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  • Kick ASCII !!

    Originally posted by zilano

    when scalar waves hit copper receptor antenna they create alternating currents of hf and high potential thus radiant scalar energy is is converted to electric current which as such is not usable and has to be stored in capacitor and a low frequency oscillating setup is to be used to tap this abundant power.

    MORAY AND TESLA both knew of this radiant energy and they used it. we r not moray or tesla but we understand the concept behind radiant energy.




    Is this Bedini's Design or other?

    Either way, cool stuff!

    Dude, you're curving my space-time.


    • Originally posted by Farmhand View Post
      Show us the device Zilano.

      If there was suppression involved it would be not more dangerous to show a
      device than tell how to build it, in fact just showing a device means very little
      anything can be faked, telling how to build would be more prone to suppression.

      The showing of our devices is mainly to show we are not full of it. Showing no
      device or experiment means the person is full of it.

      We have an expectation on sites like this, that is to show the device to back
      up what we say. Without that we have the potential for a free for all of baseless
      There is my point too. If you show schematics of some circuit, please be kind and show in your experiment with it to back up your words. Otherwise those things are only at idea stage and it is 99% guaranteed about nobody picking up your idea for successful experiment... Then people start complaining about you wasting their time.


      • "Zilano a 12 year old girl showed us many simple ways to get what we wan't but nobody could replicate "

        The term "replicate" means you are trying to copy something that has been built, you can't "replicate" something that doesn't exist - you have to build one first in order for it to be replicated.


        • Originally posted by kajunkreations View Post
          I dont think you will get an true AC sinewave because we are pulsing DC into a single coil on the TRAFO, I think the TRAFO will give uasable current and then use an inverter. I have been able to control freq. via the spark gap, but I still dont have results to share just yet. My first few test were positive but I burned up my nst. I will be back testing tommorow.

          All true. It doesnt work properly with pulsed DC.
          Video of Dynatron unsuccessful experiences with ferrite core output transformer.

          Ночные курсы электросварщика.avi - YouTube!


          • Originally posted by joefr View Post
            Hi All

            I worked lately on new setup similar to Don Smith - Zilano device. The only difference is that I combined all Step UP and Step Down to single device.
            I used Kacher Bipolar Tesla coil for Step UP. With this config I get with single low voltage input 24V on L1 Primary coil two high voltage outputs on L2 Secondary CW CCW coil.
            I then use third L3 CW CCW thick wire Output coil inside secondary coil for powering load or charging capacitors and then dump to load.
            This setup oscillates at 423kHz without core or with 370kHz with ferrite rods in the middle of the L3 Output Coil
            I can charge capacitor 10000uF 100V to 70V very fast with BEMF from L1 Primary coil. I would be happy to any suggestions how to use this build of of energy in capacitor ( charge input battery ).

            The thing that bothered me in all previous replication is that when I connected the real Earth Ground on High voltage side or Low voltage side of the circuit I did not get any spark or any change in circuit behavior.
            All great inventors say how important is Earth Ground connections but I did not notice any difference.
            With this new setup when I connect the Earth Ground to the negative pole of the battery I get much better output. And I get sparks even on low voltage output coil when I approach Earth Ground connector.
            So it seems this circuit creates big potential difference which I could not achieve with other setups.

            Here is the schematic used:

            Here is the components used:

            Here is the video:
            Kacher Bipolar Tesla Coil StepUP - Step Down_Test 1 - YouTube

            I tried this circuit Joe, it works good but the transistor gets hot. I only used
            12 volts and the transformers I used were identical CCW. I tried it with two
            transformers next to each other and with them about 3 meters apart, when
            they were apart it worked differently (just like a ground wire transmission) it
            required (match) tuning to get good output.

            The setup produced a big effect of field with my scope able to pick up the
            sine wave from three meters away as well.

            I think my arrangement was about 50 to 60 % efficient from the output coil,
            lighting a 5 watt filament bulb pretty bright. But it can light a 4 foot fluro
            really quite bright hand held or just ground connected no probs.

            I think quite a bit of heat is dissipated in the transistor though and I'm not
            comfortable with that.

            I also tried a simple transistor inverter circuit like in Don's drawing but it has a
            varying frequency also dependent on circuit factors and load, it also heated
            the transistors up with only low input power levels. I tried that with a regular
            steel cored transformer with two primaries, it did produce a square wave AC
            output, though varying frequency which appliances don't like.

            I can get some video of that but it's not as spectacular or neat as Joe's setup.



            • Originally posted by dragon View Post
              "Zilano a 12 year old girl showed us many simple ways to get what we wan't but nobody could replicate "

              The term "replicate" means you are trying to copy something that has been built, you can't "replicate" something that doesn't exist - you have to build one first in order for it to be replicated.



              • Originally posted by Farmhand View Post
                Energy synthesis, what does this mean ?

                Synthesis - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary

                I think you would mean the first definition 1, a.

                When talking of synthesizing energy then doesn't it just mean making work
                from potential ? Because energy is not coming from nothing. It's just a
                transformation. If not potential then what is the energy synthesized from ?

                In a closed system where nothing enters and nothing exits there can only be
                unity. The Universe as a whole is a closed system. I would argue that smaller
                closed systems within the Universe are practically impossible. So to me the
                laws of the conservation of energy do not so much "break down" but they are
                not applicable in the first place. I must admit I don't know the laws off hand
                because they don't have much meaning for me. But I think they deal mainly
                with "closed systems". As far as I can imagine a "closed" system would allow
                no losses as well as no gains by definition. If the system fits the definition no
                so called "laws" need to be broken.

                Maybe what is lacking is a clear understanding of the intended and true
                definition of the "Laws".

                I haven't fully wrapped my head around all of the mathematics that symbolize energy synthesis so I will point you to some starting places. First let it be known that (Psi * Phi)/Time is Eric's definition of energy. This means that there are constituent parts to energy and it is not in itself the simplest expression of such. Manipulating Psi, Phi, and time is where you begin to synthesize the energy.

                See chapter "Reaction Machines" in the 1900 edition of "Theory and Calculation of Alternating Current Phenomena" by C.P. Steinmetz. Notice the inequality of the power waves shown in the graphs.

                The beginning of this video Eric Dollard - S.F.T.S. - Dec. 9, 2007 - Part 7 - YouTube is Eric briefly going over the graphs found in the Steinmetz chapter.



                • awesome! and a couple NEW vids...

                  Originally posted by zilano
                  one can use signal generator for testing and measuring scalar frequency and reciever can be attached with led's or low wattage and low voltage bulbs from 3v- 12 volt to see that transmitter recieves power through scalar/lmd waves. then one can measure L of primary and attach a suitable cap and fire with nst and sparkgap for final run.

                  one must always use signal generator before applying spark gap and high voltage input with suitable cap.

                  for low voltage enthusiasts one can see results with a 12 volt battery and a relay as an interrupter(spark gap replacement) with suitable 12 volt primary cap for tesla primary.

                  and for those having skills in electronics can easily use signal generators provided by scopes or signal injectors.

                  high voltage is just to harvest more. but results can be seen using low voltages also

                  it really is great to see your posts Z!!

                  hey everyone, been away just working on stuff.

                  I have been playing with a 5" ferrite toroid using it as step down transformer.
                  Using some lengths of 8 gauge i wrapped some crude turns onto it just to see what would happen when the output was shorted to it...

                  (i took six 12V 1Watt bulbs in PARALLEL, as voltage can easily light in series, parallel would be a much better indication of current...)

                  ...the result...significantly brighter lights on the L2's compared to L1 !

                  Not only that, but the driver it loaded down when the primary is drawn from... Whereas the secondary PLUS the step down toroid... gave BRIGHTER light ?!?! (should be more losses... not brighter light hehe

                  Vids are still loading, but i did one with the brighter lights L1 vs L2, AND another vid using a ONE turn secondary VERY COOL

                  part 1: L1 vs L2... more output? Don Smith Device Project Part 25 A: L1 vs L2 step down toroid DEFINITE Increase - YouTube

                  part 2: Single turn step down secondary Sparks... Don Smith Device Project Part 25 B: Single Turn Secondary Step Down - YouTube
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                  In the beginner's mind, there are many possibilities.
                  In the expert's mind there are few.
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                  • Here's 1 of Don's devices that has not been studied much. Here is what i am experimenting with I am using iron rod in mine.
                    Attached Files


                    • Not a proof but a hint that Z has vialble information:
                      I remember a vid in the net (sorry I lost the link) where they slipped a slotted metal cylinder over an ordinary desk top tesla coil.
                      A 12 V bulb was connected to both edges of the slot and lit bright at same time a 220V bulb was connected between the cylinder and earth and lit bright.

                      No capacitor was used. The capacitor seems to amplify the energy coming from the receiving cylinder additionally.

                      Z states that in this arrangement a proper pulsing is essential - so not all tesla coils of any make will work fine.

                      My current imagination ist that scalar waves need to be "squeezed out" of coils.
                      1. This can be done by pulsing a normal coil hard so during the small time window of hard charging energy into the coils we get this squeezing imbalance within the coil being highly transitionary.
                      2. Alternatively opposing coil designs. Current scinece understands this as annihilation of magnetic and electric field. The squeeze effect is not transitionary only but applies to the whole pulse duration. As these fields are EFFECTS only of the electical event the term of annihilation relates to the magnetic and electric effects only. But that is not the whole strory -more effects are available i.e. the squeezed out longitudinal waves.

                      Most setups made by humans are transparent to these waves and therefore not detectable.

                      Imagine two cars colliding frontally. The obvious effect ist the annihilation of their movement. But more i.e squeezing effects are seen!
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                      Experts spend hours a day in order to question their doing while others stopped thinking feeling they were professionals.


                      • @Zilano
                        Wow lots of explanations. Thanks!
                        You refer to capacitors made of dissimilar materials. To what capacitors does this relate?
                        1. Output capacitor (after diode)?
                        2. Enhancement to the two slotted cylinders?
                        2. Your post #4005 only

                        BTW: Is the diode for cold electricity open ended or connected? Not clear in grafics.
                        rgds John
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                        Experts spend hours a day in order to question their doing while others stopped thinking feeling they were professionals.


                        • So I summarize:
                          The cap made of dissimilar material is essential for direct pulsing only like above (Utkin refers to this as well). But Utkin mentions that 3 plates are necessary. What alternative is he referring to?
                          Experts spend hours a day in order to question their doing while others stopped thinking feeling they were professionals.


                          • Captret

                            That's like a electret. I once read that in war japanese used to use these kinds of capacitors for electricity.
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                            • Originally posted by zilano
                              Great going Kurt!

                              keep up the good work!

                              best wishes! from a

                              12 yr old

                              Thanks Z

                              Lol you're not really a 12 yr old female are you?

                              I guess its possible, but unlikely.

                              Thanks for the good info!
                              In the beginner's mind, there are many possibilities.
                              In the expert's mind there are few.
                              -Shunryu Suzuki


                              • Oh, thanks

                                Originally posted by zilano
                                a tube means always open ended.

                                the experiment u were talking used ferrite rings and an iron nail covered with split copper tube which changes phase of the applied oscillating voltage and convert hf rf radiation to a usable amerage power. i dont have link as of yet now but am posting its circuit below.


                                Searched and found like u intended....