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    Hi GMC,

    All good points you bring up!

    The nice thing about the Project1World Team Mod. is that you do not see anywhere in it anything about global warming, fighting nature, etc.

    It is all about being smart in regards to the planet and our energy needs.

    Why pay $2.50 USD per gallon of gas if you can run a vehicle on hydrogen?

    Why pay the electric company for electricity in your house if you can generate your own?

    Why fill your trash (and thus landfills) with plastic bags if you don't have to?

    Why not cut your heating and air conditioning needs in half with better insulation?

    Check it out: PATHS | Project1World Team | PATHS Humanitarian Project ~ FREE!


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      Project 1World-Shifts onto Top Gear

      BRILLIANT!!! Free....To All...& All to be Freeeee

      Now that’s how to get the collective power of intention moving....involve EVERYBODY..& their aunty.

      I'm now going to Hoover as many people as I can. WOW talk about Win WIn.

      Hee Hee, this is the start of the cosmic colonic flush of all time…hang on to your seats.

      I am now inspired to tweak the lyrics of John Lennon's 'Imagine' fits soo well.

      Now…all that’s needed is to make the viewing of the module iPod ready…Hmm Spread the love.

      Standing by, in eager anticipation...


      Love, Light & 'Collective Gratitude'


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        Originally posted by GMC View Post
        I don't know...I am not buying into the theory that we as a species are the cause or the cure for anything.

        The earth goes through warming and cooling cycles every 25,000 years for the last 1 billion years and the thought that humans are either the cause or solution for natural cycles is a bit self grandiose in my opinion.

        I say bring on the global warming. I like the heat. And, if you are smart, you would buy land elevated to 25' as this will be the new coastline and you can make a killing for your kids or grandkids now.

        Why try and stop nature? Let nature handle what nature can handle. Of all things, this is the ONE constant on the planet.

        I don't think we can alter what has been going on for millions upon millions of year. Just my thoughts.
        Hey GMC,

        You are absolutely correct in that the planet goes through these cycles, it also changes its axis and flips poles every so often as well. However, based on scientific and archaeological evidence, human intervention is causing these cycles to happen prematurally. The outcomes of the hastening of these cycles is unknown, My feeling is that is isn't ususally good to mess around with natural order and such.

        P1W has a different focus altogether, as mentioned by Kevin and others. By manifestating global awareness in renewable and reusable energy, we begin the process by which all humans can benefit from these and other scientific technologies and technological breakthroughs. Breaking current paradigms and dependencies about and on today's energy needs and solutions is just one of many areas that need to be addressed. There are ways to bring inexpensive renewable energy to everyone on the planet - it's time that everyone was at least made aware of these technologies and start thinking about embracing them.

        This one project may not bring about immediate change, but it - and others like it - are a catalyst for positive change on our planet. It might take years or decades, but we have chosen this time (or has the time chosen us?...) to set the process in motion. All journeys begin with just one step.
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        Blessings on the journey, Glenn
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          Hi Glen, hows the hip? good I trust, you seem to have all the help in the world right here on the forum. Someting I'd like to piont out if I may.-->

          This one project may not bring about immediate change, but it - and others like it - are a catalyst for positive change on our planet. It might take years or decades, but we have chosen this time (or has the time chosen us?...) to set the process in motion. All journeys begin with just one step

          Remember the iPod Launch? just think...if someone right Aaron had to start a roumor...."Hey guys! Take out the batteries...."
          Wow the stampede would cause the premature polar shift!! Naah, not as quick as that but when new ideas are spread amongst keen minds..theres no telling what to thats just the IDEA, wait for the Action....but for me I would love to plug in my car next to my cell phone charger.

          Stay well,
          Love, Light & Wild fires


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            global warming


            I agree with your points and the responses. Personally, I believe we didn't start global warming but we do contribute to more pollution. Since it's getting hot, I'd rather be hot and breathe clean air instead of being hot and choking on toxic fumes.

            Also, I believe this cycle we're experiencing is beyond the ones in the past as it seems to a super cycle.
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              OK Aaron, i saw your post on the radianth2o forums. i clicked the link and noticed that you did in fact add the #5 on the list for maintaining a stable economy with Project 1 World... ok, you got me, and i signed up.

              i will use the effectiveness (my perspective) of this project to determine future purchases of modules.

              thank you.



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                So nice to be mind melding with you

                Keep your mind on the aether


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                  Hi Bryan,

                  That's great! I didn't realize that was addressed. You must have been influencing our past selves!
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                    Collective Intention Paper by Jessica Miller

                    Jessica Miller has written a paper entitled "Collective Intention", it is attached to this post in MS Word format.


                    In addition to applying PATHS towards personal development, we are in an exciting time now, utilizing a PATHS module to harness collective intention in order to bring about a global goal.

                    According to the PEARS study the role of human consciousness was central to Egyptian and Greek philosophy and studied by scientists such as Francis Bacon, Robert Hooke, Robert Boyle, and Isaac Newton.

                    Later well-known physicists such as J.J. Thompson, William Crooks, Lord Rayleigh, and Marie and Pierre Curie felt the topic relevant to their studies.

                    In early interpretations of quantum mechanics scientists such as Bohr, Schrödinger, Heisenberg, and Einstein posed questions related to the topic.

                    Taken from the press release: “The enormous databases produced by PEAR provide clear evidence that human thought and emotion can produce measurable influences on physical reality.”

                    There is a lot of very interesting information regarding Collective Intention in this paper.


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                      Jessica your paper

                      Very thoughtful paper and well written!!
                      Blessing with Aloha
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                        Oh, Dear Jessica,

                        Your paper is Absolutely Fabulous! And I am so Happy and Grateful that it is placed here on this thread to bring light to those Sweet Ones who previously may not have had a complete understanding of how powerful collective intention, coupled with the remarkable PATHS technology really is! What a fine job you have done, through this wonderfully written paper, in helping those who read it to understand and internalize the Infinite Power that we all posess and how we CAN bring about beautiful changes to our beings and our planet with our conscious thoughts! Bless You, Darling Girl! Well Done, You!!!

                        With Much Love and Gratitude,

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                          Thanks, it was real fun to research!

                          XO Jessica
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