, that no tragedy will take place with this airplane.

                With Love, Maria.

                Dumnezeu există - Mărturii.: S - A ADEVERIT DIN PACATE ! AVIONUL S - A PRABUSIT ! 100 DE OAMENI MORTI !
                It came true unfortunately! The Airplane Crashed! 100 dead people!

                I was writing about 2 months ago, an article, in which I was talking about an airplane that will have big issues during flight.

                ---- original article insert: Dumnezeu există - Mărturii.: UN AVION CU PROBLEME DE ZBOR ! -------

                Unfortunately darlings, what I was showed turned to be an awful tragedy,

                ---romanian news article insert: Un avion al Ministerului rus al Ap?r?rii S-A PR?BU?IT n Marea Neagr?. To?i cei 92 de pasageri au murit ----
                ---english news article (my insert): ---


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                  The reason that she is freaking out about this one is because she had a similar vision earlier that month, that i will post after i finish with some of her predictions that we know came true.


                  Dumnezeu există - Mărturii.: TORNADĂ DE FOC ÎNSPRE SUD ,SUD -EST ?!
                  Fire Tornado towards South, South-East?!
                  Nighttime September 26th-27th 2017, Time: 3:10!

                  My Darlings,

                  Seems this night is a white one for me, (sleepless night, thats how we say it in Romanian because when I finished writing the previous article, I see this time, towards South, a huge fire tornado.

                  I could see darlings, how people were running terrified on streets, in the fields, trying to get away from hell.

                  --- random picture insert, link is huge, check original article for this picture if interested ---

                  Like the tornados with black clouds, with that long (something ??? no idea what this word means even in Romanian, sorry), and with a blue-black hat above, i could see the same, a tornado, only that it was made of fire and bigger.

                  --- random picture insert: ---

                  Dear friends, we will hear of a Fire Tornado, that will place the lives of people in danger, and not only, and life on earth, wherever it will form, and why not, to the hole planet.

                  Like a Tsunami takes shape, this is how the fire tornado was taking shape; like a fire wall.

                  Lets pray to the Good God and The Holy Mary Mother of God, so they will protect us from all these disasters, and so they wont turn Their face away from us.

                  We on the other hand, have to turn our faces towards GOD and The Holy Mary, and ask forgiveness for all that weve sin, to ask forgiveness that weve spent too much time away from God and The Holy Ghost.

                  My darlings, in this article, like never before, a voice stayed to my right and simply dictated me what to write and how to write. If I didnt want to write like it told me, the voice was repeating again, and again, and again, so I can write like the Holy Ghost told me.

                  I hope you are completely convinced brothers and sisters within God, that I dont write from me, but from the Holy Ghost. Its not for me that Im writing, but for all my fellows, so you go towards Faith and Love for God and The Holy Mary, and for our fellows.

                  With Love, Maria!

                  -------confirmation October 8th----
                  As Portugal is battling another wave of wildfires with temperatures still high, a rare phenomenon known as a fire devil, a kind of fire tornado, was caught on camera Saturday evening by Portuguese broadcaster TVI.

                  Look at the cars on the left side of the screen.



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                    Dumnezeu există - Mărturii.: S - A ADEVERIT DIN NEFERICIRE ! ATACURI CIBERNETICE !
                    It came to pass unfortunately! Cyber Attacks!

                    My darlings,

                    I was writing in August 2016 an article with the title:

                    Cyber Attack!

                    And look my dears, that unfortunately, what I was writing last year about the cyber-attack it came true in our present time.

                    Look at the information about the cyber attacks:

                    --------Romanian news sources talking about the attacks--------
                    99 de ??ri, afectate de "WannaCry", CEL MAI MARE ATAC CIBERNETIC DIN ISTORIE/Vizate, inclusiv NHS, Ministerul rus de Interne sau Deutsche Bahn. Bre?a de securitate, la NSA - Mediafax
                    Atacuri cibernetice | Avertismentul Microsoft: Guvernele să se trezească la realitate!
                    -----------------some english sources talking about the attack (my insert)

                    This is my article (the prediction), detailed:
                    ( original link: )
                    29th August 2016, time 15:23 !

                    My darlings,
                    In this afternoon, while I was resting for a bit, I hear a very scared voice, that kept repeating this:

                    Cyber Attack!
                    Cyber Attack!

                    And the voice kept yelling without stopping. My darlings, we all know what this means if this will come true.
                    I have the mission to write, and those that have ears to hear, let them hear, and those that have eyes to see, let them see.

                    With Love, Maria.

                    ------ Dictionary insert on cybernetic definition in Romanian ---------------------
                    ----- News article insert on wannacry cyber attack ------------------


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                      Hi, i got a strange one here. As you will read she gives some specifics about this incident but when i checked the details they don't add up.As you will see for yourself while checking the incident she reported as confirmation. AND PLEASE DO SO !!! The Romanian news story has a video in English,
                      also here:

                      I went to google maps and Plainville has no mountains or big ravines, at least none that i could see. I know that from time to time, not often and i want to be clear on that, she will confuse what she is shown with something else. It also happened recently. I'm not doing this to fool others but more importantly i'm not doing this to fool myself in the first place. As i said before the truth is more important to me then anything else.
                      ( i wrote more after her articles)


                      Dumnezeu există - Mărturii.: UN AVION VA AGĂŢA UN CABLU MAI GROS, ÎNTRE DOUĂ MARI PRĂPĂSTII ( VĂGĂUNI )
                      An Airplane will cling a thick cable, between two big ravines (gullies)
                      Nighttime 23rd-24th June 2015, time: 1:50

                      My darlings,

                      Tonight, while I was praying, I could see with my third eye, in the back of the head, an unseen eye by people, but known by God, I could see a tall mountain, and to very big ravines.

                      Over these 2 big ravines, a thick wire like a bridge, was crossing. This cable was going from one ravine to the other, connecting them.

                      ---- random picture insert (picture hosted somewhere else, N/A anymore) ----

                      I could see the airplane hanged, oscillating, by the cabled it cling, by accident. Unfortunately, well hear by an aeronautic accident.

                      When and where, I do not know! But what I know, is that this airplane will have big issues, if not, God forbids, it might even crash!

                      With Love, Maria!

                      --- confirmation original link: Dumnezeu există - Mărturii.: ŞI S - A ADEVERIT ! AVIONUL S - A PRĂBUŞIT , DIN NEFERICIRE ! ---
                      It came true! The plane crashed, Unfortunately!

                      My Darlings,

                      I was writing 5 days ago, about a plane that will cling a thick cable. Unfortunately darlings, the tragedy happened in Massachusetts. They say they dont know the cause of the crash, but I saw it how it cling the cable. Unfortunately 3 people lost their lives.

                      May God forgive them, and rest their souls in His Kingdom!

                      ---romanian news article insert:
                      1. N/A anymore
                      2. Un avion de mici dimensiuni s-a prăbușit peste o casă în Massachusetts. S-au înregistrat trei morți (video) ---
                      --- original article insert ---


                      Anyway, since she provided enough details i went to check on google in a time frame of a few months from the day she had the vision onward. There were a few small airplane crashes here and there but nothing that mentioned a plane getting stuck on a cable or something like that...the news reports were quite vague and they were first notice events, not much details were provided on the crash or reasons of the crash.

                      But what i found was, almost a month later, an incident that resembles quite a lot with the scenery she describes. Big mountain, very big ravines...but no cable mentioned, or i missed it.

                      This news article has some panoramic of the are but as you will see there were actually 2 crashes there and the picture with the crash they show they actually say it's from the other crash. Now, ain't this really weird ? strange coincident? do i see things where there are none? or is God "joking" with us ? I do not know.

                      I find it interesting that the rescue team confused the crash with another one, then the press released pictures of the crashed that was not the crash then they had to come back and make an edit.

                      Minnesota plane found crashed in Whatcom County
                      Minnesota plane found crashed in Whatcom County | The Bellingham Herald

                      But what's really interesting anyhow, no matter if this incident is or not...the story! and you should check it out here!

                      As i always say:
                      God will lead you with the same ease through any chaos as he is leading and inspiring you through the present one.



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                        ---EDIT---I will add here another vision she had and came true as i forgot to add it previously---

                        Dumnezeu există - Mărturii.: ŞI S - A ADEVERIT ! VULCANUL ETNA , COD PORTOCALIU !
                        And it came true! Volcano ETNA, code orange!

                        ------insert: warning for trolls-------

                        My darlings,
                        I wrote in January 2017, an article with the title:

                        A volcano will erupt unexpected.
                        (original link: Dumnezeu există - Mărturii.: UN VULCAN VA ERUPE PE NEASTEPTATE ! FOC DE CÂŢIVA METRI VA ARUNCA ! )

                        And look my darlings, what happened today with volcano ETNA:
                        ----romanian news article insert: VIDEO Imagini spectaculoase din Italia. Vulcanul Etna a inceput sa erupa din nou, luni seara - Mediu - ---
                        ---romanian news article detailed ---

                        And look at the detailed article:
                        (original link: Dumnezeu există - Mărturii.: UN VULCAN VA ERUPE PE NEASTEPTATE ! FOC DE CÂŢIVA METRI VA ARUNCA ! )

                        7th January 2017, time 10:34 in the morning!

                        My darlings,

                        This morning, finding myself at the Holy Church, while I was giving the answers alongside “Dascal” (kind of an alter boy/men), even if I was looking towards the holy altar, I see my darlings, towards east, even north-east, I see how a volcano that looked like a tree trunk, simply explodes.

                        This Volcano, was throwing several meters high fire on all side, fire and hot lava, not that much smoke, more of a bright red fire, that was thrown several meters high but also on sides.

                        ---picture insert----

                        My darlings, we will hear about a volcano that will erupt suddenly and totally unexpected.
                        Where and when I do not know! But I’m certain we will find together, and may the Good God and The Holy Mary Mother of God prevent any casualties.

                        With Love, Maria.

                        ---end EDIT---

                        There are many more visions, and messages that came to pass on her blog, and in the future i will translate them so all those interested can study this phenomenon. Some are more symbolic/cryptic then others. Some are quite clear.

                        But that is what already happened and it's not what i want to actually show you. Those are just for you to make a decision about if this holds any credibility or not. Because the following posts are quite disturbing honestly ... and if you get sad just go and read my first post!

                        So i will continue to post the things that hopefully WILL NOT HAPPEN!
                        Last edited by TheVisitorV; 10-14-2017, 03:51 AM.


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                          Original article: Dumnezeu există - Mărturii.: 41000 DE MORTI ??? ! LOS ANGELES !
                          41000 Dead !? Los Angeles!
                          June 9 2017, Time: 4:15 early morning!

                          My Darlings,
                          This morning a voice woke me up, that said something earthshaking!
                          Here is what the first voice said:

                          But have you been there?!

                          And another voice continued:

                          Yes! I was and there are 41000 dead.

                          And the voice continues:

                          LOS ANGELES!

                          My darlings its more then earthshaking. What could happen to Los Angeles, that could result in 41000 dead?

                          I dont know what to say, I am so sad and I have tears in my eyes, only thinking that 41000 people will just vanish, in longer or shorter time frame.

                          Like it is written from above, from the Good God.

                          My darlings, lets pray together for our brothers and sisters from Los Angeles, but also for world peace. If the good God and The Holy Mary will receive our prayers, spoken with our hearts and not only with our lips, then we might have a chance that this disaster will not take place.

                          Lets search to be better, more merciful, to strengthen our faith, to forgive those that do us wrong, to dress the naked and feed the hungry.

                          Lets go to the holy church brothers, at least on Sundays to the Holy Mass, and to live with our hearts and souls the Holy and Sanctified Mass.

                          Lets confess darlings, to our priest, to receive the Holy and Sanctified Eucharist (not sure if this is the word)

                          So that the most merciful God and The Holy Mary will help us, Amin!

                          With Love, Maria!


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                            Original Link: Dumnezeu există - Mărturii.: COREEA DE NORD ??? O RACHETA VA PROVOCA UN TSUNAMI ?
                            North Korea? Will a rocket make a Tsunami?
                            30th September 2017, TIME: 5:23 in the morning!

                            My Darlings,
                            Tonight I had a sleepless night, I could say this with great joy, because a man well informed becomes stronger in his soul and goes to God and The Holy Mary Mother of God with all his strength.

                            I received lots of DEVINE MESSAGES my darlings, with what awaits us in the future.

                            Even if the messages are not on our liking, they have the purpose to steer us towards the Merciful God and The Holy Mary, so that our soul can be saved from eternal torment.

                            I could see a night sky towards sunset, and from down on the ground I could see a cilindric object that leaves behind it 2-3 meters of intense fire.
                            Like in this image:
                            ---random picture to portray the vision for a better understanding---

                            And within a blink of the eye, I see the earth covered in water, I see lots of dirty/brownish water and nothing from the houses or trees or people on earth.

                            My dear friends, it is highly possible, that this nuclear test of North Korea in the Pacific Ocean, to produce extremely large floods.

                            But look what a voice on my right side is telling me right now:

                            The test with the HYDROGEN BOMB, will produce a TSUNAMY!

                            Look my dears, the danger that awaits us all, the inhabitants of Planet Earth. It looks like North Korea really wants to test this Hydrogen Bomb, and I think they will. And from here there is not much untill a GLOBAL DISASTER!

                            ----insert, a Romanian news article----


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                              Original article: Dumnezeu există - Mărturii.: AMERICA ! UN GAZ TOXIC ÎMPRASTIE STRAZILE AMERICII !
                              english post: Dumnezeu există - Mărturii.: ( EN ) America! Toxic gas disperses the streets of America 6th-7th October 2017, 12:17 night time !

                              My darlings,

                              Tonight, while I was writing on this blog, I hear a voice that says something about what is about to happen in America!
                              The voice asks this:

                              "America? Toxic Gas?

                              and the answer came:

                              "A toxic gas is dispersing(scattering) the streets of America!"

                              My darlings, I have written exactly how they've told me!
                              From where this toxic gas will come, or who will be using it on the streets of America, I do not know! I do not know neither the city nor the area where this genocide will begin.

                              It's certain that what Ive been told, unfortunately, it will come to pass sooner or later.

                              Those that live in USA, they better get this article, translate it in English and make it public to the Americans. This way, maybe they will save many lives or even stop this horrible tragedy!

                              A voice (spirit) is telling me right now to write this:

                              " Cause maybe it could be stopped, this Genocide!"

                              I do not know the English language, and I can only write in our own sweet Romanian language. So, GREAT DANGER for the US population!

                              "A toxic gas is dispersing(scattering) the streets of America!"

                              Lets pray my darlings for the USA; lets pray for us and for the whole World, to the Good Lord and The Holy Mary Mother of God, to protect their sons from any troubles and sufferings, Amin!

                              With love, Maria.