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Reverse Engineering the Human Body

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  • Reverse Engineering the Human Body

    An alternative to building cool gadgets and gizmos to understand the phenomenon known as electricity is to analyze the awesomely complex and tuned generator/transmitter/receiver/conductor on the planet which is the human body, or living organisms in general.

    I created this thread because I couldn't find a suitable place to post research or ask questions about this topic. This is a place to post anything relating to trying to understand electricity through analyzing biology.

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    Hi folks, what would you make of a collagen molecule from an electrical engineers perspective?

    Mainstream medical science almost exclusively views this as a structural protien, and while they do so they will never understand the human body. Dr Daniel Keown points out that this is piezoelectric! So you have a piezoelectric 'rope' made of three braided chains.

    Now, I am absolutely not an expert on practical electronics but anyone with a pair of eyes can see that spirals are important; coils are used in generators, motors, transformers etc. In a structure like this, what would likely be going on in terms of the aether, dielectric/magnetic induction etc?

    One of the reasons this is so important is that accupuncture channels are connected by membranes.These membranes exist a layer of gel sandwiched between two planes of collagen. The anatomy of the body connects major organs through these membranes throughout the body and this is why needling or massaging a point on the foot, for instance, can instantly treat painful menstruation.
    Clearly this doesn't happen by magic, but by some electrical process.

    What do you guys think about this? Does a piezoelectric spiral of this sort exist in the macroscopic world for study?
    Sturdy fibers of collagen give structure to our bodies