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  • Sol sends in a black swan

    3/03 Art Berman sees oil heading to $16, will lead to "banking bloodbath" – ETF Daily News
    3/05 Natural gas futures lowest since 1998; rig counts lowest since 1987 – Mish
    3/04 Demand for oil slows as globalization reaches limits – Oil Price
    3/03 Storage stalemate subdues oil prices – Oil Price
    The U.S. dollar is the petro-dollar. What happens when the petro is not selling?
    3/01 Warren Buffett: solar and wind could erode the economics of utilities – Greentech Media
    Ahh, now we're getting somewhere.

    What is going on?

    "At this moment, oil is caught in an absolute death spiral …
    Already, billionaires are dumping oil stocks at frenetic pace…
    In fact, Warren Buffett dumped his ENTIRE Exxon position, worth $3.7 billion.
    Bill Gates unloaded nearly $1 billion worth of oil stocks.

    And George Soros couldn't get out of oil fast enough, selling off whole stakes of multiple positions …
    This mass exodus comes alongside oil's fall to seven-year low, dipping below $35 per barrel for the first time since the 2008 financial crisis.
    This situation is so severe, that legendary billionaire energy-trader John Arnold says that "half the U.S. energy industry will be bankrupt in 6 months".
    "This is the end of fossil fuels," states CNN."

    "The U.S. Department of Energy states that 173,000 terawatts of solar energy strikes the Earth every second.

    That’s 10,000 times the world’s total energy consumption." "Suddenly, sun power has – in many cases – become the CHEAPEST form of energy on the planet!"

    In fact, you could cut the cost of oil in half, over and over again, all the way down to $1 per barrel, and solar would still look cheap!"
    "Sun power is “going to overtake everything... it could double every two years”...

    He’s not the only expert who thinks so…

    According to Ray Kurzweil, a New York Times best-selling author, and Google’s Director of Engineering, solar has doubled every two years for the last 20 years.

    At this rate, solar is less than 16 years away from meeting 100% of the world’s energy needs."

    For example, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, the world’s richest man – the man who once called solar “cute” – has done a complete 180 degree turnaround and is investing BILLIONS into next-generation energy technologies like solar.

    Warren Buffett has already invested as much as $15 billion in solar and wind power, and is set to double down.

    “There’s another $15 billion ready to go,” says Buffett.

    Japanese billionaire Masayoshi Son and his partners plan to invest $20 billion on solar projects in India.

    Russia’s richest man, oil oligarch Viktor Vekselberg, has shifted away from his oil roots to invest a massive stake in Russia‘s solar development near Siberia and Kazakhstan."
    Unlimited Free Energy


    • Moving to cash

      3/06 9 charts showing Americans never recovered from the Great Recession – My Budget 360
      Jim Rogers: There's a 100% Probability of a U.S. Recession Within a Year - Bloomberg Business
      3/05 The last time the market was so overbought, this happened – Zero Hedge
      The world can't afford another financial crash - The Telegraph
      OK, so, we never escaped the 2008 recession. The PTB are doing a LOT of maneuvering trying to get your last dime.
      • What’s Best For UK Savers Who’ve Lost £160 Billion Of Interest In 7 Years? (G.)
      • Argentina To Issue $11.68 Billion In Bonds To Pay For Defaulted Bonds (Reuters)

      Some people aren't going to feel any pain; • BP CEO Gets 20% Pay Rise Despite 2015 Record Loss, 1000s of Jobs Lost (Ind.)
      Yep, the more jobs he can kill, the more they pay him.

      The bankers grabbed hundreds of $ billions with ZIRP. BUT, it isn't enough to save all of them forever. NIRP is a different story. The Central Bank charges them for holding their excess reserves.
      "n 2014, when negative interest rates first hit Eurozone banks and ricocheted out from there, Germans called it “punishment interest” (Strafzinsen) because these rates were designed to flog banks and savers until their mood improves. But inexplicably, their mood hasn’t improved."

      "And so Bavarian savings banks have had enough. The Frankfurter Algemeine has obtained a memo by the Association of Bavarian Savings Banks that openly encourages its member banks to stash cash in their own vaults rather than depositing it at the ECB and paying the penalty interest of 0.3% to the ECB on these deposits."
      It Begins: Palace Revolt against ECB’s NIRP | Wolf Street
      3/06 If you have a bank deposit, you will be charged to save money – Casey Research
      U.S. FED GOV has been hard at work to keep people from holding cash. If you have lots of cash, you are obviously a drug dealer or criminal. They automatically confiscate it and demand that you prove that you obtained it legally and paid all taxes.

      The Swiss were trying hard to maintain the peg to the Euro. It couldn't last. A couple of investors bought shrink wrapped pallets of Swiss notes before the expected breaking of the peg. They cleaned up when the peg broke.
      Pensions, Mutual Funds Turn Back to Cash - WSJ
      Big money is moving to cash and so should you - MarketWatch
      NIRP is supposed to push people out of banks and into risky investments. Instead, it has pushed people out of banks and into cash.


      • Zero Hedge

        There seems to be very little competence in GOV. Academia is almost as bad. The private sector is where you find the very sharp traders who understand global capital flows.
        Daniel Ivandjiiski is one of these people. He is credited with founding the site, Zero Hedge. He claims that he is just one of several writers who go under the pseudonym of Tyler Durden.
        From Wiki; Matt Taibbi cites Zero Hedge as having accurately assessed the level of corruption in the banking industry. He questions why mainstream financial media did not earlier detect the corruption at Goldman Sachs.[15]
        The site was described by CNNMoney as offering a "deeply conspiratorial, anti-establishment and pessimistic view of the world."[7] Other writers have characterized the site as conspiratorial.[8][9] A Forbes article described the site as a source of hysteria and occasionally misleading information.[10]
        oh, so it's only occasionally misleading.

        In December 2012, Bank of America blocked its employees' access to Zero Hedge.[14]
        ZH often posts old posts that predicted things that are happening in the present.

        From Rational Wiki; "Zero Hedge is a bats-h-i-t insane Austrian school finance blog " "With Zero Hedge receiving more attention from the mainstream media, Matt Taibbi decided to interview and publish the resulting story about Goldman Sachs in Rolling Stone.[7] There he snarkily states that Goldman is controlling and manipulating everything in order to make money:
        “”From tech stocks to high gas prices, Goldman Sachs has engineered every major market manipulation since the Great Depression -- and they're about to do it again.
        —Matt Taibbi"
        Talk about "snarky" Zero Hedge - RationalWiki
        Zero Hedge has an admirable track record.

        Wiki again; "Durden says two-thirds of its readers are from Wall Street.[2] According to Quantcast, in 2012 Zero Hedge had a monthly global traffic of 1.8 million people."
        So, ZH is a bunch of conspiratorial morons who are closely watched by all the stupid people on Wall Street.


        • No employment,,, no wages

          It's been quiet lately but, the B.I.S said that the calm is soon to end. The FED prints free money. When you have free money, you can buy off academia, AND politicians. Weekend Edition: Why the Government Hates Gold | Casey Research
          " One critical way the Fed exerts control on academic economists is through its relationships with the field's gatekeepers. For instance, at the Journal of Monetary Economics, a must-publish venue for rising economists, more than half of the editorial board members are currently on the Fed payroll—and the rest have been in the past...

          A Fed spokeswoman says that exact figures for the number of economists contracted with weren't available. But, she says, the Federal Reserve spent $389.2 million in 2008 on "monetary and economic policy," money spent on analysis, research, data gathering, and studies on market structure; $433 million is budgeted for 2009. That's a lot of money for a relatively small number of economists.

          But The Huffington Post misses the really big story...

          The feds have bought off the entire intellectual, financial, business, and academic establishment."

          All that free money eventually comes with a price. "This has been the worst
          year beginning start in the financial markets in history. Nothing even comes close to it. Minimally, it says there is a lot of repositioning going on as well as worry."

          • US Weekly Earnings Drop Most On Record (ZH)
          • Confused By The Economic Modelling? That’s The Whole Idea (SMH)
          3/07 US labor market still weak after trillions in stimulus – Confounded Interest Maybe the jobs went to low-price competitors.
          3/07 China: a 5-year plan and 50 million jobs lost – Automatic Earth The global-mean wage that was initiated by China has now killed their markets.
          3/07 5 million more households where no one works – Mish This probably has something to do with automation.

          There are quite a few problems unfolding.
          21 New Numbers That Show That The Global Economy Is Absolutely Imploding
          MANY writers have written about the enormous increases in productivity-per-worker. Well shucks,,,, the world doesn't need very many workers if the current ones are super-productive.
          MANY writers have written about the end of jobs. Our society has no way to deal with hundreds of millions who no longer have meaningful employment as the central focus of their lives. Our economy has no path to provide support to hundreds of millions who have no income. There is talk of helicopter money,,, and even stranger ideas;

          Markets are going to be a mess while mankind thrashes around trying to figure out how to have a functioning society where very few people are employed.


          • Recession predicted by CBs

            Central banks are about to leave fiat addicted stock markets in agony - Personal Liberty®
            There is a reason why science has been successful and technology is widespread. Don't be afraid to do the math and apply the laws of physics.


            • the turndown of the debt cycle,,, cash and freedom

              "There are two sides in the global war against cash. On one side are many of the world’s governments, central banks, fintech firms, banks, credit card companies, telecommunication behemoths, financial institutions, large retailers, etc. According to them, the days of physical currency are numbered, so why not pull the plug already

              “I have my doubts that introducing a cash limit or getting rid of bigger denominations can really prevent terrorists or criminals from engaging in illegal activities,” Carl-Ludwig Thiele, Bundesbank board member in charge of cash issues, said in a speech last week. “We also should ask ourselves: what sort of an understanding of government forms the basis of these proposals? Citizens should not be put under general suspicion.”

              “We don’t want someone to be able to track digitally what we buy, eat and drink, what books we read and what movies we watch,” said Austrian Deputy Economy Minister Harald Mahreron on Oe1 radio. “We will fight everywhere against rules” including caps on cash purchases, he said."
              "“We want citizens to be able to pay in whatever form they desire. Especially in Germany, cash is part of that,” said Thiele. And he warned that “freedom always dies bit by bit.”
              “Freedom Always Dies Bit by Bit”: Bundesbank Takes Sides in War on Cash | Wolf Street

              America closed quite a few zombie banks. Europe and Japan tried to keep all of them going. This is still dragging down their economies. Zombie Banks - Bloomberg QuickTake

              "Powers of east are rising because they lack the debt baggage of decades of supporting a welfare state"
              New round of open-ended bond purchasing program of agency mortgage-backed securities also known as Quantiative Easing (QE) before presidential elections.

              "Ordinary people have been lumbered with a total global debt of $230 trillion — a debt that has gone up tenfold since the early 1990s. And don’t believe that anyone can ever repay this debt. If debt goes up ten times in so called good times, how can they ever be reduced or repaid in bad times? "
              "So the world will soon experience the start of a downturn that will erase a major part of the gains in the last 100 years. This will involve most of the bubble assets (stocks, bonds and property) imploding by at least 75-95% in real terms. The debts that have financed these bubbles will of course also implode which means that the financial system will not survive intact. "
              Legend Warns Massive Coordinated Global Money Printing Program Is About To Shock The World | King World News

              Debtor days are over as BIS calls time on world credit binge – Telegraph
              Debtor days are over as BIS calls time on world credit binge 
              So, we have $200---250 trillion in debt that has been serviced by creating fresh debt to roll over the original debt. The BIS says that this is winding down. Debt creation is like air under the wings of a plane. Draghi and Kuroda talk about "bazookas" to save the system. The world is slowly coming to an understanding that debt creation only works in small doses. A welfare State needs BIG doses because; debt created for consumption is not the same as debt created for investment / growth.
              America has been slower to create debt through the FED. BUT, this is an election year. Peter Schiff is calling for lots of QE before the election.


              • The China plane is coming in without landing gear. The stock market is landing nose f

                China has an enormous debt structure. It needs at least 7% growth to service it's debt.
                • China Exports Crash 25.4%, Imports Down 13.8% (ZH)
                • China’s Velocity Of Money Is Now The Lowest In The Entire World (ZH)
                3/08 "In the last 7 years, China accounted for 40% of all global debt creation" – Zero Hedge
                They are screwed.
                If you are in the stock market, you need to read this. Everybody lies about earnings by 30---50%.
                Goldman Sachs; "“Our model suggests SPX calls are more attractive than at any time over the past 20 years”.
                The Price Isn’t Right——-How Central Banks Are Fixing To Ambush The Casino | David Stockman's Contra Corner
                They are trying to suck in every dollar they can find.
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                • Yuan revalued with gold.... the gold-silver ratio

                  China needs to pull a rabbit out of a hat. The way that they are collapsing, they will have civil war in a year or two. Workers are laid off and plants closed without paying.
                  They have bought lots of gold for years. They may have planned all along to recapitalize the system by revaluing gold. Dunno, it may work.
                  China's Global Gold Strategy

                  Gold to silver ratio
                  In nearly every single major recession and panic of the last century, there was a sharp rise in the gold/silver ratio.

                  The crash of 1987. The Dot-Com bust in the late 1990s. The 2008 financial crisis.

                  These panics invariably led to a gold/silver ratio in the 70s or higher.

                  In 2008, in fact, the gold/silver ratio surged from below 50 to a high of roughly 84 in just two months.

                  We’re seeing another major increase once again. Right now as I write this, the gold/silver ratio is 81.7, nearly as high as the peak of the 2008 financial crisis.


                  • Bring in the rabble,,, save the economy

                    The U.S. population was falling. We (they) opened the southern border to bring in as many as possible.
                    • Germany Needs 470,000 Immigrants Per Year For Next 25 Years (GM)
                    Portugal wants more refugees to help revive dwindling population
                    Portugal wants more refugees to help revive dwindling population - Yahoo News
                    Everywhere that the core population is shrinking, the State can't escape a crash. But, what about the cost? " around 20 percent are illiterate, Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said, potentially increasing the burden on the state. Labor Minister Andrea Nahles said the number of recipients of benefits could rise by up to 460,000."
                    If you don't like the flood of criminal rapists, you're as bad as them; German Minister: Critics of Refugee Program “At Least as Awful” as Migrant Rapists » Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
                    This is all about population and productivity. Culture and safety be damned.


                    • No jobs, no interest income,,, no economy

                      • Markets Betting On Near-Zero Interest Rates For Another Decade (Reuters)
                      Think about this. No income for pension funds, banks, insurance funds, hedge funds and sovereign wealth funds.
                      • IMF Says World At Risk Of ‘Economic Derailment’ (BBC) I wonder why.
                      • Whole Of Europe Risks Spinning Into Crisis If Leaders Mishandle Brexit (AEP)
                      Ah, so they plan to blame it on the brexit instead of their own stupidity.
                      3/10 Draghi's shock and awe bazooka backfires with huge whipsaw – Mish This is the last hurrah of Draghi,( from GS) as everything goes into reverse.
                      3/10 "Walmart customers are too broke to shop" – SHTF Plan No wages, no consumption.
                      3/10 Too many boats for too little cargo leaves shippers high and dry – Bloomberg No consumption, we don't need shipping.
                      3/10 The "smart money" is quietly getting out of Dodge – Zero Hedge Strangely, the stock market is rising at the same time that LOTS of investors are fleeing.
                      The "Smart Money" Is Quietly Getting Out Of Dodge: Sells For A Sixth Straight Week As Buybacks Soar | Zero Hedge

                      3/10 US stocks plunged 43% the last time this happened – Casey Research
                      3/10 Global liquidity falls to 2008 crisis levels – Financial Sense
                      3/10 Dollar collapse will be the single biggest event in human history – Emerging Equity What about Adam and Eve?
                      3/10 Massive euro reversal after Draghi fires his bazooka – Money And Markets
                      Is This The End? Draghi Fires His Bazooka And Markets Turn Away In Disgust

                      3/10 Europe's pension reckoning approaches – American Interest ZIRP does make it tough for pension funds.
                      3/09 There will be bedlam: The global energy crisis is only just beginning – Salon Eat beans,, store your farts.
                      3/10 Gold looks overbought – but it just keeps going up – MoneyWeek Maybe that is because so many investors are deserting the markets.
                      3/10 Negative rates attempt to inflate away government debt – 24hGold They can't inflate squat without a wage-price spiral.
                      3/10 The ECB's embarrassing inflation forecast implodes – Zero Hedge That is what happens when you use blanks in your bazooka.


                      • escaping and destroying the cabal

                        132 Nations Want Out of the Cabal Banking System ...
                        Secret Banking Cabal Emerges From AIG Shadows:
                        The Great Deformation: The Corruption of Capitalism in America: Stockman
                        The Minions of Mammon: A History of Usury As a Criminal enterprise. Petri
                        Next story The Banking Cabal is Running out of Time in Silver
                        Corporate Empire Created Failed Global Economic System ...
                        ,,,the banking cabal and orchestrated by the Federal Reserve New York office
                        The Oil Con
                        Jewish Bankers War On America - Truth of Satan

                        John Perkins: The Shadow World Of The Economic Hitman | Zero Hedge

                        Everybody wants out from under the control of the cartel. Nobody could break loose without being bombed. Armstrong said that we would have a MAJOR change on 2015.75. On that very day, Russia started bombing Syria. WE bombed Syria as part of the pipleline wars.
                        Russia has a new jamming system and it changes EVERYTHING. Russian Jamming System Changes the World Military Balance in Favor of Russia and against the United States | Politics
                        Russia also has cruise missiles that defeat ABM systems in Europe. Europe quickly caught on to the fact that Pox Americana was trying to push them into WAR. Russia can stop the cabal.
                        As if they don't have enough problems already, Trump can create problems that Can NOT be survived. There is more bad news. Americans are very tired of war,,,, except for the Americans who profit from war.
                        Poll: 79% of Americans Want Defense Cuts, Other 21% Probably Lobbyists
                        The more people who vote for Trump, the harder it will be to steal the election. I can't post in that thread because it takes > 10 minutes to load all the vids.

                        Poll: 79% of Americans Want Defense Cuts, Other 21% Probably Lobbyists
                        Jacob Rothschild has accused Russian president Vladimir Putin of being a “traitor to the New World Order


                        • unicorns die again, Venezuela, oil economies

                          The high-tech companies of silicon valley were / are referred to as, "unicorns". They got gored in the dot-com crash. Now, "space of less than one year went from the "running of the bulls" to the "mauling of the unicorns",
                          The Second Tech Bubble Has Burst: Here Come The Mass Layoffs | Zero Hedge
                          Here is a litany of the problems in Venezuela; My Wealthy Country Became A Dystopia Overnight: 6 Realities
                          3/11 The Brazilian earthquake – Sputnik News
                          3/11 The coming collapse of Saudi Arabia – International Man
                          Everybody who depended on oil is screwed.

                          Those who espouse QE claim that; if it didn't work, it was just too small a dose. Now We Know Why the ECB Panicked | David Stockman's Contra Corner
                          3/07 Legalizing weed has done what 1 trillion dollars and a 40 year war couldn't –Zero Hedge
                          Pot isn't particularly bad for you. It was made illegal so that the lawyers and court system and prison business could clean up lots of bucks. Business as usual for criminals in nice suits.


                          • Liquidity vs solvency... oil vs gold... bankers vs the world

                            The oil problem is getting worse;
                            Failure to deliver gold is expected to be a problem;
                            It is thought that the Bank for International Settlements is at the peak of the money laundering scheme. https://hendersonlefthook.wordpress....f-rockefeller/
                            Canada can't seem to sell their oil any more. They have just sold off the last of their gold. Venezuela is selling off their gold because oil isn't selling.

                            "caused the markets — and I think themselves — to confuse liquidity with solvency. A person who has a $1 million mortgage and is earning $4,000 a month has no hope of paying off the mortgage, but if he or she has $10,000 in his pocket, while they’re liquid, they’re not solvent. And we have mistaken, as a society, liquidity for solvency, "
                            Podcast: Rick Rule, CEO of Sprott U.S. Holdings, on why it?s a good time to have cash on hand | Financial Post

                            3/12 Draghi's deadly derangement – Daily Reckoning
                            3/12 From champs to chumps: Latin America oil giants owe $275 billion – Bloomberg
                            3/12 Trend forecaster Gerald Celente warns: prepare for the panic of 2016 – SHTF Plan
                            3/12 Crumbling US empire drives Russia and China to move into gold – SafeHaven
                            3/12 Ron Paul: collapse of U.S. empire will set stage for freedom revolution – Personal Liberty AFTER the dying subsides.
                            3/12 Warren Buffett admits renewable energy is big threat to utilities – Motley Fool WHY do they call him an "oracle?"
                            Draghi is trying to save GS and a few other big banks. He is destroying all the rest;


                            • the petro-dollar crash brought a crash of U.S. treasuries

                              When the gold-backed Bretton Woods dollar died, there was a danger that the U.S. dollar would no longer be the anchor and preferred store-of-value. Kissinger was sent to the oil exporters to persuade them to sell oil in dollars only. He argued that; making the dollar stable would give them stability for their savings. He argued that making America stable would make their savings safe. He agreed that they could steadily raise the price of crude. BUT, they agreed to buy U.S. Treasuries with their profits.

                              FED GOV was now motivated to see the price of oil go way up. More treasury bonds would be sold to the oil exporters. EXXON reported that they earn $ 2.31 a Bbl. GOV added tons of tax to energy. On top of that, OPEC sent their profits back to U.S. GOV. Most of the money that we spent on oil went straight OR roundabout back to GOV coffers. Between oil leases, direct taxes and bond purchases from OPEC, FED GOV sucked up all the money. Those dirty oil sheiks sent all their money to uncle sam.
                              Martin Armstrong reports that close to 100% of an airline ticket cost goes to GOV. Here is a long list of the taxes, Airlines For America | Government-Imposed Taxes on Air Transportation
                              It doesn't come to 100% but, I don't expect that it is complete.

                              The oil industry sent about $ 650 billion a year into the financial industry. This has now turned negative to the tune of about $ 250 billion.
                              "3/12 From champs to chumps: Latin America oil giants owe $275 billion – Bloomberg"
                              This is international also. With Russia and Iran no longer buying U.S. Treasury debt, that is a LOT of money no longer flowing to FED GOV. The same is true for the banking industry; going from +$650 B to -$250 B.

                              Since FED GOV was motivated to see the price of oil rise, they didn't want cheap domestic oil on the market. The original lease at Prudhoe Bay was only 10 miles square. America told OPEC that we wouldn't produce oil and would be buying theirs. The Alaskan oil destabilized the market. It hit as low as $ 7 a Bbl. Their were ENORMOUS oil discoveries in ANWR, but it was well known that they would kill the price of oil. Just the oil on Gull Island was greater than all the other fields in the world.
                              ANWR is 29,687 Sq. miles. The original Prudhoe lease of just 100 sq. miles flooded the market. FED GOV needed to keep Alaskan oil off the market.

                              The junk bond market was goosed to produce high-priced domestic oil but, that has blown up. The sanctions on Iran and Russia are in place because they have cheap oil but, they don't buy U.S. treasuries. If Pox Americana can get enough wars going in MENA, they can cut back the oil supply.
                              FED GOV needs high price oil to sell treasuries. This isn't happening so, the FED is buying them. If Pox Americana can't intimidate Russia and Iran, they can't recycle petro-dollars into U.S. bonds.

                              Lindsey Williams explains about GOV manipulation of the price of crude in this vid;
                              It starts out in 2011 and moves up in time.
                              The oil barons are disgusted with what has become of America, now a warfare-welfare state. They are going to crash it all down to stop both emerging socialism and endless war. They also plan to take down the rotten financial system.
                              FED GOV is clearly just a criminal enterprise. They have no qualms about killing off the populace to make a buck. While the bankers are crooks FED GOV writes the laws and is empowered to be the biggest crooks.

                              There is a lot of talk about the date, May 28, 2016. I don't see that date as being anything special in our long slide but, I will post it.


                              • Oil to move down

                                Oil profits are the key to keeping FED GOV alive. We aren't burning it so, we have to store it.
                                "U.S. crude oil stocks increased by a remarkable 10.4 mmb in the week ending February 26, the largest addition since early April 2015. That brought inventories to an astonishing 162 mmb more than the 2010-2014 average and 74 mmb above the bloated levels of 2015 (Figure 2)."
                                Oil Prices Heading For A Fall, Possibly Hard | David Stockman's Contra Corner
                                Most of the producers have agreed to a freeze on production BUT, • Iran To Join Oil Freeze Talks Only After Raising Output To 4 mbpd (Reuters)
                                Everybody has jacked their production way up. The price is predicted to reach the high teens or low 20s. This is a death sentence for anyone who depends on oil revenues.
                                • Oil Crash Risks $19 Billion Wave of Junk Debt Defaults (BBG)

                                GOV juiced the prices in the stock market but, not the earnings.
                                Why companies don't want you to look at GAAP earnings – Zero Hedge
                                3/13 The Fed caused 93% of the entire stock market's move since 2008 – Yahoo!
                                3/13 Why negative rates can't stop the coming depression – International Man