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How to turn plastic waste into diesel fuel cheaply

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  • hi
    francisco mora
    u send for me email. I sen my video clip


    • Feedstock price

      Originally posted by dutchdivco View Post
      Maybe its semantics, but this isn't a truly NEW or alternative source of energy, in the way that solar or wind is.It is RECYCLING.Turning plastic back into what it originally was; petroleum.
      As for ecology, one would have to do tests, but presumably burning the 'Diesel' produced by this process would be no cleaner or dirtier than burning pump diesel, likewise for the 'Gasoline' and the 'Propane/butane flammable gas(vapor) produced.However, if this creates a 'market' for shredded, recycled milk cartons (?) that means said cartons won't end up in land fills, and less crude oil used to make fuel.Long term effects are difficult/impossible to judge;States may insist on taxing this fuel, same as pump fuel.Cost of shredded plastic may go up, to the point, (eventually) that it is as expensive as pump fuel.Large companies may develop, to capitalise on this process, and thru economic forces and regulation, push the little guy/individual out.Look whats happened with WVO and Biodiesel.;-( So, guess if we're gonna get in, better do it quick.
      Fortunately, as previously posted, can buy and stockpile this plastic now, without the problems involved in Veg oil.;-) Jim
      Almost definetly. My quest for reasonably priced source plastic continues. I have been surprised by the number of recyclers who are aware of individuals already doing the pyrolysis process and for that I think they are sticking on a premium, so unfortunately getting a regular supply to run my vans is getting more difficult and more expensive. So, for that reason, I'm out.

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      • video clip WMO to diesel

        I'm sorry all
        becau the first time I post video
        V03 07 11 09 42 - YouTube
        V03 07 11 10 11 - YouTube
        thank all
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        • Plastic in the future

          There'll be a day when people wonder why we burnt all this fuel - not because of the energy and pollution issues, but because of how useful it was to make plastic!

          Seriously, plastic and fuel are both life savers to many people. Having yet another way to recycle or convert petroleum products into each other is very nice. Thanks for the post!


          • Feedstock prices

            Managed to nail down a regular supply at a realistic price if all tests in my shop work out . Relief. Incidentally, Im wondering if its possible to mod one of these babies;

            Autoclave / Pressure Steam Sterilizer, Electric. Item Code: AU205 - YouTube

            My research continues. Peace out!


            • My First Petrol From Plastic

              I used lime and potttery as cat.
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              • To congnghiah4

                Congratulations for your realizations ! You did Very hard job !

                So your video is about WMO right ? What to you do with the excess carbon content of the WMO ?

                Do you meet stability problems for this fuel ? How long does it keep it's yellow colour ?

                Your jobs are really beautiful !


                • Great result Alec,
                  What mix of plastic did you use? Did your fuel darken or thicken after a while. how about a picture of your setup?


                  • to Islander

                    results I get gasoline 25%, DO 45%, 1.5% bitum, FO 15-17%,1.5% steam.
                    10% The remaining gas does not stop.
                    because I should use catalyst, that gasoline is stable color
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                    • Pics

                      I use a 12 liter oven with a 50cm x 11cm pipe on top. For isolation I use ash, and LPG gas for startup.
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                      • To Alec

                        Hi Alec:
                        Very very interesting your setup, thanks a lot for sharing :
                        May I ask some questions?:

                        There is a main pipe that seems to be some kind of recirculation for "recooking", is this right?
                        Do you distill both diesel and gasoline?
                        Does the fridge compressor give enough pressure for the furnace feedback?
                        Thank you very much and congratulations

                        Originally posted by Alec View Post
                        I use a 12 liter oven with a 50cm x 11cm pipe on top. For isolation I use ash, and LPG gas for startup.


                        • My pics explain

                          The setup on the picture has 2 outlets. 1 from the top of the oven, through a catilyst to a condenser (that produces nothing) 2nd outlet from the top of the reflux through 2 condensers and a bubbler to the compressor and back to the flame. The top outlet produces petrol with a very potent smell. The fridge compressor works fine, I use a selfmade nozel that makes a blue flame. I have changed the setup and cannot replicate the same results (mostly Diesel that stall at 40 c.) It seems that the temperatures are very important.


                          • My first run with the catalyst/reflux tower in place. The catalyst is10mm square blocks of dried local clay with 10% hydrated lime. Had a few problems at first, the connector I welded to the reactor for the new pressure relief valve leaked and I had to stop, reweld the joint and then start again 3 times. as a result I was not able to record the yield accurately. On top of that my temperature reader went faulty half way through the run so I dont know what temperatures I used.
                            Despite all these setbacks what I got at the end was liquid fuel, a bit cloudy as jetijs said it would be but very definitely liquid. No waxing overnight and only the slightest darkening.
                            Im all fired up now and as soon as I get my temperature reader sorted out I going to repeat the experiment.


                            • Question: Do I need to control the temperature on the condensers (270C, 95C and 20C)?


                              • Answer, yes.