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  • Hi Guys,
    Rotorverter threads seem to be difficult to find. I wonder if there is anyone looking into this thread?

    I have built a Rotoverter, but, of all the various explanations and writing I get a completely different result to what is stated as "that to look for". Having read all that I have been able to find, and their is a lot out there, albeit, looking like replications of information. A lot of the information is written in a casual manner with lots of directions without compass points.

    I have used a "European"style squirrel cage motor and not the American style Baldor. I have however, had the motor rewound to give me 12 connections instead of the machine wound Euro 6 connections for my 4 pole alternator. Also, I am able to run the prime mover at 120volts ac using the run capacitor across one of the winding pairs efficiently. However, as soon as I couple the 4 pole alternator my PM gets bogged down. The only option is to run the PM at a higher voltage and greater current!! approx 190v and 2.8amps. The PM runs hot.

    I have also managed to get what I think is a tuned Alternator, see attached photos. And got some output. Although I am only able to get output from two of the three legs (Y connect) and when I try the three together all bulbs go out. Any two works but not three. I see no reference to this phenomenon. If someone else has experienced this, feed back would be great.

    Also, my tuning seems to be correlated to PM output! Although, this makes sense as I am looking for stability of frequency to engineer the radiant effect.

    The most difficulty I seem to have is using my capacitor array to generate the radiant effect. I guess this is also related to the stability of the PM. To counter this, I have ordered a heavy Paw Coupling to act as a partial flywheel which in theory should assist in stablising fluctuations of load to the PM.

    For the testing stage, I have used ordinary 450v run capacitor and not the oil filled caps, which would have broken my budget.

    The attached photos are two of the "resonance?" which are different frequencies due to PM bogging down, and two of the capacitor bank for the Alternator. I Have given up on ebay switches! I am now using 3 phase circuit breaker more expensive, but more reliable. The other photo is my basic layout. You might notice on the alternator when the motor winder has sealed the case and winding,

    Rotoverter Set-Up.JPG
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    • MrDKonzen youtube user


      • Thanks for the video. I have some SSR's! Will nut it out and get back with a reply. However, I am hoping that my flywheel, when it arrives, will give me some control over the smothness of the PM under load.

        Regards Dwane


        • Update on previous comments. I have replaced the L095 jaw coupling with a L150 jaw coupling. The preliminary results are really good! As the accompanying photo shows, I get a very concetrated waveform. Gone is the logging. PM speed before engaging alternator is 2980 rpm, with alternator engaged I get 2950 rpm. I figure that I need approximately .25uF to get to synchronised speed of 2980. Next move is energy capture!!