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    I have loved inventing things since I was a child.
    I am a senior citizen now, but have a young heart in magnetic motors and circuits.
    I am also an author of three books published by Kindle Direct Publishing and sold by Amazon.
    Those books are:
    "A free gift that may be over unity or free energy to the world'
    "Please Pass the Pew"
    "Permanent Magnet Torque Harvesting"
    I have a free version of "Permanent Magnet Torque Harvesting" that I named
    "Harvesting Torque from Permanent Magnets" It is free for download in the news area of this forum.

    I Have a lot of theoretic work that I have done with magnetic motor and electronic circuits that operate those motors at a high efficient rate.
    I also have motors with parts lists that people can build at home using new motor technologies that I have not seen elsewhere.

    I have been an independent researcher for years and only recently been sharing my work with other people.
    Down load my free book and let me know your thoughts on these new technologies.

    Jay Lunke

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