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How to Become a PATHS Affiliate

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    Hi Everyone

    Just thought I'd share my experience as a Paths Affiliate here...

    I've tried sooooooooo many businesses in the past - mostly online, and one offline. This is the only one that's been effortlessly successful. I now rely on my regular Paths cheques (I love that they arrive twice a month), as part of my total income, meaning I can work from home, in my own time - and it allows me to do what I love the rest of the time.

    The company is GREAT to work for - the Paths Customer Service Team and the Paths Affiliate Support Team are SO supportive and warm and helpful! They reflect the Paths Mission Statement in the way they deal with their Affiliates as well as their customers.

    Here's what I think are the best points about becoming a Paths Affiliate:

    * It costs nothing to become an Affiliate.

    * You can be your own customer

    * Paths is such an exciting and revolutionary product, it's easy to reccomend it to others.

    * In sharing Paths with people, you're litterally changing their lives - as you probably know if you're already using it.

    * You get paid twice a month.

    * You get to share in the Company's profits in the form of the Bonus Pool - meaning that even customers who buy through other Affiliates' websites increase your income!

    * Paths has no competition - there's nothing else like it.

    * This technology is only available through us - Paths Affiliates.

    * You get regular help, support and suggestions from the Paths Affiliate Support Team - who are dedicated to helping Paths Affiliates build their businesses.

    * Personal support from other affiliates.

    I HIGHLY reccomend it!

    Love and Light and Magic xxx
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      New Online Signup!

      Hi everyone,

      Just bumping this thread on How to Become a PATHS Affiliate...

      You can sign up online now without having to fill out paperwork and
      fax it in!


      Aaron Murakami

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        I'm impressed

        OK guys

        The energy in this forum is contagious. I am very impressed with what I see
        here. First thing, I got my affiliate website yesterday.....

        PATHS ~ Mind Energetics

        and today I ordered my first theater. Of course I got two more, the one for
        the affiliates and the 1World.

        I made a mistake on the order and it was fixed immediately. What's more, the
        theaters were up within a few minutes. I know, I know, I am preaching to the
        choir here.

        But I am impressed.

        Of course, I took the few minutes to watch all three theaters.



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          Hi Tarek!

          Welcome Tarek,

          Glad to have you on board! I hope you get a chance to check out
          the affiliate forum. It is a wealth of information.
          Aaron Murakami

          Books & Videos
          RPX & MWO


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            affiliate application


            I filled out the PATHS affiliate application form several days ago and still have not heard back on the status of my application. How long is it taking to process the applications lately?


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              It can take up to a few days for the set up to be completed. Once it is completed, you will be notified via your registered email about all the pertinent information.

              If you have not heard anything in more than a few days, email us at to make sure that your registration went through and that we have the correct email address for you.

              Also, make sure that the filters on your email account are letting any emails from us through to your inbox.

              Happiness & Health,

              PATHS, S.A. Staff