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  • Originally posted by Peter Lindemann View Post

    Good work getting your RotoVerter up and operational! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you purchase a "Kill-A-Watt" meter to further your experiments. This meter will allow you to measure the voltage, current, watts, power factor, and volt-amperes reactive going into your RotoVerter. For $35, its an excellent investment. It will increase the total amount of information you have about the running characteristics of your RotoVerter by a factor of 10.

    The reason you can't run the RotoVerter from your inverter and batteries is that you cannot overcome the huge "start surge" required to get the motor up to speed. This overloads your inverter. You might need a 1500 Watt inverter to START the motor, even though it is RUNNING on about 230 Watts, once it gets up to speed.

    If you have seen my DVD Electric Motor Secrets, I show how to build a Dynamometer and run a mechanical work production test. If you want to really KNOW the efficiency of your RotoVerter, I suggest you build a dynamometer and run a Dyno test while measuring the inputs with the Kill-A-Watt meter. That will tell you the WHOLE TRUTH about the efficiency of your RotoVerter.

    Keep up the Great Work!!!

    I bought the next generation Kill O Watt meter and glad I did, It allows you to input your cost per kilowatt hour and calculates by the minute, hour, day, week, month and yearly costs.....I love has helped me to isolate where I use most my electricity. for around 50 bucks its well worth it, I highly recomend the upgraded version of the kill O watt meter.



    • rotoverter on 3.5 W

      You may remember, this is an old experiment I did, trying to run 5.5 kW 3 phase,
      400 V 1430 rpm motor on as little power as possible.
      YouTube - 5.5 kW motor -- rotoverter 3.5 W


      • I was reading Hector's and other ppl documents for RV and i have some questions.
        So i hope someone can explain these.
        First is the rotor, why we need to inserted the rotor to the opposite?(can be found on page 12. pdf attached )

        Also what is best to use , Prime Mover 3000rpm and Alt 3000rpm or is best to use PM 3000rpm and Alt 1800rmp ?

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        • Originally posted by Tomata View Post
          I was reading Hector's and other ppl documents for RV and i have some questions.
          So i hope someone can explain these.
          First is the rotor, why we need to inserted the rotor to the opposite?(can be found on page 12. pdf attached )

          Also what is best to use , Prime Mover 3000rpm and Alt 3000rpm or is best to use PM 3000rpm and Alt 1800rmp ?

          The only things i did with my RV as a prime-mover was:

          1) remove fan
          2) replace grease with something else
          3) remove two phases
          4) add tunable capacitor

          thats it!

          I got my down from 185W to below 3W when idling.
          See my vids: YouTube - RV part 1, introduction

          Hob Nilre


          • Thank you Hob,i already saw your videos.It was very informative/educational for me to see and read other people videos on RV setup.You did a great job.Did you add any setup like an alternator for energy saving/gain ?

            My questions is asking for a specific information,that is not very clear as to why on documents and replications.

            a)why to insert the rotor to the opposite ?(can be found on page 12. pdf attached )

            b)What is best to use , Prime Mover 3000rpm and Alt 3000rpm or
            PM 3000rpm and Alt 1800rmp ?

            C)Also is a PM 7hp and ALT 7hp better than a PM 7hp and ALT 5hp?



            • Originally posted by Tomata View Post
              Did you add any setup like an alternator for energy saving/gain ?
              No, time ran out, but I'm hoping to pick it up again next year.
              a)why to insert the rotor to the opposite ?(can be found on page 12. pdf attached )
              I never did that. I find it rather odd.
              b)What is best to use , Prime Mover 3000rpm and Alt 3000rpm or
              PM 3000rpm and Alt 1800rmp ?
              C)Also is a PM 7hp and ALT 7hp better than a PM 7hp and ALT 5hp?
              No idea, i just took what I could get my hands on.

              Hob Nilre


              • Hi Michael,

                I think the best place to ask you questions on rotoverter is a dedicated Yahoo group where Hector and Doug and others surely can address them.

                EVGRAY : zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz



                • rotoverter on 3.25 W

                  I tested shorting capacitors using the Hector's diode plug.
                  After that I switched off the thyristors and wanted to for curiosity, how little my 5,5 kW / 400 V, 50 Hz motor can draw and still turn the shaft at its nominal speed.
                  And the bearings were still with it's factory grease, not cleaned yet.

                  Watch the film, that I just uploaded:
                  YouTube - ‪Rotoverter on 3,25 W‬‏


                  • TransVerter / Part 1
                    ‪TransVerter / Part 1‬‏ - YouTube

                    Reproduction of TransVerter anomalous energy amplification as previously done by Dan Combine, Raivo, Jinis and of course Hector D. Perez Torres.

                    The power metering of power IN uses specific hardware of the Philips PE1540 power supply. The internal PE1540 shunt resistance is 166mohms = 1/6 ohms so at 30VDC, non-ferroresonance requires 1.5mV hence 1.5*6 = 8.4mA so average Pin = 8.4mA * 30VDC = 0.25W. Once ferroresonance manifest anomalous VAR amplification (VAR = reactive power), PSU provides 2.3mV instead 1.4mV so 2.3/1.4 = 65% increase of power IN to get the ultra-nonlinear parametric effect but generates more than 4 times VAR power still at same 30VDC powersupply (average doubling of reactive current and average doubling of reactive voltage circulating through LC tank as shown on tek2445 oscilloscope).

                    Each MWO Panasonic inverter flyback have around 130mH inductance, 4.5ohms internal resistance. The resonant capacitor is 220nF so we have 890Hz subharmonic heterody


                    • DC Magverter

                      Hi to All and Peter / Kone
                      Thanks for the great thread



                      ‪DC MAGVERTER 240611.avi‬‏ - YouTube


                      • rotoverter loaded on 6,5 VA

                        Just to inform you that running rotoverter on even lower voltages, even if it is
                        shaft coupled with another motor, can require very little power.

                        Here, one of experiments I was doing yesterday:
                        rotoverter 6 - YouTube

                        Industrial motor 5,5 kW (at 50 Hz) is powered from one phase, runs (1452 rpm)
                        faster than standard rotation (1430 rpm) and consumes only 0,45 A at 14,5 V
                        which is 6,5 VA (probably less than 6 W).
                        The prime mover runs another motor of same type which is not loaded. The
                        friction of both machines is the only load.

                        It was running for half an hour and then stopped, probably the voltage went too
                        low, maybe 14 V only, that was too low.
                        Imagine how low power it would require if the bearings were ceramic.


                        • another toy saving 99% of power

                          How to save 99% of power to run idle a 5.5 kW motor.

                          Silnik 5,5 kW chodzi na 4 W. / 5.5 kW motor goes on 4 W. - YouTube

                          An example of big power saving when (idle) running three phase motor of nominal power 5.5 kW (7 hp). This motor needs only 4 W of active power and 5.2 VA of virtual power. It is run from one phase, at 18 V, 0.29 A, capacitor used 55 µF.
                          The same motor when connected to 400 V three phase grid consumes 400 W. Power saving is 99%.
                          The motor cannot be loaded more. Almost all the power is used for overcoming the friction.
                          Based on rotoverter published by Hector Torrez.


                          • Hector et al...

                            Yeah that team did some great work, a real benefit to everyone ... the **** really hit the fan when they did what we all aim to do and "looped the system ", Hector,Dan and the rest of that very skilled International group mapped out the procedure . Then of course they did it (privately).... One guy however did it a bit too publicly with a ride on lawn mower, That attracted the attention of some very unpleasant people and the predictable murder's threats and intimidation started in earnest. The basic outline of that is obvious from this historical exchange.

                            Rotoverter Technology was OU before ORBO one.

                            Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door
                            Ralph Waldo Emerson (miss quoted)

                            As a simple energy saving operation well and good and very effective .. If you want to take it to the next level however be careful, make this “a better mouse trap” and you really wont like what beats a path to your door.
                            Still Its really nice to see you have woken up this sleeping dog the threads been dormant far to long IMHO this dog really does have teeth.
                            There is lots of “in depth” theory and demonstrations still available with all the experimental data still on the Web with the required learning material. If you care to look for it.
                            The very efficient system was carried out as you probably know in conjunction with Panacea university however the COP+1 stuff was to a large extent carried on under the radar for obvious reasons. (Which alas came into play anyway in due course.) It is a steep learning curve to understand how and why this system works .. however its well documented and the information is all there.
                            Here is the technical Introduction PDF


                            although as with all all systems that actually work you will have to do some detective work to relocate the original files and experimental work.
                            There are a whole series of them and the teaching video's that go with the concept.
                            This is the start of the video course, The squirrel Cage motor being little more than a rotary Transformer a transformer with alternate flux paths (like Joe Flynn conception) this then is where they start to prove and demonstrate the concept .. I am certainly not going to list all the locations of this information .. (The baddies must do their own spade work) … I do suggest however that you copy and archive as you search,this particular video is copied over and over so here's a start to the magnetic theory and ferro magnetic resonance,

                            TV-part I - YouTube

                            Some time ago I came to the conclusion that for free energy to escape the prison it has to be made simple stupid, I consider here folks that can just about change a light bulb, The rotoverter was oh so close with off the shelf stuff …. not quite a cigar though ! Brian's lawnmower blew it … a few thousand lawnmowers and IMHO the bird would have flown. Still a very clever and dedicated group of skilled engineers determined to teach, demonstrate and produce “free energy” for the benefit of all. I'm delighted to see you working on it … and posting. It works (you obviously know that now) I'm trying to get a much simpler and much cheaper method running … but as you know your on a winning horse and some great guys have put huge amounts of money, time, and R&D into what you are doing, good luck! & my very best wishes with your research
                            Last edited by Duncan; 09-02-2013, 03:38 PM.
                            Whatever you can do,or dream you can,begin it.Boldness has genius,power and magic in it.Begin it now.


                            • I just gone my first motor this week,
                              looking forward to a winter of building loads of play with at Christmas...

                              Great to see all these posts here i need to read thru!

                              here's a photo of my three phase motor. (I almost got a 8kw but my thinks start small bod!....well smallish!) 2.2kw....
                              Attached Files


                              • Like you Bodkins I have much to deal with through most of the year and tend to bring things out of reverse hibernation as the nights draw in . The roto verter group and their great efforts really did impress me They came under tremendous pressure threats and violence individually and as a group. The quip at the end of Brian's ordeal should serve as a warning
                                True technology gets violently suppressed ....not alike the "fakes" that get promoted to God status .
                                I'm afraid some very important video and written work w.r.t has been ripped off the net, lost - possibly forever. I had copied some of the video series but they seem to have disappeared from my hard drive too! (how do they do that?)
                                - no longer available ! a big shame. anyway I'm sure like me you'll learn a great deal and have lots of fun with the RV . There were at its height hundreds of folks experimenting with the RV. The COP + aspects were never promoted. (much) for obvious reasons, some of which are shown in the email in a previous post.
                                anyway as you've been kind enough to reopen the thread with a pic. I'll make my way up into a dark corner of my attic which certainly isn't good for photo's but its where some of these things reside and take a few snaps for you with a few short explanations.
                                However don't expect me to admit to reproducing the 'inverter hack' and looping COP>1 ,claiming (or videoing it) as the email says violently suppressed and IMHO thats a big understatement ! . - for me Its a hobby not an invitation to special forces to threaten my family. The first shot is easy Bodkins its a simple capacitor bank which has had various jobs to do over the years apart from the RV.
                                that includes confirming the outrageous predictions made for instant battery rejuvenation in this piece of work
                                Capacitive Battery Charger - John Saves Energy
                                Its wordplay of course but one mans zero PF is another's resonance and thats the aim one way or another in the RV or this battery charging trick.
                                Incidentally George Wiseman who some might remember as being the first one to get one of John Bedini's energizer kits up and running a few years ago at one of the conferences uses this remarkable effect to spin the house meter backwards so the utility company pay him each quarter. (nice apples if you can get um!)
                                Reverse Your Electric Meter, Legally! |
                                still the capacitor bank is constructed from motor run capacitors and 15 amp light switches variable from 0.1 - 80 mfd - of course inside its simple and effective - but not pretty !
                                At first glance this may not look much like a typical RV - Its a hybrid Bodkins a hybrid suggested by the writer of that classic tome P J Kelly. The capacitor bank the variac and the 3ph Tesla motor are all classic components you would expect to see in any number of RVs and it is the final drive system , allow me to explain with another picture of the front of this motor drive.
                                That VDU slowly brings the 3ph motor up to speed which in turn allows the utilization of one of Hatem's magnetic cascades. In common with the RV Its absolutely essential that Hatem's primary drive uses minuscule input (real power) and is magnetically balanced but once started follows the Fibonacci series as extrapolation backwards of the information contained here will show
                                (these are really pay to view PDFs and so save them if you wish regardless I will remove the links very soon out of fairness to the authors
                                Gone - sorry if your reading this after 16/10/2017 but there's copyright issues too
                                Bodkins I couldn't dig out the actual rotors I ran this with but found one of these 'also ran' ones
                                so perhaps you see what was happening here now Bodkins even though its in bits - In order to start Hatem's cascade a VDU and 3 ph motor are being used in standard configuration just like this-
                                once the rotors are locked in sync and up to speed, using the configuration of switches on the front and whilst the motor is spinning the system is totally isolated from the VDU and Hatem's systems switched over to be driven by RV techniques. (trying Hatem's cascade with a DC drive is interesting it simply runs away out of control and ends up machine gunning you with your own magnets - DC series motor with no load sort of - don't do that )
                                Its all good fun Bodkins go which way you want . Brian and some other's used an inverter hack in order to tweak and loop their systems, That inverters no longer available so I won't waste time on it.regardless I
                                hope theres a few bits here to help and of interest to you - best wishes Duncan
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                                Whatever you can do,or dream you can,begin it.Boldness has genius,power and magic in it.Begin it now.