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  • Renwable Energy Project

    As everyone knows, the first project applying Project 1 World with the PATHS technology is for accelerating the manifestation of renewable energy and consciousness about it globally. Here is the first message in the thread in the PATHS forum about Project 1 World - The Power of Collective Intention.

    Welcome to the Project1World Team!

    This Module is FREE to everyone who wishes to contribute to the betterment of our Planet!

    Project1World is a movement with infinite potential that is fueled by you-the power of your own subconscious and PATHS RDT!

    This Humanitarian Project was created based on the theories and discoveries from PEAR’s (Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research) research findings. These findings show that not only do our thoughts shape what happens in our lives, but that our thoughts can have potentially far-reaching effects in altering the outcomes of an unlimited number of processes.

    Combined with the advanced quantum morphic field reprogramming amplifiers from PATHS RDT, You, as part of the Project1World Team, can make this world a better place!

    This FREE Module addresses:

    1. Increasing awareness and activities that promote the use of recycled, renewable, energy saving, and environmentally safe resources.

    2. Increasing awareness and activities that promote the use of existing power technologies that are Planet Friendly. e.g. solar, wind, radiant energy, hydrogen and more in the arena of power generation.

    3. Increasing awareness and activities that promote the use of existing technologies that are Planet Friendly. e.g. energy saving lighting, insulation, fuel saving devices, clothing, packaging and more in the arena of consumer goods.

    4. Increasing the number of inventions and world acceptance of new technologies that are environmentally friendly.

    5. Accomplishing the above while maintaining economic stability through the changes.

    After viewing the Project1World Team Theater Presentation, the instructions are sent into the Collective by way of the Team member’s subconscious, with the help of RDT, and begin to work on the issue at hand.

    For this Module to have the desired affect, it is necessary that all volunteers identify themselves as part of the Project1World Team. This will ensure that the maximum potential is produced from this Project.

    This Module may not be used in conjunction with any other Modules. If you wish to use any other Modules, you may sign up for a separate account and add up to 4 Modules, plus sleep, into that account.

    To sign up for FREE, go to the PATHS website of the Affiliate that referred you (or choose an affiliate from this page), click on the Product button and scroll all the way down until you see Project1World Team.

    Click on the Full Description to read more, or on the BUY NOW button (IT'S FREE) and you will be taken to a checkout page at which time you will not be asked for a credit card number, nor will you be charged anything. After this you will be asked to enter in some unique information that enables the RDT technology to empower Your Intention. (you only have to enter this information one time)

    Then proceed to watch your Theater. Watching your Theater at least once a week is recommended for highest efficacy.

    More details about Project1World can be viewed Here.

    Change has a considerable psychological impact on the human mind. To the fearful it is threatening because it means that things may get worse. To the hopeful it is encouraging because things may get better. To the confident it is inspiring because the challenge exists to make things better.
    ~King Whitney Jr.

    Change your thoughts and you change your world.
    ~Norman Vincent Peale

    The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible.
    ~Arthur C. Clarke

    Happiness & Health,

    PATHS, S.A. Staff
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    Aaron Murakami

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    Purpose of this thread

    This thread is for discussing the concepts of collective intention in relation to renewable energy and related topics.

    The Renewable Energy forum is the most appropriate place to actually post about the technologies themselves. Different energy saving devices, theories, technologies, research, books, etc...
    Aaron Murakami

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      maybe you should add to
      accelerating the manifestation of renewable energy and consciousness about it globally
      this phrase:

      "and also the economic stability to accept the obvious effects"

      or something of that nature.
      what do you think?

      if your project manifests itself, but it has catastrophic results econimically, wont that cancel out the good you intended in the first place?



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        energy transition

        Hi Bryan,

        I have thought about this a lot in the past but I believe my family and friend's health as well as the health of the entire human population now and into the future greatly outweigh any effects on the economy.

        The OPEC nations purchase US debt with profits they get from oil $. If less oil is bought from them, then US dollar gets weaker. I see this. Iraq and Iran have been trying to get out cheap oil denominated with the euro dollar and this is why the US is causing trouble over there ... terrorism claims are ridiculous and so are wmd. If Iran gets cheap oil on the market based on Euro, then US dollar can be destroyed pretty quick so with or without "free energy" the US economy is in trouble and so are any other economies that rely on the US dollar + their investments in the US.

        The main economy that would be hurt would be the greedy politicians pocket economy and corrupt corps profits.

        The basic mindset of the mass population is that people do not know how to save or invest money they have. Most people will just spend, spend, spend and spend up to their ability and even exceeding their income (credit card debt, etc...). Therefore, if people aren't pumping this money into the corporations pockets of energy industry, they will simply take their money and spend it on other things most likely that they don't need anyway. Therefore, there will be a boom in all other sectors. Money saved at the pump or elsewhere is just spent on something else. All other sectors will need employees and so forth. Look at all that tax revenue still generated elsewhere.

        Since were are in a major catch 22 and then some.

        US can't let cheap oil out even though largest oil reserve in the world is in Alaska is because they need high gas prices to float the US dollar and much money goes into world bank pocket to pay off forgiven 3rd world country loans...I am paying those off out of my pocket and so are you if you're in America buying gas. We are being taxed to death invisibly at the pump and prices will continue to $4, $5, $6+ per gallon over time at this rate. With India and China exploding oil need, there will be a lot of competition for oil so we NEED this stuff out.

        Since the US dollar strength is so reliant on oil profits to float our bogus US dollar fiat currency and if that went away....they should force the rip-off pharmaceutical companies to take profits they are gaining by ripping off Americans and use that to pay off the debt. They don't inflate those prices in other countries...just here because it makes the politicians rich as well as other people in the criminal syndicate circle in regards to this.

        I do not think it will negate any good intentions because by doing this, which is the responsible thing to do and it is shining light in the world, things will inevitably become upset by the dark loosing foothold. But, this is the Will of the Light.

        Aaron Murakami

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          wow, i bet that felt good to get off your chest!!

          as far as WMD, i was in Icrack (mispelled on purpose) in 1998, and i personally helped to catch an Icracki ship dumping material for making mushrooms into the Red Sea. (specific words changed in order to avoid "flag" words) i KNOW the stuff exists, they just hid it very well. -or- it was found and the US is exagerating for scare tactics for exactly what you mentioned above.

          i think this is high time to start underground sales of individual home generators before that luxary is gone. even if profit is only 10 - 20% over cost, then so be it right?

          my dad currently volunteers as a temporary missionary to Peru. even though he is poor, he somehow manages to get sponsors to send him there.
          he says that conditions are so bad down there that they cannot get electricity into most of the small towns. current gas generators are impractical and expensive, and there is no way of getting power lines up and over extensive mountains and vast marshes. getting zero point energy generators developed and distributed to this area, along with key units here in the US (and other countries) is the main reason i am here.
          in most of these places, health concerns are number one, but after they get treated, they go back to their homes that have no heat, no pumps for running water or filtration, no stoves for cooking, refridgerators for food, and thus they end up sick within a few months.

          it is similar here. a person can receive a miraculous cancer healing from Rife or PATHS, or whatever, but if they maintain their previous lifestyles, the cancer will be back sooner or later. if the source of the cancer is not located, flushed out and prevented from ever returning, then and only then can true healing take place.

          is it difficult to add to the program?



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            energy consciousness

            This may be true about what you say but what matters to the public is the claims of wmd are lies by the govt until the proof is provided. This has never been provided at all. In addition to this intel data brought forward by those behind the scenes have come forward saying that there is no proof.

            This is all besides the point.

            No, I do not want to see economic crisis and there is nothing to show there will be a crisis by free energy. The economists back when I was in elementary school tried to promote trickle-down and was proved to be absolutely delusional as to the functionality of the just doesn't work. I don't believe they ever believed it would work and knew it was bogus.

            I believe the same 'could' be possible with the concept that the economy will be in shambles if free energy came out. National security seems to mean security for the corporatists.

            I have no interest in anarchy, riots and total chaos. In the grand scheme of things, I believe everything is happening just as they need to. Where there is a will, there is a way. A peaceful transition is not only possible but highly probable as more people wake up.

            My fascination besides wanting to see these technologies come out is one thing but seeing the concepts of really how vacuum potential works is mind blowing.

            There are so many people working in this field at various levels way more knowledgeable and talented than me. Besides PATHS being a major factor in seriously engineering very powerful morphic fields, my contribution will be in simply networking people together.

            All my models and experiments are small tinkering compared to so many people around the world who have fairly large scale models. It takes a good amount of funding to put together a machine shop and to buy all the tools necessary to go full bore. I don't need to be anyone special to crack a code to anything and get recognition for it. I'm confident that those who have the answers are all stepping forward right now out of necessity and urgency.

            We're seeing it everyday all over the net.

            The project you're father is involved in is similar to other friends I have doing similar projects in other countries. There are definitely some practical solutions for the situation you describe. If transporting some stuff in can be done, I can point you to come things that may be of interest.

            I agree 100%. If people's lifestyle doesn't change, they will be back in the same shape. That is also where PATHS comes in... using literally more potential in mind and opening the aperture into the subconscious even more, the higher purpose will come through even more. There will be automatic gravitation towards food, etc... that is in resonance with their optimum path.
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            Aaron Murakami

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              i understand completely.

              we shall see how everything works out, hopefully for the best...


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                more sharpened focus on renewable-energy project

                Hi all,

                What does everyone think about this:

                Narrowing the focus on renewable energy to some specific projects?

                Such as the water fuel cell project and a few other specifics. I am already seeing a lot of advancements very quickly since project 1 world in these areas and others are telling me the same without even knowing about the project...but just happens to be happening at the same time we started this project.
                Aaron Murakami

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                  Economic Crash or Renewable Economy?

                  Re: ‘if your project manifests itself, but it has catastrophic results economically’

                  Hi Adam Ant, in my humble opinion, renewable energy solutions are sustainable by default. An economy based on or driven by a less honourable intention is destined to crash any way. But before we ponder economic nose dives as a result of clean solutions, its best to research 'Leo Wanta'. Now there’s a global crash waiting to happen and what’s worse is its well overdue. No joke, but nonetheless motivating.

                  So best thing to do is to encourage many self contained, renewable energy mini plants, in a fool proof package for national incremental and strategic roll out. Should the economy finally crash, as long as you can produce your own food, cook it, pump & purify your drinking water, heat or cool your energy efficient abode & power your EV, where is the crisis?? Well, there is one… If we don't teach as many people as possible to access this simple freedom, well then, you'll spend most of your energy and effort on the maximum security electric fence to keep the unfortunates out.

                  Fix that and you have a ‘Renewable Economy’ based on sound and honest principals.
                  (otherwise known as eco-logical)

                  Many of these elements are already here, some have been around since early 1900, Some are much older, others were hidden from public view by those would be victims of the economic crash you speak of, for the sake of the 'botom line'.

                  Its time to clean up our act, and yes the dirt will get hurt.

                  Just a thought.
                  Many little modules working in synergy = BIG solution with no weak spots
                  (Eco-Logic: a centipede with one or two broken legs, does not limp)
                  First you start with the dots...then only, do you connect them. (See PATHS 1world same system)
                  Have fun finding your dots. I wish you a good start.


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                    is it so hard to add that simple phrase to the project? i mean IF it can be avoided, dont you think it is worth it?

                    Love, Gratitude, Balance, Peace, Harmony.... those are my dots, everything else will fall into place.



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                      optimum transition


                      Something about an optimum transition with maximum positive benefits or something like that can be added. Worded in the positive and very specific.
                      Aaron Murakami

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                        you see?!?!?! now thats what im talkin about

                        Love is contagious, you will see


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                          I think we're all pretty much wanting the same thing here.

                          Sounds good to me!!

                          XO Jessica
                          Keep your mind on the aether


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                            New Info

                            Original post to this thread has been updated!

                            Happiness & Health,

                            PATHS, S.A. Staff



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                              I don't know...I am not buying into the theory that we as a species are the cause or the cure for anything.

                              The earth goes through warming and cooling cycles every 25,000 years for the last 1 billion years and the thought that humans are either the cause or solution for natural cycles is a bit self grandiose in my opinion.

                              I say bring on the global warming. I like the heat. And, if you are smart, you would buy land elevated to 25' as this will be the new coastline and you can make a killing for your kids or grandkids now.

                              Why try and stop nature? Let nature handle what nature can handle. Of all things, this is the ONE constant on the planet.

                              I don't think we can alter what has been going on for millions upon millions of year. Just my thoughts.