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  • Danny B
    The State is in an all-out war to hold back price deflation. In spite of wage deflation, prices must never fall.
    All of this monetary inflation has benefited the speculators, passing the cost on to wage earners in the form of price inflation.
    Mises said that the final crash can NOT be avoided.
    Jay Powell says that he is going to cut way back on monetary inflation.
    The open question now is; will he carry through?
    Keep in mind that all presidents avoid a crash on their watch. Can Obiden stop Powell from removing the punch bowl now that the party has gotten out of hand?

    "In spite of these plans, the chances are very small that the Fed will end up being able to hike rates very much at all before the entire artificial economic construct comes crashing down."
    "This is because the yield curve is already rapidly heading towards inversion even before the tapering of QE has really even begun. An inverted yield curve is a predictor of a recession that has worked 100% of the time."
    Obiden still has 2 years to go on his term in the White House.
    "Meaning, by the time the QE taper is consummated, there probably won’t be very much room at all to hike rates before an inversion takes place."

    "But regardless of the Fed’s feckless nature, the fact remains that the biggest buyer and direct supporter of Mortgage-Backed Securities and Treasury Bonds, along with its stated support of corporate debt (including Junk bonds), will be exiting the market entirely come March ‘22. This leaves a tremendously dangerous vacuum in place, especially in non-government-backed debt. The Fed’s QE program has kept the massive real estate and equity bubbles afloat, as well as the $12 trillion worth of Business debt from imploding."

    For 2 years now, I have had the suspicion that many Republicans fought the re-election of Trump because they feared the crash would hit during his second term.
    I suppose that they had just extrapolated the existing exponential growth of debt and, concluded that the crash was inevitable.

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  • Danny B

    years to get to a global debt of $1.5 trillion in 1971. And 29 years later debt had grown 66x to $100 trillion and since then it is up another 3x to $300T.
    Global debt is up 200x since Nixon took away the gold backing of the dollar and all other currencies.
    2019 the financial system came under severe pressure and central banks panicked in an attempt to save the bankrupt banking system with massive liquidity. Conveniently for the banks, they had an excuse for this money printing since Covid started a few weeks later.
    Normally governments need to start a war to have an excuse to print serious money. But a pandemic is a good reason too.

    Global derivatives outstanding were reported by the BIS in Basel (Bank for International Settlements) at $1.4 quadrillion in the mid 2000s. That figure was conveniently reduced by the BIS to around $600 trillion at the end of the 2000s by netting positions.

    Banks like Deutsche or JP Morgan have reported gross outstanding derivatives of $40-50 trillion. But all banks net the gross amounts down to insignificant levels, arguing that these low amounts are their real exposures.
    The problem with netting is that when counterparties fail, gross risk remains gross.

    Above that we see the known derivatives reported by the BIS of $600 trillion and on top of that the opaque financial system which is likely to be in the quadrillions of dollars.
    Since all monetary systems in history have come to an end, we have to assume that the biggest global bubble ever also will.
    And since this morbid system touches all corners of our lives and has led to a decadent world where moral and ethical values have virtually disappeared, the world needs a cleansing

    California Rewards Deadbeats Once Again With $80K Cash Giveaway To Delinquent Homeowners
    The name of the game is; Preserve asset values no mater how low wages go.

    1.5 Million Parents Could Drop Out Of Workforce If Biden Stimulus Passes; Analysis
    “The proposed expansion would get rid of the strong work incentives under the prior CTC... replacing it with something that discourages work,”
    HELL NO, We can't resurrect the happy, nuclear family. EVERYBODY has to work.

    Here Is The "Fallback Plan" Manchin Would Support... And Why Goldman Thinks It Wouldn't Move The Needle
    ...even if it were to pass next year it might not have much of an effect on the fiscal impulse to growth if it omits an extension of the child tax credit.
    WHY would they want to give a child tax credit at the same time that they are killing off children with poisonous "vaccines"?
    Get clear on your priorities and, keep killing the children.

    McMaken: The Fed Is Hawkish Now? I'll Believe It When I See It
    There are a lot of doubters that the FED will actually cut back on bond buying.

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  • Danny B
    Stockman has ALL the numbers in an easy to read article.

    China meltdown, "For the supply side, new construction starts as measured by floor area tumbled 21.03% on year in November, down for the eighth month"
    "December 16 – Bloomberg: “China Fortune Land Development Co. said it has been unable to get hold of a money manager that it gave $313 million for investment, the latest blow for the debt-laden developer. Fortune Land has ‘lost contact’ with China Create Capital Ltd.,"

    "“The UK reported 93,045 new Covid cases today, breaking the daily record for the third consecutive day. There were also 111 new Covid deaths reported and 7,611 patients in hospital, 875 of whom were on beds with ventilators"
    Death by ventilator

    “The Fed’s Talk of Raising Rates Has Made Them Go Down Instead,” and “Rates Market Calls Fed’s Bluff After Historical Hawkish Pivot."
    The FED has backed off every time that taper talk caused markets to fall.
    Markets think that the FED is bluffing. All they have to do is; massive selling and, the FED will relent. Maybe so,,, maybe not.

    It’s not unreasonable to assume China won’t be able to hold the virus in check. That would mean lockdowns and an economic body blow to a fragile system already in concussion protocol.

    China’s covid-zero lockdowns loom over the global supply chain

    Escobar: Putin, Xi Running Circles Around Biden's Hybrid War

    Mapped: The Most Common Illicit Drugs In The World
    For the 18---45 year old cohort, Fentanyl has killed more people that covid + cancer + traffic accidents + alcohol + heart attacks.
    12/19 Fentanyl overdoses are top cause of death among US adults, ages 18-45 – Fox

    12/19 America’s billionaires are cashing out their stocks like never before – Fool

    12/19 Don’t be fooled: tapering & rate hikes can, and will, crash markets – ZH

    12/18 Bill Ackman says inflation could actually be a ‘raging’ 10% – Yahoo
    It is 11% if you include housing.

    12/18 Russian central bank to seek ban on investment in cryptocurrencies – Reuters
    12/18 Fireworks – crypto set for $8Bn New Year’s Eve OpEx – Bithedge
    12/18 Bitcoin could become ‘worthless’, Bank of England warns – Guardian

    12/18 Global coal power demand at record as green energy transition crumbles – ZH

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  • Danny B
    The PTB are desperately trying to hold back price deflation,,,, in spite of wage deflation. Here is a great article on deflation.

    US Wholesale Price-Spike Worst in the Data, Even Services. But Further up the Producer Price Pipeline, Inflation Rages at 28%
    12/17 Inflation will cost the average household an astounding amount in 2021 – FEE
    This assumes that we will continue our previous spending habits. It assumes that we won't just cut back to essentials.
    It assumes that we have extra money.

    12/17 Federal debt equals about $287,859 per income-tax-paying household – CNS

    12/17 Turkey halts stock trading as currency disintegrates, cenbank powerless – ZH

    There are enormous amounts of notional dollars floating around , generally in Europe.
    Armstrong claims that America has initiated WW III by tapering bond purchases and, raising interest rates.
    Keep in mind that this could all be talk without a follow-up action. The intent is to attract capital to America.
    Every dollar in Europe is tangled up in some kind of scheme. They are desperate for dollars to service Eurodollar debt.
    The PTB are desperately trying to hold back price deflation,,,, in spite of wage deflation. Here is a great article on deflation.

    US Wholesale Price-Spike Worst in the Data, Even Services. But Further up the Producer Price Pipeline, Inflation Rages at 28%
    12/17 Inflation will cost the average household an astounding amount in 2021 – FEE
    This assumes that we will continue our previous spending habits. It assumes that we won't just cut back to essentials.
    It assumes that we have extra money.

    12/17 Federal debt equals about $287,859 per income-tax-paying household – CNS

    12/17 Turkey halts stock trading as currency disintegrates, cenbank powerless – ZH

    There are enormous amounts of notional, off-shore dollars floating around , generally in Europe.
    Now that the ECB is absolutely desperate for dollars, Powell is cutting way back.

    Excellent graphic in an excellent article.

    A Screaming Dislocation - "We Must Raise Cash" On Any Rally From Here

    This is so reminiscent of the summer of 2007...

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  • Danny B
    Powell is raising rates and tapering bond purchases.
    This will pull private capital OUT of Europe and, attract it to America.
    Schwab tells us that; in 2030, you will own nothing.
    This is an admission that the State intends to end ALL private capital.

    "The negative interest rates in Europe have wiped out the bondholders, pension funds, and kept governments on life-support since 2014. There is ABSOLUTELY no way out of this mess other than what I submitted in meetings and when I saw they were more inclined to take Schwab’s ideas, I did the Solution Conference in 2015.
    The MOTIVE is to default on all government debts and to hide their failure, Schwab is presenting this as you will own nothing and be happy because governments will erase all debt. Pension will be replaced by Guaranteed Basic Income."

    The actions of Powell will accelerate the defaults of State debt in Europe.
    This is speculation; will Europe use what money it has to buy Gas/heat?? Will it neglect the payments to the welfare State?

    Mises, "There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion. The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as the result of voluntary abandonment of further credit expansion, or later as a final and total catastrophe of the currency system involved."
    The whole world did mega currency expansion. Powell has signaled that America would abandon further credit expansion.

    China is effed. They can't abandon their mega credit expansion. They already have huge problems with unemployment.
    Europe is effed. They can't pull the rug out from their mega socialist welfare system.
    Everybody who doesn't have oil is really EFFED.

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  • Danny B
    Various currencies around the world are in competition to attract investment.
    Like most nations, American companies are Zombies.
    25% of American companies are money-losing zombies.
    U.S. GOV is the worst zombie of them all.

    The FED is raising rates to attract investment.
    Armstrong, "the Federal Reserve declared World War III in the financial markets as the European Central Bank (ECB) was on its knees groveling to please don’t raise rates."
    "The ECB is in serious trouble. Where the Fed has allowed previous purchases to mature, the ECB has been rolling everything they have been buying in addition to new purchases. Europe is just doomed"
    "The ECB is the major crisis. The BoE did not follow that course of action as the ECB so it is not in such a state of need of intensive care"
    WW III in financial markets.

    Off shore dollars are called, "Eurodollars". The Eurodollar market has grown enormously by HUGE manipulations. The number of dollars hasn't grown appreciably,,,, just the notional value of them. ALL these dollars are encumbered into some kind of scheme. They are NOT available for debt service.
    Since the FED is cutting back liquidity creation, it will crash the Eurodollar market.

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  • Danny B
    China's Banking Assets Are $52 Trillion, Growing By $40 Trillion Since 2008: "This Is What Hyper MMT Looks Like"

    China has tried to have a communist control system but, still have the profitability of a capitalist system. It is failing and, nobody will tell Premier Xi.

    Do NOT poke the Bear
    Russia May Be 'Forced' To Deploy Intermediate Nuclear Missiles In Europe If NATO won't Talk

    Ukraine's MoD Complains Germany Blocked NATO Lethal Weapons Supply
    The Germans don't want another European war.

    "In the US alone, money supply rose $5.7 trillion or 38%, from near $15.5 trillion to over $21 trillion in a little more than a year, at a time when the economy wasn’t making any money.
    That $5.7 trillion has finally found its way into the economy and is now chasing a limited amount of goods and services prices upward, hence the rapid rise in inflation."

    GREAT graphs

    The smart money is getting out,,, the dumb money is rushing in.

    Biden's Union Push Is A Driver Of Still More Inflation
    Price inflation,,, GOOD
    Wage inflation,,, BAD

    12/14 Collapse in Shimao bonds could be “more devastating than Evergrande” – ZH
    /13 Chinese developers slump as Shimao bond plunge spooks investors – Yahoo
    As confidence falls, it takes everything else with it.
    12/13 Abandoned projects shatter confidence in China’s home market – Yahoo

    12/13 Bitcoin slide brings its loss since record high to more than 30% – Yahoo
    Just too much volatility to be considered a currency.

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  • Danny B
    12 / 21,,, "The National Institute on Retirement Security reports that almost 40 million households have no retirement savings,"

    Eisenhower warned that; the war industries would not just fade away after the armistice.

    The Korean war was quite profitable so,, America embarked on serial wars beginning in the '60s.
    These wars had to be paid for. The money was printed.
    In 1971, the currency debasement necessary to pay for wars broke the gold standard.
    The war business never looked back. Money was printed up without pause to pay for all the wars.

    At the same time, everybody was required to send part of their paycheck to pay for their share of the war bill.
    You were told that your money went to Social Security. True, it was sent to the Social Security Administration.
    SS spent all the money to buy VERY low yielding government bonds. This, in turn, was used to finance wars.
    Had the money been invested in the stock market SS would have had <8> times as much money.
    SS is now broke and, GOV can't afford to pay pensions.

    The currency inflation necessary to fund the wars created a price inflation that severely reduced our purchasing power and, standard of living.
    For a family to survive, the women had to go to work. Thus went a long way towards destroying the nuclear family.
    Regulatory capture ensured that the fruits of our labor all accrued to the money renters.

    The FED increased the money supply by about 6% a year. This was pumped directly to the money renters.
    Venture capital bought up hospitals and, doctors practices.
    This allowed monopoly control and, monopoly pricing.

    BIG pharma is the number one contributor to politicians.
    They too created monopoly pricing. Medical bills have gone up astronomically.
    The cost for Medicare has gone up astronomically.
    "U.S. health care spending grew 4.6 percent in 2019, reaching $3.8 trillion or $11,582 per person. As a share of the nation's Gross Domestic Product, health spending accounted for 17.7 percent."
    "the share of U.S. federal budget spent on Medicare was 12 percent, a four-times increase since 1970"

    Medicare and Social Security are crashing the budget. Keep in mind that congress continually raises the amount spent on the war enterprises.

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  • Danny B
    Zero Hedge has the best comments. Here are a couple regarding supply & demand for oil.

    Here is what I think is going on…
    1. There is no more cheap oil to be found. That’s why they are fracking, Arctic, deep ocean, etc….
    2. They know that we don’t have the ability to ramp up production to the levels that would be needed.
    3. They know there are too many people in a resource constrained world.
    4. They know the longer they wait to address the core issue…the less room to maneuver they will have.
    what is the core issue?
    There are too many people and a dwindling amount of resources.
    can they come out and tell the truth about this basic reality? No they can’t…
    so what do they do?
    1. Tell everyone about climate change and CO2…get people to use less…
    2. Create a virus scam to shut everything down. This serves 3 purposes…Firstly, it destroys demand for a time. Secondly, it allows the imposition of greater controls on the masses (which they know will be crucial to their co tinted dominance in the future). Thirdly - it introduces a mechanism (boosters) that can selectively target (age, genetic predisposition, level of conformity, etc…) for elimination via loaded shots…
    3. Create the macro environment for the implementation of a new monetary system that will utilize AI to control the distribution and volume of money - while tying the new money to people’s compliance with the AI issued “tasks”…
    how else can you explain Bill Gates being involved with this (see below)

    What they won't tell you is that we're well past peak EROI. We're on the downward slope. "Climate change" and Green energy are all responses to the core problem. We're on the other side of an petro based bell curve and the TPTB's ability to maintain power and control over humanity gets exponentially harder going forward

    "Global warming" and the coronahoax are nothing more than global psyop to try and curb demand for petroleum products. People are being conditioned to get ready for what is coming.......a massive lowering of lifestyle in the West. The West is going to get less energy, and by default, less food production.
    The US and Europe represent 15% of the world's population, and combined, they use 40% of the daily global energy supply. The East (China, India, Singapore, Korea, Vietnam, etc.) contains 70% of the world's population.
    Demand in the world is exploding. Saudi Arabia has now become the 6th biggest consumer of oil.
    China and India represent almost half the world's population and they have virtually ZERO oil reserves. Japan is the 4th largest user of oil and the have ZERO oil reserves.

    TPTB know what is going on. They are trying to psychologically get people to willingly use less before they have to force the issue. They are using global warming and coronahoax to push people in that direction. I believe we are about to have an energy crisis......that will be purposely induced.......that will lead to a food crisis........that they will control and manage while they still have the energy to do so. Energy is power. To maintain power, they must control the energy.
    The way of life in the West is about to be adjusted much lower. Energy usage in the West has got to be curbed to accomplish globalist goals.

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  • Danny B
    Chinese state-run media says Beijing ready to use force against US
    China tried to rein in liquidity creation. As usual, they failed. They are collapsing.
    They beat the war drums for the benefit of their own people.

    US Media Warns Pentagon Needs New Tech to Avoid Showing Up to Gunfight With China With a Knife
    US to Prohibit Retiring B-1B Bombers Until Replaced With New Models, Reports Say
    US to Spend $20 Million Boosting Defences at Ukraine's Eastern, Northern Borders

    Pentagon UFO Rapid Response Teams Ordered Up by Congress
    We MUST find enemies,,, ANY enemies.

    Now There Is Talk In Washington That A Nuclear First Strike Against Russia Should Be On The Table ...Lunatics And Maniacs

    2022 Trends, Predictions, Collapse, Covid & Wars – Celente

    Joe Biden, Let's Not Go To War
    Russian forces would be operating close to home, with relatively short supply and communications lines. US forces would be operating far from home with extremely stressed lines. In other words, there is no certainty that the US would prevail in such a conflict.
    NOBODY WILL PREVAIL Feces-for-brains politicians still think about guns and bombs.
    "Russia appears to have developed a nuclear weapon capable of sneaking along the bottom of the sea and detonating along the coastline to flood the area with what one official described as “radioactive tsunamis.” ... It could wipe out entire cities"

    Ponzi? Insiders Dump Stocks To Their Own Companies At Record Pace

    "We Expect A Sea Change": Morgan Stanley Admits It Was Wrong, Now Sees Liftoff In 2022 As Goldman Goes All-In With 7 Rate Hikes
    They REALLY drank the Kool-Aide. 7 rate hikes would mean that ALL debt repayment was unaffordable. ALL credit would freeze up.
    This tells you that Goldman and Morgan are terrified about a loss of confidence in the system.

    George Gammon: World’s Most Accurate Economic Indicator Is Predicting Great Financial Crisis 2.0

    California Is Hiding $300 Billion A Year In Spending From The Public, Claims It's For The People's Own Good
    California's Controller claims her office “couldn’t locate” a single payment. No, that’s not fake news, or a comedy punch line. California’s top financial officer actually argued this in court recently, despite admitting she paid 50 million individual bills last year.

    Inflation Surges Near 40-Year High, Wages Aren't Keeping Up
    They NEVER do. That is the center of the plan.

    Has The EIA Massively Overestimated The Potential Of U.S. Shale?
    "We are headed into a future foretold by the Barnett Shale much sooner than the EIA will admit and policymakers and the public realize. We are not ready for that future."
    Fracking lost $280 billion. Fracking postponed Hubbert's Peak but, it is still facing us.

    Xi's Gambit: China At The Crossroads
    China's extraordinary growth has had four primary engines: Mercantilist exports, Property development, Infrastructure projects, and Debt...The problem is all four are running into diminishing returns that are veering into malinvestment...
    Marxists always have a 5 year plan or a 10 year plan.
    ALWAYS for uninterrupted growth.

    Fear & Inflation: The Timeless Policy Tools Of Discredited Systems
    Don't forget war or, fear of war.

    A Dozen Major US Cities Hit All-Time Murder Records With 3 Weeks Still Left In 2021
    The Dems make new records, left and right.

    Last edited by Danny B; 12-12-2021, 04:49 PM. Reason: spelling miskate

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  • Danny B
    Socialism is an invention of the liberal intelligentsia. They felt that they were not receiving enough recognition, nor remuneration for their contribution to society.
    "Socialism is a social and economic doctrine that prefers public to private control of property and resources, according to the principle that everyone who contributes to production is entitled to a share in the profits. Socialism is considered to contradict capitalism, wherein private ownership and choices, as well as a free market, determine how goods and services are distributed. Jews were active in socialist movements in Ottoman Greece, North Africa, and Arab countries from the nineteenth to the mid-twentieth century."
    Wiki, "Jews have a rich history of involvement in anarchism, socialism, Marxism, and Western liberalism."
    published by Schocken Books. The remarkable prominence of Jews in all socialist movements, whether revolutionary or reformist"

    Socialism has never worked because it is a distribution system,,, as opposed to capitalism that is a production system.
    Capitalism works fine until it is poisoned by either, fascism or communism.
    We don't need to look very far to see what happens when you remove motivation from the workplace.
    The stimmy money has allowed MANY people to couch surf for extended periods of time.

    Currently, the Jewish controlled media is pushing communism as an antidote to capitalism.
    This is understandable considering the sins of fascism under it's current guise of crony capitalism.
    The pendulum swings.

    World Economic Forum's Klaus Schwab's Ideas "Sound Like Bull****": Chris DeMuth
    "When someone looks at your private property and starts talking about its 'stakeholders', cover up your wallet and prepare to defend yourself."
    The world suffers through periodic bouts of fascism & communism.
    Neither the State nor the banks produce anything. They compete to steal from the producer.
    When their predation gets too great, the people clamor for a change.

    Socialism tends to dismiss all personal responsibility. If you did something bad, it is the fault of society.
    A Dozen Major US Cities Hit All-Time Murder Records With 3 Weeks Still Left In 2021
    Mother Nature does NOT do equality. Get used to it.
    Young People Turn To Collectivism Because Of These Psychological Disparities

    The Joy Of Stealing
    ...government policies of mass dollar debasement are what really stimulates barbarism. Spineless money produces spineless people...

    12/11 The rise of the anti-work movement – Claudio Grass
    12/10 Accurate economic indicator is predicting great financial crisis 2.0 – Gammon

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  • Danny B
    The US Is Now At Full Employment

    What happened to the 50 million who fell off the Unemployment Rolls??

    The definition "(un)unemployment" has nothing to do with "Labor Participation" - it's just a ratio of registered as unemployed over those seeking to be employed - it's a ratio rather than absolute number so all sorts of garbage can be advanced about the health of the economy with this fake measure.
    The Great Resignation alters the denominator so you can achieve "full employment" without even hiring a single person - because the number of those seeking employment has dropped precipitously.

    Deduct from the workforce 1 million potential workers killed by hospital-administered Remdesirvir and Midazalom (one of the three drugs in the death penalty cocktail), 3 million dead from mRNA cancer causing jabs and 20 million workers who refused to take mandated jabs and you approach full employment.

    Indeed, one of the primary reasons for the USA's economic plight is that the establishment and the elites refuse to acknowledge the simple fact that the unemployment rate is about 25%. Why do they refuse to acknowledge this fact? Because they need to perpetuate the myth of "a profound shortage of labor in the USA" in order to justify their ridiculous demand for essentially unrestricted immigration. And the reason that they want unrestricted immigration is that they want to maximize corporate profits by suppressing American wages. In the last 40 years, this policy of unrestricted immigration has been remarkably successful in suppressing our wages.

    inactive labor force: seasonally unadjusted monthly number October 2021. In October 2021, the inactive labor force amounted to about 100.05 million people in the United States.

    The inactivity rate;

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  • Danny B
    The Market Is Disconnected From Everything

    The US Is Now At Full Employment

    US Headed Toward "Cuban Missile Crisis" Situation Over Ukraine: Kremlin

    Household Net Worth Hits Record $145 Trillion, Up $34 Trillion Since COVID... But There Is A Catch

    Mayhem beneath the surface of the stock market – Wolf Street

    12/09 Inflation near 40-year high shocks Americans, spooks Washington – Yahoo!

    12/09 The problem with money is too much of it makes people stupid – Blain

    PRIVATE BLOG – Is Bitcoin Looking at a Crash?

    It is argued that; cash pushed into BTC was not pushed into alternatives that would have caused price inflation.
    Price inflation has just broken through 10%,,,, though GOV claims 7%.

    Liquidity created anywhere flows all over the world.
    With the 2008 crash, China created mega-tons of liquidity. They were a fast growing economy with little inflation.
    This is no longer true. The Chinese liquidity that saved the world before is no longer available for future crashes.
    Last edited by Danny B; 12-10-2021, 03:55 PM. Reason: mo info

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  • Danny B

    Biden Says Sending US Troops To Ukraine "Not On The Table"
    "We have a moral obligation and a legal obligation to our NATO allies...That obligation does not extend to… Ukraine."
    He desperately wants to avoid the embrace of the Great Bear

    Blain: The Problem With Money Is...
    ...there is just too much of it, and all the wrong people have got it...

    Elon Musk Explains Government In 43 Seconds
    “Government is simply the biggest corporation, with the sole monopoly on violence...”

    Apple AirTags Being Used By Thieves To Steal Luxury Cars
    "Brand name 'air tags' are placed in out-of-sight areas of the target vehicles..."
    Like ransomeware, this is a wonderful business opportunity

    CIA Chief: No Evidence Iran Is Seeking Nukes
    That won't stop israel from pounding the war drums and demanding that America attack.

    "The Problem Is Getting Worse" - China Sees New Marriages Fall To Lowest Level In 13 Years
    "The space for new policy is limited when you have more young men than women..."
    Maybe parents shouldn't have killed 32 million girl babies during the 1-child policy years.

    'David Burge' Goes Ballistic Over Civil Asset Forfeiture After Dallas Cops Snatch $100K From Innocent Woman
    "Are you going to charge the suspect with committing a crime? No? The it doesn't matter how he came by the cash, it's none of your f**king business..."

    SEC's Inspector General Kept Job Despite "Abusing His Authority" By Protecting Subordinates
    ...if the SEC can't hold its own chief investigator accountable, how can it be trusted to safeguard the "integrity" of American financial markets?
    Financial markets have zero INTEGRITY

    Biden nominated a full-on communist to be the head bank regulator.
    She was rejected by congress.

    She would have been in a position to destroy the private banks.
    The Great Reset calls for the destruction of the private banks.
    While that bankers are sinners of the first degree, how can you trust anybody with total power over the economy?
    The central plan of the Great Reset was for the CBs to displace the private banks.
    You would have a wallet at the Central Bank.
    Currently, the private banks don't care how you spend your money.
    You can bet that a CB created by Schwab would exercise great control on how you spend your money.

    Central to the plans of the Great Reset was / is a destruction of the economy, AND the destruction of the private banks.
    The FED would ride to the rescue and, provide everybody with a wallet. How very benevolent.

    The election of Trump was a MAJOR upset for the plans for one-world GOV.
    The rejection of a communist banking supervisor is also a major upset.
    The covid depopulation program is having mixed results.
    There are too many remedies and, too few deaths.
    Too much bad publicity.
    The open question at the moment is; will the changes to the DNA and, human genome be adequate for the disease / spikes to become self-perpetuating?

    8.32 billion shots given.
    Keep in mind that the booster shots are more lethal than the first dose.
    Will the world reach a point where spike propagation makes it impossible to avoid infection?

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  • Danny B
    I had a good post but, it got zapped.
    Martin Armstrong Interview : Beginning of 2022 Panic Cycle Underway (Part 1)

    Martin Armstrong Interview: COVID, Civil War, and Major Capital Shifts (Part 2)

    12/07 Jeff Snider: this global economic indicator is signaling Code Red!! – MS

    12/07 Bitcoin, ethereum stabilize after $480 billion crypto weekend wipeout – Kitco

    Evergrande’s Surprisingly Quiet Collapse

    Omicron Study Scare Stuns 'Face-Ripping' FOMO Short-Squeeze
    ...unprofitable stocks exploded higher as US productivity saw its biggest collapse in 61 years...

    Bankers Prance To War And Slavery

    Inbound destruction

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